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Zambian newspapers and Zambian newspaper list

Introduction to Zambian News Media

Zambia is officially known as the Republic of Zambia, located in the center of the African continent on the southern side. Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. Christianity is the most practiced religion in Zambia. Zambia was conquered by the British in the year 1923 and became a colony of the British. The country gained independence from the UK on 24th October 1964. Since then, Zambia became an independent nation with Kenneth Kaunda, the first inaugural president of Zambia. Zambia has a unitary presidential constitutional republic form of government. 

Post-independence, English remained the official language of Zambia ever since it was invaded by British rule. It is the language used for education, business, and administration. However, Zambia is also known for its major indigenous languages which include over 72 languages and dialects which are known to be a member of the Banyu family. Although there are many languages, only seven languages are able to attain official status.

The media in Zambia can be divided into multiple categories, such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the internet.

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation is a state-owned organization that develops and distributes the television channels in Zambia. The multichannel pay-tv is also available in the country. Muvi TV is a private television network that runs in Zambia.

The radio stations of Zambia offers music and news reports to keep the public both entertained and informed via FM broadcasting. Some of the popular radio broadcasting channels are Sun FM, QFM, breeze FM available on 89.3 frequency, Flava FM on 87.7 frequency, and Chikuni Community Radio on 91.9 Frequency.  Radio France Internationale also runs in Zambia.

Partners Guide is a popular magazine which reports the economic and business issues of Zambia. Being a famous magazine, it is available online. The Bulletin & Records report matters of political significance.

Currently (in 2020), there are about 36 newspapers and news websites operating in Zambia.  The state fully or partially owns most of the newspapers. Out of many, only 16 websites and newspapers have gained immense popularity. Most of the newspaper reports news for general interests such as Daily nation, Lusaka Times, Tumfweko, Lusaka Voice, Independent Observe, Mwebantu, and Zambia News. However, there are a few niche-specific newspapers. Tech Trends reports information based on science & technology. Zam Foot and Zambian Football cover the sports section of Zambia. Zambia Invest is a popular newspaper in the business world of the country. Zed Gossip and Zed Extreme are devoted to the entertainment section of Zambia. 

Zambian Watchdog converted its print edition to internet edition only. Almost all the newspapers published in Zambia are available online.

To seek more information about the newspapers and news websites of Zambia, refer to the list mentioned below. The list is divided into three sections, such as:

A. English language newspapers and websites in Zambia

B. Sports newspapers and websites in Zambia

C. Zambia tech newspapers and websites in Zambia

D. Investigative newspapers and news website in Zambia

A. English language newspapers and websites in Zambia

Lusaka Times (LT)

zambia newspapers 1 lusaka times website

Lusaka Times (LT) is one of the most popular newspapers and a new website of Zambia. Lusaka Times is an electronic news portal that allows open discussions on all the latest happenings in and around Zambia.  The idea originated in the year 1998 and was manifested in the year 1999 in the form of Lusaka Information Dispatch. Dutch IICD funded it.  The site suspended in the year 2002, but it was re-launched in January 2007.

Lusaka Times collects its data from Zambia Daily-Mail, ZNBC, Times of Zambia, and Zanis.  The website offers free access to the content on the site. The web infrastructure of the Lusaka Times is fast, robust, up to date, reliable, and in coherence with the current technological trends.

Lusaka Times also has a separate platform designed for new writers who wish to get published. The writer has to take complete responsibility for the content.

The website of the Lusaka Times is divided into multiple categories, such as economy, general news, headlines, rural news, sports news, health, photo gallery, and columns.

Lusaka Times (LT) Online

Zambian Observer

zambia newspapers 2 Zambian Observer website

Zambian Observer is a popular news portal catering to the general interest of the people of Zambia. The website reports the latest occurring in various sectors, namely science & technology, news, music, education, entertainment, and fashion.

The website is divided into multiple sections, such as politics, business, Barotseland, health, court, entertainment, religion, and sports.

Zambian Observer Online


zambia newspapers 3 tumfweko website

Tumfweko is a well known national news portal published in Zambia. The website of Tumfweko has been divided into certain sections such as Home, Politics, Breaking News, Sports, Crime, Life &Style, Business, and Nollywood.

Tumfweko Online

Zambia News 365

zambia newspapers 4 Zambia News 365 website

Zambia news 365 is a popular English language news portal offering information about almost every sector of Zambia. Zambia News 365 mainly reports news of Zambia and Gossip from the lives of celebrities. One of the most popular sections of Zambian News 365 is the Zambian Music Videos.

The web portal is divided into many sections such as Zambia News, entertainment, food, sports, world, videos, food & cooking, scandals, travel, business & tech, fitness & training, relationships, and motoring.

Zambia News 365 Online

Zambia Daily Mail

zambia newspapers 5 Zambia Daily Mail

Zambia Daily Mail is a popular English language daily newspaper of Zambia. The paper follows the broadsheet format. The government of Zambia owns Zambia Daily Mail.

The paper originated from the Central African Mail newspaper, which was bought by the governmental authorities in the year 1965. The paper was renamed twice, finally to reach the name Zambia Daily Mail. The paper is used to publish all the official statements and press releases offered by the government to form the ‘instrument in nation-building’. According to the statistics of the year 2005, Zambia Daily Mail circulated more than 10,000 copies.

zambia newspapers 5 Zambia Daily Mail website

Zambia Daily Mail Online

Zambia Daily Mail ePaper

Zambia Daily Mail Android App

Zambian Eye

zambia newspapers 6 Zambian eye website

Zambian Eye is a 24*7 online news publication founded in the year 2011. The portal reports general news from all around the globe with a prime focus on the home country, Zambia. The publication is owned and operated by journalists based on Zambia. The Facebook forum of the Zambian Eye is one the busiest and the largest groups in Zambia, which also acts as a source of tips from the news.  Zambia Eye is also a founder of Platinum Zambia, a website listing of companies and organizations of Zambia.

Zambian Eye Online

Zambia Reports

zambia newspapers 7 Zambia Reports website

Zambia Reports is a popular independent news portal of Zambia. The portal was launched in March 2012. Zambia Reports is privately owned and operated by the largest copper exporter of Africa. 

Zambia Reports provides information about the economic intelligence and critical political opinions for the local, national as well as foreign investment community of Zambia. Zambia Reports features original content pieces from bloggers and reporters from Zambia and the people of this diaspora.

Zambia Reports Online

Zambia Reports iOS App

Mwebantu News

zambia newspapers 8 Mwebantu News website

Mwebantu News is a popular online newspaper of Zambia established in the year 2011.  The news portal has more than 1 million users. The Mwebantu News reports news, stories, and entertainment tips all across the web via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The portal is best known for its content-driven publishing technology in Zambia.  Mwebantu News portal has some of the best photographers coming from Lusaka.

Mwebantu News Online

Lusaka Voice

zambia newspapers 9 Lusaka voice website

Lusaka Voice is an online newspaper of Zambia owned by the Lusaka Voice online news agency. The portal covers local and international news of Zambia. It is the first news agency in the country to run the live streaming of the events occurring on its portal. 

The website of Lusaka Voice is divided into multiple categories, such as Headlines, General News, News Extra, Sports, World, and Entertainment.

Lusaka Voice Online

Times of Zambia

zambia newspapers 10 Times of Zambia

Times of Zambia News portal is a popular national daily newspaper of Zambia operating since colonial times. Earlier the paper was available in the print format only. However, recently the newspaper became an online portal. On Sundays, a printed edition of the Times of Zambia is circulated. The headquarters Times of Zambia is located in the second largest city of Zambia, Ndola.

Times of Zambia Online

Times of Zambia ePaper

Times of Zambia Android App

Zambia Online

zambia newspapers 11 Zambia Online website

Zambia Online is known as the national homepage of Zambia, offering all the important information in and around the country. The web portal is divided ZOL Mail, notices, media, politics, articles, news, and the latest happenings of Zambia. The website has a ZamChat feature as well.

Zambia Online Online

B. Sports newspaper or news website of Zambia

Started by Europeans, Sports is an integral part of the life of people of Zambia. Football is the national sport of Zambia. Some of the other popular sports played in boxing, basketball, netball, rugby, volleyball, golf, and tennis.


zambia newspapers 12 Zambian Football website

ZamFoot is one of the biggest sports publications of Zambia available online. The website has separate sections assigned to report the latest news, gossips, rumors, fan’s views, and humor across the game of football specifically.

The portal was launched in September 2007 with an aim to promote the people associated with the game of football in Zambia. This is one of the most celebrated platforms among the football players, coaches, clubs as well as the administrators of the game.

ZamFoot Online

C. Tech Newspaper or news website of Zambia

The National Policy on Science and technology keeps a constant eye on the developments in the sector.

Tech Trends

zambia newspapers 13 Tech Trends website

Tech Trends is a popular news blog dedicated to the achievements in the department of science & technology in Zambia. The portal aims to educate, teach, and inform the readers about the evolutions and ideas in the technological sector.

Tech Trends Online

D. Investigative newspaper or news website in Zambia

Investigative journalism is one of the most difficult forms of journalism as it involves death threats, elimination of the reporters. But to keep the readers informed and up to date about the crime stats of the country, Zambian reporters work day & night under secret identities to give information.

Zambian Watchdog

zambia newspapers 14 Zambian Watchdog website

Zambian Watchdog is one of the most popular investigative online media platforms of Zambia. This news portal primarily focuses on major crimes and corruption happening in the country. Zambian Watchdog was founded as an online portal that was forced to go into exile along with its printed editions.

The journalists working for Zambian Watchdog tend to live in exile due to multiple threats to their lives. The PF government blocked the Facebook page of the Zambian Watchdog.

Zambian Watchdog Online

Zambian Watchdog iOS App

News Diggers

zambia newspapers 15 News Diggers

News Diggers is the first multimedia publication of Zambia concerned with investigative journalism. News Diggers has both print and online editions. The website has a strong blend of content curators to formulate a promising future of digital journalism. News Digger aims to create a free and critical press in order to promote good governance and a sense of accountability.

zambia newspapers 15 News Diggers website

News Diggers Online

News Diggers ePaper

Summing Up:

This article contains a thorough list of top 15 newspapers and news websites found in Zambia, uniquely curated for you. The date given above is sourced from some of the highly reliable, authentic and safe magazines, press agencies and news portals running in the country. Hence, we assure you that no false information is stated above. 

Zambia is a small country of Africa with a low literacy rate of 55.3 percent in comparison to Zimbabwe. Therefore, the print media is slightly slow in the country. However, there are a number of online news portals to keep the people of Zambia updated about the latest occurring in and around the country.  The topmost newspapers of Zambia are Lusaka Times and Zambian Observers, with the highest number of readership. There are two special newspapers dedicated to investigative journalism, namely the Zambian Watchdog and News diggers. Zambian Football is one of the most popular sports newspapers in Zambia.  Tech Trends blog helps in keeping up with the trends of science and technology in Zambia.

MediaBuzz offers in-depth and well-researched coverage of all the media sources. We are a strong team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in the world of journalism all around the globe. To formulate a more authentic list, we are open to your suggestions. You can fill our comment sections with the answers to the questions mentioned below. 

  • What are the top five newspapers in Zambia?
  • According to you, have we forgotten to add any deserving newspaper or news website to the list?
  • Why, according to you, the Zambian government exercises control over the media. What are the reasons behind the same?
  • Why do you think the readership in Zambia is only 55.3 percent only?
  • Is there any particular news portal that caught your eye from the above list of Zambia newspapers and news websites?
  • Which newspaper from the list above of Zambia do you read, and why?
  • Do you wish to share any information related to the print media of Zambia?

Important Note:

We are always looking for people having a background in media/journalism/mass communication to contribute more articles for us. If you are an expert in the Zambia media industry, especially in the English language, we would like you to help us make this article better.

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