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Israeli newspapers and Israeli newspaper list

 Introduction to Israeli News Media.

Israel has a print media network of over dozens of newspapers and magazines, while as many radio stations operate in the country. The press plays an important role in political, cultural and social life in Israel. A majority of the Israeli population is literate and thus, trust newspapers more than any other medium.


Newspapers in Israel publish in more than 10 different languages with Hebrew being the primary one. Arabic language newspapers are second most predominant in Israel and serve readers based in areas ruled by the Palestinian National Authority. English, Russian and French are among the other most common languages that newspapers use to serve immigrants in Israel.


It was from the 80s to 90s, when the Israeli press came under the control of a limited number of companies. Earlier, many political parties used to publish newspapers in Israel. Currently, only three privately owned companies rule the media scene in the country with their base in Tel Aviv.


There is not much censorship in Israel, as compared to other countries. However, no media is allowed to harm the public safety. The censored newspaper can even appeal to revert the censor’s ruling and a “committee of three” will examine the matter. The committee is chaired by a common man from the public and includes an army representative and a member of the press.

A newspaper must abide by the decisions made by the committee. The most of the committees have overruled the censorship decisions over the past few years.


Israel was introduced to the press in 1863, well before its independence and when the Ottoman Empire ruled the region. Ha-Levanon and Havatzelet was the title of the first newspaper in Israel. It was a weekly newspaper that published in the Hebrew language. International Publishing Company J-M Ltd was the first book publisher in Israel with its establishment in 1952.

After independence, during the Yom Kippur War and the 1970s, the Israeli media had to face strict censorship laws. The private investors entered the media scene in Israel in 1986 and competed well with the state media.

Israeli newspapers and news websites’ list

We have compiled a list of top newspapers and websites that are quite popular among the Israeli readers within the nation and its neighbouring countries.

Part I: Newspapers and websites

In the first part of the article, we have shared a list of the prominent newspapers and websites of Israel with their details.


Ynet is a news website in Israel. It was founded by Yon Feder. The Hebrew language portal is a digital edition of Yedioth Ahronot newspaper. Having said that, majority of the news published on the website are original work by an independent staff.


Established on June 6, 2000, Ynet launched its English edition in 2005. Ynet also had an Arabic language edition that stopped its operations in May 2005. The main rivals of Ynet are Walla and Mako. Ynet has its headquarters in Rishon LeZion, a city in Israel.

Digital Media Presence

To cater to the interest of its readers, the website has segregated the news and articles into sections such as design and architecture, fashion, weather, astrology and supplements among others. Ynet is also available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Israel Newspapers 1 Ynet website

Ynet Online

Ynet Android App

Ynet iOS App


Panet is a news website owned by the Panorama Group. Based in Israel, the portal publishes news in the Arabic language. Launched in the year 2002, it claims “to serve the needs of the Palestinian Arab population in Israel”. Panet boasts of approximately 1,300,000 visitors per day.

Digital Media Presence

For the convenience of its readers, the stories have been segregated into several sections such as local news, Palestine news, health, world news and sports among others. Panet is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Israel Newspapers 2 Panet website

Ynet Online

Ynet Android App

Ynet iOS App


Israel Newspapers 3 Al Arab

Al-Arab is a weekly newspaper published in Israel. The Arabic language newspaper was founded by an advertising agency, al-Bustenai, which was then managed by Mussa Hassadiya. The first issue of the newspaper was published in 1987. Headquartered in Nazareth, the newspaper is also distributed in the West Bank. Popular poet Samih al-Qasim edited Al-Arab for some time.

Editorial Stance

As per British Broadcasting Corporation, Al-Arab “is known primarily as a Christian paper” however it “is trying to expand its Muslim audience.”

In 2005, the BBC wrote that the newspaper “is scathing of Israeli and US policies, but can be equally critical of the Palestinian Authority.”

Describing its editorial stance, the co-owner of Al-Arab Fayez al-Shtiwi said: “We oppose terrorist attacks, but also oppose the occupation, the discrimination and the denial of human rights. We want social justice and want to see proud Arabs here, with equal rights, not the defeated Arab.”


In 2008, 40 percent of the ownership was with Hassadiya and the rest was with Fayez and others. There was a time when Yedioth Ahronoth Group and Legal Tender Initiative owned 25 percent of the newspaper while Hassadiya and Shtiwi owned the other half. However, both the group came at loggerheads, which resulted in a court case in 2006.

Other Products

Al-Arab also has a website. It even offers mobile application for the iOS users. The publishing company of Al-Arab also publishes a women’s magazine, Lady Kul al-Arab. The newspaper even sponsors an annual beauty contest with a prize money of $10,000.

Israel Newspapers 3 Al Arab website

Al-Arab (Arabic: ?? ?????) Online

Al-Arab (Arabic: ?? ?????) Android App

Al-Arab (Arabic: ?? ?????) iOS App


Walla is an Israeli news website. Owned by Bezeq, an Israeli Telecommunications Company, its origin dates back to 1995. It is headquartered in Tel Aviv, the capital city. One of the popular news websites in the country, Walla, began its journey as the first website directory in Israel. In 1999, it became a public company. It was renamed Walla! NEWS in 2015.

Origin And History

One of the first websites in Israel, Walla, was founded by Gadi Hadar and Erez Pilosof. However, it was soon bought by Mashov Computers Marketing, a part of The Mashov Group led by Yaki Dunietz and David Assia. Formula Systems led by Dan Goldstein acquired the company in 1998 and later, merged it with IOL, a website run by Haaretz Group in 2001.


With a network of “200 reporters, editors and photographers”, Walla publishes news related to politics, sports, business, culture, celebs, food, fashion and health among others. Before 2006, Walla! used to publish stories from other content providers, news agencies and Haartez Group. However, after that, it gradually started building an independent network of editorial staff.

Walla boasts of 1.3 million visitors per day on its portal. Besides a TV studio, it has a social media studio for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Israel Newspapers 4 Walla website

Walla Online

Walla Android App

Walla iOS App


Mako is a news website in Israel. The Hebrew language portal was launched on October 23, 2008. It claims to be one of the biggest websites in the country. Mako has several independent content channels on news, celebrities, culture, music, health and food among others.

The website also carries the content of Keshet Channel like Eretz Nehederet, Ninja Israel, Master Chef, The Next Star, Wonderland, Ovda and more. Mako also has an app for both Android and iOS users.

Mako TV application is also available for smartphone users. It works in close collaboration with News 12 as a part of its website. Mako is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Israel Newspapers 5 Mako website

Mako Online

Mako Android App

Mako iOS App

Jerusalem Post

Israel Newspapers 6 Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post is a daily newspaper published in Jerusalem, Israel. Established on December 1, 1932, as The Palestine Post, the newspaper was founded by Gershon Agron during the British Mandate of Palestine. It is considered one of the leading English newspapers in Israel. Published in the broadsheet format, the newspaper got its current name in 1950.

Origin And History

The origin of The Jerusalem Post can be traced to The Palestine Bulletin, founded by Jacob Landau in January 1925. The Palestine Bulletin was owned by the Palestine Telegraphic Agency. The newspaper ceased its publications on November 30, 1932, and the very next day, The Palestine Post Incorporating ‘The Palestine Bulletin’ appeared. Later, on April 25, 1933, its name was shortened to The Palestine Post.

In 2004, The Jerusalem Post was acquired by investor Eli Azur’s firm Mirkaei Tikshoret. Earlier, the newspaper also had a French edition.


The Jerusalem Post was earlier a left-leaning newspaper, however, it shifted dramatically to the right ideology in the late 1980s. Since 2004, the newspaper shifted to the center.

Digital Media Presence

The Jerusalem Post also has a website. To cater to the interest of its readers, the portal has categorized the news stories into sections such as elections, world news, middle-east, U.S. politics, opinion and archaeology among others. It is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One can find its application on both Android and iOS devices.

Israel Newspapers 6 Jerusalem Post website

Jerusalem Post Online

Jerusalem Post Android App

Jerusalem Post iOS App

Times of Israel

Times of Israel is an online newspaper published in the English language in Israel. The first issue of Times of Israel appeared in 2012. The newspaper was founded by journalist David Horovitz and American hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, who is also the founder of the Baupost Group and chairman of The David Project.

In the About Us section on its website, Times of Israel claims to have been established to “document developments in Israel, the Middle East and around the Jewish world”.


Besides the English language website, Times of Israel also publishes French, Persian and Arabic editions. While the French edition was launched on February 25, 2014, Persian and Arabic were founded on October 7, 2015, and February 4, 2014, respectively.

Times of Israel founded a Hebrew website, Zman Yisael on May 1, 2019.

Sections And Social Media

Times of Israel has segregated the news and articles into several sections such as The Blogs, Startup Israel, Community, Israel & The Region and Jewish Times among others. It also has accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Within two years of its launch, the newspaper recorded a readership of two million. In 2017, Times of Israel had 3.5 million unique monthly users. In 2019, the recorded number of unique visitors each month reached five million besides 25 million monthly page views. On 2 November 2017, the website got hacked for three hours. The hackers in Turkey replaced the homepage with an anti-Israel propaganda.

Israel Newspapers 7 Times of Israel website

Times of Israel Online

Times of Israel Android App

Times of Israel iOS App


Israel Newspapers 8 Haaretz

Haaretz is a newspaper published in Israel. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the first issue of the newspaper appeared in 1918. Haaretz is the longest running newspaper in Israel. Published in the Berliner format, it is available in both English and Hebrew languages.

Origin And History

Initially, Haaretz was sponsored by the British military government in Palestine. The newspaper was acquired by a group of socialist-oriented Zionists, mainly from Russia in 1919. It was established on 18 June 1919 as Hadashot Ha’aretz by philanthropist Isaac Leib Goldberg and other businessmen.

Both English and Hebrew language editions of Haaretz are available on the internet. The English edition is sold and published with International New York Times. In North America, Haaretz is available as a weekly newspaper.

Ownership History

The newspaper was bought by Salman Schocken in December 1935. He was a Jewish businessman who left Germany in 1934. The family was the only owners of the Haaretz Group until August 2006. Back then, 25 percent stake was sold to M. DuMont Schauberg, a German publisher.

The deal was done with the help of former Israeli ambassador to Germany, Avi Primor. However, the deal triggered controversy in Israel as DuMont Schauberg’s father, Kurt Neven DuMont was a member for the Nazi party and even the publishing house promoted Nazi ideology.

Digital Media Presence

Haaretz also has a news website in Hebrew language. The portal covers genres such as city, world, opinions, culture, sports, food, books and weekend among others. Haaretz is also available on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It also offers mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Israel Newspapers 8 Haaretz website

Haaretz (Hebrew: ?????) Online

Haaretz (Hebrew: ?????) Android App

Haaretz (Hebrew: ?????) iOS App


Israel Newspapers 9 Calcalist

?Calcalist is a business newspaper published in the Hebrew language in Israel. The daily newspaper is published in the tabloid format. It is headquartered in Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel. The newspaper covers several topics belonging to technology, sport, and career, real estate, legal and marketing among others.


The first issue of the newspaper appeared on February 18, 2008. Published by the Yedioth Ahronoth Group, Calcalist appears five days a week. Its sister newspaper is Yedioth Ahronoth. Yoel Esteron is the founder and publisher of Calcalist.

Digital Media Presence

Calcalist also has a website besides a print version. Apart from publishing articles from the newspaper, the portal also carries some exclusive digital stories. The target audience of Calcalist are professionals belonging to the fields of law, business and economy.

In November 2017, Calcalist launched a website covering technology news from Israel. The English language portal was called CTech. For the convenience of its readers, the news website has categorised the stories into various sections such as world, market, buzz and supplement among others. Calcalist is also available on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Israel Newspapers 9 Calcalist website

Calcalist (Hebrew: ???????) Online

Calcalist (Hebrew: ???????) ePaper

Calcalist (Hebrew: ???????) Android App

Calcalist (Hebrew: ???????) iOS App


Israel Newspapers 10 Maariv

Maariv is a Hebrew language Israeli national newspaper. After Yedioth Ahronoth, it comes second in circulation and third in readership following Israel HaYom and Yedioth Ahronoth. Ma’ariv Hashavu’a is the title of the edition that is circulated from Sunday to Thursday. The weekend edition on Friday comes under the title of Ma’ariv SofHashavu’a.

Key People

Doron Cohen and Golan Bar-Yosef are among two co-editors in chief of Maariv since May 2014. Besides many supplements, Maariv owns a chain of newspapers and magazines that are currently in circulation in Israel.


In 1948, Dr. Ezriel Carlebach led a team of former journalists from Yediot Aharonot to start Maariv. The paper’s first editor-in-chief ensured Maariv could become the most read newspaper in the country in its first two decades.

Political Leaning

Maariv is a politically centered newspaper as it openly criticizes the center-right government of Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2012, Moshe Arens wrote an opinion piece for Haaretz claiming that the decision makers at Maariv steered the paper leftward, “forsaking the right-wing readership that was loyal to it for years”.


The TGI claimed in a survey that the market share of Maariv was 11.9 percent in 2012. Until then, the newspaper owned a printing press, which was later sold to Yisrael Hayom, to deal with some big debts. Since 2013, Maariv is being printed by other printing presses.

Israel Newspapers 10 Maariv website

Maariv Online

Maariv ePaper

Maariv iOS App

Yedioth Ahronoth

Yedioth Ahronoth is an Israeli newspaper published on a daily basis. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the newspaper is published in the Hebrew language. The first issue of Yedioth Ahronoth appeared in 1939. According to Wikipedia, Yedioth Ahronoth boasted of being the largest newspaper in the country in terms of circulation and sales.

Origin And History

Yedioth Ahronoth was founded by Gershom Komarov and is published in the tabloid form. The first evening newspaper published in the British Mandate of Palestine attempted to copy the format of the London Evening Standard. Komarov decided to sell the newspaper due to the financial crisis. It was purchased by Yehuda Mozes.

In 1948, Yedioth Ahronoth saw a mass exodus as a large number of journalists led by the chief editor Ezriel Carlebach quit the company to establish Yedioth Maariv, which later came to be known as Maariv.

Digital Media Presence

The English language digital edition of the newspaper is known as Ynetnews and was founded in 2005. Similarly, the Hebrew edition is called Ynet. Yedioth Ahronoth is also available on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For the convenience of its readers, the website has segregated its stories into sections such as magazine, middle-east, world, culture, business, health, environment, tech & science, opinion, travel and art among others.


In January 2017, recordings of conversations between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mozes were leaked. The two were discussing a potential deal in which better coverage will be provided to Netanyahu in exchange of curtailing the circulation of rival Israel Hayom.

Israel Newspapers 11 Yedioth Ahronoth website

Yedioth Ahronoth (Hebrew: ?????? ????????) Online

Yedioth Ahronoth (Hebrew: ?????? ????????) iOS App


Rotter.net is a website published in Israel. It was established in the year 1997 by Noam Rotter from Haifa. It is published in the Hebrew language. As per September 2019 Alexa ranking, rotter.net secured 50th place in the list of popular Israeli websites.

Ownership And Management

The website was managed by Noam’s father Rabbi Yeshayahu Rotter from 2001 until his death in 2012. After his demise, the website was managed by his daughter Reut and her husband Uri, son Noam and other managers whose names haven’t been disclosed yet.


Rotter.net launched an SMS service for subscribers in September 2002 so that they can get instant updates in case of breaking news. In 2014, the website launched a news page in the English language.


Shlomi Bochco filed a legal case against the website in 2005 claiming copyright infringement. He said that rotter.net used images clicked by him for a long time without proper credit. The court ruled in favour of Bochco and gave a verdict that the website should pay the amount of NIS 50,000 to him in addition to legal expenses.

Israel Newspapers 12 rotter net website

Rotter.net Online

Rotter.net Android App

Rotter.net iOS App


NEWSru is an Israeli news website, however, the roots of its origin go to Russia. The Russian language news website was founded in December 2005.

Digital Media Presence

For the convenience of its readers, the portal has categorised the news stories and articles into several sections such as health, in Israel, near east, economy, cars, sport, the property, in the world and many more. It has an account on the social media platform Facebook. NEWSru also offers mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Origin And History

NEWSru basically originated in Russia. The Russian news portal is headquartered in the capital city of Moscow. It is critical of the government. The portal was established on August 28, 2000 under the domain of ntv.ru. The website belongs to oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, who has been in exile since 2000. The domain address was changed to NEWSru.com in October 2002. Though it is based in Moscow, the location of its staff and editorial team remains undisclosed.

NEWSru had two foreign posts- Israel and Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian edition ceased its operations in March 2017. The website has survived on subsidies for 10 years. 2004.newsru.com is another of its defunct projects. It mainly covered the 2004 presidential election in Russia.

Israel Newspapers 13 ‎NewsRU website

?NewsRU.co.il Online

?NewsRU.co.il Android App

The Marker

The Marker is a daily newspaper based in Israel. Published in the Hebrew language, it is a business newspaper belonging to the Haaretz group. The Marker has its headquarters at Haaretz newspaper building in Tel Aviv.


The Marker was founded by journalist and entrepreneur Guy Rolnik and Haaretz group. Rolnik was helped by his two friends and co-founders- Avriel and Ido Pollak. Reportedly, it is the first business news portal of Israel. Though it was incorporated in 1999, the website was launched in March 2000. After five years, in 2005, the economic section of Haaretz was discontinued and it launched ‘The Marker’ as a brand new daily newspaper.


At present, The Marker owns a website, a daily newspaper and a monthly print magazine. The Marker began to print a monthly magazine in 2001. The magazine even publishes an annual list of “Israel’s 100 most influential people”.

It even organises events and functions for professionals related to the business community. Some of its articles are also translated into English and get published in the English edition of Haaretz in cooperation with the International New York Times.

Digital Media Presence

The Marker has several categories such as capital markets, digital coins, real estate, and tech nation, in the world, career, blogs and opinions among others. It is also available on Facebook and Twitter. The Marker offers mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Israel Newspapers 14 TheMarker website

TheMarker (Hebrew: ??-????) Online

TheMarker (Hebrew: ??-????) Android App

TheMarker (Hebrew: ??-????) iOS App

Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva, owned by HolyLand Holdings Ltd, is a news website in Israel. It is known as Israel National News in English. The articles are available online in Hebrew, Russian and English. Artuz Sheva also provides videos, free podcasts and live streaming radio besides a weekly newspaper B’Sheva.


Arutz Sheva was launched in October 1988 by Zalman Baruch Melamed in response to offshore radio station Voice of Peace. While the latter broadcast pacifistic messages, Arutz Sheva aimed at Israelis who were against the negotiations with Palestine Liberation Organization. Arutz Sheva was one of the first internet radio stations. It was based in Beit El. The radio station broadcast in Russian from 1996 to 2002. It had to shut down its operations in 2003 after it could not legalise it.

Digital Media Presence

Arutz Sheva launched its website in 1995. To cater to the interest of its readers, Arutz Sheva has categorised the news stories into multiple sections such as features, newsletter, inside Israel, middle-east, global agenda, US & Canada, technology and Europe among others. It is also available on Facebook and Twitter.


In 2020, Reuters published a report claiming that Arutz Sheva, Algemeiner, The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post had published op-eds by a fake identity. The ‘author’ Oliver Taylor was completely fictional.

Israel Newspapers 15 Arutz Sheva website

Arutz Sheva Online

Arutz Sheva Android App

Arutz Sheva iOS App

Israel HaYom

Israel Newspapers 16 Israel HaYom

?Israel Hayom is a Hebrew language newspaper that is distributed daily for free of cost. The first edition of Israel Hayom was published in 2007. According to The Times of Israel, Israel Hayom is the most circulated newspaper in the country.


Israel Hayom has a website as well with news sections like Election 2021, New, All Headers, Opinions, Sports, World, Culture, Gossip and Lifestyle among others. One can follow Israel Hayom on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Having started on July 30, 2007, Israel Hayom is available from Sunday to Thursday. From November 20, 2009, Israel Hayom started publishing a weekend issue that comes in three parts — News, Cultural Magazine and Political Supplement. Israel Hayom is circulated for free to the doorsteps, workplaces, in public transportation and public places.

Key People

Boaz Bismuth is the Editor-in-chief of Israel Hayom (2021). “The newspaper’s credibility and high reputation, from its first day, attracted a host of talented writers who could easily have chosen any other journalistic medium, but preferred to write with us. The team of writers includes leading journalists, publicists and media figures, with rich journalistic experience, talent for writing and transmitting information in a fascinating and thought-provoking way and unquestionable professional ethics,” Israel Hayom talks about its staff in the About Us section.

Israel Newspapers 16 Israel HaYom website

Israel HaYom (Hebrew: ????? ?????) Online

Israel HaYom (Hebrew: ????? ?????) Android App

Israel HaYom (Hebrew: ????? ?????) iOS App


MIGnews is a Russian language website that covers all news related to Israel. Politics, science, politics, culture and sports are among the thematic sections of the website. The website has been updated in real time since its launch in 2000. Eugene Finkel was the first editor-in-chief MIGnews, which is published by the Media International Group. Ukrainian businessman Vadim Rabinovich owns the operations of the Israeli publication.


MIGnews claims to serve up to 50,000 unique visitors and manage a total of 600,000 visits on a daily basis. In 2010, rating agency rating Medialogy featured MIGnews in the list of the most trusted Russian language “Internet resources in news agencies”. In November 2013, the website slipped to the 13th position in the same list.

In January 2014, Alexa claimed that as many 22.8 percent of visitors of MIGnews belong to Russia, while 21.6 percent were from the United States, 18.8 percent native of Israel and 13.9 percent from Azerbaijan.


When America’s Seattle city of Washington state lost power supply in January 2005, MIGnews made headlines with a report that suggested a possible link between the power failure and the “March against The Kremlin’s Arbitrariness”. Many Russian websites like Echo of Moscow, Newsru.com, Ytro.Ru and Grani.ru reprinted the report of MIGnews, which later faced accusations of false reporting.

Israel Newspapers 17 MIGnews website

MIGnews Online

B’Sheva (Hebrew)

Israel Newspapers 18 B Sheva

B’Sheva is a Hebrew language weekly newspaper in Israel. Arutz Sheva started publishing B’sheva on July 19, 2002. Anyone can get a free copy of B’Sheva from the religious population centers on Thursdays. The newspaper with a right wing ideology serves the followers of Religious Zionist.


According to Israel National News, as many as 130,000 families subscribe to B’Sheva, making it the most circulated religious newspaper in the country. In the 2005 TGI survey, B’Sheva was recorded serving at least 6.1 percent of the Israeli adults. The same agency claimed in 2009 that B’Sheva was ranked fourth among the weekly newspapers with highest readership.


The tabloid newspaper has a website as well with sections like Election 2021, New, Badges, Security, Political, Country, Trial, Knitted dome, Black Dome and World among others. One can B’Sheva on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

Parent Company

B’Sheva translates to ‘at seven’ in the English language. It is owned by the Channel 7 communications network that primarily operates a 24-hour news television channel and radio station. Servin the audience with all Jewish content, B’Sheva reports on issues related to security, political, tourism, children, sports, medicine and youth.

Israel Newspapers 18 B Sheva website

B’Sheva (Hebrew: ????) Online


Israel Newspapers 19 vesty

Vesty is a Russian language Israeli website, which was started as a daily newspaper in Tel Aviv in 1992. The Yedioth Ahronoth Group owns the publication since the beginning.


In the 1990s, Vesty was among the most read Russian newspaper in Israel. In 2017 when the newspaper witnessed a fall in its sales, it turned into a weekly newspaper and website based on Ynet. In December 2018, Vesty completely stopped the print publication.

News, Economy, Community, Election 2021, Sports, Health Culture, Tourism, Gurman, Fashion and Coronavirus are among the sections of the Vesty website. One can also follow Vesty on Facebook for latest news and updates.

Israel Newspapers 19 vesty website

Vesty Online


Cursor Info is Russian language Israeli Russian news website that has been operating for over 20 years. It serves the Israeli population living in Russia. Israel, Worldwide, CIS News, Coronavirus, Incident, Showbiz and Horoscope are among the sections of news on the Cursor Info website.


In the About Us section, Cursor Info claims that “the first half of 2020 showed an increase in traffic of more than 300 percent”. Not only Russians, Israeli readers from Ukraine, Canada, Belarus and the United States also visit Cursor Info on a regular basis. “Every day the portal’s pages are visited by readers from 120 countries,” claims Cursor Info.

Israel Newspapers 20 cursorinfo website

Cursor Info Online

Jewish Daily Forward

Jewish Daily Forward, which is popularly known as The Forward, is an English language website that serve the Jewish-American people living in the United States and other parts of the world. The headquarters of The Forward is in New York City.


In 1897, Jewish Daily Forward was started as a Yiddish language socialist paper. According to The New York Times, Seth Lipsky came up with the idea of an English language offshoot of the Yiddish newspaper, which could publish on a weekly basis.

Having published the last issue of the newspaper on June 30, 2016, The Forward now operates as a digital publication. From 2016 to 2019, The Forward published monthly magazines in the Yiddish and English languages.

Israel Newspapers 21 Jewish Daily Forward website

Jewish Daily Forward Online

13 News

13 News is a Hebrew language news website of Israeli news channel Hadashot 13. The channel is a subsidiary of Reshet. 13 News was owned by Channel 10 until the merger of Reshet-Channel 10 merger on 16 January 2019. On March 1, 2016, Channel 10 News had started broadcasting Hadashot 13 in a high definition aspect ratio of 16:9.


Flashes, In the country, In the world, The main edition, New Programs, 13 Broadcast schedule and Network Website 13 are among the sections of news on 13 News website. One can follow 13 News on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram, and download its mobile application for latest news and updates.

Israel Newspapers 22 13 News website

13 News Online

13 News Android App

13 News iOS App


Debka, which is officially known as DEBKAfile, is a Hebrew language website operated by the Israeli military in Jerusalem. The website reports all news related to military, terrorism, national security, intelligence and international relations. With its focus on the Middle East, Debka publishes news in both Hebrew and English.

The translation of Debka in the English language is Arab folk dance.


Popular journalists Giora Shamis and Diane Shalem launched Debka in 2000. The website went on to win the Forbes’ Best of the Web award. Heaping praise on Debka’s archives, Forbes claimed in its report that “most of the information is attributed to unidentified sources”.

Israel Newspapers 23 Debka website

Debka Online

Jerusalem Online

Jerusalem Online is an English language news website in Israel with suctions such as Featured, Israel & Middle East, World, Innovation, Israel, Arts & Culture and Blogs among others. The website was launched in “the summer of 2005”.

Calling itself the “number one ‘Link to Israel’”, Jerusalem Online claims to be the “world’s leading website providing its viewers with ongoing news updates from Israel and the Middle East” in its About Us section.

Digital Presence

Jerusalem Online claims to have “tens of thousands of subscribers who receive daily updates straight to their inbox”. One can follow Jerusalem Online on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.

Israel Newspapers 24 Jerusalem Online website

Jerusalem Online Online

Jerusalem Online iOS App

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Jewish Telegraphic Agency is an English language news agency in Israel, covering national as well as international issues for the various Jewish community newspapers. The news agency also serves the media across the globe as about 70 syndication clients are listed on its official website.

US, Israel, Global, New York, Culture, Opinion and Bonds of Life are among the sections of news on the Jewish Telegraphic Agency website, which is also available in the Hebrew language.


Jacob Landau established Jewish Telegraphic Agency on February 6, 1917. Initially, the office acted as the Jewish Correspondence Bureau of The Hague before starting to collect and disseminate the news related to the Jewish communities, serving the entire world. Known for the reportages of the European war fronts, Jewish Telegraphic Agency moved its base to London in 1919.

Israel Newspapers 25 Jewish Telegraphic Agency website

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Online

Makor Rishon

Makor Rishon, which translates to Firsthand Source in the English language, is a Hebrew language newspaper in Israel. The newspaper shows a conservative right-wing ideology in its coverage of news and has links with the Religious Zionism.


In July 1997, Makor Rishon was launched by Rabbi Shmuel Tal as a weekly magazine to promote Jewish religious and nationalistic ideas. Nationalistic religious The Listenberg family, which was in the business of diamonds in Tel Aviv and Belgium, funder the publication.

Renowned Israeli journalist Meir Uziel was roped in and asked to hire more journalists like Michael Ruzulio, who had worked for Yedioth Ahronoth and the Second Authority for Television and Radio.

Israel Newspapers 26 Makor Rishon website

Makor Rishon (Hebrew: ?????? ????????) Online

Makor Rishon (Hebrew: ?????? ????????) ePaper

Israel Hayom

Israel Hayom, which translates to Israel Today in the English language, is a Hebrew language newspaper that is distributed free every day in Israel. The first issue of Israel Hayom was rolled out in 2007. According to the The Times of Israel, Israel Hayom is the country’s most widely distributed daily.


According to a study published in The Seventh Eye in 2008, Israel Hayom favoured Benjamin Netanyahu in most of its reports. The newspaper refused to publish reports that could not show Netanyahu in positive light. Another study by Oren Persico claimed that Israel Hayom published just one article criticizing the Likud in compare to 10 articles against Kadima.

Israel Newspapers 27 Israel Hayom website

Israel Hayom Online

Start Page

Start Page is a Hebrew language news website Israel with separate versions in the Russian and English languages. Breaking news, Ringtones, Sites of the day, Indexes, Sports, Images and Games are among the sections of news on Start Page.

Israel Newspapers 28 Start Page website

Start Page Online


Aurora is a Spanish language news website in Israel, with sections like Politics, Art and Show, Today in Israel, Jewish World, Technology, Sightseeing, Economy and Opinion among others. “Aurora is the most visited information website about Israel in Spanish,” the website states in its footnote. Aurora aims to provide “constant updates on the latest news, developments and events in Israel and the Jewish world”.

Israel Newspapers 29 Aurora website

Aurora (in Spanish) Online


Isramedia is a leading television channel with a Hebrew language news portal in Israel. New, Big Brother, Tips, Netflix, TV channels, Schedule, Online cameras, Radio and Series are among the sections of news on the Isramedia website. “Established in early 2005,” Isramedia is recommended as the best in Israel by other news portals like Orange, Every Day, Physical On and YNET.

Israel Newspapers 30 ‎isramedia website

?Isramedia Online


Israel Newspapers 31 hamodia

Hamodia is a Hebrew language newspaper with an English language website. Based in Jerusalem, the newspaper has a special English language edition to serve its readers in the United States. In Israel and England, the English language edition of Hamodia comes on a weekly basis. In 2008, Hamodia launched a weekly edition in the French language. Inyan and Prime are two magazine that come as supplements of Hamodia.

Israel Newspapers 31 hamodia website

Hamodia Online

Hamodia iOS App

The Electronic Intifada

The Electronic Intifada is an English language Chicago-based website that covers all news related to the conflict between Israel and Palestinian. Declaring itself independent and not-for-profit, The Electronic Intifada provides a Palestinian perspective. Ali Abunimah and Arjan El Fassed are founders of the news website. While Abunimah is the son of Jordan’s UN ambassador, Fassed has been a former Dutch politician.

Israel Newspapers 32 Electronic Intifada website

Electronic Intifada (EI) Online

Part II: Business newspapers

In the second part of the article, we have explained about the newspapers that are known for the coverage of business news in Israel.


Globes is a Hebrew language newspaper that is known for the coverage of financial news. The evening daily is the oldest surviving newspaper in Israel as it was started in the early 1980s. With its base in Tel Aviv, the newspaper deals with the economic issues and reports news related to Israeli as well as international businesses. Globes comes in pink colour, much similar to the British Financial Times.


Globes has a website as well, which was the first Israeli news website at the time of its origin in April 1995. The bilingual website publishes content in both Hebrew and English language. Globes Financial, All Headers, Capital Markets and Investments, Country, Global and World Markets, Real Estate and Infrastructure and Marketing and Advertising are among the sections of news on the Globes website.


Globes is the most read business newspaper in the country. In 2017, the TGI media survey claimed that Globes has a market share of 4.3 percent. The Marker and Calcalist are the only two competitors of Globes in Israel.

Titles, which is the main news part and stock exchange supplement Capital markets are two parts of the business newspaper. G is a weekend supplement, Nadlan comes as real estate supplement on Sunday and a monthly women magazine Lady Globes comes along with Globes.

Israel Newspapers 33 Globes website

Globes.co.il Online

Israel business news

Israel Business News is a Hebrew language website with sections like Culinary and Alcohol, Consumerism, Tourism, Culture and Leisure, Business News, Automotive & Technology, Design and Celebs among others. One can “find recommendations and reviews of restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, movies, plays, books and other consumer products” on this website, says Israel Business News website in its footnote.

Israel Newspapers 34 Israel business news website

Israel business news Online

Part III: Sports Newspapers

In the third part of the article, we have explained about the newspapers that are known for the coverage of sports news in Israel.


ONE is a Hebrew language sports news website in Israel. LIVE Results, ONE VOD, Sports betting, Glitchy (1990s), Winner, Radio, Young People’s Sports Magazine, Health and Fitness, League of Dreams and La Liga Fantasy are among the sections of news on the ONE website.

Israel Newspapers 35 ONE website

ONE Online

Sports – Jerusalem Post

The sports section of Jerusalem Post is quite famous for its coverage in Israel. Jerusalem Post is a newspaper that was first seen in 1932 under the title of The Palestine Post during the Palestine’s British Mandate by Gershon Agron. The newspaper hanged its name to Jerusalem Post in 1950. Eli Azur’s Mirkaei Tikshoret bought the operations of Jerusalem Post in 2004. Initially a French language newspaper, Jerusalem Post is now published in the English language.

Israel Newspapers 36 Sports Jerusalem Post website

Sports – Jerusalem Post Online


The Israeli media is versatile in terms of languages, religious outlooks and political ideologies. Television is the most followed source of news in Israel. In 2017, the country witnessed a major transition in public broadcasting with the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) concluding 50 years of operations to make space for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC). With lesser staff than IBA, the IPBC showed efficiency with the help of outsourcing production.

Two commercial networks are available as free-to-air channels throughout the country. Most of the households have either cable or satellite TV sets. Radio is another trusted news source in Israel, with most of the public stations operated by the IPBC, besides two networks of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and over a dozen of commercial channels.

Press Status

The current Israeli newspapers are highly competitive, even when the readership is on decline like the rest of the world. The online media is on a rise in Israel. Yisrael Hayom and Yediot Aharonot are among the prominent daily newspapers of the country.

Press Freedom

Reporters Without Borders stated in its 2018 World Press Freedom Index that the Israeli media is “free to be outspoken, which is rare in the Middle East”. The media watchdog adds that the “military censorship” comes in the way of editorial decisions at times and the army “often violates the rights” of foreign journalists, especially Palestinian.

According to the United States-based Freedom House, the working journalists in Israel “are vibrant and free to criticise government policy”. However, the agency adds that the editorial independence often results in “financial difficulties in the industry”.

New Media

The internet media is on a boom in Israel as the country has some of the world’s most technologically-literate citizens. According to Internet World Stats, close to 6.7 million people had access to internet by 2017. While Facebook is the most popular social media site, Ynet is Israel’s leading Hebrew language news portal.

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