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Singapore newspapers and Singapore newspaper list

Introduction to Singapore News Media

Since becoming independent in 1965, Singapore’s media industry has been growing steadily. At present, it consists of the various forms of publishing, broadcasting and Internet-dependent sources available in the region. In 2001, the media industry in Singapore had an employment number of 38,000 people, contributing 1.56% to the GDP of the city-state. From 1990 to 2000, the industry grew at a rate of 7.7% annually, reaching an annual turnover of 10 billion in Singapore dollars.

Considered to be quite strongly controlled by the government, the industry has often been caught in disputes with foreign news sources, with regards to censorship. All content produced locally in the region is regulated by the Ministry of Communications and Information. The body is also responsible for the decision of which published media from abroad are to be made available in Singapore.

Censorship as a form of control is unapologetically present. Any news or articles which are felt to be promoting hatred, racial, religious or otherwise, are immediately banned from circulation. Apart from hatemongering, news pieces or media which actively promote non-traditional lifestyles or family systems are also censored, depending on the government’s analysis.

The local media is thus, by far, considered to be pro-government, mostly because of the control exerted on them by the government, both directly and indirectly. In the latter case, the government holds shares of certain media groups, via its investment tool called Temasek Holdings. For Singaporeans living within the boundaries of the city-state, the view might not be the same. As suggested by an anonymous journalist who worked for Singapore media company MediaCorp, the coming of the Internet showed locals a different side. The idea that the internal media could be repressed had been a foreign concept till then. The same journalist, in an interview with Mumbrella, suggested that the media in Singapore is reminiscent of a machine, which operates on a set of formulas. People who do not adhere to the set of rules are liable to be cast out from the system itself. 

In fact, Singaporean newspapers have been termed “organs of the state” in William Gibson’s article on Singapore, called Disneyland with the Death Penalty. The Newspaper and Printing Presses Act of 1974 further strengthens this control, because it penalizes the printing or publishing of any news which does not have a suitable authorizing permit from the Minister concerned. The same act also gives the government the right to select the management shareholders of all the newspapers, which results in the government holding at least a 66% majority in important decision-making.

There are multiple newspapers and news websites in Singapore at present, with only a few independent ones. Daily newspapers are published in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Tamil, and Malay. Several newspapers that were in circulation previously were shut down in 1971 after the government crackdown. This included papers like The Singapore Herald and the Eastern Sun.

In the following article, we have collected a comprehensive list of newspapers and news websites in Singapore, accessible all over the region. These are divided into the following categories:
A. Singapore Newspapers and News Sites
B. Business News
C. Sports News

A. Singapore Newspapers and News sites

Singapore has quite a few English-language newspapers in circulation, along with multiple English-language internet portals. Due to the diverse ethnicity and demographic composition of the city-state, certain news sources originate from a cultural need of minority groups. While most of the newspapers have been in print for quite a while, digital times call for digital measures. Hence, most of these papers also have a website now, making local and international news easily reachable for people who cannot source the print editions.

The Straits Times

Singapore Newspapers 1 The Straits Times scaled

An English-language daily newspaper, The Straits Times is based in Singapore and is owned by Singapore Press Holdings. It is published in the broadsheet format, which is the largest newspaper size in print. When it first came into being in 1845, it was called The Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce. In the subsequent 175 years, it has had more than 60,000 issues. Along with its Sunday edition, The Sunday Times, the newspaper was said to have an average circulation of 360,000+ in 2017. The Straits Times also has separate Myanmar and Brunei editions, in print.

The Strait Times has an interesting origin story. It was begun by an Armenian man, Catchick Moses, as a way of bailing out a friend who, due to financial difficulties, was finding it hard to fulfill his dream of starting a local paper. The Straits Times was first launched, therefore, as an 8 page weekly, published using a hand-operated press. Later, Moses sold the paper to the first editor, Robert Woods, due to the unprofitable returns.

The Straits Times has gone through many changes of name over the years. Between 1942 and 1945, when Singapore was taken over by the Japanese, this newspaper became known as The Shonan Times and The Syonan Shimbun.

In terms of political inclination, the newspaper had a rocky start. It did not have a very good relationship with the leaders of the People’s Action Party, and in the early days of Singapore’s self-governance, this could have led to subversion charges and even detention. Because of the political sensitivity of the region, The Straits Times is not sold in Malaysia.

At present, the website features a select collection of free news articles. Readers can subscribe to the online version of the newspaper for detailed news.

Singapore Newspapers 1 The Straits Times Website

The Straits Times Online

The Straits Times ePaper

The Straits Times Android App

The Straits Times iOS App

Channel NewsAsia

Singapore Newspapers 2 Channel NewsAsia Website

Channel NewsAsia, or as it is currently known, CNA, is a news channel in Singapore which broadcasts in English. While it is free-to-air within Singapore, it is also available upon subscription in 29 areas across Australia and Asia. Launched in 1999, and run by MediaCorp News Pte Ltd, it enjoys the position of having the sixth widest reach among television news channels covering Asia-specific news.

Its main goal is to place a challenge to Western-based media and bring to the forefront of an Asian point of view, which is also displayed by its slogan “understand Asia”. CNA’s website functions as a news portal for all things Asia, bringing stories on global development, but always from the Asian perspective. It puts importance on being a transmedia company, where online news is a big part of its content pool.

The website, at the current time, can be viewed in two editions, one for Singaporeans, and an international edition for the rest of the world. Divided into sections like Singapore, Asia, world, business, lifestyle, and sport, readers are offered news of every possible event happening around the world. A special section on the Singapore Parliament also offers current news on its activities.

CNA also offers podcasts, news clips, commentaries, and video-on-demand services on its website, making it a truly transmedia news portal. One can even watch CNA live on the website, to see the breaking news, instead of reading it.

Channel NewsAsia Online

Channel NewsAsia Android App

Channel NewsAsia iOS App


Singapore Newspapers 3 AsiaOne Website

AsiaOne is an online entertainment aggregator, covering areas such as news, lifestyle and all aspects of the entertainment industry. It brings news to readers based all over Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. However, its headquarters are in Singapore.

AsiaOne is owned by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and mm2 Asia. It was initially launched by the former company in 1998. The news website’s founding CEO was Low Huan Ping.

Being an aggregator website, AsiaOne displays headlines from multiple SPH publications such as The Business Times, The Straits Times, The New Paper, and Hardware Zone. Apart from this, it carries stories on various lifestyle topics such as food, design, and style. The website also provides other services, such as horoscope news, Chinese zodiac news, and currency value conversion. It has a whole separate section dedicated to news from Malaysia.

According to ComScore, an American media analytics company, AsiaOne is the third most-read news site in Singapore, and for good reason. Apart from all the news options above, readers can also find content from some of the world’s best news sources, such as Reuters, Agence France-Presse, and South China Morning Post.

AsiaOne manages to stay popular due to its dedication to bringing forth the freshest trends to readers, be it in terms of news, digital culture, or even finance updates. With a self-proclaimed bold and catchy style of reporting, AsiaOne has completed 25 years of trustworthy news coverage.

AsiaOne Online

AsiaOne Android App

AsiaOne iOS App


Singapore Newspapers 4 Mothership Website

An Internet media company, it is one of the most popular news sources based in Singapore. According to their statistics, in March 2020, it had the largest local penetration out of all the digital media sources in Singapore. 11 websites have individual licenses with the Info-communications Media Development Authority in Singapore, and Mothership is one of them.

Apart from being an internet news portal, the company also offers content marketing services for brands looking to connect to the correct audience. Motherships advertising campaigns are usually very unique and popular, and they make the most of their active presence on social media.

The audience Mothership attracts is young, which ensures that the readership is influential and has spending power. More than two-thirds of its audience is between the ages of 25 and 44. Working to bring news from and to a global community, they feature a wide range of stories on their website. International news and local stories are given equal importance along with other aspects such as election coverage.

Mothership also features interviews with important and respected Singaporeans, which means that they try to offer slightly different fare than generic news portals. Mothership also features a wide selection of video news options, which involve fun and intriguing activities, celebrity talk and much more.

Mothership, which is also often called a social news website, is funded by Project Fisher-men Ltd, which is a social enterprise chaired by Philip Yeo, a civil service veteran.

Mothership Online


Singapore Newspapers 5 Today

Today began as a national daily newspaper, printed in English and distributed free of cost. It is an English-language digital news provider, at present. Mediacorp, the owner of Today, is the largest media service provider in Singapore.

When Today first began its journey in 2000, its stakes were split 60/40% between Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings. Apart from Sunday, the newspaper was published and delivered to homes if one took out a subscription. Otherwise, it was distributed for free at transit points like train stations, bus stops, and other public places like food outlets, shopping malls and so on. It used to be circulated during the morning rush hour.

Today’s audience at that point was a combination of managers, businesspersons, executives, and other professionals, reaching a circulation of 730,000 in 2012, according to a report by the Nielsen Media Index. 2017 saw SPH divesting its stakes among Mediacorp Press (Today’s publisher), Mediacorp TV and Mediacorp Studio.

The newspaper went through multiple changes in design and had many editions during its print life. There was a WeekendToday, weekend leisure- read, a Sunday edition, and a Today-New York Times International Weekly. Today has also had its share of problems. In 2006, a weekly opinion column written under the alias of Mr. Brown had to be suspended, after facing government critique. 

In 2013, Today’s website and device applications were remodeled digitally, and its print editions began to phase out.  By 2017, Today ceased to be a print newspaper, and instead became entirely digitized, with all its news being published online.

Singapore Newspapers 5 Today Website

Today Online

Today Android App

Today iOS App

Lianhe Zaobao

Singapore Newspapers 6 Lianhe Zaobao

Lianhe Zaobao is the common abbreviation of Nanyang Sin-Chew Lianhe Zaobao, the largest Chinese-language daily in Singapore. The newspaper uses simplified Chinese characters for printing. Lianhe Zaobao literally means, “United Morning Paper”.

It is owned and published by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). This newspaper is the flagship Chinese newspaper of the company, and it is the only Chinese-language morning daily in the region. In 1983, two of the oldest Chinese newspapers in Singapore, Nanyang Siang Pau, and Sin Chew Jit Poh went into a merger. Lianhe Zaobao was the result of that merger. 

Published in the broadsheet format, the editorial turn of this newspaper is serious, and focuses largely on East Asian news, in terms of international news reporting. Zaobao’s wide correspondence network across East Asia assists in the collation of news from this zone, covering places like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and more.

This specialization of sorts has also allowed itself to create a name for itself, within the region, with subscriptions coming in from all over Southeast Asia as well as from organizations like the UN. Interestingly, Zaobao is the only Chinese-language newspaper produced outside of China which may be purchased in mainland China.

In 1995, an online version of Lianhe Zaoabo, called Lianhe Zaobao Online was launched. At present, it is not just an online version of the newspaper but also serves as a news portal, collecting news from over 100 other sources such as other Chinese newspapers within the Singapore region. One can also find news from Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily News, two other Chinese-language newspapers owned by SPH, on this portal.

Singapore Newspapers 6 Lianhe Zaobao Website

Lianhe Zaobao Online

Lianhe Zaobao ePaper

Lianhe Zaobao Android App

Lianhe Zaobao iOS App


Singapore Newspapers 7 Stomp Website

The Straits Times also has a citizen-journalism and social networking website called Stomp, or Straits Times Online Mobile Print. Content on this site is user-generated, encouraging Singaporeans to connect, write about local news and events, and discuss them as a community.

In the attempt to elevate readers from being passive news consumers to news creators, Stomp has managed to gather a large force of citizen reporters, 5 million at last count. The website has fun, interactive news, along with a section reserved for inspirational news meant to fuel citizens into doing more acts of kindness.

Trying to engage and enliven citizens, it integrates various kinds of online content and activities. The website also features interactive games. It is considered to be Singapore’s top social networking and citizen-fuelled media website.

Stomp’s media presence is significant, even when considered separately from The Straits Times. It has its social apps and accounts. On Twitter alone, Stomp has a followership of 239.9k. The website has won multiple prestigious awards, such as the gold for Best Social Engagement at ADMA 2017.

Stomp Online

Stomp Android App

Stomp iOS App

The New Paper

Singapore Newspapers 8 The New Paper

The New Paper started operations in July 1988 and is owned by Singapore Press Holdings. It remained the second-highest-paid English newspaper in circulation for many years until its steady decline to a mere sixty thousand. At that point, the owners decided to scale down the staff and merged it with ‘My Paper’ to form a free sheet, which started its circulation free of cost from December 2016.

Originally published in a tabloid format as a ‘noon paper’, it started coming out in the morning when it became free. However, an afternoon edition still comes out every Monday and Thursday which provides exclusive coverage of late-night football matches.

In fact, sports journalist Iain Macintosh, who was associated with the newspaper, won the second runner-up position for ‘Best Football Journalist’ organized by ‘Soccerlens.com’.

With a daily circulation of three lakh papers in print and a social media footprint of almost four lakh, The New Paper is slowly gaining its lost ground and is widely read by the people of the country.

Singapore Newspapers 8 The New Paper Website

The New Paper Online

The New Paper ePaper

The New Paper Android App

The New Paper iOS App

The Independent Singapore

Singapore Newspapers 9 The Independent Singapore Website

The Independent Singapore is a part of the international Independent news source. Established in 2013, it seeks to provide, true to its name, independent and unbiased coverage of events and news in Singapore.

Its primary focus is on the areas of Singaporean current affairs, economics, and politics. The Independent is a news source which believes in bringing not just headlines, but also deeper perspectives and analyses to its readers. The editorial policy that it follows is “responsible but robust.”

It locates itself in the vacuum left between mainstream media platforms and the online social world. The Independent’s dedication to its publishing philosophy allows it to publish stories and commentaries which hold up every side of the arguments going on in Singapore and around.

The Independent Singapore Online

The Independent Singapore Android App

The Independent Singapore iOS App

The Online Citizen

Singapore Newspapers 10 The Online Citizen Website

This is an online community blogging platform, set up by Remy Choo Zheng Xi and Andrew Loh. It is Singapore’s longest-running independent media portals. It was founded after the 2006 general elections in Singapore.

In terms of media history, Singapore did not have too many independent media platforms at that time, which were dedicated to bringing various socio-political viewpoints and news stories to the general audience. The Online Citizen was thus set up, to provide readers with news coverage that did away with the biases of traditional media.

With an independent editorial team, this news source manages to stay free from commercial bias as well as political or private financial support. This helps it to remain a platform where the oppressed and under-represented can find their voice.

The Online Citizen prides itself on being a platform that holds people in power accountable for their actions, giving them an edge over other pro-government websites. The Online Citizen, headed by Chief Editor Terry Xu, is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, an international non-profit organization, since 2017.

The Online Citizen Online

Lianhe Wanbao

Singapore Newspapers 11 Lianhe Wanbao

Lianhe Wanbao started operations in March 1983 as an evening newspaper in the Chinese language, with a specific focus on stories about the community and news pertaining to the local interest of the residents. It is designed as a light-read newspaper providing entertainment to its readers.

The news is presented in a colorful and imaginative layout in simple Chinese language, thus becoming a welcome break from the generic black and white newspaper. It is owned by Singapore Press Holdings and has always maintained its focus on local news and entertainment with a small amount of international news coverage.

Aimed at collecting news reports from ordinary citizens, it seeks to promote wellbeing and harmony in the community. It brings into focus issues close to people’s hearts, including their everyday trials and tribulations.

Considered as a tabloid but published in broadsheet format, it won the ‘Best News’ Award from the China Holdings Group and with its ever-increasing online footprint is one of the most widely read evening Chinese-language dailies.

Singapore Newspapers 11 Lianhe Wanbao Website

Lianhe Wanbao Online

Shin Min Daily News

Singapore Newspapers 12 Shin Min Daily News scaled

Shin Min Daily News was launched in 1967 and is owned by Singapore Press Holdings. It was started by Singapore businessman Liang Runzhi and Hong Kong writer Louis Cha. It was the first Chinese language newspaper to be published in tabloid format.

This afternoon paper has an enormous following among the middle-class people of Singapore with over three lakh copies in weekly print and over two lakh online footprint on its social media handles.

Its light-read approach focuses mainly on stories of human interest about community issues that cover family, health, entertainment as well as crime and sports.

Singapore Newspapers 12 Shin Min Daily News Website

Shin Min Daily News Online


Singapore Newspapers 13 Weekender

Weekender is a fun web portal owned by the Weekender Group Pte Ltd, dedicated to helping readers enjoy their weekends. Offering news articles on topics like food, entertainment, travel, fashion, health and so on, it is a comprehensive lifestyle news website, oriented towards lightening the mood of the reader.

Its primary goal is to help people in Singapore and around find enough enjoyable activities and exciting occupations to make the most of their weekends. Its eye-catching website covers several lifestyle topics, from local events to weekend tour lists, beauty treatments, and movie ideas.

Singapore Newspapers 13 Weekender Website

Weekender Online

Tamil Murasu

Singapore Newspapers 14 Tamil Murasu

Tamil Murasu which first started operations way back in 1935 happens to be the only Tamil language newspaper in Singapore and is owned by Singapore Press Holdings. A daily newspaper published in the broadsheet format, as of 2013, 16,000 copies were in circulation along with an estimated readership of more than one and a half lakhs both in the print and digital format.

Aimed at providing the Tamil population of the country with news and information relevant to their community in their native language, it has a vibrant social media footprint and is rising each day.

Singapore Newspapers 14 Tamil Murasu Website

Tamil Murasu Online

Tamil Murasu ePaper

Berita Harian (Singapore)

SIngapore Newspapers 15 Berita Harian Singapore

Literally meaning “Daily News”, Berita Harian is the only Malay-language daily, published in a broadsheet format from Singapore. It is owned by Singapore Press Holdings and was founded in 1957.

The Sunday version of the paper is called Berita Minggu (“Sunday News”, in Malay). The newspaper is often mistakenly confused with another Malaysian newspaper which has the same name.

It is curious, however, that both the newspapers were established on the same date. Berita Harian Singapore had an average daily circulation of about 52,500 in 2012. In 2013, both the newspaper and its website were completely remodeled to its present-day look.

SIngapore Newspapers 15 Berita Harian Singapore Website

Berita Harian (Singapore) Online

Berita Harian (Singapore) ePaper

Berita Harian (Singapore) Android App

Berita Harian (Singapore) iOS App

Google News Singapore

Singapore Newspapers 16 Google News Singapore Website

Singapore is a topic in the Google News app – one of the most popular news aggregators. Here, one can find localized news and stories on current situations in the region. Breaking news and headlines are displayed, and one can choose to read the entire article if any such headline catches the eye. In that case, the reader is then redirected to the main website from where the news article was sourced.

Google News Singapore collects news from the CNBC, CNA, The Straits Times, Business Times and more.

Google News Singapore Online

Google News Singapore Android App

Google News Singapore iOS App

Yahoo News Singapore

Singapore Newspapers 17 Yahoo News Singapore Website

Starting off as a news aggregator, Yahoo News became a full-fledged news website in 2011. Yahoo News Singapore is the website’s portal dedicated to news from and on Singapore, with constant feed on breaking news and recent political scenarios in the region.

It has a section for pertinent world news as well. It also provides commentary on various issues and has separate sections for finance and lifestyle-related news within the Singapore portal.

Yahoo News Singapore Online

Yahoo News Singapore Android App

Yahoo News Singapore iOS App

MSN Singapore News

Singapore Newspapers 18 MSN Singapore News Website

MSN, a web news portal provided by Microsoft, is short for Microsoft network. MSN Singapore is a special section focused on news of relevance to Singapore. The news headlines are collected from reputed sources such as The Independent and offer readers a quick snapshot of the current affairs of the region. MSN news online is synced with its app, so that readers do not miss out on any important story.

The news feed is entirely customizable so that readers can choose their favorite topics, comfortable font, and also preferred news sources.

MSN Singapore News Online

MSN Singapore News Android App

TR Emeritus

Singapore Newspapers 19 TR Emeritus Website

This form of alternative news media was previously known by its full name, Temasek Review Emeritus. Founded in 2004, it later got embroiled in a spat with Temasek Holdings, a corporation with government links, over the name.

Temasek Holdings objected to the use of the Javanese word Temasek citing copyright violations, due to their long-existing reputation. In late 2011, the website was officially re-launched as TR Emeritus to avoid copyright disputes.

The socio-political blog has varying public images in Singaporean media. For instance, The New Paper considers TR Emeritus to have “sharply critical views of the Government”, while the Jakarta Globe sees it as a truly independent news website.

TR Emeritus Online


Singapore Newspapers 20 Tabla

Tabla! started publication in 2008 specifically for the Indian diaspora currently residing in Singapore. Called ‘The Heartbeat of the Indian Community’, this free English language paper, named after the popular Indian percussion instrument is owned by Singapore Press Holdings and published by Tamil Murasu.

Thirty thousand free copies are distributed every Friday and they are available at all 7-Eleven stores, Indian/NRI banks, international schools, etc. It contains news related to politics, sports and the entertainment industry in India and is considered an essential read for the ever-increasing expatriate Indians to catch up on what is happening back at home.

Singapore Newspapers 20 Tabla Website

Tabla! Online

Tabla! ePaper

Pravasi Express

Singapore Newspapers 21 Pravasi

Pravasi Express is a fortnightly bilingual newspaper, which started publications in 2012 and is owned and published by Pravasi Publications. This newspaper in the Malayalam and English language publishes news from Singapore as well as from Kerala, India and covers everything from politics to entertainment to sports and culture from both countries as well as from the world over.

It introduced the Pravasi Express Awards in 2013 to appreciate the contribution of Malayalee personalities to arts and culture. It also began the Pravasi Express Souvenir in 2014, an annual literary magazine to showcase Malayalam writers and their masterpieces.

Singapore Newspapers 21 Pravasi Express Website

Pravasi Express Online

B. Business News

There are two major newspapers dedicated to finance and business news in Singapore, at the time of writing. However, most major newspapers also have separate sections entirely dedicated to news from the professional world. This ensures that no matter which news source readers prefer, they are sure to get a taste of every topic in one place.

The Business Times

Singapore Newspapers 22 The Business Times

The Business Times is one of the leading financial dailies of South-east Asia and a part of Singapore Press Holdings. It started operations in October 1976 bringing news about the corporate and financial sector and all other leading political and economic news including sophisticated analysis and commentary of the business world.

The online version of the newspaper was first launched in January 1994, making it the first online newspaper portal in Asia. It gives its readers a detailed coverage of business news in Singapore and broadly Asia, making it beneficial for its readers to assess the recent global business trends, making it easier to make the correct choice when it comes to business in Singapore.

The newspaper also provides information about the luxury industry, including the latest news on entertainment, design, food and the shopping world. Wong Wei Kong serves as the current editor of the newspaper.

It also publishes a bi-monthly magazine, ‘The SME Magazine’, beneficial for entrepreneurs and the small and medium enterprises of Singapore as well as ‘Wealth’, which publishes news targeted at individuals of high net worth and comes in handy for business houses willing to make investments as well as structuring and philanthropy.

It is also reputed to have organized several business awards, including ‘The Singapore Business Awards’ launched in 1985, ‘The Singapore Corporate Awards’, ‘The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards’ launched in 1995 and ‘The Emerging Enterprise Award’ launched in 2008. In 2005, ‘The Budding Artists’ Fund’ was adopted by Business Times, as part of its community and philanthropy work.

There have been almost 9000 beneficiaries of the program since its start and they receive comprehensive training at The Little Arts Academy.

Singapore Newspapers 22 The Business Times Website

The Business Times Online

The Business Times ePaper

The Business Times Android App

The Business Times iOS App

Singapore Business Review

Singapore Newspapers 23 Singapore Business Review

Singapore Business Review is a business magazine bringing to its readers the latest news and information from the business world of Singapore and beyond. A part of the Charlton Media Group, this magazine brings vital information from the business world.

It publishes critical opinions, analysis, and events relevant to the world of business from some of the top leaders and experts from the industry. Started in 2001, it has made its presence felt through its online footprint. It has dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, with almost twenty thousand people following the social media portals of the magazine.

Singapore Newspapers 23 Singapore Business Review Website

Singapore Business Review Online

C. Sports News

Sports news is an integral part of daily life in Singapore, with multiple large publications choosing to focus specifically on sports. Singapore even has a government portal dedicated to sports-related news from the region. Apart from the newspapers and websites listed here, general-interest news sources and tabloids also carry news of the current affairs of sport in the region.

Sport Singapore

Singapore Newspapers 24 Sport Singapore Website

Sport Singapore is a statutory board of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore Government. It aims to serve the national population by bringing forth the charming and vibrant world of sports and adrenaline-filled experiences across sporting communities to the masses.

It is all about empowering people and making them realize the value of sports in strengthening the bonds of the greater Singaporean community. The portal has a separate newsroom page, which collects all the press releases, speeches, media responses, and publications related to sports in the city-state.

Sport Singapore Online

Red Sports

Singapore Newspapers 25 Red Sports Website

Red Sports is a one-of-a-kind sports website that aims to bring the colorful world of Singaporean sports to public attention. Started by Leslie Tan with assistance from Robert Lancione and Dawn Yip, this is a community based online platform where sports professionals and enthusiasts can learn all about what is going on in the local arena.

They can share their pictures and stories to initiate a conversation around building a vibrant sporting culture. Tan believes that, through this ongoing project, he will be able to attract attention to school and college level sports activities and invite international sponsorship through the process.

Red Sports Online

Yahoo Singapore Sports

Singapore Newspapers 26 Yahoo Singapore Sports Website

The Yahoo Singapore portal has a specific page allotted for sports news. This page aggregates sports news from all over Singapore, as well as sports stories from around the world which have relevance to readers from Singapore.

Yahoo Singapore Sports caters to readers with interest in different kinds of sports, thus covering news from Cricket, Formula One racing, Tennis, FIFA, Golf, Rugby, and much more.

The portal also publishes social and popular stories about various sports celebrities and intrigues of the sports world.

Yahoo Singapore Sports Online


Since English is considered to be the language of national integration, many of the news sources, as can be seen in this list, are in English. However, the presence of Singapore’s three other official languages is also significant.

The striking thing is the noticeable presence of Singapore Press Holdings as the owner of multiple major papers in the region. This large media conglomerate has links to the ruling party, and hence, its virtual monopoly on the media scene of the region poses a threat to the free press. Both SPH and MediaCorp, another state investment agency, have rapidly developed to include online media in their repertoire.

In 2018, Reporters Without Borders gave Singapore the rank of 151 out of 180 countries in its Press Freedom Index. However, the government of Singapore has been reported to take pride in this low rank, because to them, it symbolizes achievement in terms of high economic freedom and prosperity ratings. Self-censorship among journalists often ends up becoming a necessity to be able to work in the media industry of Singapore.

Foreign publications including reputed papers such as The Economist, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and more have been subjected to restrictions in publication and even defamation suits. Working from within this strictly regulated atmosphere, the few independent organizations running today, are attempting to fill the need for unbiased reporting.  Only time can tell the direction in which Singapore’s media will go, in the future.

The media industry will only keep growing, and we at MediaBuzz are dedicated to staying right on its tail, to bring to our readers an up-to-date coverage of every possible news source. Our team is built with professional writers who have an unquenchable enthusiasm for finding out trends in the field of journalism. That said, we are more than happy to receive any suggestions which can help us make our list better.

Do help us out in our quest to know more by answering these questions in the comment section:

  • Which are the top 3 Singapore newspapers, according to your tastes?
  • Have we missed out any relevant news source in our list? Please mention which ones.
  • What is your view on the media monopoly in Singapore? What do you think about the political turns of the different newspapers?
  • Which Singapore news sources do you think are doing the best at maintaining neutrality?
  • Which are the best Singapore newspapers for business, sports or entertainment news? Have we got them all?
  • Did any particular newspaper or website catch your attention?
  • Do you read any of these Singapore newspapers already? Are any of these your favorite?
  • Is there any crucial information we have missed out on, related to Singaporean newspapers?

Important Note:

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