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Italian newspapers and Italian newspaper list

Introduction to Italian News media

For those who are interested in knowing about the history of newspapers or how the printed media has evolved over the years, Italy is the place to look for. Italy has had a very important place in the history of journalism & print media from the middle ages to the present.

Before we proceed further, you need to be aware of the fact that Italy was once a part of the erstwhile Roman Empire. And it is the place where we can trace back the oldest ancestors of the present-day newspapers. We are talking about an era before Jesus Christ himself!

According to historians, ancient Rome was the first place to have public newspapers. It was during the era of Julius Ceaser the concept of what can be called a newspaper first came in. Ceaser made it mandatory that a daily record of the political news, new acts were recorded and posted each day in public. This practice was carried out until the collapse of the Roman empire.

Then it was in 1556 when handwritten news bulletins entered circulation in the Venice, the concept of newspapers surfaced back. These bulletins were used to inform people about the wars that were happening and the important events that were happening.

The first newspaper as we see today to be published in Italy was La Nazion, which first entered circulation on July 9, 1859. La Nazione was founded by Bettino Ricasoli, the interim head of the Tuscan government. La Nazion played a crucial role in spreading the idea of a unified Italy.

The subsequent years saw the emergence of the newspapers Il Secolo (1866) & Il Corriere Della Sera (1876).  Though these 2 new newspapers entered the market, they failed to make much of an impact because by the end of the 19th century the illiteracy rate had crossed 80%. It is important to note that by the end of the 19th century, journalism had largely become political.

In the year 1901, when Giovanni Giolitti became the Prime Minister of Italy, things started taking a major turn. It was during this time, Journalism began taking sides with political parties and their ideologies.  One such newspaper was the L’Ordine Nuovowhich entered circulation in 1919.

L’Ordine Nuovo was the first newspaper to introduce Italians to the new concept of Socialism & Humanitarian Socialism. L’Ordine Nuovo was also focusing on making the people aware of the social problems that were happening around them.

With the end of the Second World War, the literacy rate improved greatly and there was a huge demand for a new source of news. In 1947, when the Italian Constitution gave all Italians right to express this paved a way for the rise of new publishers and newspaper companies.

At present, there are about 59 Italian newspapers that are currently in circulation in and around Italy. Apart from that, there are quite a few English newspapers too.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the details about the English & Italian newspapers that are currently in circulation.

Corriere Della Sera

Italian newspapers 1 Corriere Della Sera

Corriere Della Sera is an Italian newspaper founded by Eugenio Torelli Viollier, which entered circulation on 5 March 1876. Corriere Della Sera entered the market as an evening daily based out of Milan and became a daily by the beginning of the 1880s. The newspaper is known for its influence & notable foreign coverage & independence compared to the other leading dailies of Italy.

Between 1910 & 1930, the circulation of Corriere Della Sera increased rapidly earning itself a place in the media industry of Italy.

The Corriere della Sera was inclined to the fascist regime in Italy and was strong anti-communist too. After the fall of the Fascist regime in 1945, Corriere della Sera was the organ of the Italian conservative establishment and was Pro-NATO. During the 1950s the Corriere della Sera played a crucial role in shaping the mind-sets of the Italian upper & middle class.

Under the leadership of then editor in chief, Alberto Cavallari the circulation of the paper increased to 715,000 copies a day in the 1970s.  By 1997Corriere Della Sera became the best-selling Italian newspaper with a circulation of 687,000 copies.

As per the readership survey of 2014, Corriere Della Sera has a circulation of 662,253 copies and is currently the bestselling newspaper in Italy.

The publishing company launched an English edition of Corriere Della Sera in 2004, which focused on Italian current affairs & culture in English.

Corriere Della Sera Online

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la Repubblica

Italian newspapers 2 la repubblica

la Repubblica is an Italian newspaper which was founded in January 1976 by the company Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso. The company was founded by the Italian publisher Carlo Caracciolo & the largest publishing company in Italy, the Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. La Repubblica initially had a radical-leftist stand which gradually moderated to a milder centre-left stance over the years.

La Republica is the first newspaper in Italy that intentionally left out the columns for sports and business. When it first entered circulation, the publishers wanted La Republica to be a newspaper that covered only the important national news.           

By the end of 1978, the circulation of La Repubblicca increased to 140,000 copies. This rapid increase in circulation owes to the events that unfolded after the kidnapping of Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro(Italian statesman). La Repubblicca had backed the non-negotiating policy while criticising the pro-negotiation approach by the Italian Socialist Party.

This stand by the La Repubblicca was widely applauded and the newspaper had an average print run of 180,000 copies by the end of 1978. By the end of the 1970s, La Repubblicca was competing with Corriere Della Sera.

In 1981 when the editor in chief of “Corriere Della Sera” was caught in a scam, they began losing readership which La Repubblicca started winning. The number of pages was increased to 40 from 24 and they started covering everything including entertainment & sports. In 1986, La Republica launched the weekly financial supplement, Affari & Finanza.

In the year 1987, when the average circulation increased to 700,000 la Repubblica became the best-selling Italian newspaper overtaking Corriere Della Sera.

la Repubblica Online

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La Stampa

Italian newspapers 3 la stampa

La Stampa is one among the oldest Italian newspapers based in Turin, that is currently in circulation in Italy. The newspaper entered circulation as a morning daily and became a daily in the following years.

The paper was founded by Vittorio Bersezio, in February 1867 with the name Gazzetta Piemontese. Gazzetta Piemontese became an important voice in the Italian struggle for liberation & unification. It was in the year 1895, when Alfredo Frassati & Luigi Roux bought the newspaper company they renamed it to La Stampa.

La Stampa was known for being a liberal journal with an intellectual tone and a strong supporter of democracy until 1926. Alfredo Frassati had a major setback in the year 1924 when he publically criticised the murder of the socialist, Giacomo Matteotti. Alfredo was forced to resign and sell his newspaper to Giovanni Agnelli & Riccardo Gualino.

The newspaper has different local editions viz; Alexandria, Asti, Aosta, Biella, Wedge, Imperia & Sanremo, Milan, Novara, Rome, Savona & Turin.

In the year 1999, La Stampa launched the project “Vatican Insider” with many Vatican affair analysts working in cohesion with the newspaper. In the same year, the online website of La stampa was launched.

According to the readership survey of 2012, it was estimated that La Stampa has a circulation of 256,203 copies per day. As of 2019, the newspaper is owned by GEDI Gruppo Editoriale with Maurizio Molinari as the editor in chief.

La Stampa Online

La Stampa ePaper

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Italian newspapers 4 leggo

Leggo is the first Italian newspaper that was distributed among its readers free of cost. The newspaper was founded in the year 2001 by Caltagirone Editore, a publishing company owned by Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone.

The newspaper covers extensively the news concerning Italy & the important foreign news. Similar to the print edition of the newspaper, the company provides the E-Paper of Leggo free of cost too.

Today Leggo has 15 local editions of the newspaper printed from the cities of Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Florence, Padua, Venice, Verona, Bari, Genoa, Como, Bergamo, Brescia, & Varese. As per the readership survey of 2014, It was estimated that Leggo has a circulation of 1,050,0000 copies.

According to the Audiopress survey, Leggo was estimated to have a daily circulation of 709,000 copies a day, surpassing its nearest competitor by 100,000 copies.

Leggo Online

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Italian newspapers 5 Metro

Metro is the most read free Italian newspaper that’s currently in circulation in Italy. The newspaper first entered circulation in 1995 at Stockholm and is published by the Swedish global media company Metro International.

Metro newspapers are primarily distributed in high-rush commuter zones or public transport networks. The newspapers will be kept in racks in these areas, readers can take them for free on weekdays. On weekends, the paper will be distributed by hand distributers. The major distribution point of the newspaper, in general, will be mainly located in and around public transport networks, office buildings, market areas, busy streets and so on.

Mero has 74 editions and is distributed in 124 capitals, 22 countries & in 13 different languages. Apart from Italy, the paper has circulation in Europe, North & South America and Asia.

The newspaper has 10 local editions in Italy namely Bergamo, Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Milan, Padua, Rome, Turin, Venice & Verona. Apart from these 10 local editions, Metro also has 3 special editions namely Metro Mag, Metro Stadio, Metro Week.

The local editions of Metro are known by different names for instance, the Peruvian, Chilean & Mexican editions are known as Publimetro while the Spanish edition is titled Metro Directo. As per the readership survey of 2012 metro has a circulation of 1,463,000 copies, making it the most read free newspaper in Milan & Rome.

Metro Online

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Il Messaggero

Italian newspapers 6 il messaggero

Il Messagero is one of the oldest newspapers that is still in circulation in Italy. The newspaper first entered circulation in 1st January 1879 under the management of Luigi Cesana. Il Messagero entered circulation intending to be the newspaper that provides its readers with uncut opinions and views. When Il Messaggero first entered circulation, the first four copies of the newspaper were delivered as free samples to the subscribers.

Il Messaggero has a history of being owned by different companies. Montedison of the Ferruzzi group bought the newspaper from Luigi Cesana. Which he sold to Francecso Gaetano Caltagirone, who founded the Caltagirone Editore in 1999. With 90% of the total shares, Caltagirone Editore is the majority owner of Il Messaggero. The newspaper, since it first entered circulation has a centre-left political leaning.

Il Messaggero, since it entered circulation is printed in a broadsheet format based out of Rome. Apart from the edition for Rome, Il Messaggero has 12 other local editions.

As per the latest survey on the publishing of newspapers, Il Messaggero sold 91,012,767 copies in the year 2012. Similarly, it was estimated that the newspaper had a circulation of 91,012 copies per day in 2012.

Il Messagero Online

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Il Sole 24 Ore

Italian newspapers 7 IlSole24ore

Il Sole 24 Ore is an Italian business daily which first entered circulation on November 9th, 1965. Based out in Milan, Il Sole 24 Ore is actually a merger of the newspapers Il Sole & 24 Ore. Among the two, 24 Ore was a business daily that was founded on February 1933 by a team of 3 young economists, namely Ferdinando di Fenizio, Libero Lenti and Roberto Tremelloni.

Being a merger of two different newspapers, Il Sole 24 inherited both their traits and currently covers news on business, politics, developments in commercial and labour law, corporate news and features.

Apart from a daily in broadsheet format, Il Sole 24 also publishes a daily supplement “Finanaza e Mercati”. This supplementary newspaper is primarily focused on reporting Financial & product listing.

They also publish 3 weeklies namely

Domenica: Published every Sunday and covers topics on art, literature, philosophy, theatre, cinema, book & reviews.

Plus 24: Published every Saturday and covers topics on family savings, real estate, market analysis, & market news.

Nova 24: A Sunday supplement solely focused on covering topics related to science & technology.

Il Sole 24 Ore Online

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Il Sole 24 Ore iOS App

Alto Adige

Italian Newspapers 8 Alto adige

Alto Adige is an Italian newspaper based out of Bolzano & first entered circulation in 1945. The newspaper was founded by the National Liberation Committeeas an alternative to the newspaper La Provincia di, which was withdrawn from circulation.

Alto Adige is mainly sold in the Belluno province & South Tyrol. Upon entering circulation, Alto Adige became the only Italian newspaper to be in circulation in South Tyrol.

Though being an Italian daily, Alto Adige had 2 German pages called Deutsches Blatt in the daily. Similarly, they also published a weekly special page for the Ladin speaking minorities called Plata Ladin. Di Salt vo Lusern and Liaba lait are the bi-weekly special pages for the Cimbrian & Mocheno minorities.

Alto Adige publishes two supplements for the Ladin & Cimbrian language minorities in Italy. Plata Ladins for the Ladin minorities & Liaba Lait and Di Salt vo Lusern for the Cimbrian minorities.

As per the readership survey of 2014, Alto Adige has a circulation of 11,400 copies.

Alto Adige Online

Alto Adige Android App

Alto Adige iOS App

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Italian newspapers 9 La Gazzetta dello Sport

As the name suggests, La Gazzetta dello Sport is an Italian newspaper that covers sports news. This sports newspaper entered circulation in the year 3rd April 1896 and it is one among the most read newspapers in Italy.

The newspaper was founded with a focus on becoming the first Italian newspaper dedicated solely to covering sports news. As per the latest survey on the circulation of newspapers, La Gazzetta dello Sport sells over 400,000 copies in a day.

La Gazzetta dello Sport does not merely cover & report sports events. They are extensively involved directly in the major sporting events in Italy; for instance, the Giro D’Italia. It is interesting to note that though La Gazzetta dello Sport covers all facets of sports, it primarily focuses on reporting football matches.

La Gazzetta dello Sport Online

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La Gazzetta dello Sport iOS App

Il Fatto Quotidiano

Italian newspapers 10 Il Fatto Quotidiano

Il Fatto Quotidiano is an Italian newspaper which first entered circulation on 23rd September 2009. The origin of this newspaper can be traced back to the blog voglioscendere.it, owned by Marco Travaglio. When Marco Travaglio was approached by the eminent journalist Massimo Fini to advertise the launch of his new magazine on his blog he realized its true potential.

The decision to launch a new newspaper was declared by Marco Travaglio on June 1st 2009.  The name Il Fatto Quotidiano which translates to “The daily fact” was chosen to pay tribute to the eminent journalist Enzo Biagi.

 Il Fatto Quotidiano was the first Italian newspaper to not use the Italian state advertising and funding. The newspaper is fully funded by the revenue from sales & advertisements. The newspaper stands against corruption and stays away from being influenced by financial and industrial groups.

Il Fatto Quotidiano Online

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Giornale di Sicilia

Italian newspapers 11 Giornale di Sicilia

Giornale di Sicilia is an Italian daily newspaper based out of Palmero which first entered circulation on June 7th,1860. The newspaper was first published following the “Expedition of Thousand” led by Giuseppe Garibaldi. Being published out of Palmero and mainly in circulation in Sicily, the newspaper has played important roles in the social fabric of Sicily including the nationalizing the Italian rural women.

Giornale di Sicilia has 10 local edition of the newspaper and one edition for the city of Palermo. With a circulation of 67,332 copies as of 2008 Giornale di Sicilia is the most read newspaper in Sicilia.

Giornale di Sicilia Online

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Il centro

Italian newspapers 12 Il centro

Il centro is an Italian daily newspaper published based out in Pescara. The newspaper first entered circulation on July 3rd 1986 and was published by Fenegil Editoriale. Il Centro was first introduced into the market to fill a lack of editions in Abruzzo.

Though being a local daily, Il Centro not only covers the local news rather it covers everything about national and international news, politics, economics, culture and sport. According to the results of a survey, it is estimated that Il Centro reaches 63% of the population in Abruzzo.

Apart from the main edition, Il Centro has local editions for the 4 districts of Abruzzo.

Il centro is currently owned by Gedi Gruppo Editorele.  As per the readership survey of 2014, II centro has a circulation of 17,500 copies.

Il centro Online

Il centro ePaper

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Il centro iOS App

Il Tempo

Italian newspapers 13 Il Tempo

Il Tempo is an Italian morning daily newspaper that was founded in the year 1944 by Renato Angiolillo. The newspaper is published out of Rome which is circulated around Italy. When it first entered circulation, Il Tempo was a conservative publication and had an anti-communist stance.

Il Tempo had an efficient team to cover the news reports and within a few years after launch, it became one among the major morning dailies. Because, it has been running profitably since it first entered circulation Il Tempo has stayed independent of the influence of political parties. Similarly, Il Tempo has remained independent of the direct commercial or industrial subsidies common in Italy.

Apart from this national edition Il Tempo has 5 other local editions namely Latina, Frosinone, Northern Lazio, Abruzzo & Molise.

According to the readership survey of 2008, Il Tempo had a circulation of 50,561 copies.

Il Tempo Online

Italia Oggi

Italian newspapers 14 Italia Oggi

Italia Oggi is an Italian daily based out in Milan and entered circulation in 1991. The newspaper is owned by the financial publishing company Class Editorii headquartered in Milan. Apart from the daily Italian Oggi, the newspaper company also publishes a daily supplement named Marketing Oggi.

Italia Oggi covers extensively on the Financial, Political, Legal & Fiscal news concerning Italy. As per the readership survey of 2008 & 2010 the circulation of the newspaper has increased from 86,934 to 89,088 copies.

Italia Oggi Online

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Italia Oggi iOS App

Il Gazzatino

Italian newspapers 15 Il Gazzatino

Il Gazzatino is a regional Italian daily newspaper based out in Mestre, Italy.  The newspaper first entered circulation in 1887 and today stands as one of the oldest newspapers of Italy. As per the readership survey of 2008, Il Gazzatino has a circulation of 86,996 copies and is one of the important papers of Northeast Italy.

Apart from the edition at Mestre, Il Gazzatino has 8 local editions Venice, Treviso, Padua, Belluno, ovigo, Vicenza-Bassano, Friuli & Pordenone

Il Gazzatino Online

Il Gazzatino ePaper

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Il Gazzatino iOS App


Italian newspapers 16 Democratica

Democratica is an Italian daily which entered circulation on 30 June 2017. The newspaper is the official newspaper of the Democratic party of Italy.

The newspaper mainly covers news about the Democratic party & opinions of the party on the various issues concerning Italy.

Democratica Online

Democratica ePaper


Italian newspapers 17 Libero

Libero is an Italian right wing daily newspaper that entered circulation in July 2009 founded by the journalist Vittorio Feltri. The newspaper is published based out in Milan. Libero is known in Italy for its political allegiance to Right-wing and Liberalism.

As per the readership survey of 2018, Libero has a circulation of 82,680 copies.

Libero Online

Libero Android App

Libero iOS App

Il Foglio

Italian newspapers 18 Il Foglio

Il Foglio is an Italian daily newspaper with its headquarters in Rome. The newspaper was founded in the year 1996 by Giuliano Ferrara, a famous Italian politician & journalist. Il Foglio is known for its centrist outlook and the newspaper publishes editorials inspired by The wall street journal. The newspaper also publishes articles form left-leaning & independent writers.

As per the latest readership survey of 2015, Il Foglio has a daily circulation of 25,000 copies.

Il Foglio Online

Il Foglio ePaper

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Il Foglio iOS App


Italian newspapers 19 L’Arena

L’Arena is an Italian daily newspaper that entered circulation in the year 1866 shortly before the annexation of Veneto into the kingdom of Italy. It is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy that’s still in circulation. Apart from being one among the oldest L’Arena is also the famous newspaper in Verona.

As per the latest readership survey of 2008, L’Arena has a circulation of 2008 and is currently owned by the publishing company Società Athesis.  

L’Arena Online

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L’Arena iOS App

L’Unione Sarda

Italian newspapers 20 L’Unione Sarda

L’Unione Sarda is the Italian language daily that entered circulation on 13th October 1889 based in Cagliari. This newspaper is primarily circulated in the island of Sardia and is the oldest newspaper in circulation in Sardia.  Initially, L’Unione Sarda was pro –communist and was a radical publication. Among the many contributors of l’Unione Sarda, Antonio Gramsi was a notable writer.

L’Unione Sarda was the first European newspaper to have its own website, launched in 1994.

As per the readership survey of 2008, L’Unione Sarda had a circulation of 68,332 copies.

L’Unione Sarda Online

L’Unione Sarda ePaper

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L’Unione Sarda iOS App

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

Italian newspapers 21 la gazzetta del mezzogiorno

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno is an Italian daily newspaper published in Bari, Italy. The newspaper was founded in the year 1887 and is one of the important newspapers in circulation in southern Italy. La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno has its majority of the readers living in Apulia & Basilicata.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno was founded in a period where the illiteracy rate of Apulia was soaring. The magazine editor Martino Cassano identified a void in the local newspaper niche in Bari and La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno came into being.

As per the readership survey of 2016, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno had a circulation of 110,000 copies.

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno Online

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno ePaper

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno Android App

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno iOS App

Il Piccolo

Italian newspapers 22 Il Piccolo

Il Piccolo is an Italian daily newspaper that entered circulation in 1881. The newspaper was founded by Teorodo Mayer in 1881 who was its owner and editor in chief.  The name of the newspaper “Il Piccolo” translates to “The small” which is synonymous with the newspaper’s small format.

The founding leaders of Il Piccolo including Teorodo Mayer were right-wing Pro Italians who supported the idea of Trieste was an integral part of Italy. At present Il Piccolo has a progressive political stance.

Apart from the main edition, Il Piccolo also has local editions for the towns of Monfalcone, Gorizia & for the region of Croatia. As per the readership survey of 2014, Il Piccolo has a circulation of 28,800 copies.

Il Piccolo Online

Il Piccolo ePaper

Il Piccolo Android App

Il Piccolo iOS App

Il Secolo XIX 

Italian newspapers 23 Il Secolo XIX

Il Secolo XIX is an Italian daily newspaper that entered circulation in March 1886. The newspaper is published out of Genoa, Italy and is one among the oldest newspapers in Italy. Apart from being one among the oldest, Il Secolo XIX was one of the first newspapers to be printed in colour.

As per the readership survey of 2008, Il Secolo XIX had a circulation of 103,223 copies.

Il Secolo XIX Online

Il Secolo XIX ePaper

Il Secolo XIX Android App

Il Secolo XIX iOS App

Il Manifesto  

Italian newspapers 24 Il Manifesto

Il Manifesto is an Italian daily newspaper which first entered circulation in 1969. The newspaper was first launched as a monthly review which over the years changed to being daily in 1971.

The newspaper is pro-communist and is known for being critical of the Italian communist party and was popular among many communist party workers.

Il Manifesto is known for the bitter and sarcastic headlines they use along with the clever choice of photographs. As per the readership survey of 2014, Il Manifesto has a circulation of 10,516 copies.

Il Manifesto Online

Il Manifesto ePaper

Il Manifesto Android App

Il Manifesto iOS App

La Nazione

Italian newspapers 25 la nazione

La Nazione is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy that is currently in circulation. The newspaper was founded by Bettino Ricasoli, on 8 July 1859 and is based in Florence. The title of the newspaper “La Nazione” translates to “the Nation” which reflected Bettino’s hope of a unified Italy.

La Nazione has 14 editions in circulation including the editions for Tuscany, Umbria & the province of La Spezia.

As per the latest survey of 2012, it was estimated that La Nazion sold 52,653,953 copies.

La Nazione Online

La Nazione ePaper

La Nazione Android App

La Nazione iOS App


Italian newspapers 26 Avvenire

Avvenire is an Italian daily newspaper owned by the Italian Episcopal Conference which entered circulation in 1968 at Milan. The newspaper is affiliated to the Roman Catholic church.

Avvenire was formed after the merger of the two catholic magazine viz; L’Avvenire d’Italia of Bologna and l’Italia of Milan and serves as the organ of the progressive wing of the Vatican council. Similarly, Avvenire also serves as the common cultural medium among the Italian Catholics.

As per the latest survey of 2012, it is estimated that Avvenire sold 45, 160, 966 copies annually.

Avvenire Online

Avvenire ePaper

Avvenire Android App

Avvenire iOS App

La Nuova Sardegna

Italian newspapers 27 La Nuova Sardegna

La Nuova Sardegna is an Italian daily that entered circulation in 1891. The newspaper was founded by Enrico Berlinguer with headquarters in Sassari. Since it first entered circulation, it is printed in tabloid format.

The newspaper covers extensively on national & international news, Italian politics & sports. La Nuova Sardegna has local editions covering the Sassari, Alghero, Cagliari, Olbia regions.

La Nuova Sardegna Online

La Nuova Sardegna Android App

La Nuova Sardegna iOS App

Il Mattino

Italian newspapers 28 Il Mattino

Il Mattino is an Italian daily newspaper that’s published in Naples. The newspaper first entered circulation in the year 1892 and was founded by the journalists Edoardo Scarfoglio & Matilde Sareo.

The newspaper is currently owned by the publishing company Caltagirone Editore which owns 6 of the prominent Italian newspapers. Since it first entered circulation, Il Mattino had a Centre-left political alignment.

As per the readership survey of 2008, it is estimated that Il Mattino had a circulation of 79,573 copies.

Il Mattino Online

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Il Mattino iOS App

Corriere dell’Umbria

Italian newspapers 29 Corriere dell Umbria

Corriere dell’Umbria is at Italian daily which first entered circulation in May 1983. The newspaper is owned and published by Gruppo Corriere.

The newspaper has three local editions for Perugia, Foligno & Terni and has dedicated pages on the newspaper for the 2 provinces Perugia & Terni. According to the readership survey of 2008, it was estimated that Corriere dell’Umbria has a circulation of 20,529 copies.

Corriere dell’Umbria Online

Corriere dell’Umbria ePaper

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Corriere dell’Umbria iOS App

Corriere Adriatico

Italian newspapers 30 Corriere Adriatico

Corriere Adriatico is an Italian regional newspaper based in Ancona. The newspaper first entered circulation in 1860 and was controlled by the National Fascist Party. Corriere Adriatico newspaper has dedicated sections for news, sports, regular columns and other initiatives.

Corriere Adriatico has 5 local editions namely Ancona, Pesaro, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno & Fermo. The newspaper is currently owned by the Caltagirone Editore Group and is a sister concern of the newspaper Il Messaggero.

As per the readership survey of 2007, Corriere Adriatico had a circulation of 19,400 copies.

Corriere Adriatico Online

Corriere Adriatico Android App

Corriere Adriatico iOS App


Italian newspapers 31 l adige

I’Adige is an Italian local daily newspaper based in Trento and is one among the most read newspaper in the region. The newspaper was founded in the year 1945 as a weekly named II Popolo Trentino and later became a daily in the year 1946.

I’Adige had a political allegiance to the Christian democracy until 1981. As per the readership survey of 2008, I’Adige had a circulation of 26,515 copies.

I’Adige Online

I’Adige ePaper

I’Adige Android App

I’Adige iOS App

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli 

Italian newspapers 32 Messaggero Veneto–Giornale del Friuli

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli is an Italian local daily that is based in Udine. The newspaper was founded in the year 1946 when Fruili was still a part of Veneto. The newspaper is currently owned by the Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso when the bought the newspaper in 1998.

As per the latest readership survey of 2008, Messaggero Veneto had a circulation of 51,393 copies.

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli Online

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli ePaper

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli Android App

Messaggero Veneto – Giornale del Friuli iOS App

La Sicilia

Italian newspapers 33 La Sicilia

La Sicilia is an Italian daily newspaper that is published in Catania & currently in circulation in Sicily island. The newspaper was founded in the year 1945 as has since had a conservative stance since. It is one among the famous newspapers in the Island of Sicily and is currently the second bestselling newspaper there.

As per the latest readership survey of 208, La Sicilia had a circulation of 64,550 copies.

La Sicilia Online

La Sicilia ePaper

La Sicilia Android App

La Sicilia iOS App

Il Terreno

Italian newspapers 34 Il Terreno

Il Terreno is an Italian regional newspaper that is circulated in the Tuscany region. The newspaper first entered circulation in 1877 and was then named Il Telegrafo. Il Terreno was known for its moderate central political outlook when it first entered circulation. Over the years it switched to a left wing policy.

Il Terreno has 16 local editions that are in circulation in the Tuscany region. As per the readership survey of 2014, Il Terreno had a circulation of 54,900 copies.

Il Terreno Online

Il Terreno ePaper


Italian newspapers 35 TuttoSport

TuttoSport is an Italian sports newspaper that’s published out of Turin. The newspaper was founded in the year 1945 and first entered circulation on July 3rd the same year.

When it was first published it was a biweekly publication and in the year 1946, it moved to 3 editions a week. TuttoSport became a daily newspaper on 12th March 1951 when the number of circulation increased and the newspaper was becoming profitable.

The newspaper gives out an award titled “The Golden Boy” to the top under-21 footballers in Europe. 

As per the readership survey of 2012, TuttoSport sold 64,355,791 copies.

TuttoSport Online

TuttoSport ePaper

TuttoSport Android App

TuttoSport iOS App

Gazzetta di Mantova

Italian newspapers 36 Gazzetta di Mantova

Gazzetta di Mantova is an Italian local daily newspaper that is circulated in northern Italy. It is important to note that Gazzetta di Mantova was first established in 1664 making it the oldest newspaper that is still in circulation. The newspaper has an independent political stance and is currently owned by the Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso group.

As per the readership survey of 2014, Gazzetta di Mantova had a circulation of 24,400 copies.

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L’Eco di Bergamo

Italian newspapers 37 L’Eco di Bergamo

L’Eco di Bergamo is an Italian daily newspaper that is based out in Bergamo. The newspaper was established in the year 1880 by the sesa company. L’Eco di Bergamo was one among the first Italian newspapers to have colour print.

The newspaper has a catholic oriented leaning and the longest-serving editor in chief of the newspaper was a Catholic priest named  Andrea Spada who served for a period of 541 years.

As per the readership survey of 2007, L’Eco di Bergamo had a circulation of 56,000 copies.

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Gazzetta di Parma

Italian newspapers 38 Gazzetta di Parma

Gazzetta di Parma is an Italian daily newspaper which was established in the year 1735. The newspaper is published out of Parma and is the oldest newspaper in Italy.

Initially, Gazzetta di Parma was a weekly which over the years became a daily publication. As per the readership survey of 2007, Gazzetta di Parma had a circulation of 43,000 copies.

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Giornale di Brescia

Italian newspapers 39 Giornale di Brescia

Giornale di Brescia is an Italian regional daily newspaper that is based in Brescia. The newspaper was founded in the year 1945 and first entered circulation on 27th April of the same year.

As per the latest readership survey of 2012, it was estimated that Giornale di Brescia sold 18,419,601 copies.

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La Provincia Pavese

Italian newspapers 40 La Provincia Pavese

La Provincia Pavese is an Italian daily newspaper and is the main newspaper of the province of Pavia. The newspaper is almost a century old and remains one of the important newspaper of the Finegil group.

As mentioned, La Provincia Pavese is the important newspaper of the province of Pavia and reaches almost 67% of the population living in Pavia. As per the readership survey of 2014, La Provincia Pavese had a circulation of 15,700 copies.

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Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia 

Italian newspapers 41 Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia

Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia is an Italian daily newspaper that is currently circulated in the Lecce Province. The newspaper was founded in the year 1979 and entered circulation the same year.

Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia has three local editions viz; Il Quotidiano di Lecce, Il Quotidiano di Brindisi and Il Quotidiano di Taranto that is circulated in the provincial capitals.

As per the readership survey of 2019, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia has a circulation of 13,000 copies.

Apart from these national & regional dailies there are some other important online newspapers that are focused on sports news, business news, and so on. In this section we will have a look at some of those important newspapers.

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Sports news

Football Italia

Italian newspapers 42 Football Italia

Football Italia is an online newspaper that reports everything that’s happening in the world of Italian football. It is one among the leading sports news portals in Italy that covers everything including latest transfers, live updates on football matches, and other important news concerning Italian leagues etc.

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Yahoo Sport Italia

Italian newspapers 43 Yahoo Sport Italia

Yahoo Sport Italia is a subsidiary of the sports news website launched by Yahoo! On December 8, 1997. The website covers extensively on the various Italian football leagues and the latest updates concerning every Italian team. Users can get real time updates on the various matches that are happening and read an in-depth analysis written by sports writers on the website. One can also watch the match highlights on their website.

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Italian newspapers 44 DataSport

Datasport is an Italian online sports news portal that covers updates on football, cycling, golf, volleyball, boxing, and other important sporting events in and out of Italy. The website mainly focuses on football including both Italian and the other major football leagues. Users can access real-time scores & important updates about the matches that are in progression and match highlights.

Datasport Online

English Newspapers

The local

Italian newspapers 45 The local

The local is an English digital newspaper that is currently in circulation in Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland. Though these 8 editions come under one parent company they have different editorial team for these 8 geographical locations. The Italian edition of “The local” covers extensively on current events, Italian politics, Business, Sports, policies & culture.

The Local Online


With the rapid rise in digitization and better access to the digital world, the print media across the world is facing a setback. These winds have hit the print industry in Italy too. Currently, the media environment in Italy is comprised of a strong television sector, a weak and declining print sector & an exponentially rising dependence on the internet and social media for news.

Newspaper industry could never be strong in Italy owing to their low readership. The press landscape in Italy was always dominated by commercially weak papers addressing the issues of only an elite class or with a political bias.

The inability of newspapers to penetrate into the market have always put them in a financially vulnerable situation and they always had to rely on an external source of financing. For instance, public subsidies, private business sponsorships, funding from the political parties, and so on. This made the newspapers subject to being influenced by their funders and they began to lose the trust of readers.

It is important to note that the newspaper circulation dropped to 2.5 million in 2016 from 6 million in 2002. The newspaper giants La Repubblica & Il Corriere della Sera accounts for more than 40% of the share of revenue form the newspaper industry.  

The repercussion of legalization of local & independent broadcasting stations in 1976 has put up another challenge for the newspaper industry. The declining number of printed newspapers & magazines has paved the way for budding TV & Radio channels.

From these trends, it can be concluded that the print media is facing a setback which has become a blessing in disguise to the rapidly advancing digital media platforms.

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