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Gujarati news papers and Gujarati news paper list

Introduction to Gujarati News Media

Gujarati is the 6th most widely spoken language in India and holds an eminent status in India’s rich linguistic heritage. With a history dating back to the 1100 AD, Gujarati speakers comprise of more than 4.5% of India’s total population. Interestingly, the language acquired mass acceptance as a language of the traders who used it to manage accounts, write professional documents and ultimately, consume business news through early newspapers and magazines.

Gujarati media, particularly newspapers are an essential source of news and articles across Gujarat, UT of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli, city of Mumbai, National Capital Delhi and parts of few other countries.

The first newspaper – role of Parsi community

In early 18th and 19th century, Parsis had a greater role in bringing the publication business to India. Gujarati being the native language of the community benefitted from the revolution that took the written format to the masses.

 Founded by Fardunjee Marzban in 1822, Bombayna Samachar, was launched as a weekly paper which was also the first ever newspaper in India. Priced at Rs 2 per month, the publication mostly covered trade & business news and had 150 subscribers.

Similarity, Mumbai Vartman by Naoroji Dorabji Chandaru in 1830, Jam – e – Jamshed by Pestonji Manekji in 1831, Streebodh (first women’s magazine) by Parsi social activist in 1857 were few of the other major publications in the league.

The first ever Gujarati literary institution was founded by British Magistrate Alexander Kinloch Forbes in 1848. The society encouraged several Gujarati books and newspapers. During this time, Vartman (Ahmedabad 1849), Surat Samachar (Surat 1850) and Gujarat Darpan (Ahmedabad 1863) were formed.

Influence of independence movement & The Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi

Starting 1915, the Indian Independence Movement was taken to the streets through Gujarati newspapers. Mahatma Gandhi, who was idolized as the face of the movement introduced the Navjivan Press in 1919 and was renamed to Harijan Bandhu in 1932.

Sandesh, which is one of the most widely read Gujarati newspapers today was a brainchild of the Non Cooperation Movement and was founded by Nandlal Bodiwala in 1923. Similarly, Gujarat Samachar was founded to fuel the ideology of Civil Disobedience and the eventually the Dandi March.

After independence, Amritlal Seth founded the Indian Language Newspapers Association that took over many loss making newspapers while starting new publications such as Vyapar (1948) and KutchMitra(1955) as the leading names.

The MahaGujarat Movement – formation of Gujarat

The MahaGujarat Movement fueled in 1960 and conceived the present day Gujarat (Capital – Ahmedabad) and Maharashtra (Capital – Bombay). This led to many existing newspapers either shifting base from Bombay to Ahmedabad or expanding presence in the native speaking state.

Sandesh and Gujarat Samachar multiplied their circulation and emerged as one of the best newspapers in the newly formed state. In 1978, Akila Daily was started in Rajkot. Arriving early 80s, this was also the time for the language to go global with Pradyumna Mehta publishing the Hindustan Patrika in Chicago followed by Gujarat Vartaman, Gujarati Samachar and many more.

Here’s a detailed lineup of the Gujarati media publications broadly categorized into –

A. Newspapers in Gujarati

B. News websites in Gujarati

A. Newspapers in Gujarati

Gujarati newspapers have an affluent history spanning over 150 years. The following newspapers are extensively read across the world with differences in formats, circulation and niche.

Divya Bhaskar

Gujarati Newspapers 1 Divya Bhaskar

Divya Bhaskar is the highest circulated Gujarati newspaper in India with an impressive subscription count in rural, semi-rural and urban cities of the state. It was founded by the pioneers of print journalism in India, the DB Corp in 2003, a publishing house that has proven its prowess with a swaddle of newspapers, magazines and editorials in multiple regional languages.

Divya Bhaskar is an important publication for many reasons. Firstly, it was the first Gujarati newspaper to introduce colored pages. This compelled all competing papers to move on from black & white and reduce the prices. Secondly, Divya Bhaskar has the most number of editions in Gujarat; covering 23 major cities and towns.  Given the commercial significance of the place, Ahmedabad was chosen as their city of headquarters.

Divya Bhaskar has an interesting story of inception. The parent company conducted an aggressive door-to-door campaign and deployed a team of 1100 surveyors. In no time, the team including surveyors, zonal managers, divisional managers and supervisors covered 12, 00,000 households in and around the city of Ahmedabad.

With 8 lakh households in the main city, the team aimed at understanding the newspaper preferences of the local population. They educated the people about the upcoming Gujarati newspaper and the reputation of the parent company backing it. 

After an exhaustive campaign of 40 days, Divya Bhaskar was officially launched on 23 June, 2003. Subsequently, the paper sold 4, 52,000 copies and claimed a world record at that time. The group extended its reach to other major cities of the state including Vadodara and Surat. By 2009 it emerged as the No 1 Gujarati Newspaper in India.

Notably, the door to door campaign is a popular case study among major B-schools in India such as the IIM-Ahmedabad and SPJIMER. 

To further boost the expansion, the publication took over Bhavnagar based Saurashtra Samachar in 2004. As per the DB Corp, 49% of Indian population reads 3 of their top newspapers including Divya Bhaskar.

Printed in a broadsheet format, the paper is widely published and distributed from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhuj, Mehsana, Bhavnagar and Junagarh. It provides comprehensive content broadly categorized into – India, Sports, Business, Lifestyle, Zodiac, Pilgrimage, Utility and Literature.

The publication also has a detailed news website that caters to Gujarati people all over the world.

Gujarati Newspapers 1 Divya Bhaskar Website

Divya Bhaskar Online

Divya Bhaskar ePaper

Divya Bhaskar Android App

Divya Bhaskar iOS App


Gujarati Newspapers 2 Sandesh

Founded in Ahmedabad in 1923, Sandesh is one of the oldest and the highest selling newspapers in India. It is widely read across major Gujarati cities such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surat and the city of Mumbai.  In fact, the collective circulation count of all the cities puts it among the best performing newspapers in Asia.

Like many other Gujarati newspapers, Sandesh too had a massive impact in India’s freedom struggle. The paper took brave stands by promoting the ideologies of leaders to the masses. Add to it, the paper has always been looked upon for taking a leap and set new trends. Fast forward today, Sandesh has expanded its reach in the digital and TV footprints. The news website in Gujarati publishes engaging content for all major topics followed by extended categories such as NRI, Lifestyle and Astrology. Daily epapers can also be downloaded from the publication’s website.

Backed by decades of experience in journalism, Sandesh is trusted for being politically neutral and accurate in news coverage. The paper provides comprehensive coverage of topics such as  finance, politics, sports, international news, entertainment, crime and social development; catering to millions of people in the world especially India and the US. 

Often known as the common man’s newspaper, Sandesh focusses on individual interests through its series of extended magazines and special sections. The 7 different categories include Nari, Sanskar, Arsh Saptahik, Nakshatra, Cine Sandesh, Kids World, Shraddha, Business@Sandesh and Action Replay.

Not to miss, there’s a weekly magazine titled as Gujarati Weekly published every Sunday. For the international readers, Sandesh International is printed and distributed from Chicago and Illinois regions in the US. However, other major parts of the country are also covered via a dedicated distribution channel.

Gujarati Newspapers 2 Sandesh Website

Sandesh Online

Sandesh ePaper

Gujarat Samachar   

Gujarati Newspapers 3 Gujarat Samchar

Gujarat Samachar was founded on 16th Jan 1932 in Ahmedabad as a daily Gujarati newspaper with astute focus on the then political environment. Like most newspapers of that time, this paper too educated the readers about India’s freedom struggle. Although the paper never committed to a particular political alignment, it largely published the speeches and campaign announcements of prominent leaders of those times.

Just 3 years after independence; the paper was taken over by Shanti Shah in 1952, who played a key role in expanding the business to other parts of the state. Today, the newspaper is owned by the Lok Prakashan Limited with headquarters in Ahmedabad. The paper claims to be one of the top 5 Gujarati newspapers in the country with impressive presence in the international circuit. In 2017, Statista observed Gujarat Samachar as the most read Gujarati newspaper in the world followed by Sandesh. While these rankings tend to fluctuate every year, Gujarat Samachar has always been positioned among the top 3.

Gujarat Samachar is widely printed and circulated in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodra, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Bhuj and Mehsana. Overseas, the paper has a reputed presence in the New York City that makes it one of the few Gujarati newspapers in the US.

Staying intact to the paper’s ideology ever since it was incepted, the publishers follow a non-political policy and steers all focus towards the factual correctness of the information covered. The paper takes pride in not covering news for people of particular religion, region, caste etc. while putting the interests, difficulties and the plight of the common man in the state.

In fact, the paper has always been brave enough to take a critical stand about the policies of the government, no matter what the political party is in charge. Given the extensive experience in journalism, the newspaper provides a comprehensive coverage of politics, crime, government news, sports, entertainment, health and international news.

The group also launched a TV news channel in 2012 by the label GSTV. An online news portal is extensively published in Gujarati catering to world audience.

Gujarati Newspapers 3 Gujarat Samachar Website

Gujarat Samachar Online

Gujarat Samachar ePaper

Gujarat Samachar Android App

Gujarat Samachar iOS App

Akila Daily

Gujarati Newspapers 4 Akila Daily

Akila Daily is one of the first regional language evening daily newspapers in India. Founded in 1978, the paper was introduced with an idea to publish major highlights from the day in the fields of politics, sports, crime and business. Given the socio-political upsetting environment in Gujarat in late 70s, Akila Daily was greatly instrumental in keeping the readers updated about the daily happenings before the next morning newspapers.

With its head office in Rajkot, the paper has a staunch presence in the Saurashtra – Kutch belt wherein it is the most popular evening newspaper. Moreover, in an endeavor to expand its reach to the readers beyond Gujarat, the publication introduced an online news portal to cover news in real time. Besides the usual subjects of politics, business and sports, the news dashboard provides thorough content from entertainment, gaming, health, homecare and even astrology. The blog was meant to reach those readers with penchant for Gujarati news content but no access for the same.

Actively uploading the epapers on the blog, the publication has a keen focus on national and international affairs covering politics, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, editorial columns and a range of other topics.

Gujarati Newspapers 4 Akila Daily Website

Akila Daily Online

Akila Daily ePaper

Akila Daily Android App

Akila Daily iOS App

Gujarati Midday

Gujarati Newspapers 6 Gujarati Midday

Perhaps, one of the very few Gujarati newspapers that isn’t published or circulated in Gujarat, Gujarati Midday has a wide presence in Mumbai. Published by the Midday Infomedia and owned by the pioneers Jagran Parkashan Group, Gujarat Midday strictly caters to the urban population that has a keen interest in national and international happenings. However, that doesn’t detach the paper from covering local news from Gujarat and other parts of the country. Though Gujarati, the paper doesn’t cover the stories of rural Gujarat like others in the business do.

Along with the sister papers from the Midday Group such as the Midday mains and the Inquilab (Urdu), this one too has a dedicated news portal that covers vast range of subjects. Gujarati Midday does overarching reporting of the national news with emphasis on business, trade, politics, international and sports. As a widely circulated newspaper in Mumbai, Gujarati Midday’s repute in the digital space can’t be overlooked. The publication has been instrumental in featuring real time news through their website and apps. The news website features sections such as News, Entertainment, Photos, Videos, Lifestyle, Astrology, Sports and Business.

Gujarati Newspapers 6 Gujarati Midday Website

Gujarati Midday Online

Gujarati Midday ePaper


Gujarati Newspapers 8 GujratMitra Website

GujaratMitra is one of the oldest newspapers of India. As a leading daily Gujarati paper, Gujarat Mitra is printed from Surat and widely distributed to other parts of the state. It was started in 1863 under the publication name Bharat Pravinkant Reshamwala in Surat. The newspaper is believed to have a strong subscriber base and a liberal outlook towards the state, national and international affairs. The publication house is owned and managed by the Gujarat Mitra Pvt Ltd company headquartered in Surat. Furthermore, the paper is widely circulated in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Rajkot and the city of Mumbai.

GujaratMitra ePaper

NavGujarat Samay 

Gujarati Newspapers 10 NavGujarat Samay

NavGujarat Samay is one of the most recent publications in the Gujarati language market. It was started in 2014 by the Times Group as a part of the company’s strategy to venture into regional language business. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the Times Group formed a partnership with the Shayona Times Pvt Ltd to jointly execute the operations.

The paper has different editions such as Ahmedabad Samay, Gandhinagar Samay, Rajkot Samay, Saurashtra Samay, Uttar Gujarat Samay, Madhya Gujarat Samay and NavGujarat Samay Mains.

NavGujarat Femina, NavGujarat Health, Navgujarat Gulmohar and NavGujarat Bodhivruksh are the leading supplements offered.

NavGujarat Samay was introduced with an idea to cater to the needs of vernacular readers in the state. Henceforth, the paper finds valuable following in the interior parts of the state wherein most newspapers hesitate to go. Given the journalism experience of the Times Group and the local expertise of the Shayona Group, NavGujarat Samay is fast emerging as the most talked about newspaper in the Gujarati heartland. However, that doesn’t make the paper any less popular in the urban regions.

The paper is widely published and distributed in all leading cities such as Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and others.

Gujarati Newspapers 10 NavGujarat Samay Website

NavGujarat Samay Online

NavGujarat Samay ePaper

NavGujarat Samay Android App

NavGujarat Samay iOS App

Ahmedabad Mirror

Gujarati Newspapers 12 Ahmedabad Mirror

Ahmedabad Mirror is an English daily newspaper published in Ahmedabad while covering news about the biggest city of Gujarat. As one of the highest selling local newspapers in the city, Ahmedabad Mirror quickly ventured into the digital space with their news website. Just like the other sister publications such as the Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror and Bengaluru Mirror, this one too strictly caters to the urban readers. Reporting happenings in the metropolitan area, Ahmedabad Mirror benefits from the parent group’s journalism experience that spans for over 160 years. Both the printed paper and the news website are operated from Ahmedabad.

Gujarati Newspapers 12 Ahmedabad Mirror Website

Ahmedabad Mirror Online


Gujarati Newspapers 21 Janmabhoomi

JanmaBhoomi is a popular daily evening newspaper published and distributed in Mumbai. Tracing history back to pre-partition years, the paper came into being in 1934 when freedom fighter Amritlal Shah crusaded against the British. Back then, the ideology of the paper was inspired by Gandhiji and hence extensively covered his campaigns. Founded under the Saurastra Trust, JanmaBhoomi didn’t perform impressively in its initial years. However, after extensively covering the movement of the Indian National Army, the paper gained national status. Furthermore, until the 70s, JanmaBhoomi was one of the most popular Gujarati newspapers.  In the 80s, the paper experienced sharp drop in their circulation and finally restricted itself to Mumbai region only.

As of today, the paper provides a brave coverage of political and social happenings. Standing strong to its ideology of not following any political alignment, JanmaBhoomi has a long lineup of topics to discuss which include politics, social welfare, crime, corruption, entertainment and business. 

Gujarati Newspapers 21 JanmaBhoomi Website

Janmabhoomi Online

Janmabhoomi ePaper

Janmabhoomi Android App

Janmabhoomi iOS App


Gujarati Newspapers 22 Kutchmitra

Owned by the JanmaBhoomi Media Group, KutchMitra is widely circulated in the Kutch district of Gujarat with headquarters in the city of Bhuj. Since most Gujarati language newspapers were concentrated to Ahmedabad, Surat and Mumbai, the media group took the initiative of a newspaper that has a reach to the rural areas of the district. Besides featuring all major and minor news from the Kutch district, KutchMitra online portal has vast columns dedicated to national and international affairs, sports, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, editorial columns and more.

Gujarati Newspapers 22 Kutchmitra Website

KutchMitra Online

KutchMitra ePaper

KutchMitra Android App

KutchMitra iOS App

Mumbai Samachar   

Gujarati Newspapers 23 Mumbai Samachar

Launched as the Bombay Samachar in 1822, it is the oldest newspaper that continues its operation in present day India.  It was a weekly newspaper till 1832 and a bi-weekly till 1855 after which it became a full-fledged daily newspaper. Bombay Samachar was launched by a popular Parsi scholar of those times – Fardoonji Murazban who also happens to be the founder of India’s first native printing press in 1812.

In 1822, the first issue of the paper was released in Mumbai (then Bombay) in the form of a small sheet supplement (10X8 inches) and containing 14 pages. Interestingly, the first issue had published excerpts from other newspapers. Six columns were given for the Calcutta city with news gathered from the Indian Gazette of Calcutta and the Calcutta chronicle; one column to Madras with news acquired from the government gazette of the city; 2 paragraphs for the London news and ultimately limited space left for the local news in Bombay.

However, on the first page, 2 advertisements about the things lost were published. Bombay Samachar was greatly appreciated for being poignant, frank and fair in their coverage of events. More importantly, the views of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Nehru and Vallabhbhai Patel were extensively covered which finally gave new dimensions to the Indian freedom struggle.

Bombay Samachar was always looked up for being the common man’s journal and till date, the newspaper keeps intact to the legacy. In the present day, the home page of the paper empowers multiple small number of small businesses advertise than letting 1 big advertiser occupy the space.

After being passed on to different owners, Mumbai Samachar finally went to the Cama family in 1933 that continue to take the legacy forward and distributes the paper widely in the city. Besides a full-fledged online blog, the paper is also available in epaper formats. As of today, the paper is renamed as the Mumbai Samachar with the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as the brand ambassador of the paper.

Gujarati Newspapers 23 Mumbai Samchar Website

Mumbai Samachar Online

Mumbai Samachar ePaper

Mumbai Samachar Android App


Gujarati Newspapers 24 Nobat

Nobat is an evening daily newspaper in Gujarati published from Jamnagar. With a Centre-Right political alignment, the paper is widely read in the print and digital formats. It is run by the Darpan Madhavni Media Group. The newspaper has a lineup of weekly publications in both the formats. However, it is the extensive coverage of daily stock market trends that makes it stand out among the rest. With an impressive social media presence and availability on leading app stores, the paper offers half yearly and annual subscription plans. It covers news of state and national importance followed by brief mentioning of the most important events in the rest of the world.

Gujarati Newspapers 24 Nobat Website

Nobat Online

Nobat ePaper

Nobat Android App

Nobat iOS App

Western Times

Gujarati Newspapers 25 Western Times

Western Times is an evening daily newspaper published in Gujarati and English from Ahmedabad. The parent company has been running the newspaper for over 50 years with special emphasis on news of social welfare importance. The paper is widely distributed in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, each having an exclusive focus on the local news. However, the online portal covers exclusive news from Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara. The paper is managed by a team of experienced journalists and public service officers. The paper covers all leading topics of mass interest such as politics, sports, trade, entertainment and lifestyle. Western Times is headquartered in the city of Gandhinagar.

Gujarati Newspapers 25 Western Times Website

Western Times Online

Western Times ePaper

Sanj Samachar

Gujarati Newspapers 26 Sanj Samachar

Sanj Samachar is an evening daily newspaper published in Rajkot and distributed to regions of Rajkot, and Saurashtra. Going beyond the usual trend of distributing in morning, Sanj Samachar rolls out 8 editions every day, each reaching at a different time in a particular region.  Owned by the Jaihind group, the paper has a wide reach in the Rajkot city where it has an impressive daily circulation. Initially started as an evening daily, Sanj Samachar has expanded its business sin the mainstream league of early morning distribution and an online portal.

With a keen focus on covering issues of the rural Gujarat, Sanj Samachar doesn’t lose its attention from the news of the national and international concern. Besides, there’s an array of dedicated columns for sports, entertainment, politics and lifestyle.

Gujarati Newspapers 26 Sanj Samachar Website

Sanj Samachar Online

Sanj Samachar ePaper

Naya Padkar

Gujarati Newspapers 27 Naya Padkar

Naya Padkar is a daily Gujarati newspaper published and distributed in the Anand region. It was started in 1985 and continues to provide comprehensive insights into the news of state, national and international level. As one of the few surviving newspapers from the 1980s, Naya Padkar has gradually grown its reader’s base in other parts of the state. With a neutral political alignment, the paper covers news from sports, politics, business, entertainment and lifestyle. Daily epaper versions are regularly uploaded on the publication’s website to reach a wider audience in the digital space.

Gujarati Newspapers 27 Naya Padkar Website

Naya Padkar ePaper

Gujarat Guardian

Gujarati Newspapers 28 Gujarat Guardian

Gujarat Guardian is a daily newspaper in Gujarati published and distributed in the city of Surat and surrounding areas. It is a general interest newspaper and provides thorough coverage to all major topics such as state and national politics, sports, entertainment and crime. The paper is available in both formats – print and digital. However, there’s no dedicated online portal. The paper is being run by the parent company Western Media Pvt Ltd. Alongside the newspaper, there’s a daily supplement that provides content on a specific topic.

Gujarati Newspapers 28 Gujarat Guardian Website

Gujarat Guardian ePaper

Gujarat Today          

Gujarati newspapers 29 Gujarat Today

Gujarat Today was founded in 1991 and is one of the most widely circulated Gujarati newspapers in India. Owned and managed by the Lok Parkashan Sarvjainik Trust, Gujarat Today is published from the Shah-e-Alam region of the Ahmedabad metropolitan area. The newspaper is known to have a staunch focus towards representing the local Muslim community and their issues. However, with no controversy so far, the paper is widely appreciated for its liberal outlook.  The daily is distributed in Ahmedabad and other selective regions of the state. Beyond Ahmedabad, the paper widely covers National and International news featuring politics, sports and current affairs. As of now, Gujarat Today isn’t published or circulated anywhere outside India.

The publication house also manages a daily blog wherein detailed news is covered for a wider group of audience. Besides covering the newspaper content, the blog had extended sections for business, lifestyle, editorial articles, careers, health and technology. Daily e-papers are regularly uploaded on the blog.

Gujarati newspapers 29 Gujarat Today Website

Gujarat Today ePaper

Sardar Gurjari

Gujarati Newspapers 30 Sardar Gurjari

Sardar Gurjari covers local news from the Anand and the Kheda regions. Since these areas were largely left uncovered by other publications, Sardar Gurjari benefits from being the only Gujarati newspaper that emphasizes on local news.

However, important news from other parts of the state and the country are also published. Besides a separate column for crime news, this one has a section for business, cinema and even gaming. The head office of the paper is in Anand. Daily epaper versions are published on the group’s online news portal.

Gujarati Newspapers 30 Sardar Gurjari Website

Sardar Gurjari Online

Sardar Gurjari ePaper

Sardar Gurjari Android App

Sardar Gurjari iOS App

Eagle News

Gujarati Newspapers 31 Eagle News

As a Sunday weekly Gujarati newspaper, Eagle News was started in 1993 in Gandhinagar. Ever since then, the paper has emerged as one of the most popular newspapers in the local language, further encouraging the publishers to make it a daily roll out.

With a strong foothold in Gandhinagar, Eagle News is fast becoming popular in Ahmedabad also. In early 2000’s, the publication introduced their online news portal that quickly grasped the attention of the Gujarati readers in the digital spectrum.

The publication claims to have reached Gujarati readers in 46 countries. Besides covering all major subjects such as politics, sports, business and entertainment, the epaper versions are uploaded every day.

Gujarati Newspapers 31 Eagle News Website

Eagle News Online

Eagle News ePaper

Kutch Uday

Gujarati Newspapers 32 KutchUday

Kutch Uday is a daily newspaper in Gujarati published from Kutch. The paper has seen significant rise in readership in the past few years which has eventually encouraged the publication to go digital. The paper has introduced a video channel on YouTube to feature daily coverage. Moreover, everyday epapers can be downloaded from the online portal. Although the paper largely focusses on local news from Kutch and the Gujarat state, important incidents from other parts of the country and the world are also covered.

Gujarati Newspapers 32 KutchUday Website

Kutch Uday Online

Kutch Uday ePaper

Gujarat Abroad

Gujarati Newspapers 33 Gujarat Abroad

Gujarat Abroad is a weekly Gujarati newspaper founded in Canada in 2002. The paper has widespread following amongst the Gujarati speaking people in the country. As one of the first papers to cater to the needs of the local community, Gujarat Abroad has taken a step ahead and publishes daily epaper.

Besides matrimony and Gujarati culture, the paper covers news features of high importance form politics, sports, business and entertainment. As of today, the paper is a popular choice to advertise for NRIs.

Gujarati Newspapers 33 Gujarat Abroad Website

Gujarat Abroad ePaper

Rakhewal Daily

Gujarati Newspapers 34 Rakhewal Daily

Rakhewal Daily has a long history of glory spanning over 3 decades from the date of inception. Crusaded by Amrit Lal Seth, Rakhewal was started as a weekly newspaper and keeping interest of the farmers in the remote areas of the Banaskantha district.

Furthermore, with the backing of the ‘Parasmani Press’, the newspaper expanded its readership in the urban parts of the Banaskantha district. Since Amrit Lal Seth’s interest in literature was well known, he used the paper as a medium to promote unpublished works from budding authors.

As of today, Rakhewal is a daily Gujarati paper distributed in major parts of the state. The publication has kept intact to its principles of raising issues of the common citizen

Gujarati Newspapers 34 Rakhewal Daily Website

Rakhewal Daily Online

Rakhewal Daily ePaper

Sambhaav Metro

Gujarati Newspapers 35 Sambhaav Metro

Sambhaav Metro is a popular Gujarati newspaper with a staunch focus on news from in and around the Ahmedabad city. Started in 1986, the paper is distributed for 6 days a week.

Printed in the tabloid format, the paper is owned by the Sambhaav Media group which is one of the rarest publication houses from Gujarat to list on the National Stock Exchange.

The paper covers all major happening from the city under a line-up of categories such as politics, business, entertainment and crime.

Gujarati Newspapers 35 Sambhaav Metro Website

Sambhaav Metro Online

Sambhaav Metro ePaper

Sunvilla Samachar

Gujarati Newspapers 36 Sunvilla Samachar

Sunvilla Samachar is a daily Gujarati newspaper published in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad. Established on an interesting date – 11/11/11, the Sunvilla Samachar is published in 2 languages – Gujarati and English. While the paper comprehensively covers news of state and national importance, it has a greater appeal among the NRI readers in different parts of the world. Henceforth, topics such as sports, politics, entertainment and business are given exclusive sections to cater to different needs. The epaper versions are daily uploaded in the publication’s online news portal.

Gujarati Newspapers 36 Sunvilla Samachar website

Sunvilla Samachar Online

Sunvilla Samachar ePaper

Jai Hind

Gujarati Newspapers 37 Jai Hind

Jai Hind is one of the oldest Gujarati newspapers run by the Jai Hind Group. The paper was started in 1948 in the city of Rajkot. As a daily newspaper in the broadsheet format, Jai Hind is published every day and follows a central political alignment.

With a popular online news portal the paper has a strong social media presence. The paper provides extensive coverage of news from the Saurashtra region and has exclusive sections for all the major cities in the belt.

Not to miss, there’s a special issues section that provides weekly content for selective subjects. Daily epaper versions are regularly uploaded.

Gujarati Newspapers 37 Jaihind Website

Jai Hind Online

Jai Hind ePaper


Gujarati Newspapers 38 Dhabkar

Run by the Dhabkar Press, this is one of the fastest growing Gujarati daily newspapers. Founded in Surat, Dhabkar has an impressive readership count in the region while gradually expanding to other parts of the state.

Surrounded by the world famous diamond industry, Dhabkar emphasizes on the trade news from the market. However, that hasn’t restricted the newspaper from reaching out to a wider section of the audiences.

The paper therefore provides complete coverage of politics, sports, entertainment and other subjects of lifestyle importance. The epaper versions are daily uploaded on the publication’s website. Outside Surat, the paper is gaining popularity in the Ahmedabad region.

Gujarati Newspapers 38 Dhabkar Website

Dhabkar ePaper

Lok Mijaj

Gujarati Newspapers 39 Lok Mijaj

Lok Mijaj is a weekly Gujarati newspaper. It covers selective headlines of high impact from the week. Subjects covered from politics, sports and business from state, national and sometimes the international categories. There’s no online portal but the parent group uploads daily epaper to reach a wider audience. 

Gujarati Newspapers 39 Lok Mijaj Website

Lok Mijaj ePaper

Gujarat Times

Gujarati Newspapers 40 Gujarat Times

Gujarat Times is a weekly Gujarati language newspaper widely circulated in North America. It is one of the few newspapers in Gujarati that were established outside India. Run by the parent company Parikh Media Group, Gujarat Times caters to millions of Gujarati speaking people settled in USA and Canada. Parikh Group is the most successful Indo-American media publishing house and operates from Chicago.

With a focus on the Gujarati NRIs, the paper covers extensive news from Gujarat, rest of India and those areas in North Americas with reasonably good Gujarati population.

Moreover, the online blog covers detailed news from India and America across topics such as sports, politics, immigration, business and entertainment. 

Gujarati Newspapers 40 Gujarat Times Website

Gujarat Times Online

Gujarat Times ePaper

Lok Sansar

Gujarati Newspapers 41 Lok Sansar

Lok Sansar is a daily newspaper in Gujarati published and distributed in Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar and Botad areas. While the paper has a limited circulation, it covers all major topics of mass consumption in its print as well as digital new portal’s format.

Besides selectively publishing important news from national and international categories, the paper has special emphasis towards entertainment section. It covers news from Bollywood, Television and the local Gujarati film industry.

The paper also has a daily horoscope section known as the Rashi Bhavishya and a section for students to hone their general knowledge. Daily epaper versions are also available.

Gujarati Newspapers 41 Lok Sansar Website

Lok Sansar Online

Lok Sansar ePaper

Saurashtra Satya

Gujarati Newspapers 42 Saurashtra satya

Saurashtra Satya is a daily morning newspaper in Gujarati. Launched in 2013, the publication has its headquarters in Rajkot. With special emphasis on the Saurashtra region (1/3rd of state) of the Gujarat state, the newspaper covers news of national and international importance also. Recently, the publication launched its epaper along with an online news portal catering to a wide variety of topics such as politics, sports, lifestyle, entertainment and others.

The paper aims to promote budding poets and writers while regularly giving them a platform to showcase their works. With an impressive circulation, the paper is a leading choice or advertisers.

Saurashtra Satya Online

Saurashtra Satya ePaper

Saurashtra Aaspass

Gujarati Newspapers 43 Saurashtra AasPass

Saurashtra Aaspass is a daily evening newspaper published from different cities of the Saurashtra belt. With a focus on news of state importance, the paper has an impressive readership in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Amreli.

The paper is widely read in both digital and print formats while covering an array of topics such as lifestyle, business, sports and entertainment. 

The publication also uploads epaper versions of daily editions. Saurasthra AasPass aims to emerge as the most read newspaper in the language while promoting local culture on the global map.

Gujarati Newspapers 43 Saurashtra Aas Paas Website

Saurashtra Aas Paas Online

Saurashtra Aas Paas ePaper

Muslim Sandesh

Gujarati Newspapers 44 Muslim Sandesh

Muslim Sandesh is a daily Gujarati newspaper most popular in the city of Ahmedabad. It is the only newspaper that dedicated itself to put forward the news and issues of the Muslim community in the region.

The publication aims to educate the masses the about the major happenings in and around the state while aiming for a better literacy rate among the population.

The community that hardly had a representation in the publication industry looks up to the paper for consuming news features. Muslim Sandesh has always been hailed for advocating for peace and harmony in the region. The paper has been instrumental in introducing global content to the readers while enhancing their overarching outlook.

Besides promoting literary works, the paper covers news from state politics, business and sports. For those living outside Gujarat, epapers are regularly uploaded on the publication’s website.

Gujarati Newspapers 44 Muslim Sandesh Website

Muslim Sandesh ePaper

Gujarat Weekly

Gujarati Newspapers 45 Gujarat Weekly

Gujarat Weekly is the most popular Gujarati newspaper published in Canada. As a weekly edition, the paper focusses on the major headlines of the week that have a mass impact. However, the publication has clearly demarcated categories such as Canada, India, Gujarat, Sports and Business. This helps the readers with better navigation.

The paper has an impressive following in the Toronto as well as the Greater Toronto areas. Outside Toronto, other areas targeted by the publication include Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oakville, Markham, Orangeville and Hamilton. In Canada, the paper has won several recognition such as the Best Editorial, Concept and Visual Presentation Award.

The paper has been publishing content from a variety of topics such as business, health, astrology, Bollywood, Hollywood, health, homecare and recipes. However, providing a platform for small to medium scale businessmen in the Gujarati community to advertise their brands is one of the prime objectives of the paper.

The publication is headquartered in the Ontario region from where it is managed, printed and distributed to other mentioned areas. The paper aims to put forward the issues and other important news feature of the fastest growing south Asian community in Canada – Gujaratis.

Gujarati Newspapers 45 Gujarat Weekly Website

Gujarat Weekly Online

Gujarat Weekly ePaper


Gujarati Newspapers 46 Phulchchab

Phulchchab is a Gujarati daily newspaper printed and distributed in the city of Rajkot.  It was started by a team of dignities such as Zaverchand Meghani, Amrutlal Sheth, Kakkalbhai Kothari and others. Initially launched as the Saurashtra Weekly in 1921, the publication moved Rajkot in 1950 to strengthen their contribution in the country’s freedom movement.

Saurashtra Weekly was one of the important newspapers from the Saurashtra Trust started by popular social activist Shri Amrutlal Shah. The trust has been directly involved in launching a series of newspapers, editorials and magazines across different regions of Gujarat. JanmaBhoomi and KutchMitra are two of the other popular Gujarati newspapers run by the same trust.

Fast forward today, Phulchchab is one of the few newspapers that have publicly accepted their political alignment (Centre – Left). However, that hasn’t affected the newspaper in taking a fair stand while reporting important news. Phulchchab continues to operate from its headquarters in Rajkot and is widely read in the print as well as digital formats.

Phulchchab majorly features content from national, international, stock markets, rural Gujarat and politics.

Gujarati Newspapers 46 Phulchchab Website

Phulchchab Online

Phulchchab ePaper

Phulchchab Android App

Phulchchab iOS App

Jagat Darpan

Gujarati Newspapers 47 Jagat Darpan

Jagat Darpan was founded by the Mama’s Group in 2005 in Surat. Despite being the leading commercial hub of the state, Surat was never acknowledged as a center of journalism like Ahmedabad was. To fill the gaps and reincarnate the region’s reputation, Murtaza Mama and Abbas Mama introduced Jagat Darpan, a paper that extensively covered the city’s brimming manufacturing industry while keeping touch with major happenings in India and the world. Jagat Darpan is published from Surat and Vadodara.

Jagat Darpan Online

B. News Websites in Gujarati

Given the presence of Gujarati speaking people all over the world, publications didn’t miss an opportunity to go digital and cater to millions of those readers who don’t have access to print subscriptions. In addition to the above newspapers, the following news websites have a greater reach.

VTV Gujarati

Gujarati Newspapers 5 VTV Gujarati Website

VTV Gujarati is one of the first TV news channel in the language. It was founded in September 2001 by the Sambhaav Media Group and operates 24X7. As a fast growing Gujarati news channel, VTV Gujarati has a strong foundation in the rural areas while the urban viewership is fast catching up.

With a mission to excel further, the channel has up scaled its production value to match the standards of any reputed national TV news channel. Going forward, the 480p (SDTV) picture format makes it the most reputed brand in the Gujarati segment. The TV news channel has a vast following among audiences in India and abroad.

VTV Gujarati’s endeavor into the digital space started with their news website that aims to savor the Gujarati sentiment by promoting the local culture. The TV channel also streams live in the website and caters to a vast section of audience that consumes the content through mobile and other portable devices.

 This has helped the brand to graduate from traditional small tow viewership and go global. Besides top stories, politics, cinema and crime, the news channel and the website have a valuable experience in reporting business trends, sports, religion and NRI news.

As of today, the media network provides detailed and exclusive coverage of news from Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Vadodara and the city of Mumbai.

VTV Gujarati Online

VTV Gujarati Android App

VTV Gujarati iOS App

I am Gujarat

Gujarati Newspapers 9 I Am Gujarat Website

‘I Am Gujarat’ is the Gujarati online news blog backed by the Times Group.  The online magazine provides everyday feed from a wide spectrum of topics such as politics, Auto, Astrology, Sports, business, recipes and entertainment.

The publication aims to promote Gujarati culture and lifestyle as evident from an array of creative subjects that are widely published. The news website also allows ordering any newspaper from ‘The Times Group’ portfolio.

Beyond the major categories, the publication features, Jokes, Astrology, Travel, Gadgets, Youth Education, Finance and Pollution Checker.

Given such vivid approach at journalism, I am Gujarat continues to grow and emerge as one of the leading Gujarati news websites in India.

Not to miss, this is one of the few publications in the business that has taken the initiative to check the facts of the viral content. There’s an exclusive Fack-Check section that educates the readers about the authenticity of the news that tend to go viral uncontrollably.

Notably, the website has kept the focus intact on the younger viewers in the digital space.

I Am Gujarat Online

Desh Gujarat

Gujarati Newspapers 48 Desh Gujarat Website

Senior Journalist Japan K Pathak founded the DeshGujarat media group in Ahmedabad in 1999. Ever since the beginning of operations, the media house has focused on publishing valuable content for every possible topic of individual interest.

 In 2006, the media group ventured into a comprehensive news website in English that reports news features and editorial columns for more than 37 topics. These topics are broadly categorized into 4 headlines such as – Gujarat, India, Politics, World and Business. 

Give such a detailed approach to publish a vast lineup of topics with unprecedented depth, Desh Gujarat has successfully garnered millions of active readers; making it one of the most widely read Gujarati news website in the world. 

The publication has an active social media presence that caters to the audiences consuming content on mobile.

Desh Gujarat Online

BBC Gujarati

Gujarati Newspapers 11 BBC Gujarati Website

BBC Gujarati was introduced in 2017, making it one of the newest news services in the local language. As a part of BBC’s popular expansion project to other languages, the Gujarati edition was launched with a detailed news website, a digital news channel that streams on the website and a lineup of social media accounts that publish short format news in real time.

Keeping intact to the legacy of the world’s most reputed news agency, BBC Gujarati has a staunch focus on factual accuracy, unparalleled reach and an innate vision to cover all the Gujarati speaking people in the world.

At the time of launch, BBC had confirmed 50 million Gujarati speaking people in the world who could be adding value to the news agency’s venture. Henceforth, irrespective of geographical constraints, the news service aims to cover all cities, districts and other areas of Gujarati population in the world.

Following the traditional format of all BBC publications, this one too has a section for country (India), Gujarat, International, Sports, Business and Arts. The website service is entirely managed from the United Kingdom.

BBC Gujarati Online

BBC Gujarati Android App

BBC Gujarati iOS App

Gujarat News – TOI

Gujarati Newspapers 13 Gujarati News TOI Website

As the one of the largest media groups in the world, The Times Group introduced the Gujarat edition on their website to target the local population. Like most other editions, this one too focusses on the local news about the state from major cities and districts.

Be it politics, sports, business, trade, entertainment and health, Gujarat News – The Times of India has managed to flock millions of readers to their portal.

The news service provides detailed reporting of all the happenings in and related to the state. Being entirely published in English, the news website caters to the urban population.

Gujarat News – TOI Online

Gujarat News – TOI Android App

Gujarat News – TOI iOS App

News 18 Gujarati

Gujarati Newspapers 14 News18 Gujarati Website

News 18 is one of the most popular journalism houses in India. With a lineup of news channels in all the major languages, Gujarati is one of their most followed state language publications. Given the rich heritage of Gujarati publication, News 18’s Gujarati section has a comprehensive detail of news from all walks of life.

With an emphasis on reaching more targeted set of reads, the portal is categorized into different geographic regions such as North Gujarat, South Gujarat, and Central Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Surat and the Kutch region.

Keeping intact to the legacy of the parent group, News 18 Gujarati covers all topics such as politics, business, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, education, technology, crime and gaming. There’s also an exclusive TV channel to broadcast everyday news features in Gujarati.

News 18 Gujarati Online

News 18 Gujarati Android App

News 18 Gujarati iOS App

One India Gujarati

Gujarati Newspapers 15 One India Gujarati Website

One India Gujarati is yet another popular online news and blog platform. Taking forward the legacy of the motto – “One India, One platform”, the parent group has been proactively supporting state languages and hence ventured full throttle into publishing news feature in all languages. With Gujarati, the publication is catering to the global readers with keen interest in the Indian state. Like all reputed digital publications, this one too covers an impressive line-up of subjects such as sports, business, crime, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, astrology, matrimony, education and technology. The blog is one of the most widely read Gujarati news portal in the world.

One India Gujarati Online

One India Gujarati Android App

One India Gujarati iOS App

Zee News Gujarati

Gujarati Newspapers 16 Zee News Gujarati Website

The Zee Network is known for introducing the first ever private TV channel in India in early 1990s. Ever since then, the group has grown by leaps and bounds with Zee News as one of their most popular extensions.

Addressing to the growing demands of local publications, the Zee News online portal launched a Gujarati section in mid 2000s. As of today, the portal, with the backing of their Gujarati TV news channel, provides up to date news about the happenings at the national as well as international level.

So be it sports, politics, entertainment, business, lifestyle or fortune, Zee News Gujarati caters to varied choices. The portal also streams a live TV that features uninterrupted news bulletins. Given the explosive consumption of content on mobile, Zee News Gujarati can be consumed via the parent group’s signature apps.

Zee News Gujarati Online

Zee News Gujarati Android App

Zee News Gujarati iOS App

Gujarati Web Duniya

Gujarati Newspapers 17 Gujarati Webduniya Website

Gujarati Web Duniya is a popular news portal that provides a detailed coverage of news from state, national and the international circuit. Initially started as a software entity providing localization services, Gujarati Web Duniya’s venture into digital journalism has met with tremendous success.

Besides a long list of usual subjects such as politics, business and sports, this portal covers astrology, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, health, gaming and finance. Besides Gujarati, the portal is published in 7 other Indian languages. Not to miss, this is one of the rarest online news portal in Gujarati that is not managed in Gujarat.

Gujarati Web Duniya Online

Gujarati Web Duniya Android App

Gujarati Web Duniya iOS App

Mera News

Gujarati Newspapers 18 Mera News Website

Mera News is an online news service in Gujarati and is operated from Gandhinagar. As one of the journalism websites from the state capital, Mera News has recorded stupendous growth making it one of the top most read portals in the business. Mera News doesn’t stick to a niche and provides a comprehensive reporting of news in a vast lineup of categories.

These include state, national, international, politics, business, sports and entertainment. Add to it the editorial column that features specialized articles from a variety of topics. There’s also an exclusive section for health & lifestyle that caters to readers from all age groups. As of now, Mera News hasn’t ventured into the print media business. 

Mera News Online

Gujarat State Portal

Gujarati Newspapers 19 Gujarat State Portal Website

The Gujarat State Portal is the official state website managed by the government of Gujarat. The objective of the portal is to provide comprehensive information about the tourism opportunities in the state, the information about the different government departments, state culture, major news features and more.

The website is also the ultimate official resource to publish circulars, issue instructions and make important announcements. Since Gujarat has always been a welcoming destination for business investment, the website is used to make official applications. Not to miss, releasing tenders and accepting submissions are also done here.

In an endeavor to go digital, the government has been encouraging to take all their processes online so that utmost transparency in grievance management is achieved.

Gujarat State Portal Online

Aaj Kaal Daily

Gujarati Newspapers 20 Aaj Kaal Daily

Aaj Kaal Daily is an evening newspaper in Gujarati that covers news of national and international significance. With a major hold in the Rajkot-Saurasthra belt, the paper is extensively distributed in Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Bhuj-Kutch, Jamnagar and Porbandar areas.

It is one of those rare newspapers that have a dedicated section for promoting Gujarati’s local film industry known as the Dhollywood. On the publication’s online portal, there’s a comprehensive coverage of different subjects such as Politics, Entertainment, Religion, Finance, Sports and Lifestyle.

There’s also a section exclusive for content that can potentially go viral in the digital space. The publication has recently begun producing news features in video formats to cater a wider audience.

Gujarati Newspapers 20 Aaj Kaal Daily Website

Aaj Kaal Daily Online


As per the Registrar of Newspapers of India, there were more than 4800 registered Gujarati publications by 2015. These included dailies, weeklies, by-weeklies, and fort-night editions, quarterly, monthly and annual releases. 

Given the high literacy rate among the population, Gujarati has emerged as the fastest growing language in digital news websites. It is one those rare regional Indian languages that didn’t lose its influence to Hindi and English. In 2006, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) website introduced a Gujarati version. Not only do these facts advocate for the forward looking community but also hints at the promising scope of the Gujarati media in years to arrive.

While the propelling industry knows no bounds, we at MediaBuzz are working hard to provide an encyclopedic coverage of all the news sources. We are a team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in the world of journalism.

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  • Which are the top three politically neutral Gujarati newspapers?
  • What are the best Gujarati newspapers for business, entertainment and sports news?
  • Is there any particular newspaper that caught your attention?
  • Which Gujarati newspaper do you read from the above list?
  • Do you have any other information related to Gujarati newspapers?

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