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Hindi news papers and Hindi news paper list

Introduction to Hindi News Media

Indian media and printing press dates back to centuries ago. The first printing press was established in India in 1674 in Bombay (present Mumbai). It was followed by another printing apparatus being setup in Madras (present Chennai) in 1722. Despite having printing press established during early years, Indian media has seen many ups and downs with developmental difficulties like illiteracy, colonial rule, repression, poverty and apathy towards the prevalent issues. India was being exploited severely by the Colonial regime that was interested in only transferring Indian resources back to their nation. At this juncture, Indian social worker Raja Ram Mohan Roy raised his voice against British Colonial Rule with the help of Hindi media.

Roy’s reformist ideas and opinions were responsible for the foundation of Hindi language press. Jugal Kishore Shukla founded a Hindi weekly called Udhand Martand in Calcutta (present Kolkata) in 1826. For having established the first Hindi newspaper in India, Shukla earned the honour of being one of the pioneers of Hindi journalism.

Three years later, Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced Bangdoot in 1829 in four languages: English, Hindi, Bangla and French. Through this weekly, he propagated his reformist thoughts and ideologies to the masses. He majorly attacked atrocities against women, orthodoxy, and religious fanaticism in his writings.

In 1845, another Hindi newspaper saw the dawn of the day. It was called Banaras Akhbar and was published from Kashi (present Varanasi). It consisted of local news and translations from Sanskrit books of law. Soon after 1845, several newspapers were started including Samtand Martand by Jugal Kishore Shukla. Several weeklies continued to flourish until 1854. This was an important phase for Hindi media in India. First Hindi daily Samachar Sudha Varshan was founded in Calcutta.

During this phase, Hindi newspapers became popular in Calcutta, Bengal and Agra. In 1857, the year which is prominently known for India’s first war of Independence, reformists and freedom fighters used Hindi media as a mouthpiece to raise voices against atrocities of British government. Hindi newspapers fearlessly rooted for ‘Swaraj’ in India.

Payame Azadi, a Hindi newspaper started by freedom fighter Azimullah Khan fuelled patriotism among readers in Delhi. Indian national song was published in this newspaper on regular basis. In 1867, the British government brought in the Press Regulations Act of 1867 imposing harsh censorship and restrictions on publishing anti-Colonial rule notions. However, despite the restrictions, number of publications grew. In 1885, Indian National Congress was founded with Indian independence as its primary goal.

During this period, Indian freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak entered the journalism. He stressed on social reforms and political freedom in India. He started newspapers including Kesari, Mahratta, Hindu Panch, etc to publish articles against oppressive British regime. Mahatma Gandhi also started newspapers like Navjeevan, Harijan, etc in India. He advocated the need for recognizing Hindi as national language of India. 

Some popular journalists of pre-Independence era of India include Balakumud Gupti, Nandkumar Dev Sharma, Balkrishan Bhatt, Purshottam Dass Tandon, Pt.Pratap Narayan Mishra etc. They wrote valiantly and brazenly on politics and society.

The boom of media industry in India began only after independence in 1947 from the British Colonial rule. Several Hindi, regional and English newspapers flourished in the country post-independence and their readership saw a rise. 

English newspapers in India were confined to urban settings of the country, while rural areas were reliant on Hindi and regional dailies for their daily dose of information. Language played an important role in Indian media. Though India is a multilingual country, Hindi has been the main language of communication for the last one thousand years. Resultantly, Hindi newspapers saw a rise in advertisements and promotions by the State Governments.

Several Hindi newspapers including Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari, etc were founded in late 1940s and during post-independence period. Ever since then, more than 1000 Hindi dailies have come into existence, contributing to the diverse Indian media. In terms of readership, Dainik Jagran is the most popular Hindi newspaper in India, followed by Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Prabhat Khabar, etc.

In this article, we have collated a list of Top Hindi Newspapers and Hindi News Websites in India as separate categories. You can find the article in the mentioned sub-categories:

A. Hindi Newspapers in India

B. Hindi News Websites in India

A. Hindi Newspapers in India

In this sub-category, we have listed the popular Hindi newspapers in India in the order of their popularity and readership. Among them, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala are the most popular Hindi language newspapers in India, followed by Navbharat Times, Hindustan, and Patrika.

Dainik Bhaskar

hindi newspapers 1 dainik bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar was launched in 1956 when the need for a Hindi language daily saw an increase in India. It was first published in Bhopal and Gwalior of the Central Province. It was published by the name Subah Savere in Bhopal and Good Morning India in Gwalior when it was launched. In 1958, it got its name Dainik Bhaskar, what we know today. It is owned by Dainik Bhaskar Group which is the largest Print Media Company in India.

Dainik Bhaskar was launched with a motto of maintaining credibility in its reporting in the times when supporters of Hindi Chauvinist forces were indulging in irresponsible and biased journalism. When the Hindu-Muslim riots broke out in 1992 in Bhopal following the demolition of Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, Dainik Bhaskar requested people to maintain calm and peace. The daily maintained a secular and unbiased point of view in its journalism during those testing times.

With the help of its secular journalism, Dainik Bhaskar was able to retain its Muslim readership in Bhopal which was around 40% of the total.

In 1996, Dainik Bhaskar intended to enter Jaipur as a leading Hindi language daily. They deployed an in-house team of 700 surveyors that surveyed around 200,000 households in Jaipur. In their survey, they provided a sample copy of Dainik Bhaskar to their subjects and gave them an option to subscribe for it in advance. The subscription price was Rs. 1.50 and they also promised a refund in case the customers are dissatisfied.

By the end of 1996, Dainik Bhaskar emerged as the no. 1 newspaper in Jaipur by selling 172,347 copies. The daily adopted the similar model in other cities of India and has succeeded in becoming the No. 1 Hindi newspaper in India.

Dainik Bhaskar is also known for its smart marketing practice even before it was launched. The founders had set a stage for its launch by putting up hoardings all over Jalandhar with questions like ‘Punjab Ko Chahiye Jawaab’. It raised important questions pertaining to the prevalent issues in Punjab. It immediately stimulated the minds of people of Punjab. Apart from this, it also launched surveys, coupon schemes, and annual subscription at lower rates, even before revealing the name of the daily.

In June 2008, Dainik Bhaskar successfully launched Business Bhaskar, which was the first business daily in Hindi in the country. As of 2011, it is the largest Hindi-language business daily and has nine editions in different cities of India.

In June 2017, Dainik Bhaskar launched a Hindi news app on Android, iOS and Windows platform. Apart from this, it also maintains an online portal that regularly updates latest, entertainment, political, international, business and sports news.

hindi newspapers 1 dainik bhaskar website

Dainik Bhaskar Online

Dainik Bhaskar ePaper

Dainik Bhaskar Android App

Dainik Bhaskar iOS App

Dainik Jagran

hindi newspapers 2 dainik jagran

Dainik Jagran is an Indian Hindi language newspaper. As of 2017, it was the largest newspaper in India by circulation. It was the 17th most read newspaper in the world as of 2010. The leading daily was launched in 1942 by Puran Chandra Gupta and is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited. It was later edited by Narendra Mohan. The newspaper is also listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India. The Jagran Prakashan Limited also acquired tabloid Mid-Day in 2010 and Nai Duniya in 2012.

The origination story of Dainik Jagran goes back to 1926 when its owner Puranchand Gupta founded Hindi Sampraday in Kanpur.  The organization was formed to support the freedom movement in India. Jagdish Chandra Kulsia of Pratap and Puranchand Gupta together started a Hindi newspaper called Swatantra. It used to be a weekly. Later when it was made a daily, it was renamed to Dainik Jagran.

Puranchand Gupta also became a member of ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) and IENS (Indian Eastern Newspaper Society). His newspaper was an epitome of Hindu nationalism and it contained stories on refugee crisis in Pakistan extensively.

After starting the publication of Dainik Jagran in Kanpur, another edition was started in Gorakhpur. In 1975 during emergency, Dainik Jagran left its pages blank to make a statement against the arrest of proprietors and censorship on media. The daily created its image as a fearless, bold and a non-biased organization.

Jagran expanded its operation from Kanpur and reached Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Meerut, Agra and Bareilly. It finally reached the national capital Delhi in 1990. Presently, Dainik Jagran has 37 main editions with 200 sub-editions.

Jagran Prakashan also owns 9 digital platforms that publish content related to news, lifestyle, entertainment, education, health and youth-related topics. Currently, the daily and digital combined enjoy a reach of over 45 million users and 30 million video views on its official YouTube channel.

Recently, Jagran team was also trained under Google News Initiative on fact-checking. The team got certified by Poynter Institute of Fact Checking, following which they launched a fact-checking website in India called Vishwas News. It expanded into 4 languages including Hindi and English.

The digital platforms of Jagran Prakashan include Jagran, iNext Live, Only My Health, Jagran Josh, Her Zindagi, Vishwas News, City Plus, etc.

hindi newspapers 2 dainik jagran website

Dainik Jagran Online

Dainik Jagran ePaper

Dainik Jagran Android App

Dainik Jagran iOS App

Nai Dunia

hindi newspapers 3 nai dunia

Nai Dunia is a Hindi language newspaper of India popularly read in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. It covers wide range of genres including national, regional, international, entertainment, sports, spirituality, jobs, career and education. The online portal of the newspaper also covers hyper local news pertaining to areas of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

Nai Dunia was founded by freedom fighters Babu Labhchand Chhajlani, Shri Basanti Lal Sethia and Shri Narendra Tiwari. In 2012, the Hindi newspaper was acquired by Jagran Prakashan Limited, which is one of the largest media conglomerates of India with several newspapers to its name. The media group acquired Nai Dunia for an effective enterprise value of Rs. 150 crore. During the transaction, the loss-making Delhi edition was struck off the deal.

Nai Dunia is also popular for its unbiased, fearless and trustworthy journalism practices. It is recognised for its impactful reporting on various topics related to national interest.

Recently, one of the directors of Nai Dunia, Rajendra Tiwari passed away after acquiring Coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh. His death was condoled by the current Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

hindi newspapers 3 nai dunia website

Nai Dunia Online

Nai Dunia ePaper

Nai Dunia Android App

Nai Dunia iOS App

Amar Ujala

hindi newspapers 4 amar ujala

Amar Ujala is a Hindi language newspaper that is published in India. Launched in 1948 in Agra, the daily has 21 editions in six Indian states and two union territories covering 179 districts. Amar Ujala enjoys the fourth largest readership in India after Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran and Hindustan Dainik. It circulates around 27 lakh copies every day as per the latest ABC survey.

In 1994, Amar Ujala shared nearly 70 per cent of Hindi newspaper readership in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which is said to have the highest population in India. The daily publishes around 16-18 page newspaper everyday which covers important matters related to national, international, career, lifestyle, entertainment and women-related topics.

Apart from the main newspaper, it also publishes supplementary like Manoranjan, which is a 4-page weekly magazine. The name translates to Entertainment in Hindi. It is published every Sunday and is circulated across all its editions. Another supplementary includes Rupayan, which is a 16-page weekly magazine published every Friday. The magazine includes articles and news related to women-centric topics like fashion, beauty, home, interior, gardening and food. Udaan is a 16-page weekly published by Amar Ujala that includes topics like education and career. It is circulated on Wednesday every week.

Amar Ujala also launched its digital platform in 1999, catering to the increasing demand of instant news updates. It is the fastest growing Hindi website in India. It delivers round the clock updates on national, international, entertainment and other topics. As per Google Analytics, Amar Ujala Digital clocks more than 50 million page views every month.

For being technologically-advanced, Amar Ujala Digital won the WAN-INFRA Award. In December 2016, the media company launched its interactive browser-based TV called Amar Ujala TV for consuming news on the go. The website is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on any smartphone.

hindi newspapers 4 amar ujala website

Amar Ujala Online

Amar Ujala ePaper

Amar Ujala Android App

Amar Ujala iOS App

Navbharat Times

hindi newspapers 5 navbharat times

Navbharat Times is a Hindi language newspaper owned by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd (BCCL), which is one of the leading media conglomerates in India. It is the largest media group in India which has several dailies including Times of India, Indiatimes, The Economic Times and TV channels to its name. Navbharat Times is one of the oldest products produced by the 200-year-old company. The newspaper covers all the important news updates and articles pertaining to topics like national, international, local news, entertainment, business and sports. The headquarters of Navbharat Times are situated in New Delhi, which is also the national capital of India.

Navbharat Times has a circulation of 769,146 (as of November 2015) according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It is prominent in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. One of the most prominent columnists of Navbharat Times includes Varun Gandhi, who is an Indian politician and member of Lok Sabha from Pilibhit constituency.

Navbharat Times also has a digital portal that posts regular updates related to national and international topics. Apart from this, it also has Android and iOS application that provide news from more than 42 Indian cities.

hindi newspapers 5 navbharat times website

Navbharat Times Online

Navbharat Times ePaper

Navbharat Times Android App

Navbharat Times iOS App


hindi newspapers 6 hindustan

Hindustan or Hindustan Dainik is a Hindi language newspaper in India. It is the fourth-largest newspaper in India on the basis of circulation. Launched by Madan Mohan Malviya in 1936, it is published by Hindustan Media Ventures Limited. Previously, it used to be a part of Hindustan Times, which is another leading daily of India in English language. Later, it spun off as a separate Hindi newspaper under the company name of Hindustan Media Ventures Limited in 2009.

Hindustan is the second-largest read daily in the country. It has 21 editions in the Hindi belt. The publication is spread across Delhi, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. The newspaper is particularly popular in Mathura, Saharanpur and Faizabad districts of Uttar Pradesh.

In Bihar along, Hindustan enjoys the undisputed readership of about 5 million. It accounts for a massive 75% share of Hindi newspaper market in the state. The newspaper also has been a number 1 daily of Jharkhand.

Hindustan made headlines in 2016 when a journalist Rajdev Ranjan of the daily was shoted dead in Siwan, Bihar. He was known to have been writing against Mohammad Shahabuddin, who was a former Rashtriya Janata Dal MP.

In Uttar Pradesh, Hindustan is spreading its branches rapidly. It is the largest newspaper in the state. After enjoying its position in Lucknow and Varanasi, it started operations in Meerut, Agra and Kanpur in 2006. In Uttarakhand, it is printed in Dehradun.  In the Himalayan state as well, Hindustan enjoys the No. 1 spot in terms of readership.

Apart from the printed edition, Hindustan also has an online portal that publishes latest news update on a 24×7 basis. The website covers topics including health, education, national, international, religion, science, politics, literature, business, entertainment and sports.

hindi newspapers 6 hindustan website

Hindustan Online

Hindustan ePaper

Hindustan Android App

Hindustan iOS App


hindi newspapers 7 patrika

Patrika is a Hindi language newspaper founded by Karpoor Chandra Kulish in 1956. Kulish is follower of Jain religion.  In Delhi and Rajasthan, it is published and circulated as Rajasthan Patrika while it is known as Patrika in the rest of the country. Rajasthan Patrika is the fourth most-read Hindi language newspaper in India while Patrika is sixth as per Indian Readership Survey in 2013.

Rajasthan Patrika has editions in Delhi apart from Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and in Tamil Nadu. Along with the printed edition, the daily has an online portal that enjoys vast readership on the World Wide Web. It has around 29 million unique visitors every month as per Comscore in 2019.

In Delhi, Rajasthan Patrika operates a news-based English website called Catch. It is handled by a group of senior journalists and Editor Shoma Chaudhry, who was also the managing editor of Tehelka, an investigative magazine in India.

Rajasthan Patrika also publishes two bimonthly children magazine Balhans and Chotu Motu.

Previously, Rajasthan Patrika has been criticised for not implying Majithia Wage Board’s recommendations for hiking the salary of employees. Many cases were also launched against the media group in various high courts, which finally reached the apex court of India, Supreme Court.

Patrika also organises its Award Ceremonies including Karpoor Chandra Kulish International Journalism Award and Concerned Communicator Award. The former award includes a prize money of USD 11,000 and a trophy.

Patrika is also India’s first news site on IDN domain. Some of the notable columnists of the daily include Feroze Varun Gandhi and S. Gurumurthy.

hindi newspapers 7 patrika website

Patrika Online

Patrika ePaper

Patrika Android App

Patrika iOS App


hindi newspapers 8 jansatta

Jansatta is a leading Hindi language daily of India. It is published by Indian Express Group, which is one of the largest media groups in India. It was founded by Prabhash Joshi in 1963, with its headquarters in New Delhi. The daily is also published from Kolkata, Chandigarh and Raipur.

Jansatta is a pioneer in investigate journalism among Hindi newspapers in India. It is known for its presentation style, layman language and fast-paced reporting style. Though originated in Delhi, it has spread its reach in the rest of the country.

Apart from the main newspaper, it also publishes a Sunday edition called Ravivari Jansatta. It consists of articles related to poetry, world, jobs, women, etc.

After Prabhash Joshi, Jansatta was handled by Rahul Dev as its Editor. Dev was replaced by Achyutanand Mishra later; however he was not allowed to function properly. Many journalists were known to create hurdles in his way. He was finally replaced by Om Thanvi as the Editor.

Currently, Jansatta is headed by Mukesh Bhardwaj as its Editor, who has authored five books.

Jansatta covers all the latest updates and news articles related to politics, national & international affairs, business, sports, entertainment, etc.

hindi newspapers 8 jansatta website

Jansatta Online

Jansatta ePaper

Jansatta Android App

Jansatta iOS App

Punjab Kesari

hindi newspapers 9 punjab kesari

Punjab Kesari is a Hindi newspaper from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi provinces of India. It is run by Punjab Kesari Group, previously known as The Hindsamachar Ltd. Punjab Kesari is one of the four newspapers started by the group. The other three are: Hind Samachar in Urdu, Jagbani in Punjabi and Navodaya Times from Delhi NCR.

Punjab Kesari was founded by Lala Jagat Narain and later, it was run by his elder son Romesh Chander. During the times of rising terrorism in Punjab, both father-son were assassinated in 1981 and 1984 respectively.

Punjab Kesari maintained its stand against terrorism in Punjab even after the assassination of its founders. The group also started Shaheed Parivar Fund to help the families affected by terrorism.

Currently, Punjab Kesari has its publication centres in Jalandhar, Delhi, Ambala Cantt, Palampur, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Panipat, Hisar, Jammu, Mohali, Chandigarh and Shimla. Apart from the daily newspaper, it has digital portals that operate from Delhi and Jalandhar. According to Alexa, the Jalandhar website ranks 952 in India and Delhi website is ranked at 9425 as in March 2018.

Punjab Kesari also runs an entertainment portal called Bollywood Kesari that publishes news articles pertaining to Bollywood industry. It also maintains a Facebook page that has clocked more than 800,000 likes.

For sports coverage, it has a sports portal Cricket Kesari. It is also a fair-performing website with a functional Facebook page.

Many prominent personalities of India including Khushwant Singh, Shekhar Gurera, Feroze Varun Gandhi, Shanta Kumar, Balbir Punj, Karan Thapar, Maneka Gandhi, etc have been columnists with Punjab Kesari.

hindi newspapers 9 punjab kesari website

Punjab Kesari Online

Punjab Kesari ePaper

Punjab Kesari Android App

Punjab Kesari iOS App

Prabhat Khabar

hindi newspapers 10 prabhat khabar

Prabhat Khabar is a leading Hindi newspaper of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. Founded in 1984 in Ranchi, the daily is owned by Neutral Publishing House Ltd. It was established by Mr. Gayan Ranjan in Ranchi. Prabhat Khabar is popular for reporting on social issues and scams in a neutral manner. The daily also published stories on Fodder Scam involving Indian Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav. For its coverage of Fodder Scam, the newspaper even received threats. Despite intimidation, Prabhat Khabar continued reporting on the scam. In 2012, the newspaper ranked 7th among all the leading Hindi newspapers in India.

Prabhat Khabar is printed and circulated in Indian cities of Ranchi, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Deoghar, Muzzafarpur, Gaya, Kolkata, Silliguri, Bhagalpur and Patna. It also operates a radio station called Radio Dhoom in Jharkhand. It airs palatable entertainment content for city as well as rural listeners. The Radio Jockeys of this station also use Chotanagpuri dialect to attract the local fans.

In 2001, Prabhat Khabar launched its media institute named Prabhat Khabar Institute of Media Studies to education and develop quality journalists in India. In 2007, it established local Yellow Pages based out of Jamshedpur called Main Hoon Jamshedpur. In 2012, Prabhat Khabar began to circulate a weekly magazine called Panchayatnama for the rural readers.

Apart from the newspaper, the media house Neutral Publishing House Ltd. also offers services like media education, radio, event, internet, value added services through mobile.

hindi newspapers 10 prabhat khabar website

Prabhat Khabar Online

Prabhat Khabar ePaper

Prabhat Khabar Android App

Prabhat Khabar iOS App

Hari Bhoomi

hindi newspapers 11 hari bhoomi

Hari Bhoomi is a Hindi newspaper from Central and Northern India. It was founded on 5 September by Captain Abhimanyu, 1996 as a weekly Hindi newspaper. It was in 1997 that the newspaper converted into a daily. The circulation began in Haryana as HariBhoomi Rohtak edition. This edition covered the news pertaining to Haryana region.

In April 1998, Hari Bhoomi began operation for its Delhi edition. It intended to cover news related to the National Capital Region of India that includes Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon. In 2001, it expanded its publication to Chattisgarh, starting from Bilaspur followed by Raipur. The daily became a name in Madhya Pradesh in October 2008.

In 2014, Hari Bhoomi managed to make a place for itself in Top 10 leading Hindi newspapers in India on the grounds of readership. However, as of 2020, it slipped out of the Top 10 list. The daily is known for its Right-wing inclination in its journalism and reporting on various issues related to national and international concerns.

Apart from the Hindi newspaper, Hari Bhoomi also publishes weekly magazines including Saheli, Balbhoomi, Manzil, Ravivar Bharti, Rangarang and Choupal that covers articles related to women, children, youth, family, entertainment and culture respectively.

hindi newspapers 11 hari bhoomi website

Hari Bhoomi Online

Hari Bhoomi ePaper

Hari Bhoomi Android App


hindi newspapers 12

Inext is an urban broadsheet newspaper owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited, which is the largest media house in India. Launched on December 22, 2006, Inext caters to the younger population of the country in an easy-to-read language. Currently, it has 12 editions catering to Agra, Allahabad, Bareilly, Dehradun, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Patna, Ranchi and Jamshedpur with its headquarters in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Inext is India’s first bilingual newspaper, with Hindi and English content combined in one newspaper. It was launched in a 24-page tabloid. Following its success in various Indian states, Jagran Prakashan Limited decided to convert it into a broadsheet. It also publishes weekly supplementary including Career Path.

Apart from the broadsheet newspaper, Inext also has an online portal that regularly publishes news articles, opinion pieces, and information on various topics including National, International, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business and Sports.

Inext was appreciated by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi as well as the United States’ social body for its campaign on Hunger Day.

hindi newspapers 12 inext website

Inext ePaper

Inext Android App

Business Standard Hindi

hindi newspapers 13 business standard

Business Standard is a leading English business newspaper of India. Apart from English, it also publishes a financial newspaper in Hindi. Founded in 1975, the newspaper writes extensive articles, news, opinion pieces based on topics related to Indian economy, finances, infrastructure, business, trade, stock and currency.

The English language newspaper of Business Standard is published in  Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, and Kochi. It is circulated in over 1,000 towns and cities of India.

Business Standard is India’s second largest business newspaper in terms of circulation as of 2017. As of 2019, it is the third largest financial news daily of India in terms of readership.

In 1997, Business Standard is purchased by Kotak Mahindra Finance from its previous owners Anand Bazaar Patrika in 1997. Renowned financial editor T.N. Ninan was the editor of Business Standard from 1993 to 2009. In January 2010, he became the chairman and editorial director of BSL. He was later succeeded as editor of Business Standard by Dr. Sanjaya Baru.

Baru was the media advisor to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Veteran journalist Ashok K Bhattacharya took charge of the editorship after Sanjaya Baru left Business Standard in 2011. Currently, the media group is government by senior journalist Shyamal Majumdar as its Editor.

Business Standard has more than 200 business journalists working in the firm. The headquarters are located in Delhi and Mumbai. However, the reporters are deputed across the country in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh.

Some of the popular columnists of Business Standard include Bimal Jalan, Subir Gokarn, Shankar Acharya, Deepak Lal, Suman Bery, Nitin Desai, Arvind Subramanian, M. Govinda Rao, Arvind Singhal, etc.

hindi newspapers 13 business standard website

Business Standard Hindi Online

Business Standard Hindi ePaper

Business Standard Hindi Android App

Business Standard Hindi iOS App

Tarun Mitra

hindi newspapers 14 tarun mitra

Tarun Mitra is a Hindi daily newspaper of India established in 1978. It has its headquarters situated in Hazratganj in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the most popular newspapers in Lucknow. Tarun Mitra is circulated in Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttrakhand. It covers all the news articles and opinions on topics related to national, international, regional, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc.

The newspaper is published in a broadsheet format with 8 pages of news pertaining to regional, international and national interests. It is popularly known for in-depth reporting of regional and local news.

hindi newspapers 14 tarun mitra website

Tarun Mitra Online

Tarun Mitra ePaper

Sanjeevni Today

hindi newspapers 15 sanjeevni today

Sanjeevni Today is a Hindi language newspaper published from Jaipur, Rajasthan. It includes a daily newspaper along with a weekly magazine and an online website. It covers news related to national, international, regional, entertainment, lifestyle, business and sports. The weekly magazine of Sanjeevni Today includes informative articles on topics like cooking, recipe, interior decoration, kids entertainment, spirituality, etc.

The online portal of Sanjeevni Today is updated on a regular basis with latest news about India and its states. It majorly targets the young audience with a careful blend of information and entertainment. It also has Facebook and Twitter pages with several thousands of followers.

hindi newspapers 15 sanjeevni today website

Sanjeevni Today Online

Sanjeevni Today ePaper

Sanjeevni Today Android App

Dainik Savera Times

hindi newspapers 16 dainik savera

Dainik Savera Times is a Hindi language daily published from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir. It is published in broadsheet format with latest news covering topics like regional news, international news, local news, entertainment news, sports news and business news.

Apart from the newspaper, it has an electronic newspaper edition for the readers on the go. It also maintains an online news portal for fast updates on breaking news and other articles. Dainik Savera Times can also be obtained in the form of Android and iOS app to be installed on smartphones.

hindi newspapers 16 dainik savera website

Dainik Savera Times Online

Dainik Savera Times ePaper

Dainik Savera Times Android App

Dainik Savera Times iOS App

Uttam Hindu

hindi newspapers 17 uttam hindu

Uttam Hindu is a Hindi language newspaper that publishes from Jalandhar city of Punjab province. Published in a broadsheet format, it covers news articles related to national, international, entertainment, off-beat, sports and business topics. It is circulated in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

On Sunday, it publishes a four-page magazine called Sunday Plus that covers articles related to entertainment, family, literature, parenting, astrology, relationships, etc. Uttam Hindu also maintains a Facebook page and Twitter handle to share latest news and articles on social media.

hindi newspapers 17 uttam hindu website

Uttam Hindu Online

Uttam Hindu ePaper

Dainik Tribune

hindi newspapers 18 tribune

Dainik Tribune is a Hindi language newspaper published from New Deli, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Bathinda and Dehradun. Established in 1978 by The Tribune Trust, it covers news articles pertaining to topics like national, international, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. The group also publishes other newspapers including The Tribune and Punjabi Tribune.

Dainik Tribune is headed by Rajkumar Singh as its Editor while Harish Khare oversees operations as its Editor-in-Chief of The Tribune Group of Newspapers. The Dainik Tribune launched its own online portal on 16 August 2010.

Dainik Tribune is published in broadsheet format with 10 pages including news articles, opinion pieces, etc. The supplements include entertainment magazine Sargam, lifestyle-related magazine Lehrein, along with New Year Special Dainik Tribune.

hindi newspapers 18 tribune website

Dainik Tribune Online

Dainik Tribune ePaper

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hindi newspapers 19 deshbandhu scaled

Deshbandhu is a 60-year-old newspaper with ‘Patr Nahin Mitr’ (Newspaper as your friend) as its tagline. It was launched in April 1959 from Raipur, which is now the capital of Chhattisgarh, by veteran journalist late Mayaram Surjan. In 2008, it began its National Edition from New Delhi.

As of 2019, Deshbandhu is published from 8 cities including Raipur, Bhopal, Bilaspur, Sagar, Satna, New Delhi and Jabalpur. It is published in a broadsheet format with 12 pages of news articles related to national, international, regional, editorial, finance, sports and lifestyle. It also publishes an evening newspaper Highway Channel in Raipur, Jagdalpur and Bilaspur. Deshbandhu has a supplementary magazine titled Akshar Parv for literature and art-related topics.

Deshbandhu also manages an online portal with regular updates about news related to national and international concerns.

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Divya Himachal

hindi newspapers 20 divya himachal

Divya Himachal is a regional Hindi newspaper that covers the provinces of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Chandigarh. Founded on December 29, 1997, it is one of the most popular newspapers in Himachal Pradesh. It has four editions namely Shimla, Dharamshala, Chandigarh and Punjab.

Divya Himachal’s headquarters are located in Matour and is printed by Samarpan Printers. It has another printing press in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh which became operations on April 1, 2017. Published in broadsheet format, it has pullouts including Mera Kangra, Mera Bilaspur, Mera Shimla, Mera Solan, Mera Una, Mera Kullu, Mera Sirmour, Mera Chamba, etc according to the districts in Himachal Pradesh where the newspaper is circulated. It also publishes a tabloid titled Himachal This Week for weekly news updates of the state.

Divya Himachal newspaper is headed by Bhanu Dhamija. He has also authored a bestseller titled Why India needs Presidential System, in which he has argued about the need of Presidential System for India. He operates the newspaper as its founder and chairman. Divya Himachal is the largest publishing company in Himachal Pradesh, owned by Divya Himachal Prakashan India Private Limited.

Anil Soni is the Editor-in-Chief of the media group and also the director of Divya Himachal’s Premier Events segment.

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Pradesh Today

hindi newspapers 21 pradesh today

Pradesh Today is a Hindi language newspaper owned by Pradesh Today Media Group. It is published in Madhya Pradesh as an evening newspaper. Launched in 2011, the daily is currently serving the readers of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Pradesh Today was launched by Hradayesh Dixit, who is also the Co-Founder of the media group. Presently, he is serving as the Chairman of the Pradesh Today Media Group. The media group name was changed to Pradesh Today Media Limited on July 5, 2017.

Apart from the evening newspaper, Pradesh Today also has a website that publishes regular news articles related to national, international, regional, lifestyle, entertainment and health.

hindi newspapers 21 pradesh today website

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Sanmarg Hindi

hindi newspapers 22 sanmarg

Sanmarg Hindi is a Hindi language daily that is based out of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It was launched in 1946, just a year before India gained independence from British Colonial rule in 1947, by Swami Karpatri. It was founded to promote and protect the Sanatan Dharm of India. The title of the newspaper, Sanmarg translates to ‘The Path of Truth’ in English.

According to their official website, Sanmarg has a daily circulation of 2,25,000 in India. Currently, it is published from Kolkata, Kharagpur, Asansol, Silliguri, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Andaman & Nicobar provinces of India. Sanmarg is published in broadsheet format with 10 pages and it is available at a cost of INR 4 in India.

hindi newspapers 22 sanmarg website

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Rashtriya Sahara

hindi newspapers 23 rashtriya sahara

Rashtriya Sahara is a Hindi language newspaper launched on 16, February, 1992 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The headquarters of this newspaper is located in New Delhi. Presently, it is published from Lucknow, Patna, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur and Dehradun.

The newspaper is handled by Sahara India Mass Communication that also publishes an Urdu newspaper titled Roznama Sahara.

Rashtriya Sahara publishes 12 pages in broadsheet format that covers national, international, entertainment, lifestyle, business and sports news. 

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Dabang Dunia

hindi newspapers 24 dabang dunia

Dabang Dunia is a Hindi newspaper founded in 2011, with headquarters situated in Indore. It publishes from 11 cities of India covering 4 Indian states. In Madhya Pradesh alone, the daily is circulated in Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Sagar. It also has a separate edition for New Delhi and Mumbai, the two largest metropolitans of India.

Dabang Dunia covers news articles that identify with national, international, sports, business, entertainment, politics, women issues and other topics. Apart from the daily, it also manages an online portal that also publishes electronic paper in a readable format. It also has an Android app name D-Live along with a news channel called D-Live.

hindi newspapers 24 dabang dunia website

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Tehelka Hindi

hindi newspapers 25 tehelka hindi

Tehelka Hindi is an English as well as Hindi magazine renowned for its investigative journalism and sting operations. It was started in 2000 as an online website by Tarun Tejpal and Aniruddha Bahal after they quit their jobs at Outlook India. Tehelka rose to fame when Aniruddha Bahal and Matthew Samuel published undercover videotapes about corruption in fake arms deal via their sting operation- Operation West End, back in 2001.

However, in 2003 their website was shut down due to increasing debts on the founders. It was followed by Aniruddha Bahal quitting Tehelka and founding another firm called Cobrapost. In 2004, it resumed operations as a weekly newspaper in a tabloid format. It was backed by many prominent activists including Arundhati Roy, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul. It sold around 75,000 to 90,000 copies per week after their Naroda Patiya sting operation in 2007.

Despite popularity, Tehelka continued to incur losses as it failed to get any advertisement and relied heavily on subscribers and sales.

In 2007, Tehelka was finally changed to a magazine to garner more advertisers. It still struggled to get ads because of their controversial stings and political pressure. It started their Hindi website in 2007 followed by a Hindi language magazine.

In 2013, Tehelka made headlines when its founder Tarun Tejpal was accused of rape and repeated sexual assault. He was arrested after which he stepped down as the editor of Tehelka.

hindi newspapers 25 tehelka hindi website

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hindi newspapers 26 panchjanya

Panchjanya is a Hindi language weekly magazine started by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). It was launched by RSS promoter Deendayal Upadhyay in 1948 in Lucknow. RSS is a right-wing, Hindi nationalist and paramilitary volunteer organization of India that is known to be affiliated with the ruling party of India, Bhartiya Janata Party.

Panchjanya came into existence on January 14, 1948 on the occasion of Makar Sankranthi. The first editor of the weekly was former Prime Minister of India, Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The first cover page of the magazine had a picture of Hindu god Lord Krishna printed on it.

Panchjanya was launched with an aim to propagate idealism, patriotism and to preserve the Hindu cultural heritage of India. Presently, it is headed by Hitesh Shankar as its Editor. Formerly, Shankar served as an editor of Hindustan. He is also a member of IIMC’s new executive council.

In 1995, Panchjanya circulated 85,000 copies, as per Audit Bureau of Circulation. In 2013, it circulated much lesser, 50,000 copies only.

In 2015, Panchjanya came into limelight for its October edition in which it carried a cover story ‘Utpat Ke Us Par’ (The Other Side of Disturbance). In the story, he justified the Dadri mob lynching incident in which a Muslim mam was killed by villager on suspicion of cow slaughter. He said that according to the Vedas, a sinner who slaughters cow must be killed.

hindi newspapers 26 panchjanya website

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Jansandesh Times

hindi newspapers 27 jansandesh times

Jansandesh Times is a Hindi language newspaper published from Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj (Allahabad) and Gorakhpur. It was launched in Lucknow in May 2010. Owned by Jansandesh Times News Network, the newspaper is very popular in Uttar Pradesh state of India. It publishes news stories pertaining national, international and regional matters.

hindi newspapers 27 jansandesh times website

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B. Hindi News Websites in India

Apart from newspapers, there are several Hindi news websites in India that cater to diverse audience of the country. They cover latest news updates related to national, international and regional concerns. Some are full-fledged online portals that regularly publish articles on different topics like entertainment and lifestyle.

News Track

hindi newspapers 28 news track

News Track website is owned by News Track Infomedia Pvt. LTD. It is an online portal publishing regular updates on topics like news, information and entertainment on different platforms like mobile, television, digital media and print media. News Track was first published in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The fortnightly newspaper was launched in 2007 for covering areas of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Currently, News Track website is operating in 50 districts and 272 Tehsil headquarter of Madhya Pradesh. The company also owns ‘News on Wheels’ under which they communicate with people residing in remote areas where electronic and print media have limited reach. They inform the rural population about government’s schemes, development programs, and achievements.

News Track also has Android as well as iOS application for accessing m-paper on smartphones.

hindi newspapers 28 news track website

News Track Online

News Track ePaper

Pars Today Hindi

hindi newspapers 29 pars today website

Pars Today is an Iranian news website that covers latest news about Iran, India and Middle-East in Hindi language. It was launched in 2016, with an aim to covers news articles in more than 30 languages of the world including Hindi.

Currently, Pars Today operates news websites in Alabanian, Armenian, Bengali, English, Russian, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kazaki, Kiswahili, Pashto, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish languages.

Pars Today Hindi Online


hindi newspapers 30 raftaar website

Raftaar is world’s first Hindi online website. It also serves as a Hindi content aggregator for the Indian Hindi speaking audience. It covers various genres including entertainment, news, astrology, literature, etc. It also doubles up as a web search portal for users.

Raftaar was co-founded by Indicus Analytics in the year 2005. It is a renowned economics research company of the world. Every month, Raftaar gets around 5 million users on its web portals. As far as its popularity is concerned, it is ranked at 713 in India. The corporate office of Raftaar is located in New Delhi, India.

Rafaar Search enables users to surf the internet in Hindi. Technically, it displays the already published Hindi content to users. It also allows users to search for Hindi content using English keywords. To make the content legible and understandable for its audience, Raftaar uses Hindi Unicode font on its website.

Raftaar Online

News State

hindi newspapers 31 news state website

News State is a Hindi regional website of popular Hindi news channel News Nation. The channel was launched in October 2012 on a free-to-air basis. It carries news articles on issues related to national, international, politics, crime, corruption, entertainment and sports. It launched its regional news channel called News Nation Uttar Pradesh which was further rebranded to News State Uttar Pradesh- Uttarakhand. News State online website posts regular updates regarding issues of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states of India.

News State also has an English news website covering the major national as well as international news on its portal. The headquarters of the website and channels are situated in Noida Film City.

News State Online

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UNI Varta

hindi newspapers 32 uni varta website

UNI Varta is a Hindi news website of a multilingual news agency of India. The agency was founded in 1959 by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy as an English news agency, while the commercial operations began only in 1961. The headquarters of UNI Varta are situated in New Delhi, India.

In 1992, United News of India (UNI) also launched an Urdu news service apart from Hindi and English to become the first agency to cater to Urdu readers in India. Also, it is currently the second largest news agency in India.

United News of India was launched in 1959 when the leading newspapers of India demanded a secondary news agency apart from Press Trust of India (PTI). It was sponsored by eight leading dailies including The Hindi, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Amrita Bazar Patrika, The Statesman, Hindustan Standard, Deccan Herald and Aryavarta.

UNI became popular for its innovative coverage of various topics including in-depth analysis of current topics. In 1976, during Emergency period of India, Indira Gandhi government merged UNI along with PTI, Hindustan Samachar and Samachar Bharati to form Samachar. Later, after the defeat of Indira Gandhi in General Elections of 1977, Kuldip Nayar Committee created two news agencies Varta and Sandesh from the existing Samachar.

It was in April 1978 that UNI got its identity back as an independent news agency. In 1982, UNI launched its Hindi news service called UNI Varta (conversation in Hindi). It has correspondents all around the world with collaborations with several foreign news agencies including Reuters.

UNI Varta Online

Ujjawal Prabhat

hindi newspapers 33 ujjawal prabhat website

Ujjawal Prabhat is a Hindi language news website of North India, operated from Lucknow. It covers all the news articles related to national, international, entertainment, information, etc. The website also has a separate section for youth that publishes articles on topics including business, lifestyle, jobs, entertainment, etc. It also has a functional Facebook page and Twitter handle to push latest updates among its readers.

Ujjawal Prabhat Online


hindi newspapers 34 inkhabar website

InKhabar is an online website in Hindi language in India which is a part of ITV Network. It is a part of India’s popular Hindi news channel India News headquartered in Noida. It was launched, owned and promoted by Kartikeya Sharma, son of a prominent Indian politician Venod Sharma.

ITV Network currently houses 12 news channel and two newspapers Aaj Samaj and The Sunday Guardian. Currently, the media group is headed by Ajay Shukla as its Editor-in-Chief.

InKhabar Online

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IANS Hindi

hindi newspapers 35 ians hindi website

IANS Hindi is a Hindi language version of a prominent news agency IANS (Indo-Asian News Services). It is a privately owned news agency of India. Founded by Indian American publisher Gopal Raju in 1986 as India Abroad News Service, it was later rebranded as Indo-Asian News Services. It was launched with an aim of connecting the Indian population living in Western countries with their roots. 30 years later, it became a 24×7 functioning news agency that operates from India and other South Asian countries. The headquarters of the news agency are located in Noida, which is also the news hub of India.

IANS publishes regular news articles related to national, international, entertainment, business, sports, etc topics. IANS also has a mobile news service that caters to the readers who are always on the move.

IANS serves as a reliable source of news and information for many news channels and newspapers of India including India TV, ABP News, NDTV, Aaj Tak, News18, Zee News, etc.

Currently, IANS is headed by Sandeep Bamzai as its Editor-in-Chief and CEO.

IANS Hindi Online


hindi newspapers 36 bhadas4media website

Bhadas4Media is a Hindi news portal that regularly post updates about the media industry in India. It covers the news pertaining to the leading newspapers and news channels of India. It serves as an online director for the latest information, opinion pieces, debate related to the media scenario in India. It is considered to be one of the most trusted names among media analysis websites in India after Newslaundry, Exchange4Media, etc.

Bhadas4Media was launched in 2008 to uncover the working environment, employee treatment, hiring, interview, etc. in the media industry. The portal is headed by Yashwant Singh who has worked in the media industry for one and a half decade in leading newspapers including Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran. He publishes stories and exposes on Bhadas4Media in order to create awareness among the media workers in India regarding the industry.

Yashwant Singh has served jail term for 68 days in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh for publishing stories criticising the government. Narrating his ordeal as the Dasna Jail, he also wrote a memoir called Jaaneman Jail that gained popularity among his followers.

According to their official website, there have been several attempts to thwart the operations at Bhadas4Media. Offices of the news portal were raided, computers were seized and the content editor was sent to jail during one of such incidents.

Bhadas4Media operates on the funds raised via voluntary donations by their subscribers, industrialists, general public, etc.

Bhadas4Media Online

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Express Media Services Hindi

hindi newspapers 37 express media service website

Express Media Services is an online news portal established 24 years ago in Madhya Pradesh, India. It also owns a news agency called EMS News that has more than 400 clienteles in the media industry. The agency covers national & international news as well as regional news to cater to the requirements of over 100 regional newspapers of Madhya Pradesh. It aims to start regional news agencies for every Indian state covering the remotest areas as well.

The agency is also available in Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu languages.

Express Media Services Online

NDTV Hindi

hindi newspapers 38 ndtv hindi website

NDTV Hindi is a Hindi news portal of a renowned Hindi news channel NDTV that stands for New Delhi Television. Founded by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy in 1988, it is touted to be one of the most unbiased news channels in India with no left or right inclinations. The Hindi news website of the channel covers the national, international, regional, entertainment, politics, current affairs, lifestyle and sports related news of India.

NDTV India has courted many controversies in the past few years including corruption & criminal controversy, Radia tapes controversy, tax fraud etc. The channel has been in a constant brush with the government for its fierce and unabashed journalism. In 2016, the channel was even banned for one day by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for divulging classified information while covering the deadly attack of Pathankot air base.

Prannoy Roy, Sonia Singh, Nidhi Razdan, Barkha Dutt (former), Ravish Kumar, Sreenivasan Jain, etc are some of the prominent faces in Indian journalism that have been associated with NDTV India.

NDTV Hindi Online

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Aaj Tak

hindi newspapers 39 aaj tak website

Aaj Tak is a leading Hindi news channel and news portal of India owned by Living Media Group. Operated from Noida in the National Capital Region, it is one of the most popular news channels in the country. Apart from the news channel, it also owns a Hindi news portal called Aajtak.InToday. The Hindi news website covers news articles related to national, international, regional, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. topics.

Apart from the regular news, Aaj Tak also runs a Fact Check section on his Hindi as well as English website. The section is aimed at demolishing fake news network that is prevalent in India through mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. It carries a brief analysis of the fake claims made by social media intellectuals and intends to bust such fake news networks.

Some of the popular journalists associated with Aaj Tak and India Today are Aroon Purie, Rajdeep Sardesai, Anjana Om Kashyap, Sweta Singh, Rohit Sardana and Rahul Kanwal.

Aaj Tak Online

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News18 Hindi

hindi newspapers 40 news18 hindi website

News18 Hindi is a Hindi news portal of a renowned English news channel News18. It is owned by the Network 18 group, previously known as CNN-IBN. The headquarters of its subsidiaries including News18 Hindi are located in Film City, Noida. The media group was acquired by Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries in 2014, which is touted to be biggest ever deal in Indian media space.

The Hindi news website of News18 covers the national, regional, international, entertainment, lifestyle, business and sports news of the country. Apart from the website, it also has a dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android platforms.

News18 Hindi Online

News18 Hindi Android App

News18 Hindi iOS App

One India Hindi

hindi newspapers 41 oneindia hindi website

One India Hindi is an online news portal founded by BG Mahesh in 2006. The media group is owned by Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The website publishes regular updates on topics like national, regional, international, sports, events, entertainment, business, lifestyle, classifieds, and education in seven Indian languages including Hindi. The headquarters of One India are situated in Noida of National Capital Region.

One India reportedly receives more than 45 million active users every month. It has its mobile application version as well for Android and iOS platforms.

One India Hindi Online

One India Hindi Android App

ABP News

hindi newspapers 42 abp news website

ABP News is one of the oldest Hindi news channels in India .It also has an online Hindi news website ABP Live that publishes regular updates regarding topics like national, regional, international, lifestyle, economy, entertainment, sports, astrology, etc. Owned by ABP Group (Anand Bazar Patrika), ABP News is one of the most popular Hindi news websites in India.

Talking about the media group, ABP News is one of the largest media conglomerates in India with several news channels and websites under its company. It was launched in 1988 with its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. A renowned publishing firm named Ananda Publisher is also a part of ABP Group. Currently, the news group owns three newspapers; Anandabazar Patrika, Ebela and The Telegraph. It also has a number of magazines under its name including Anandamela, Unish-Kuri, Sananda, Anandalok, Desh, etc.

ABP News also has Android, Windows and iOS based smartphone applications for users who like to read news on the go. Apart from Hindi, it has websites in English, Bangla, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati languages.

ABP News Online

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Zee News Hindi

hindi newspapers 43 zee news hindi website

Zee News Hindi is a website version of popular Hindi language news channel Zee News. The website covers news related articles of topics including news, business, entertainment, health, lifestyle, sports, finance, etc. The website along with the Hindi news channel is owned by Essel Group and the company is run under the name Zee Media Corporations Limited.

The chairman of this group is Subhash Chandra, who is also a Rajya Sabha member backed by the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party. The channel is headed by Sudhir Chaudhary who is one of the most prominent journalists in India.

Along with the Hindi news website, the media group also operates several other online portals including Daily News & Analysis, better known as DNA. Other websites run by the company include Zee5 (OTT Platform), WION Website (International News), India.com, etc.

Zee News Hindi Online

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WebDunia Hindi

hindi newspapers 44 webdunia hindi website

WebDunia Hindi is an online portal that publishes news articles in Hindi language related to topics like national, international, religion, Bollywood, lifestyle, cricket and astrology. Launched in 1999, it is owned by WebDunia Technology Services headquartered in New Delhi. Apart from Hindi, it also runs websites in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages. It was inaugurated 21 years ago by then Prime Minister IK Gujaral. WebDunia Hindi has a dedicated smartphone application for Android and iOS platforms.

WebDunia Hindi Online

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WebDunia Hindi iOS App

Sportskeeda Hindi

hindi newspapers 45 sportskeeda hindi website

Sportskeeda Hindi is an online portal that covers Hindi news articles related to Sports in India. It was launched with an aim to serve as a one-stop platform for news related to sports in India and all across the globe. The website is visited by around 15 million unique users every year, as per their official website.

Launched in 2009 by Porush Jain and Anshu Prasad, it was acquired by a company called Nazara in 2019. Srinivas Rowjee Cuddapah angel invested in the firm.  Some of the popular columnists who have written for Sportskeeda including Dev S. Sukumar, Novy Kapadia, Jonathan Wilson, Raphael Honigstein, Hemang Badani, and Mohammad Kaif.

The name Sportskeeda is derived from an English term Bookwork. Sportskeeda means ‘Sportsworm’ or ‘sports lover’ in Hindi. After being initially run from Noida, the company was moved to Bangalore in 2011.

In 2011, an organization called Seedfund invested $600,000 into Sportskeeda. An Android app of the website was launched in 2015.

Sportskeeda Hindi Online

Sportskeeda Hindi Android App

Sportskeeda Hindi iOS App

Hindi Mykhel

hindi newspapers 46 mykhel hindi website

Hindi myKhel is an online portal of a popular media website called Oneindia. The website is dedicated to covering sports news like cricket, WWE, badminton, hockey, golf, athletics, etc. They cover all the major sporting events like Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Wimbledon, ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, etc.

Apart from Hindi, myKhel also covers sports news in English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali languages. The content published is also available over mobile web and mobile apps apart from the online website.

The content on myKhel is also published by some freelance journalists and noted columnists as well. Stories commissioned through international agencies like Associated Press, AFP and Omnisport are also published.

Hindi myKhel Online

BBC Hindi

hindi newspapers 47 bbc hindi website

BBC Hindi is a Hindi website of popular English media group BBC News. The Hindi service was launched by the media conglomerate on 11 May, 1940 in India. The website has been thriving with millions of unique page views every month for 70 years since its inception. It established its office in New Delhi in 1994 that also serves as the headquarters of the media group in India.

Talking about the history of BCC News, it was launched in London, United Kingdom in 1940 on the day when Winston Churchill took the oath as the Prime Minister of the country. It was launched in India with an aim to reach British soldiers stationed in India during World War II. After the independence of India, the Indian service was launched by broadcaster Zulfiqar Bukhari. Some of the other prominent personalities associated with BBC India were George Orwell, Balraj Sahni, Purshottam Lal Pahwa, Aale Hassan, Harishchandra Khanna, Ratnakar Bhartiya, etc. Former Prime Minister IK Gujral also served as a contributor in BBC Hindi.

Currently, BBC Hindi is headed by Mukesh Sharma as its head (as of 2019).

BBC Hindi Online

BBC Hindi Android App

BBC Hindi iOS App

Sahara Samay

hindi newspapers 48 sahara samay website

Sahara Samay is a Hindi website of news channel Sahara Samay, covering news articles on topics ranging from sports, education, business, nation, politics, world, lifestyle, astrology, science and technology. It is headed by Shri Upendrra Rai as its CEO and Editor-in-Chief. The headquarters of Sahara Samay are located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Sahara Samay Online

Awaz-e-Uttar Pradesh

hindi newspapers 49 awaz e uttar pradesh website

Awaz-e-Uttar Pradesh is a Hindi news website of a regional news channel Awaz-e-Uttar Pradesh. It covers latest pertaining to India and the world. Apart from news, it regularly publishes articles based on topics like Bollywood, cricket, lifestyle, finance, etc. The headquarters of the Hindi news website are located in Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Awaz-e-Uttar Pradesh Online

Awaz-e-Uttar Pradesh Android App

Talented India

hindi newspapers 50 talented india website

Talented India is a Hindi news portal that majorly covers positive and inspirational stories and news articles. It is aimed at instilling positive vibes among its readers. They present the daily news in a humorous and cartoon-based format so that their readers get inspired to adopt positive attitude in their lives. The online portal also maintains a YouTube channel that publishes news stories in the video format. It has more than 826,000 subscribers on the video streaming platform.

Talented India Online

Talented India Android App

Bhopal Samachar

hindi newspapers 51 bhopal samachar website

Bhopal Samachar is a Hindi news website managed by Balaji Creation in Bhopal. It was established on 16 August, 2012 in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular news websites in Madhya Pradesh. Its YouTube channel has around 1200 subscribers (as of 2020).

Bhopal Samachar Online

Bhopal Samachar Android App

Jan Prahar

hindi newspapers 52 jan prahar website

Jan Prahar is a popular Hindi news website based out of Maharashtra. It covers trending news articles on its website related to topics including politics, entertainment, business, technology and sports. The news portal is headed by Swapnali Kendre as its Chief Editor. The headquarters are situated in Ahmedpur, Maharashtra.

Jan Prahar Online

News Post

hindi newspapers 53 news post website

News Post is a Hindi news website that regularly publishes news articles on topics like politics, crime, entertainment, sports, business, travel, lifestyle, health and offbeat. The headquarters of the online portal are located in Central Delhi with offices in Dehradun and Bangalore as well.

News Post Online

News Post Android App

News Wing

hindi newspapers 54 news wings website

News Wings is a Bilingual news portal based in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It is headed by Surjit Singh as its Editor. Apart from the news portal, it also publishes e-paper for Android and iOS based smartphones.

News Wings Online


hindi newspapers 55 ghamasan website

Ghamasan is a Hindi news portal that covers news articles on topics like national, international, entertainment, technology, sports and viral news. The headquarters of the news website are located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The YouTube channel of the portal has 31,800 subscribers.

Ghamasan Online


hindi newspapers 56 pravakta website

Pravakta is a Hindi news website with its focus on topics like international affairs, politics, entertainment, literature, etc. The name of the news portal is a Hindi word for ‘Spokesperson’. The headquarters of Pravakta are situated in East Delhi.

Pravakta Online

Garja Chhattisgarh

hindi newspapers 57 garja chhattisgarh website

As the name suggests, Garja Chhattisgarh is a regional Hindi newspaper from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The online portal covers news articles on various topics including national, regional, international, entertainment, jobs, sports, politics, astrology, technology, etc. The head office of Garja Chhattisgarh is situated in Raipur, which is also the capital of the state.

Garja Chhattisgarh Online

Pal Pal India

hindi newspapers 58 pal pal india website

Pal Pal India is an online portal that publishes news articles in Hindi language on topics related to national, international, regional, politics, technology, business, sports, etc. The news portal also has a website in English language. The website is headed by Abhi Manoj as its Editor-in-Chief and Indrabhushan Dwivedi as its Editor. The headquarters of Pal Pal India are located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Pal Pal India Online

Sabguru News

hindi newspapers 59 sabguru website

Sabguru is an Indian Hindi language news portal that publishes stories on topics like weather news, business news, entertainment, politics news, sports news, career news, health and fitness, national & international news. The website also has an English news portal. The headquarters of Sabguru News are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

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TOS News

hindi newspapers 60 tos news website

TOS News is a Hindi news website that publishes Hindi news stories on topics like regional, national, international, politics, entertainment, business, religion, lifestyle, sports, technology, etc. It is headed by Swati Srivastav as its Editor and has its headquarters situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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Kohram Khabar

hindi newspapers 61 kohram khabar website

Kohram Khabar is a Hindi news website operated from Delhi, India. It is a bilingual news portal that publishes news articles on topics like politics, regional news, international news, national news, entertainment, technology, crime, etc. It also has an Android application for smartphone users.

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Legend News

hindi newspapers 62 legend news website

Legend News is an online Hindi news portal handled by Surendra Chaturvedi as its Editor-in-Chief. It covers all the major news articles pertaining to topics like international, national, regional, politics, business, entertainment, sports, health, religion, etc.

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APN News

hindi newspapers 63 apn news website

APN News is a Hindi news website of India with its head office situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is owned by Sobhagaya Media Pvt Ltd. It also has a Hindi news channel APN Live along with its respective English news website.

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hindi newspapers 64 prabhasakshi website

Prabhasakshi is a Hindi language news website owned by Dwarikesh Informatics Limited. Launched in 2001, the news website is owned by Gautam R. Morarka. The headquarters of the website are located in New Delhi. Many renowned journalists and cartoonists have been associated with the website including  Late Shri. Khushwant Singh, Late Shri. Arun Nehru, Late Shri Dinanath Mishra, Late Shri Kuldip Nayar kept writing regular columns on Prabhakshshi. Presently, Shri Tarun Vijay, Shri Rajnath Singh Surya, Shri Rahul Dev, Shri Prabhat Jha and Shri Ved Pratap Vaidik.

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hindi newspapers 65 khaskhabar website

KhasKhabar is a Hindi news website founded in 2002. The headquarters of the news website are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The website covers news articles covering 11 states of India including Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Apart from Jaipur, it also has office in Gurgaon, Haryana.

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Samachar Jagat

hindi newspapers 66 samachar jagat website

Samachar Jagat is an online web portal that publishes news articles in Hindi language. It covers news, regional, sports and lifestyle related news articles on regular basis. The headquarters of Samachar Jagat are situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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Aap Ki Khabar

hindi newspapers 67 aap ki khabar website

Aap Ki Khabar is a Hindi news platform of India covering political and local issues of the country. The headquarters of the portal are situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is owned by Rajiv who has been in the field of journalism for the past 16 years.

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Though newspapers sales in India have gone up since 2007, it faces tough competition with the digitalization of media industry. With several news websites and news aggregators like UC News, News in Shorts, MSN, Yahoo, etc., newspapers have witnessed a setback. Majority of the population in India is on the move for work and livelihood, this leads to their increased reliance on electronic media for news and information. With the advent of cheaper internet and smartphones, many news outlets have moved to digital. In fact, some of the media outlets in India are digital only with major revenue coming from advertisements and online traffic. With the increasing number of digital platforms, Hindi newspapers in India continue to face challenges and a constant demand to evolve.

To stay ahead of the curve, many Hindi newspapers have resorted to establishing their own TV channels and websites. Majority of leading Hindi dailies in India have their own websites that post regular updates in a lightning fast manner. They also publish the electronic version of their tangible newspapers on their websites.

Some Hindi newspapers have adapted to this evolving technology which has led to better and detailed coverage in a cost-effective manner. This has also accounted in increased readership for some newspapers. To reduce the journalism cost, some dailies have also resorted to reducing news-centric articles and including stories for youth-oriented topics like entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

While in developed countries like the United States newspaper circulation continues to dwindle, India is one of few countries where print media is dominant and flourishing. A spike in literacy rate in the country is also one of the many factors that have contributed to the thriving business of newspapers in India. The socio-culturally embedded habit of reading newspaper first thing in the morning has also prevented in obsolescence of print media in India.

Media industry in India including print, broadcast and digital media is nothing short of dynamism. It is evolving leaps and bound rapidly to say relevant with every-changing technology and lifestyle. At Mediabuzz, we are working hard to create an unbiased, comprehensive and structured director of media landscapes all around the world. We are a team of professional writers, thoroughly acquainted with media scenarios of different countries.

However, we are always looking for suggestions and contributions to enrich the list. If you are a current or former journalist at an Indian media firm, you can provide us inputs to enhance the accuracy of this article. Please help us with your answers for the below-mentioned questions in the comment section.

  • Is Dainik Jagran the largest read Hindi newspaper in India?
  • Did we miss any prominent Hindi newspaper and website in the list?
  • Do you believe any of the mentioned newspaper is biased in its reporting?
  • Which newspaper mentioned in the list have you subscribed to?

Important Note:

We are always looking for people having background in media/journalism/mass communication to contribute more articles for us. If you are an expert at Gujarati media industry, we would like you to help us make this article better.

We are also looking for companies/people who wish to sponsor this article and empower us to research and cover more valuable information about Gujarati media.

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