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Indian English news papers and Indian English news paper list

English Newspapers and News Websites in India

English language has played a pivotal role in Indian media, right from the inception of print media. Despite being a multilingual country, India has a vast readership of English newspapers and magazines. Majority of the leading dailies of India are published in English language. Most of these newspapers are read by the urban population, policy makers, bureaucrats, businessmen, etc. Also, bilingual individuals with English as a second language also prefer English newspaper subscriptions.

Significance of English language in Indian print media roots back to 1780, when the country was under British Raj. The first ever newspaper to be printed in India was Hicky’s Bengal Gazette which was published in English language by James Augustus Hicky. The other newspapers belonging to the same league, including The Indian Gazette, The Calcutta Gazette, The Madras Courier and The Bombay Herald were also published in English language. Mostly English newspapers were launched in Bengal to cater to the English reading population in Calcutta.

Robert Knight founded two English newspapers The Statesman in Calcutta and The Times of India in Bombay. He even started India’s first English news agency after merging with his rival Bombay Standard in 1860. Later, it became the Indian agent for Reuters news service. Later in 1861, the Bombay Times and Standard were renamed to The Times of India.

Most of the newspapers were British brought and were forced upon the Indian population. The initial newspapers didn’t have Indian content. The pages were majorly inked in gossip columns about British officials with news articles related to Britain and Europe.

While most of the English newspapers were started in India by British, they were soon taken over the freedom fighters and revolutionaries like Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The newspapers became a channel for Indian scholars and reformists to propagate their pro-independence ideologies. In 1909, Madan Mohan Malviya launched The Leader which is touted to be one of the most influential English newspapers run by an Indian during that politically-charged environment. The newspaper also carried various articles penned by Mahatma Gandhi. It is said that first Indian Prime Minister Motilal Nehra was also briefly associated with the daily.

Gradually, many freedom fighters saw an opportunity in newspapers to voice their ideas of freedom. Soon they started using the press to write about it in both English and vernacular. Though their consciencism irked the British official, the freedom fighters continued to voice their opinions which led to the beginning of the idea of a united India and subsequently led to our independence in 1947.

After Hindi, English is the second language in terms of newspaper readership in India. Currently, India has about 250 dailies and circulation of about 40 million copies of English newspapers.

Some prominent English newspapers are Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Telegraph, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, etc. Apart from print, many online English newspapers and news websites are also being introduced as the young population of the country are slowly drifting to the news-on-the-go provisions. Some of the popular online newspapers are The Quint, The Wire, Firstpost, The Print, etc.

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A. English Newspapers in India

In this section of the article, find an elaborate list of English newspapers in India that covers news articles on topics like current affairs, business, entertainment, politics, crime, lifestyle, etc.

Times of India (TOI)

english newspapers 1 times of india

Times of India is an English newspaper of India which is also one of the popular newspapers in India in terms of circulation. It is the largest-selling English newspaper in India. Owned by Times Group, TOI is also the oldest English language newspaper in India and second-oldest Indian newspaper still in circulation.

Early Years

The daily was founded in 1838 and was nicknamed as The Old Lady of Bori Bunder. During the 20th century, Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India called The Times of India the leading newspaper in Asia. BBC also ranked the newspaper among the world’s best six newspapers back in 1991. Currently, it is owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (BCCL) that is run by the Sahu Jain family.

History of Times of India

Talking about the history of Times of India, it issued its first edition on November 3rd, 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. It was published on Wednesday and Saturdays unlike the daily circulation of present time. Originally, the newspaper published the news articles related to Britain and the world apart from the Indian subcontinent. In 1860, editor Robert Knight bought the Indian shareholder’s interests and merged the newspaper with its rival Bombay Standard and started India’s first news agency.

In 1892, English journalist Thomas Jewell Bennett along with Frank Morris Coleman acquired the newspaper through their joint company Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. In 1946, the company was sold to sugar magnate Ramkrishna Dalmia, but the latter was sentenced to Tihar Jail after being convicted for fraud. His son-in-law Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain resumed the command of the firm.

Headquarters and Subsidiaries

It has its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra with several offices around the country in cities like New Delhi, Noida, Bhopal, etc. It also has sister newspapers including  The Economic Times, Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times, Ei Samay, Mumbai Mirror, Bhubaneswar Times, Times Now. As of now, Times of India is headed by Jaideep Bose as its Editor-in-Chief.

english newspapers 1 times of india website

Times of India Online

Times of India ePaper

Times of India Android App

Times of India iOS App

Bangalore Mirror

english newspapers 2 bangalore mirror

Bangalore Mirror is an English language newspaper of India dedicated to the city of Bangalore which is also considered as the IT hub of the country. It is the second largest English newspaper in the city by circulation. Unlike its parent concern, The Times of India, Bangalore Mirror is published in a compact format. Founded in 2003, it is headed by Ravi Joshi as its Editor and owned Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

english newspapers 2 bangalore mirror website

Bangalore Mirror Online

Bangalore Mirror ePaper

Ahmedabad Mirror

english newspapers 3 ahmedabad mirror

Just like Bangalore Mirror, Ahmedabad Mirror is the sister concern of the larger newspaper The Times of India. It is published with an aim to cover the local interest of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is published in a compact format with Deepal Trivedi as its Editor. It covers news articles on topics related to entertainment, current affairs, politics, sports, health, lifestyle, etc.

english newspapers 3 ahmedabad mirror website

Ahmedabad Mirror Online

Ahmedabad Mirror ePaper

Mumbai Mirror

english newspapers 4 mumbai mirror

Mumbai Mirror is a compact English language newspaper focused on Mumbai. It has a daily circulation of about 700,000 copies every day. The newspaper was founded on 30 May, 2005 by the Times Group. The launch event was attended by Vilasrao Deshmukh, then Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Abhishek Bachchan at Gateway of India. Mumbai Mirror was launched in Mumbai with an aim to compete with Hindustan Times and DNA in Mumbai market.

english newspapers 4 mumbai mirror website

Mumbai Mirror Online

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Mumbai Mirror iOS App

Pune Mirror

english newspapers 5 pune mirror

Pune Mirror is a compact English language newspaper from Pune, Maharashtra. It is owned by media group The Times Group that are also the publishers of The Times of India. The newspaper was launched to cover the news related to Pune city solely.

english newspapers 5 pune mirror website

Pune Mirror Online

Pune Mirror ePaper

Hindustan Times

english newspapers 6 hindustan times

Hindustan Times is a leading English language newspaper of India inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, who is also known as the Father of the Nation. The daily played a crucial role during the freedom movement of India as a nationalist and pro-Congress newspaper. Owned by Shobhana Bhartia, it is the flagship publication of the media conglomerate HT Media. The media group is controlled by the KK Birla family.

Founder of Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times was founded in 1924 by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, the founder of the Akali movement and Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab, India. Devdas Gandhi, the son of Mahatma Gandhi was also appointed as the Editor of Hindustan Times and the opening ceremony was attended by none other than Gandhi himself. The first edition of the newspaper was published from Naya Bazar, Delhi.


Going by the circulation, Hindustan Times is one of the largest dailies in India. As per the Indian Readership Survey of 2014, it is the second most widely read English newspaper in India after Times of India. Mostly, it has its readers in North India with simultaneous publications from New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Chandigarh and Ranchi.


Other publication ventures of Hindustan Times include Mint, Hindustan, Nandan and Kadambani. It also owns a radio channel Fever 104.0 FM and an education company Studymate. Hindustan Times also includes supplements like B’rishu, HT Education, HT Estates, Shine Jobs, HT Live Bhopal, HT 48 Hours, Desimartini, HT Campus and HT Café.


Currently, Hindustan Times has its headquarters located in New Delhi with offices in Noida, Mumbai, Pune, etc. It is currently headed by Sukumar Ranganathan as its Editor-in-Chief. Some of the popular columnists of Hindustan Times include Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Indrajit Hazra, Sonal Kalra, Samar Halarnkar, etc.

english newspapers 6 hindustan times website

Hindustan Times Online

Hindustan Times ePaper

Hindustan Times Android App

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Indian Express

english newspapers 7 indian

Indian Express is an Indian English language newspaper. It is one of the most widely circulated dailies in India published by the Indian Express Group. The media group was founded by Ramnath Goenka, after whose demise it was divided between the family members. The southern edition of the newspaper goes by the name The New Indian Express while the northern edition retains the old identity.

Founder of Indian Express

Talking about the history of Indian Express, the English language daily was started by an Ayurvedic doctor P. Varadarajulu Naidu in Chennai by his Tamil Nadu Press. After facing financial troubles, he sold the newspaper to Swaminathan Sadanand, who was the founder of Free Press Journal, a news agency.

Sadanand introduced several changes in the publications and pricing of the newspaper, following which he started facing financial difficulties. He sold a part of his stake to Ramanath Goenka as convertible debentures. In 1935 after the collapse of The Free Press Journal, a court battle ensued in which Goenka acquired the ownership of Indian Express from Sadanand.


Currently, the headquarters of Indian Express are located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh which lies in the National Capital Region of India. The daily is headed by Raj Kamal Jha as its Editor-in-Chief.


The media group, Indian Express Limited that publishes Indian Express also owns other subsidiaries including The Financial Express, Loksatta, and Jansatta. The daily is published from major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Nagpur, Jaipur, Vadodara and Chennai.

 The newspaper also publishes a weekly entertainment magazine called Screen, that covers mainly Bollywood and celebrities-related news

english newspapers 7 indian express website

Indian Express Online

Indian Express ePaper

Indian Express Android App

Indian Express iOS App

The Hindu

english newspapers 8 the hindu

The Hindu is an English language newspaper managed by The Hindu Group. It has its headquarters located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Initially, it was started in 1878 as a weekly but was turned into a daily in 1889. It is also one of the most circulated English language daily in India. Published from 21 cities across 11 states, it has a circulation of 1,404,901 newspapers daily as of 2019.

Founders of The Hindu

The Hindu was founded by Triplicane Six that included 4 law students and 2 teachers: T. T. Rangacharya, P. V. Rangacharya, D. Kesava Rao Pantulu and N. Subba Rao Pantulu, led by G. Subramania Iyer and M. Veeraraghavacharyar. The newspaper was founded with an aim to support the campaign of Sir. T. Muthuswamy Iyer for a judgeship at the Madras High Court and counter the propaganda peddled against him by the Anglo-Indian press. The Hindu was one of the most important newspapers of that time to oppose the Colonial rule in India.

Publisher of The Hindu

The Hindu, when it was launched, was printed by Srinidhi Press and then later moved to Scottish Press followed by The Hindu Press. Later, it started printing at their own press called The National Press which was established on borrowed money as it wasn’t earning any public subscriptions at that time.

The Hindu was earlier considered liberal in its approach, however, nowadays it is called Left Wing. In late 1985s when the ownership passed into the hands of Kasturi Ranga Iyengar’s family’s younger members, the political inclination changed significantly. The Worldpress.org terms The Hindu as a left-leaning independent newspaper.

The Hindu also has foreign bureaus located in Islamabad, Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Dubai, Washington D.C. and Addis Ababa.

Editor of The Hindu

Currently, the newspaper is headed by L.V. Navaneeth as its Managing Editor and Suresh Nambath as its Editor. The Hindu also has an online website, which makes the newspaper to be the first in India to have its own online portal back in 1995. As of 2020, The Hindu is also dubbed as one of the most popular and reliable sources in English Wikipedia.

english newspapers 8 the hindu website

The Hindu Online

The Hindu ePaper

The Hindu Android App

The Hindu iOS App

Deccan Herald

english newspapers 9 deccan herald

Deccan Herald is the English language newspaper published from the South Indian state of Karnataka. It is printed by The Printers Private Limited that is based out of Mysore, run by Nettakallappa family. Deccan Herald has many other editions printed from Indian cities of Bengaluru, Hubballi, Davanagere, Hospet, Mysuru, Mangalore and Kalburgi.

Founder of Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald was founded by K.N. Guruswamy in 1948, with head office in Bangalore, Karnataka. The daily is printed in Broadsheet format with news articles covering various topics including national, political, entertainment, lifestyle, business and sports.


As of July 2019, Deccan Herald’s website generates 57 million page views per month. According to IRS 2019 Q2, the daily has a readership of 10.69 million in India.

Some of the notable journalists of Deccan Herald include Rajan Bala, Suresh Menon, M J Akbar, Kuldip Nayar, Pothan Joseph, K.N. Guruswamy.

english newspapers 9 deccan herald website

Deccan Herald Online

Deccan Herald ePaper

Deccan Herald Android App

New Indian Express

english newspapers 10 new indian

New Indian Express is a Chennai-based English language newspaper of India. Founded in 1932 as The Indian Express under P. Varadarajulu Naidu, it formed a separate edition The New Indian Express following a split in the family post Ramnath Goenka’s family. The Northern counterpart of the media group retains the old name The Indian Express while the Southern part has revamped itself to The New Indian Express.

Publishers of New Indian Express

As of now, both the newspapers function as separate entities. The New Indian Express is published by Express Publications Private Limited from 32 cities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It incorporates all the major topics including national, international, politics, cinema, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, literature, etc.


It also publishes a 16-page weekly newspaper called The Sunday Standard from New Delhi. Its 24-page education supplement is called Edex while the entertainment magazine is known as Indulge. Currently, The New Indian Express is the only Indian newspaper which publishes the news of remote areas like Andaman and Nicobar Islands on a regular basis. It has its correspondent deployed in Port Blair, the capital city of the island to report the news pertaining to the state.

The New Indian Express also has online websites including Dinamani, Cinema Express, Malayalam Vaarika, Kannada Prabha, etc apart from the main The New Indian Express website.

english newspapers 10 new indian express website

New Indian Express Online

New Indian Express ePaper

New Indian Express Android App

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english newspapers 11 tribune

Published from Chandigarh, Amritsar, Bathinda, New Delhi, Jalandhar and Ludhiana, The Tribune is a popular English language newspaper of Northern India. Founded on February 2, 1881 in Lahore (Now in Pakistan) by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, it is one of the major newspapers in India with circulation all across the globe.

Editor of Tribune

Currently, The Tribune is run by five people as trustees. In India, it is the leading newspaper in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. As of now, the daily is headed by Rajesh Ramachandran as its Editor. Ramachandran was previously heading Outlook Magazine, which is another popular publication in India.


The Tribune also has two sister concerns called Dainik Tribune which is published in Hindi and Punjabi Tribune in Punjabi language. The editor of Dainik Tribune, R.K. Singh is a Sahitya Akademi Award Winner while a noted Punjabi playwright Swaraj Bir Singh heads Punjabi Tribune. The daily also has an online website which was launched 1998 while its sister publications got their own online versions in 2010.


The Tribune Trust is headed by Narinder Nath Vohra and other members include S.S. Sodhi, S.S. Mehta, Naresh Mohan, and Gurbachan Jagat. Currently, the newspaper has its headquarters located in Chandigarh. Previously, the daily was based out of Ambala.

english newspapers 11 tribune website

The Tribune Online

The Tribune ePaper

The Tribune Android App

The Tribune iOS App

The Hans India

english newspapers 12 hans india

The Hans India is an English language newspaper founded in 2011 in the Indian city of Hyderabad. It is owned by Hyderabad Media House, which also owns a Telugu language news channel called HMTV. Currently, the daily is published from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and New Delhi in a Broadsheet format.

Noted Columnists

The Hans India is also published simultaneously from Warangal, Khammam, Visakhapatnam, Amaravati, Kurnool and Triupati. Some of the noted columnists of the daily include Madabhushi Sridar, IYR Krishna Rao, Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Mohan Kanda, Nilotpal Basu, Dr. Padmaja Shaw and Pallavi Ghosh.


Hans India publishes news articles revolving around topics including news, politics, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle apart from opinion pieces from their staff writers as well as guest contributors. Currently, it is headed by V Ramu Sarma as its Editor and published by Hanumanta Rao K.

english newspapers 12 hans india website

Hans India Online

Hans India ePaper

Hans India Android App

Hans India iOS App

Deccan Chronicle

english newspapers 13 deccan chronicle

Deccan Chronicle is an English language newspaper founded by Rajagopal Mudaliar in 1930. Published from Hyderabad, Telangana, it mainly covers the Deccan regions of India. Apart from the Hyderabad edition, it has 8 other editions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Other cities where Deccan Chronicle is published include Chennai and Bengaluru. It is published by Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited (DCHL). Deccan Chronicle also owns the franchise of Indian Premier League Cricket Team called Deccan Chargers.


The daily is currently headed by Aditya Sinha as its Editor-in-Chief. According to their official website, the newspaper has a circulation of over 1.45 million copies per day in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Karnataka.


Apart from Deccan Chronicle, the media group also published The Asian Age, which is mainly circulated in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and London. The financial daily of the group is called The Financial Chronicle which is published from Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. There is a special edition newspaper for Telugu readers titled Andhra Bhoomi.

english newspapers 13 deccan chronicle website

Deccan Chronicle Online

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Daily News & Analysis

Daily News & Analysis or DNA India was an English newspaper owned by Essel Group, which also operates a leading Hindi news channel Zee News. It was launched in 2005 and was published in the lines of Prime Time Show Daily News & Analysis carried out by Zee News. It was primarily circulated in Mumbai. Facing losses, DNA was discontinued in October 2019. However, the online website is still functional, covering news articles of diverse topics including news, politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

english newspapers 14 daily news and analysis website

Daily News & Analysis (DNA) Online

Siasat Daily

english newspapers 15 siasat daily

Siasat Daily is an English language newspaper of India published by Siasat Press in Hyderabad. The newspaper company operates both Hindi-Urdu and English language news websites apart from their print editions. Along with the digital and print newspaper, the media company also owns a Siasat English Weekly magazine and the Siasat Urdu Daily. Initially, the Siasat Daily was published by the Intekhab Press, which still publishes the Urdu language edition of the daily.


The newspaper was founded as an Urdu language daily when Hyderabad was annexed by the Republic of India. Founded by Saheb and Abid Ali Khan in 1948, the publication was launched with an aim to inform the population of Hyderabad about the state, local and international developments and affairs.


Siasat Daily is also known for its minimal profit motives and limited dependence on advertisements for revenue. The company, despite its popularity, didn’t expand the reach of its Urdu daily in other Indian states beyond Hyderabad. Despite their minimalistic strategy, the newspaper’s circulation increased by 330% from 10,000 to 44,000 between 1976-96.


In 1998, Siasat Daily launched its digital website becoming one of the first few newspapers in India to have its own online portal. According to the National Readership Survey in 2003, the daily has a readership of around 326,000. In 2004, the print circulation of Siasat Daily reduced to 25,732 according to the Registrar of Newspapers of India. Talking about the website, it receives around 4.23 million page views as of December 2011.

Siasat Daily operates a separate website dedicated to late satirist Mujtaba Hussain, who was one of the most noted columnists with the daily. The columnist passed away on 27 May 2020 following which the website was launched in order to pay him a tribute for his contribution in the field of arts, literature, etc.

english newspapers 15 siasat daily website

Siasat Daily Online

Siasat Daily ePaper

Siasat Daily Android App

Siasat Daily iOS App

Telegraph India

english newspapers 16 telegraph

The Telegraph India is a renowned English language newspaper published by ABP Group, which owns a national news channel titled ABP News. It was founded in Kolkata on July 7, 1982. In terms of popularity, The Telegraph India competes with Times of India. According to Indian Readership Survey (2014), it is the fifth most-widely read English newspaper in India. As of July 2016, Telegraph India circulated around 466,001 copies.


The Telegraph publishes five editions from cities including Kolkata, South Bengal, North Bengal, Northeast edition, Jharkhand edition, Patna and Bhubaneswar. It was designed by the design director of London’s The Sunday Times, Edwin Taylor. In 1982, MJ Akbar designed and edited the daily, making it one of the most renowned newspapers in East India.

Key Persons

Currently, The Telegraph India is headed by Arup Sarkar as its Editor-in-Chief and edited by R. Rajagopal. Headquarters of the daily are based out of Kolkata, West Bengal.

english newspapers 16 telegraph website

Telegraph Online

Telegraph ePaper

Telegraph Android App

Free Press Journal

english newspapers 17 free press journal

 The Free Press Journal is an Indian English language newspaper that was founded in 1928 by Swaminathan Sadanand and published in Mumbai. The daily was launched initially with an aim to serve a complementary body to the news agency called the Free Press of India. Free Press Journal supported the Indian independence movement.


In 1928, Free Press Journal was launched by Swaminathan Sadanand as an independent daily that supported the nationalist causes of the country. The newspaper played an important role in mobilising public opinion during the independence movement of India.


The Free Press Journal is now a leading English newspaper published from Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a sister newspaper called Navshakti, which is a Marathi newspaper published from Mumbai. Some of the noted columnists of Free Press Journal include R.K. Laxman, Bal Thackeray, etc. Currently, the daily is headed by G.L. Lakhotia as its Editor-in-Chief and S.S. Dhawan as its Associate Editor.

Recently, in the wake of Covid-19, Abhishek Karnani the Director of Free Press Journal collaborated with Taproot Dentsu to launch a campaign to educate people about the ongoing pandemic.

english newspapers 17 free press journal website

Free Press Journal Online

Free Press Journal ePaper

Free Press Journal Android App

Free Press Journal iOS App


english newspapers 18 mid day

Mid-Day is a compact English language daily published in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune. Established in 1979 by Khalid Ansari, the newspaper was sold to Jagran Prakashan in 2010. Initially, the daily has an early morning and a noon edition in Mumbai. However, since 2009 the noon edition was discontinued by the company. In 2011, the Delhi and Bengaluru editions were closed followed by the Pune edition in 2014. In the same year, Mid-Day Mumbai underwent an overhaul and a relaunch with a slogan of ‘Made in Mumbai’. The new look got a mixed response from its readers.


The tabloid currently enjoyed a readership of 500,000 for its English edition in Mumbai and even made it to the list of Top 10 Indian newspapers in the 2013 Indian Readership Survey. In 2016, Mayank Shekhar took the charge as the Entertainment editor in the daily while Bhupen Patel was appointed as the Crime Editor.

In 2019, a Sunday edition was launched for Mid-Day with a new look and feel under Tinaz Nooshian who is the current editor of the daily. All the news covered by the new Mid-Day were majorly focussed on Mumbai and its residents.


In 2007, four journalists of Mid-Day including the Resident Editor Vitusha Oberoi and City Editor MK Tayal were jailed for four months on contempt of court charges because of the news they covered about the ex-Chief Justice of India, Y.K. Sabharwal. In 2019, Mid-Day was included in the list of Top 10 English Newspapers by IRS 2019 Q1.

english newspapers 18 mid day website

Mid Day Online

Mid Day ePaper

Mid Day Android App

Mid Day iOS App


english newspapers 19 statesman

Statesman is an English language newspaper of India founded in 1875 in Kolkata, New Delhi, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar simultaneously. It descended from The Friend of India which was founded in 1818. Owned by The Statesman Ltd, the headquarters of this daily is situated in Kolkata with its national editorial office in New Delhi. The Statesman is a member of Asia News Network.

History of Statesman

The Statesman was a descendent of a group of two newspapers; Bombay based Indian Statesman and The Friend of India that were published in Calcutta. The Indian Statesman was founded by Robert Knight, who was the editor of The Times of India. Knight later merged the two newspapers to The Statesman and New Friend of India. The Statesman was handled by a British corporate group until the new ownership was transferred to a group of companies with N A Palkhiwala as Chairman in the 1960s. The first editor of The Statesman was Pran Chopra under this new ownership.


The Statesman is known for its unbiased reporting. It holds a Centre-Right alignment in its news reporting style. The daily also opposed the idea of shifting Indian capital from Kolkata to New Delhi in 1911 along with Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, Bengal Famine of 1943. Their news reporting played a major role during Indian freedom movement in changing the world’s opinion on imperialism.

The Statesman was once widely read in West Bengal but now it has been overshadowed by The Telegraph, The Times of India and Hindustan Times in the state. However, it still enjoys the position of being one of the most reliable and unbiased newspapers in India.


The supplements of The Statesman include Section 2 that is published from New Delhi based on arts, dance, literature, fashion, entertainment, etc, Voices published from Kolkata, Vibes, 8th Day, Evolve, Marquee, etc. The key personalities that have been associated with the daily were Ravindra Kumar, Usha Mahadevan, K. Ravi, etc.

english newspapers 19 statesman website

Statesman Online

Statesman ePaper

Statesman Android App

Lokmat Times

english newspapers 20 lokmat times

Lokmat Times is an English language newspaper that belongs to Lokmat Media Private Limited. It is the English language version of a popular regional newspaper Lokmat which is one of the largest read regional newspapers of India. According to IRS 2019, Lokmat has more than 2.50 crore readers.


Lokmat Times has editions that are published simultaneously from Maharashtra from cities including Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune and Nagpur. Apart from the main newspaper, it has a  weekly supplement called Zest.

english newspapers 20 lokmat times website

Lokmat Times Online

Lokmat Times ePaper

Lokmat Times Android App

The Sentinel

english newspapers 21 sentinels assam

The Sentinel is an English language newspaper from Assam, India that focuses on the news stories and topics related to the Indian state. Launched in 1983, The Sentinel is a highly circulated newspaper in Assam. The daily is popularly known in the rest of the country for its intellectual content and impeccable command of language. The Sentinel was founded in 1983 with noted journalist Dhirendra Nath Bezbaruah as its Founder Editor. The daily was handled by him for a long time. Currently, The Sentinel is owned and published by Omega Printers & Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Key Persons

Apart from Bezbaruah, noted journalists and personalities including Harekrishna Deka and Gauri Shankar Kalita were also associated with The Sentinel as its editors. The Sentinel was the first newspaper in the North East that began with the combination of phototypesetting and web offset printing.


According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), it has the highest circulation in Assam making it the largest publishing house in the Northeastern region of India. As per Wikipedia, it has a circulation of 150,000 in North East India.

english newspapers 21 sentinels assam website

Sentinel Assam Online

Sentinel Assam ePaper

Daily Pioneer

english newspapers 22 pioneer

The Pioneer is one of the oldest English language newspapers in India after The Times of India. It was founded by Allahabad in 1865 by George Allen, who was a tea businessman in North East India. The daily previously used to publish three days a week during  1865-69. In 1866,  a supplement called The Pioneer Mail was launched with mostly advertisements apart from the news articles. Until 1990, the daily remained a Lucknow-centric newspaper before being purchased by L.M. Thapar who made it a national daily.


In 1998, Daily Pioneer sold the newspaper to Chandan Mitra and in 2010, a Hindi version of the daily was launched. As of 2013, Chandan Mitra is the editor of Daily Pioneer. Currently,  Daily Pioneer is published from Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Raipur, Dehradun, Ranchi, Telangana and Meerut.

Key Persons

Popular writer Rudyard Kipling worked with Daily Pioneer during his early 20s in Allahabad as an Assistant Editor. Other renowned columnists include Chandan Mitra, Kanchan Gupta, Balbir Punj, KPS Gill, etc.


As of now, Daily Pioneer is owned by Sanchar Holdings, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Starlink Group of Chennai and Rainbow Productions. It is published by CMYK Printech Ltd.

english newspapers 22 pioneer website

Pioneer Online

Pioneer ePaper

Pioneer Android App

The Asian Age

english newspapers 23 asian age

The Asian Age is an English language newspaper in India with editions published from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The international edition of the newspaper is published from London, United Kingdom. Launched in 1994, The Asian Age is a sister publication of a popular daily The Deccan Chronicle.


The Asian Age was founded by MJ Akbar in 1994. As of now, the daily has a daily circulation of 1,000,000 in India alone. The daily has an editorial tie-up with renowned newspaper The New York Times under which the latter prepares an exclusive 8-page content for The Asian Age every Saturday.

The Asian Age publishes news articles pertaining to international and national scenarios on topics related to lifestyle, education, information technology, movies, national, regional, politics, business, sports, etc. Some of the renowned columnists of the daily include Inder Malhotra, Arun Nehru, P.C. Alexander, Balbir Punj, Farrukh Dhondy, Cyrus Broacha, Anu Ranjan, etc.

english newspapers 23 asian age website

Asian Age Online

Asian Age ePaper

Asian Age Android App

The Assam Tribune

english newspapers 24 assam tribune

The Assam Tribune is an English language newspaper primarily circulated in the Assam state of India. It is published from Guwahati and Dibrugarh with 700,000 copies in current circulation and a readership of over 3 million in the North Eastern states of India alone. Founded in 1939 by Radha Govinda Baruah in Guwahati, The Assam Tribune was circulated as a weekly newspaper under the leadership of Lakshminath Phookan as its Editor.


Currently, it is published daily in Guwahati and Dibrugarh. In 2014, the daily celebrated its Platinum Jubilee which was attended by the current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi.


As of now, The Assam Tribune is headed by Prafulla Govinda Barua (son of Radha Govinda Baruah) as its Editor and P.J. Baruah as its Executive Editor. The headquarters of the daily are located in Guwahati, Assam. Apart from the main newspaper, it has sister concerns including Dainik Assam and Asam Bani.

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The Sunday Guardian

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The Sunday Guardian is an English language Sunday newspaper of India. It was founded by former journalist and politician M.J. Akbar in 2010. Currently, The Sunday Guardian is owned by iTV Network  and is printed from New Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. The newspaper consists of 40 pages that are subsequently divided into two sections of 20 pages each; The Sunday Guardian and Guardian 20. It comprises news articles of different beats including national news, international news, sports, investigation, opinion, entertainment and lifestyle.


The parent organization iTV Network also operates two other sister concerns including India News and NewsX, both of which are leading Hindi and English news channels of India respectively.

Key Persons

The Sunday Guardian includes a Comment & Analysis section that starts with M.J. Akbar’s weekly column called Byline. Some other columnists of the daily include Ram Jethmalani, M.D. Nalapat, V. Balachandran, Saeed Naqvi, Monika Chansoria, Maleeha Lodhi, etc. As of now, the daily is headed by Madhav Das Nalapat as its Editor.

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Shillong Times

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The Shillong Times is an English language newspaper from Shillong, Meghalaya as the name suggests. It was launched on 10th August 1945 as a weekly tabloid under the editorship of Late Sudhindra Bhusan Chaudhuri. In 1958, it was converted into a daily but due to financial constraints, it was converted back to a weekly within 6 months.


After Chaudhuri, Late. P.N. Chaudhuri took over as the editor of Shillong Times. After his death, his son Mr. Manas Chaudhuri took over the editorship of the newspaper.


In 1987, The Shillong Times was again converted into a daily under the Letter Press System. In 1991, it switched to Offset Web Printing System. The Garo Hills Edition for Tura was launched in 1992, while a popular weekly Janera was launched a year later. It was converted into a daily in 2000 and was renamed to Salantini Janera.

In 2004, The Shillong Times celebrated its Diamond Jubilee which was joined by then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in Guwahati. Manas Chaudhuri was awarded with Padma Shri for his contribution towards journalism in India in 2005.

In 2008, when Chaudhuri was appointed as a Cabinet Minister in Meghalaya, the reins of The Shillong Times were handed over to Patrida Mukim as its Editor.

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Orissa Post

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Orissa Post is an English language newspaper published from Orissa, India. It is the sister concern of a leading Odia newspaper Dharitri published from Bhubaneswar. The daily was started in 2011 by the Dharitri Group of newspapers.


Published from Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Angul, Rayagada in Odisha, Orissa Post is headed by Tathagata Satpathy as its Editor. The daily covers news articles related to topics including International, National, Regional, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Lifestyle. Apart from the main newspaper, it publishes a weekly supplement called Sunday Post.

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5 Dariya News

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5 Dariya News is an English newspaper from Punjab that is published in three languages including Hindi and Punjabi. The daily covers news articles related to topics like national leaders, entertainment, sports, education, elections, sports covering regions including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. The headquarters of 5 Dariya News are located in Mohali, Punjab.

5 Dariya News is owned by Davinder Singh Chauhan as its Editor-cum-CEO.

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Greater Kashmir

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Greater Kashmir is a leading English language daily in Jammu & Kashmir state of India. Published from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, it was launched in 1987 as a weekly dedicated to cover the news concerning the Union Territory. It was converted into a daily in 1989.


Greater Kashmir is largely circulated in Jammu & Kashmir and is the most widely read newspaper in the state. Owned by The Greater Kashmir Group (GK Communications Pvt. Ltd.), it also publishes newspapers in Urdu language including Nawa-e-Jhelum, Kashmir Uzma and an English magazine Kashmir Link.


Headed by Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo as its Editor-in-Chief, the daily is known for its independent take on matters concerning the country. Greater Kashmir is published from Kashmir and is circulated at a price of Rs. 5 per copy.

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Daily Excelsior is an English newspaper published in Jammu, a city in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Founded by S.D. Rohmetra, the daily, has been in circulation since January 1965. Currently, it is headed by Kamal Rohmetra and Neeraj Rohmetra.


In May 2008, a prominent photojournalist of Excelsior Ashok Sodhi was killed while photographing a confrontation between militants and security forces in Samba district of Jammu & Kashmir. He was shot dead when he moved closer to the combat scene to capture better shots.


According to Wikipedia, Excelsior has a circulation of 230,000 in India. Apart from the newspaper, it also has a digital portal on which it regularly publishes news articles pertaining to national, international and regional interests.

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Organiser (Delhi)

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Organiser is an English language publication by the Hindu nationalist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Founded in 1947 weeks before the partition, it is regarded as an official mouthpiece and organ of the RSS. In the past, the publication has been edited by some prominent personalities including A. R. Nair, K. R. Malkani, L. K. Advani, V.P. Bhatia, Seshadri Chari and R. Balashanker. Currently, the publication is overseen by Prafulla Ketkar as its Editor.

History of Organiser

In 2014, Organiser was relaunched in a magazine format. It publishes news articles on politics, science, sports, history and literature. The magazine is notoriously known for its multiple controversial articles including the one which called Kerala, a ‘Godless’ country. The article was highly condemned by journalists around the country including the Press Council of India.

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Rising Kashmir

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Rising Kashmir is a daily English newspaper published and circulated in Jammu & Kashmir. Published from Srinagar, it is one of the most prominent newspapers in the Union Territory. It was founded by Shujaat Bukhari in March, 2008.

The daily has a number of reporters based in Kashmir that work with top news organizations in the world. It also has two sister newspapers including Sangamal and Buland Kashmir.

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Tehelka is an English news magazine published from New Delhi, India. Founded by Tarun Tejpal and Aniruddha Bahal, the magazine is famously known for its investigative journalism and sting operations. However later, Aniruddha Bahal left Tehelka to launch Cobrapost which is known in India for its explosive sting operations and exposes.

Prominent Works

Some of the noted works done by Tehelka include the sting operation on a cricket match fixing scandal in 2000, Operation West End about politicians accepting prostitutes and bribes in a fake arms deal, expose on the role of Bajrang Dal in Naroda Patiya Massacre during the 2002 Gujarat Violence and many more.

General News Websites in India

Apart from the English newspapers and publications, India is home to many online websites that regularly publishes news articles pertaining to varied topics like national, international, politics, entertainment, etc. In this section of the list, we have collated all the leading general news websites in India.

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India Times

India Times is an English news website owned by The Times Group, which is one of the biggest media conglomerates in India. Apart from English, the website covers news articles in Hindi. It publishes topics related to news, technology, mobility, lifestyle, entertainment, trending and health. The website was founded to cover the news related to entertainment and lifestyle. The website uses diverse colour palettes to make it engaging and a more of a fun-based online portal.

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News18 is an English news website owned by the Network18 group founded by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur. The website is a subsidiary to the English news channel founded by Rajdeep Sardesai. Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, News18 is jointly managed by CNN and Network18 group. While the latter heads the national section of the news channel and website, CNN oversees the international coverage for the channel.

Reliance Industries Takeover

In 2014, the Network18 group was overtaken by Reliance Industries which is dubbed as the biggest ever deal in India media space. As of now, the group is headed by Adil Zainulbhai as its Chairperson and Rahul Joshi as its Managing Director.

Subsidiaries of News18

Apart from News18, Network18 group also owns other internet-based news outlets including IBNLive, Moneycontrol, Firstpost, Cricketnext, Forbes India and shopping and ticket booking portals including Homeshop18 and Bookmyshow.

The website News18 covers news articles on topics like national, international, politics, entertainment, technology, sports, business, lifestyle, health, etc. Apart from the news website, it has an Android, iOS and Windows application as well.

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Oneindia is an English online portal founded by BG Mahesh in 2006. It is owned by Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the website provides updates around national, international, regional, sports, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, business and classified in English as well as other languages including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati.

According to its official website, it has over 45 million monthly active users. Apart from the online website, Oneindia has an Android and iOS application.

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Jagran English

Jagran English is an English news website of the popular Hindi newspaper of India, Dainik Jagran. The online portal is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited which is one of the most renowned news conglomerates of India. The website publishes news content related to national news, international news, politics, lifestyle, health, entertainment, sports and finance. According to ComScore MMX Multi-Platform, the website has a reach of 23.18 million users every month as of March 2019.

Headquarters of Jagran English

Headquartered in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Jagran English has won many accolades including Best Website by Indian Digital Marketing Awards 2018 (Exchange4Media), Best Language Site (IAMAI Awards 2017), etc.

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Scroll is an English language news website in India owned by Scroll Media Incorporation. Founded in 2014, the website is synonymous to unbiased reporting of national as well international news. Apart from the English website, Scroll also has a Hindi language edition published on the Satyagrah website which was acquired by the merger of Satyagrah and Scroll Media Publication.

History of Scroll

An MIT alumnus and McKinsey & Company associate, Samir Patil founded ACK Media that published Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle in india. He sold the company to the Future Group and founded Scroll Media Inc in 2012. The company was setup in Delaware, United States.

In 2014, Scroll was launched as an English news website in India through the holding company Scroll Media Incorporation. It was established in India by Samir Patil along with a senior journalist Naresh Fernandes and the former head of Business Development at Trabblr, Jennifer O’Brien. After the early stage investments from the IPS Media Foundation, Media Development Investment Fund and Omidyar Network, Scroll India launched a Hindi edition called Satyagrah.

The content delivery of Scroll resembles that of a news wire along with in-depth reporting of maters. The website is primarily considered as an elite oriented website and is often compared with an international publication Quartz.

Apart from the online portal, Scroll also distributes content through an Android and iOS app along with a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Republic or Republic World is an English news website of a renowned bilingual news channel called Republic. Founded by Arnab Goswami and Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the channel came into existence in 2017 followed by its bilingual news website. However, in 2019, Chandrasekhar gave up his stake and joined Bhartiya Janata Party.

History of Republic

Arnab Goswami who was Editor-in-Chief in Times Now, resigned from the company citing creative differences and newsroom politics. After his ouster, he founded Republic which was renamed to Republic TV after a number of complaints. When it was launched, the channel claimed to be independent and unbiased in its reporting however later, it was deemed to be biased towards the ruling party with right wing inclinations.

The website Republic covers news articles on diverse topics like politics, national news, international news, entertainment, sports, etc. Apart from the website, Republic also has a dedicate smartphone app for Android and iOS users along with an array of social media profiles in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Times Now News

Times Now News is an English language news website subsidiary to a 24-hour English news channel with the same name. It is owned and operated by The Times Group, which is the largest and the oldest media conglomerate in India. The group also publishes an English newspaper The Times of India which is the oldest and longest-running newspaper of India.


Times Now is headed by Rahul Shivshankar as its Editor-in-Chief and Navika Kumar as the Group Editor. The online website publishes news articles around diversified topics including national, international, politics, entertainment, health, lifestyle, sports, business and technology.

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Web Dunia English

Web Dunia English is a popular news website in India. The multi-lingual news portal publishes articles and updates pertaining to topics like national news, international news, politics, entertainment, sports, business, astrology, lifestyle, etc. Launched in September, 1999, Web Dunia was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Shri. I.K. Gujaral.

Apart from the primary news website in English, Web Dunia also operates portals in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, etc. It distributes news content through other mediums including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Firstpost is an English language news website owned by the Network18 Group which is now owned by Reliance Industries. Headed by Jaideep V Giridhar, it is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The website publishes news article on different topics including national, international, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and technology. Their online portal is popularly known among digital readers for their uncluttered and easy-to-read format.

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The Print

The Print is an online English language news website launched in August 2017 by renowned journalist Shekhar Gupta. Managed by Printline Media Pvt. Ltd, The Print is known for its unbiased reporting and courageous journalism. The online newspaper was launched by Gupta to focus and comment on politics and policy of the country.

History of The Print

Headquartered in New Delhi, The Print has associated with NDTV 24×7 for the Off The Cut programme which is aired and promoted on the website’s YouTube and Facebook handles. In 2017, The Print received large amounts of funding from Infosys co-founders N.R. Narayana Murthy and Nandan Nilekani. Some other prominent businessmen of India including Ratan Tata, Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Uday Kotak, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Rajiv C. Mody, LVMH Asia Ravi Thakran, and IIFL founders Nirmal Jain, R. Venkatraman, Karan Bhagat and Yatin Shah have also invested in The Print, though the amount remains undisclosed.

Shekhar Gupta has maintained that his website The Print will always stick to the ethics of journalism and will remain purely ‘factual and unbiased’.

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India TV

India TV News is an English language website to a prominent Hindi news channel India TV. The channel was founded by renowned journalist Rajat Sharma, who rose to fame for his TV show Aap Ki Adalat, in 2004. The website and the channel is a subsidiary of Independent News Services that is launched by Rajat Sharma and his wife Ritu Dhawan in 1997.

About India TV

Headquartered in Noida, India TV also maintains a Hindi news website as well. It covers articles on various topics related to news, politics, national, international, lifestyle, cinema, sports, business and technology. Apart from the website, the company disperses information through various other mediums including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook profiles. The channel enjoys more than 21 million subscribers on its official YouTube channel and 1 million followers on Twitter.

According to the official website, Independent News Services have received investment from ComVenture, which is one of the leading venture capital firm based in the United States.

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The Wire

The Wire is an English language news and opinion website of India founded by Siddharth Varadarjan, Sidharth Bhatia and M.K. Venu in 2015. The website is popularly known in India for its unbiased and ethical reporting of events of the country. It has bagged several accolades including some international awards. It has won three Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and a CPJ International Press Freedom Award. Despite its courageous reporting, the website has faced several defamation suits by politicians and businessesmen of India.


Siddharth Varadarajan, who was working at another English publication The Hindu, resigned from his post as an Editor and started The Wire on 11 May 2015 along with Sidharth Bhatia and M.K. Venu. The Wire was later made a part of the Foundation for Independent Journalism, which is a non-profit Indian company. The publication received funding from Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation as well.

The Wire was launched by the trio with intent to create a platform for independent journalism which is non-corporate in structure. It aimed at keeping its structure and funding free from commercial and political pressures that has supposedly affected many mainstream Indian outlets.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the national capital of India, The Wire was identified as one of the several independent and recently founded internet-based media platforms by Columbia Journalism Review in 2016.

Along with the likes of Newslaundry, Scroll, The News Minutes, Alt News, The Quint and Scoopwhoop, The Wire is deemed as one of the most reliable and unbiased media outlet in India.

english newspapers 45 the wire website

The Wire Online

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The Quint

The Quint is an English as well as Hindi language news website in India founded by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur. The duo exited from Network18 and founded this general news and opinion portal. The publication is one of the most reliable and unbiased media outlets in India. For its fierce journalism and centre alignment in news reporting, it has won three Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and two Red Ink Awards.


In 2014, Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapoor for Network18 group disposed their shareholding of the media conglomerate with the takeover by Reliance Industries. They subsequently founded Quintillion Media. The media company launched The Quint in 2015 on Facebook initially with a website that followed few months later.


In 2016, The Quint’s popularity rose manifolds and it clocked 10 million unique visitors on its website by December. In 2017, the company launched two more verticals namely Quint Neon and QuintLabs. In the same year, they introduced a fact-checking portal called WebQoof in partnership with BBC News to combat fake news and disinformation on social media these days.

In 2019, The Quint went from being free to introducing subscription services for advertisement free delivery of its content. In the following year, the media company was acquired by Gaurav Mercantiles through which it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.


The Quint is quite popular among the Indian readers and received a monthly unique readership of approximately 16 million as of March 2019. The website also enjoys a subscriber base of over 175,000 readers on WhatsApp alone. The combined monthly readership of The Quint is around 100 million. The website clocked around 25 million readership according to ComScore data as of August 2019.

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Prokerala is an English language news website of India. As the name suggests, it is widely read in the Indian state of Kerala. It publishes news articles on topics like politics, national, international, automobiles, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, astrology, business and health. The headquarters of Prokerala are situated in Kottayam, Kerala.

english newspapers 47 prokerela website

Prokerela Online


OpIndia is an English language news portal founded in 2014 by Rahul Raj and Kumar Kamal. It is believed to be a biased media outlet with inclination towards right-wing and the ruling party of India. The website is notoriously known for its several anti-Muslim and fake news article and is also listed among ‘List of Fake News Websites’ on the global encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

OpIndia is owned by Aadhyaasi Media and Content Services, which also owned a right-wing magazine Swarajya. Currently, the website is headed by Rahul Roushan as its CEO and Nupur J Sharma and Ajit Bharti as its Editors.


University of Maryland claimed that OpIndia shames journalists who criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party government and also accused the website for being biased towards the Hindus and the ruling party. In 2019, OpIndia’s application to be certified as a fact checker was rejected by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

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The Better India

The Better India is an English online news portal of India that is focussed towards covering the positive news of the country. Founded in 2009 by Dhimant Parekh and

Anuradha Kedia in Bangalore, the online portal distributes content to over 30 million people over various platforms including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The website enjoys 2.2 million followers on Facebook and 636,400 followers on Twitter. It is owned by Vikara Services Private Limited, a company established in 2008 and is headquartered in Bengaluru.


In 2015, The Better India received funding of Rs. 1 crore followed by an undisclosed funding from Lok Foundation in 2018. Apart from the fundings, the online news portal also registers earning via advertisements and sponsorship for content.


Apart from India, The Better India receives views from audience from United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. The company gets majority of its revenue from sponsored stories.

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Swarajya is an English right-wing print and online magazine of India. The publication is famous for its inclination towards the ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party. Established in 1956 as a weekly by Khasa Subba Rao under the leadership of C. Rajagopalachari, it was launched to oppose India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s socialist policies.  It was shut down in 1980 following Rajagopalachari’s death. It was relaunched in September, 2014 as a news website while the print magazine was launched in January 2015.

Key Persons

Swarajya is edited by R. Jagannathan as its Editor. It is owned by Kovai Media Private Limited and published by V.Murali and Amarnath Govindarajan. The website is said to have misreported news on multiple occasions by fact-checking websites like Alt News. In 2016, it acquired OpIndia which is another right-wing publication of India. The website is also known for its several columnists indulging in social media trolling and circulating communally fake news through their personal accounts.

In 2020, Swarajya was blacklisted from Wikipedia along with OpIndia and TFIpost.

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Swarajya Online

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International Business Times

International Business Times is a global English language news portal with a subsidiary in India. It is a publication that delivers business news to audience of different countries including India. As of February 2019, it distributed news to over 15 million people of the country and 80 million worldwide every month through its network of news platforms including a website and several social media accounts.


International Business Times was launched in 2006 by Etienne Uzac, who is a native of France, in New York City. In 2014, Peter S. Goodman, the executive business editor and global news editor of The Huffington Post, was recruited as the editor of International Business Times. In the same year, the IBT Media rebranded as Newsweek Media Group. In 2018, it again became IBT Media with the acquired Newsweek spinning off as an independent company.


Headquartered in Manhattan, New York and London, International Business Times publishes news articles in English, Japanese and Chinese languages. It publishes 8 editions simultaneously from Australia, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Italy, UK and US.

International Business Times Online

National Herald India

english newspapers 52 national herald

The National Herald is an English language newspaper of India launched by the first Prime Minister of the country, Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1938 as a tool to gain independence from the British Colonial rule over India. In 1942, it was banned by British government during the Quit India movement. After the independence, it remained one of the leading English newspapers of India. It regularly published opinion pieces by then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru.


Published by The Associated Journals Limited, it is owned by Young India Limited which is a company established by Indian National Congress. In 2008, the newspaper ceased publication citing financial troubles and was launched as a digital newspaper in 2016. The newspaper is said to be linked with and controlled by the members of Indian National Congress.

National Herald Corruption Case

The National Herald was accused in the National Herald corruption case filed by Subramaniam Swamy, along with the matriarch of Gandhi family, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi.

Headquartered in New Delhi, The National Herald has subsidiaries including Qaumi Awaz and Navjivan in Urdu and Hindi respectively.

english newspapers 52 national herald website

National Herald Online

National Herald ePaper

Youth Ki Awaz

Youth Ki Awaz is an Indian Youth news platform that contains user-generated articles on social justice issues. It was launched by Anshul Tewari in 2008 as a mixed Hindi-English content delivery platform. It publishes op-eds and articles on social issues like politics, culture, environment, jobs, career, child rights, education, gender & sexuality, disability rights, health, taboos, etc.

In 2015, Raghav Bahl’s media company Quintillion Media invested Rs. 4 crore in Youth Ki Awaz. In 2018, it collaborated with Juggernaut Books for digital books. The platform received Social Media Empowerment Award at the 2013 Manthan South Asia Awards.

english newspapers 53 youth ki awaaz website

Youth Ki Awaaz Online


Newslaundry is a bilingual Indian media watchdog that provides media critique, reportage and satirical comedy on Indian news channels and newspapers. Founded in 2012 by Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan and Prashant Sareen, it was India’s first subscription-based website to eliminate dependence on advertisements for revenue.


Newslaundry is prominently known for satirical pieces and videos by its Executive Editor Manisha Pande and Sandeep Pai. The website also won the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for its investigative journalism. The platform is also renowned among readers for its staunch critique of media bias and fake news.

english newspapers 54 newslaundry website

Newslaundry Online

Web India

Web India is an Indian news portal that publishes articles in English language. Owned by Suni System Private Limited, the portal provides updated on topics like news, career, entertainment, shopping, health, religion, astrology and fashion. The headquarters of Web India are located in Kochi, Kerala.

english newspapers 55 web india website

Web India Online

Zee News

Zee News is a leading Hindi news channel of India. Apart from the 24×7 channel, it also operates a bilingual news website in Hindi and English to disseminate information and news. The channel as well as online portal is owned by the Essel Group.

Subsidiaries of Zee News

Zee News also has subsidiaries including Daily News & Analysis website to provide online coverage of various topics like politics, news, entertainment, business, lifestyle, etc. For the streaming services, the company owns Zee5, which is one of the leading streaming service providers in the market currently. For international news, the media group operates a separate website under the name WION.

english newspapers 56 zee news website

Zee News Online

Zee News Android App

Zee News iOS App

News Nation

News Nation is an English website of a renowned Hindi news channel which goes by the same name. The 24×7 news channel was launched on 14 February 2013 and is owned by News Nation Network Private Limited. Headquartered in Noida, the website covers news articles on various topics like national, international, astrology, lifestyle, world, crime, technology, business, entertainment, education, automobile, etc.

english newspapers 57 news nation website

News Nation Online

News Nation Android App

News Nation iOS App

Janta Ka Reporter

Janta Ka Reporter is an independent news website that covers latest news articles on diverse topics like politics, business, world, sports, entertainment, etc. It was launched by Rifat Jawaif, who is a former BBC editor and ex Managing Editor of India Today Group’s TV Newsgathering. The platform was launched with an aim to deliver the unbiased news content to the general public.

Apart from the website, the media portal also distributes content via its array of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

english newspapers 58 janta ka reporter website

Janta Ka Reporter Online


NewsX is an English news website and a subsidiary of iTV Network owned by Kartikeya Sharma. The media group also operates news channels under two brands, NewsX and India News. Headquartered in Noida, the news websites regularly updates articles on topics like news, entertainment, national, regional, sports, world, business, auto, gadgets, fashion, travel, health and environment.

english newspapers 59 newsx website

NewsX Online

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Caravan is an English language magazine that focuses on long-form narrative journalism around topics like politics, current affairs and culture. It was founded in 1940 by Vishwa Nath and published by Delhi Press. The magazine shut operations in 1988 and was revived in 2009. Ever since then, it is published from New Delhi by Delhi Press.


According to Wikipedia, the magazine has a circulation of 40,000 readers as of 2010. The news website, on the other hand, received 1.5 million pageviews per month as of 2020.


As of now, Paresh Nath is overseeing the publication work as its Editor-in-Chief while his son Anant Nath is the Managing Editor of the magazine. As of 2020, the Caravan magazine employs 38 people.

english newspapers 60 caravan website

Caravan Online

Caravan Android App

Caravan iOS App

News Click

News Click is an independent news website of India founded in 2009 by a group of senior journalists. It covers news on various topics including politics, economy, science, culture, India, international, sports, etc. In 2011, it launched its own news streaming service on YouTube, becoming first news channel that is not on a TV station.


News Click is headed by Prabir Purkayastha as its Editor and Urmilesh as its Readers’ Editor. The website publishes news articles in a user-friendly audio-visual format. It is said to be an independent media organization, that doesn’t rely on advertisements for revenue.

english newspapers 61 news click website

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Indian Defence Times

Indian Defence Times is an English language news organization that publishes news articles primarily on Indian defence scenario. It provides regular updates related to Indian Army, Navy and Air Force as well as International Defence.

Entertainment News Websites

There are a number of English websites in India that publishes entertainment news regularly on their online portal. In this section of the article, we have listed all the renowned entertainment news websites in the order of their popularity among readers.

english newspapers 62 indian defence times website

Indian Defence Times Online


Gulte is an English entertainment news website that primarily covers news stories, gossip columns, op-eds, etc. based on the Telugu film industry. The website is one of the most popular online news portals in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from the website, Gulte distributes content on a regular basis through an array of social media profiles including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

english newspapers 63 gulte website

Gulte Online


Scoopwhoop is a renowned English news portal that focuses primarily on light-hearted and entertainment news. Based in New Delhi, this digital media company was launched by Sattvik Mishra, Sriparna Tikekar, Suparn Pandey, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Debarshi Banerjee, Saransh Singh in 2013. It started off as an Indian viral content publishing website on the lines of Buzzfeed. It expanded as a mainstream media while competing with some biggies of Indian media like Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Dainik Jagran, etc. Citing its immense popularity, The Times Group offered to acquire Scoopwhooop, which was rejected by its CEO.

Key Investors

Scoopwhoop received funding and investment from firms and individuals like Harsh Chawla from Network18, Dentsu Webchutney, Bharti Softbank, Kalaari Capital, etc. The media company has also joined hands with independent media outlet Newslaundry and TikTok for production of documentaries and distribution of content respectively.

CEO & Readership

As of now, it is headed by Sattvik Mishra as its Chief Executive Officer. The company including its three main websites amassed a readership of 30 million in a month as of 2016. Apart from the main website, Scoopwhoop launched several other subsidiaries including OK Tested, Scoopwhoop Unscripted, Vagabomb and Scoopwhoop Hindi.

english newspapers 64 scoopwhoop website

Scoopwhoop Online

Scoopwhoop Android App

Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama is an English entertainment website that particularly focuses on Hindi entertainment industry known as Bollywood. It is owned by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment since 2000 post its acquisition. Bollywood Hungama publishes news articles, op-eds, movies reviews, etc on topics like Bollywood movies,TV shows, web series, movie box office reports, etc.


Launched in 1998, the website was previously known as IndiaFM. It was later renamed to Bollywood Hungama in 2008. Popular film critic Taran Adarsh writes film reviews and box office reports for the website.

english newspapers 65 bollywood hungama website

Bollywood Hungama Online

Bollywood Hungama Android App

Bollywood Hungama iOS App


Pinkvilla is one of the most renowned entertainment news portal in India. It was launched in 2007 by a Microsoft software engineer Nandini Shenoy to cover news related to Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, TV shows and web series. After Pinkvilla became famous in India, Shenoy launched its Hindi version called Hindi Rush.


Pinkvilla is the top entertainment portal in India as per Comscore 2019. The site receives around 40 million unique page views every month. For the talk shows, Pinkvilla collaborated with Hotstar to stream entertainment-based shows.

english newspapers 66 pinkvilla website

Pinkvilla Online

Pinkvilla Android App

Pinkvilla iOS App


MensXP is an Indian entertainment and lifestyle magazine that publishes news articles and blogs for male audience of the country. Owned by Times Group, it is one of the largest websites in India in this speciality. As of 2010, MensXP received 8.5 million page views in a month.


The website was founded by two brothers Ankur Bhatia and Angad Bhatia in 2009. The portal was launched with an aim to provide light-hearted and entertainment-based content for the men readers of India. It publishes content and blogs on topics like health, relationships, technology, culture, fashion, grooming, sport, LGBT, etc. Apart from English, the portal also has a Hindi website.

english newspapers 67 mensxp website

MensXP Online

MensXP Android App

MensXP iOS App


Founded in 2014, POPxo is India’s largest women-centric entertainment and lifestyle website in English language. Apart from English, it publishes content in Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil and Telugu languages. According to the official website, it received around 39 million users every month.


POPxo is owned by Luxeva India Private Limited and was founded by Priyanka Gill who is a British fashion journalist and an angel investor based in Delhi,India. The website started off as a fashion blog called eStylista which was later renamed to POPxo.

english newspapers 68 popxo website

PopXO Online

PopXO Android App

PopXO iOS App


IDiva  is an English language website meant for women-readers that provide comprehensive content on entertainment, lifestyle, health and other topics. The website also has a women’s forum where they can discuss style tips, relationship problems, etc with other women members of the platform. It is owned by Times Group and is dubbed as one of the largest women-centric websites in India. With headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, iDiva is headed by Namrata Nongpiur as its Editor.

english newspapers 69 idiva website

iDiva Online

iDiva Android App

iDiva iOS App

Film Companion

Film Companion is an English website for entertainment journalism. It was founded by film critic and entertainment journalist Anupama Chopra, who is also the chairperson of Mumbai Film Festival. Film Companion is an independent platform that critiques and reviews Bollywood, Tollywood and other regional movies apart from web series and TV series from different parts of the world.

Some of the popular journalists that write for Film Companion on a regular basis are Sucharita Tyagi, Rahul Desai and Baradwaj Rangan apart from Anupama Chopra herself. The online portal also has a YouTube channel that features interviews and talk shows with several Bollywood celebrities. Film Companion is one of the most reliable entertainment portals among Bollywood audiences.

english newspapers 70 film companion website

Film Companion Online


RVCJ that stands for Rajinikanth vs. CID Jokes was launched by Shahid Ansari in 2010, who was a sales executive by profession. Back in 2010, when Facebook and WhatsApp were in infancy, Shahid realized that there is a huge demand for humorous content on social media. It was also the time when Rajinikanth’s blockbuster Enthiran was released and several jokes were circulated on the popularity of Enthiran and CID (a crime thriller TV show).

History of RVCJ

Shahid Ansari created a Facebook page called RVCJ to entertain the netizens. In no time, the page amassed 20,000 followers. With the help of one of his followers, Ankit Mor, Ansari created a website with a similar name. The team was joined by Harpreet Singh, a senior IT employee who helped in Search Engine Optimization of the website. As of now, RVCJ enjoys huge readership among Indian audiences and caters to the light-hearted content demand of the readers.

english newspapers 71 rvcj website

RVCJ Online

Miss Malini

Miss Malini is India’s first digital entertainment news portal. Founded by Malini Agarwal in 2008 to cover news related to Bollywood, entertainment, web series, TV shows, gossip, celebrities, lifestyle, etc. the website was launched with inspiration from international entertainment tabloids like Popsugar and PerezHilton.


As of 2014, Miss Malini clocked around 40 million viewers every month across its different channels including its own YouTube channel. It receives around 3 to 4 million unique visitors per month on the website alone. Around 30 per cent of its readers are non-resident readers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. while two-thirds of its readers are women.


As of now, her husband Nowshad Rizwanullah handles the company as its Chief Executive Officer.

english newspapers 72 miss malini website

Miss Malini Online


PeepingMoon is an online entertainment portal launched by Mark Manuel and Nishant A. Bhuse in 2017. It is owned by Clapping Hands Private Limited, an entertainment media company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The website was launched to cover news pertaining to Bollywood, Tollywood, Television, Celebrities and other topics exclusively. Apart from the news website, it also distributes content through an array of social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Finance Newspapers in India

In this part of the article, we have listed some of the most popular finance newspapers and news websites in India. Some of the most popular finance publications in India are Economic Times, Business Standard, Live Mint, etc.

english newspapers 73 peepingmoon website

Peepingmoon Online

Economic Times

The Economic Times is one of the most leading English language finance newspapers of India. Headquartered in Mumbai, India at the Times of India building, it is published by Benett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. The Economic Times came into existence in 1961 to publish finance and business-related news on a regular basis. As of 2012, it is the world’s second most widely read finance newspaper after The Wall Street Journal.

Readership of The Economic Times

The Economic Times enjoys the readership of over 800,000 and is published simultaneously from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Pune, Indore and Bhopal. The primary content of the daily is based on the Indian economy, international market, share prices and the prices of commodities.

Founding Editor of The Economic Times

Mr. P.S. Hariharan was the founding editor of The Economic Times when the newspaper was launched in 1961. As of now, it is edited by Bodhisattva Ganguli as its Editor. In 2009, it also launched a business news channel called ET Now.

english newspapers 74 economic times website

The Economic Times Online

The Economic Times Android App

The Economic Times iOS App

Live Mint

english newspapers 75 livemint

Live Mint is an English language finance newspaper of India published by HT Media Group, that also owns a leading newspaper of India called The Hindustan Times. The media group is controlled by the KK Birla family. Live Mint publishes news articles that target readers belonging to the group of business executives and policy makers.


Founded in 2007 in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, The Live Mint was headed by Raju Narisetti as its Founding Editor. It became India’s first newspaper to be published in the Berliner format. In 2016, it went on to publish in broadsheet format from Berliner format.

english newspapers 75 livemint website

Live Mint Online

Live Mint ePaper

Live Mint Android App

Live Mint iOS App

Business Standard

english newspapers 76 business standard

Business Standard is one of the most sought after English finance newspapers of India. It was founded by ABP Group in 1975, which is one of the biggest media conglomerates of India and also owns several other media outlets including The Telegraph and a national news channel ABP News.

History of Business Standard

In 1997, Business Standard was purchased by Kotak Mahindra Group owned by CEO Uday Kotak. The newspaper publishes news articles and stories pertaining to topics like finance, business, international business and trade, stock, currency, share market, etc. It is published simultaneously from 12 cities including Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, and Kochi.

Circulation of Business Standard

As of 2017, Business Standard was the second most widely circulated business daily in India after The Economic Times. However, its readership ranking declines to number 4 in 2019. It circulated 107,000 copies with a total readership of 505,000. As of 2020, it remains the third most read finance daily in India after Economic Times and Mint.

Popular Columnists of Business Standard

Some of the popular columnists, editors and journalists associated with Business Standard are Sanjay Baru (former media advisor of Dr. Manmohan Singh), T.N. Ninan,  Ashok K Bhattacharya, etc. As of now, Business Standard is headed by Shyamal Majumdar as its Editor.

english newspapers 76 business standard website

Business Standard Online

Business Standard ePaper

Business Standard Android App

Business Standard iOS App

Financial Express

english newspapers 77 the financial

The Financial Express is an English language business and finance newspaper of India owned by the popular media group The Indian Express Group. Founded in 1961, the daily has been published by the Express Group right from its inception. The broadsheet newspaper is edited by Sunil Jain and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Financial Express is popularly read among the business owners, entrepreneurs, policy makers and elite readers of the country primarily because of its national and international business & finance news.

english newspapers 77 the financial express website

Financial Express Online

Financial Express ePaper

Financial Express Android App

Financial Express iOS App

Hindu Business Line

english newspapers 78 hindu business line

Hindu Business Line is an Indian finance newspaper published in English language. It is published by Kasturi & Sons, the publishers that oversee another leading daily called The Hindu. The newspaper primarily publishes news articles and content around topics like agriculture, aviation, automobile, IT, education in weekly specials.

Circulation of Hindu Business Line

Hindu Business Line is published simultaneously from 17 different centres across India including metros, Tier I and Tier II cities. Talking about the circulation, around 1,17,000 copies of the newspaper is circulated on a daily basis, as per the Audit Bureau of Circulation in 2016.

Sports Newspapers and Websites in India

Apart from the general, entertainment and finance newspapers and news websites in India, there is a wide array of publications and online portals that cover sports news dedicatedly. Find a list of some popular sports newspapers and news websites in India in order of their popularity.

english newspapers 78 hindu business line website

Hindu Business Line Online

Hindu Business Line ePaper

Hindu Business Line Android App

Hindu Business Line iOS App


Cricktracker is an online sports website that particularly focuses on cricket news for the Indian cricket fans. Launched by a hard core cricket fan Syed Sujjad Pasha, the website is one of the most preferred and reliable news portals for cricket and sports news in India. He was a Bengaluru-based techie who channeled his love for cricket in the form of a dedicated sports website.

Apart from cricket news, the website also publishes articles on various topics including match predictions, fantasy tips, post-match analysis, statistics, humour, social media, etc. According to its official website, Cricktracker receives 30 million page views every month.

english newspapers 79 cricktracker website

Crictracker Online


ESPN is an English sports website corresponding to the group of sports channels that go by the same name. It is an American multinational sports-based channel that operates from multiple countries including India. The group is owned by Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications.

The news website covers all the major sports news pertaining to cricket, football, NBA, tennis, F1, MMA, golf, rugby and so forth. Apart from the main news website, ESPN has sister concerns namely The Cricket Monthly, The Undefeated and Doubletruck.

english newspapers 80 espn website

ESPN Online

ESPN Android App



Cricbuzz is an Indian English cricket news website that is owned and managed by Times Internet. It publishes news articles, live coverage and match updates of cricket matches along with pre and post-match analysis, statistics, opinions, videos, ec. Apart from the news website, Cricbuzz also operates a mobile application for news updates and cricket score in India.


Cricbuzz was launched by Pankaj Chhaparwal and Pravin Hegde in 2004. The mobile application was launched in 2010 when the news portal became quite a hit among Indian sports fans. The news website was taken over by Times Internet, a subsidiary of Times of India when it acquired a majority stake in Cricbuzz for an undisclosed sum. The website is, however, still managed by the original founders Chhaparwal and Hegde.

In 2015, Cricbuzz and Go Cricket (also owned by Times Internet) merged into one and the mobile app was also merged to become a unified mobile app called Cricbuzz.

english newspapers 81 cricbuzz website

Cricbuzz Online

Cricbuzz Android App

Cricbuzz iOS App


Sportskeeda is a prominent English sports website of India. It was founded in 2009 by its current CEO Porush Jain along with Anshu Prasad, Srinivas Cuddapah and Robin Chhabria and is owned by Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd. The term Sportskeeda is derived from a combination of two words; sports meaning games and keeda which is a Hindi translation of worm.  The website publishes news stories and articles on sports like football, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, kabaddi, etc.


Majority of stakes in Sportskeeda were acquired by a gaming firm Nazara Technologies in 2019 for a sum of Rs. 44 crore. It also received backing from venture capital funding during its initial years. Seedfund invested 2.8 crore into the website in 2011.

Sportskeeda publishes more than 150 articles in a day.Some of the well-known personalities that wrote articles on the website are  Raphael Honigstein, Hemang Badani, Mohammad Kaif and Jonathan Wilson.

english newspapers 82 sportskeeda website

Sportskeeda Online

Sportskeeda Android App

Sportskeeda iOS App

Cricket Times

Cricket Times is an English cricket news website of India. Headquartered in Moti Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, it publishes news articles, videos, statistics, pre and post-match analysis, opinions, etc on cricket. It is headed by Rashpal Singh as its Director and Anirudh Singh as the Head of Content. Apart from the main website, Cricket Times distributes content on an array of social media sites including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

english newspapers 83 cricket times website

Cricket Times Online

The Bridge

The Bridge is Indian sports news website that publishes unheard news stories and unpopular aspects of Indian sports. As the name suggests, it aims to ‘bridge’ the gap between Indian population and sports (other than cricket) and inspire youngsters to take up sports for a profession.

The Bridge was founded by Arshi Yasin and Shuvro Ghoshal with a goal to provide more coverage to Olympics and other sports that are often clouded by the popularity of cricket in India. The headquarters of the website are situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

english newspapers 84 the bridge website

The Bridge Online

Indian Sports News

Indian Sports News is an English news website that publishes news articles and stories on sports like cricket, football, hockey, golf, tennis, badminton and many more. Apart from news articles and analysis, it also publishes trivia and fact stories pertaining to sports.

english newspapers 85 indian sports news website

Indian Sports News Online


Sportscafe is an English sports news website in India that publishes news articles, video, match analysis, statistics, etc. on various sports including cricket, football, tennis, hockey, wrestling, etc. The website is all set to launch its own Hindi website as well on the similar lines soon. Launched in 2016, Sportscafe received 1,00,000 visitors in a month as of 2020.

Indian News Agencies

There are several news agencies in India that provide reliable sources of news to newspapers and media outlets in the country. Below is the list of English news agencies of India.

english newspapers 86 sportscafe website

Sportscafe Online

Press Trust of India

The Press Trust of India, or commonly known as PTI, is the largest news agency in India. Headquartered in Delhi, it is a non-profit cooperative that consists of more than 500 Indian newspapers and around 500 employees working with them as of January 2020. The agency employs around 400 journalists and 500 part-time correspondents deployed in different district headquarters of the country.

History of Press Trust of India

Press Trust of India took over the control of Associated Press of India from Reuters post India’s independence from British Colonial rule. The news agency provides reliable news and information in Hindi as well as English. It exchanges news among several other news agencies including some internationally-based organizations like Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, The New York Times and Bloomberg.

Prominent Subscribers of Press Trust of India

Some of the prominent subscribers of Press Trust of India are The Hindu, The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Statesman, The Tribune, All India Radio, etc. The corporate office of PTI is located in New Delhi while the registered office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. PTI also has offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Colombo, Islamabad, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, New York and Washington D.C.

Press Trust of India is the only news agency in South Asia with its own communication satellite INSAT to broadcast news and information. As of now, it is headed by Aveek Sarkar, the Chairman of ABP Group.

english newspapers 87 press trust of india website

Press Trust of India Online

Asian News International

Asian News International is a news agency based in R.K. Puram, New Delhi. It offers a syndicated multimedia news feed to a number of news media outlets in India and other countries. It was founded in 1971 by Prem Prakash as TVNF, which then became India’s first television news agency.

History of Asian News International

Smita Prakash, daughter of former director of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, joined ANI in 1986 as an intern. She married Prem Prakash’s son Sanjiv in 1988, which increased the agency’s access within the government. ANI has been time and again accused of showing the government and army in a positive light. It has also been accused of misreporting by Poynter Institute’s International Fact Checking Checking Network that includes Alt News.

In 1993, Reuters purchased a stake in ANI. As of now, ANI is touted as one of the most premier news agencies in India. It covers news and events pertaining to different topics including politics, business, sports, finance, entertainment, health, etc.

english newspapers 88 asian news international website

Asian News International Online

Asian News International Android App

Asian News International iOS App

Indo Asian News Service

Indo Asian News Service is a bilingual (Hindi and English) news agency of India. It was founded by Indian-American publisher Gopal Raju as India Abroad

Indo-Asian News Service or IANS is a private Indian news agency. It was founded by Indian American publisher Gopal Raju as the “India Abroad News Service” and later renamed. Their main offices are located in Noida. The service reports news, views and analysis from the subcontinent about the country, across a wide range of subjects, to subscribers via the Internet.

While IANS is primarily known as a wire service in English and Hindi, it also has a publishing division that currently produces newspapers and periodicals for other clients in the media industry. IANS also operates a mobile news service.

english newspapers 89 ians website

IANS Online


With the advent of digital media and online portals, newspapers sales have gone down all around the world. However, India is one of few countries in the world where the sales have gone up since 2007. It continues to face tough competition from digital portals in the media industry. Despite the digitization of media, newspapers remain the primary source of information among Indians.

To remain relevant in the times of digital revolution, print media has to reach its readers with the matching speed and authenticity. This has also impacted the quality of English newspapers positively by constantly inspiring the print media organizations to push the envelope. As a result, many English dailies have come up with an innovative style of news presentation with increased focus on columns by noted personalities and opinion pieces. Thus, the print media industry is not seeing any looming threat in the coming future. Rather, it is expected to see an upward trend in the coming five years.

Among newspapers, Hindi newspapers are the largest in terms of circulation. English newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, etc. are also one of few most preferred dailies in India. To cope with the growing demand of instant news updates and gossip columns, every English newspaper has an online portal or a website that is regularly updated by a team of media professionals. Some of them even have a radio station or TV channel to reach the readers. They have also improvised in their methodology and started focussing more on gossip columns and youth-centric stories instead of purely news-based articles.

The silver lining for the print industry is that while newspapers are seeing a decline in western countries like the United States of America, their circulation still remains buzzing in India. Spike in literacy rate in India has also contributed to the increased circulation of English dailies in the country. Also, the prevalent habit of reading newspapers in the morning in India has prevented the print media from vanishing into oblivion.

Be it Hindi, English or any other vernacular language, the media in industry is very dynamic. It is evolving with lightning fast speed to stay relevant with the changing lifestyle of people. At Mediabuzz, we aim to create a reliable and unbiased information directory of media scenarios in the world. For this, we have a team of writers that hold years of experience in the media industry and have a knack of putting information into words.

However, we are always looking for suggestions and contributions to enrich the list. If you are a current or former journalist at an Indian media firm, you can provide us inputs to enhance the accuracy of this article. Please help us with your answers for the below-mentioned questions in the comment section.

•          Is Times of India the largest read English newspaper in India?

•          Did we miss any prominent English newspaper and website in the list?

•          Do you believe any of the mentioned newspapers are biased in its reporting?

•          Which newspaper mentioned in the list have you subscribed to?

Important Note:

We are always looking for people with a background in media/journalism/mass communication to contribute more articles for us. If you are an expert at Indian media industry, we would like you to help us make this article better.

We are also looking for companies/people who wish to sponsor this article and empower us to research and cover more valuable information about Indian media.

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