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Cyprus newspapers and Cyprus newspaper list

Introduction to Cyprus News Media:

Located on the southern side of Turkey, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean region. This island country is divided into two sections- the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The country had been colonized twice by two empires- The Ottoman Empire and The British Empire.

The newspapers of a country give a brief insight into its history, culture, languages, and the lifestyle of its people. News can be consumed from any source, but it helps in developing the image of the country and its people. Whatever is happening in and around our country plays a huge role in shaping our future. Hence it is vital to know the history of Media in Cyprus to understand the present-day structure of Cyprus newspapers and news sites.

 In Cyprus Island, newspapers played a considerable role in shaping their independence movement during the old times. Cyprus got its first printing house in the year 1878. It was established in Larnaca. Henry King Co. founded the printing house. The company published its first newspaper named Kipros/Cyprus. Aleksan Sarrafyan published the first newspaper in Ottoman Turkish called ‘Umid.’ 

In 1889, another paper was published by a Turk called the Saded in Ottoman Turkish.

The Turkish Cypriot intellectuals published many newspapers which were primarily influenced by the political happenings. The primary agenda of publishing was to bring the voice of Turkish Cypriots in light and to halt the union of Cyprus with Greece. In 1891, Zaman newspaper was published by a political club named ‘Osmanl? K?raathanesi.’ During the reformation and innovation period of the Ottoman Empire, about 24 papers were published.

The printing press came to a halt from 1914 to 1919 due to the constant tensions between British authorities, the United Kingdom, and the Ottoman Empire. In 1919, Do?ru Yol, he Söz and Vatan newspapers brought the new wave of print media. From 1934- 58, about 21 papers were published by Turkish Cypriots. To name a few were Halkin Sesi, Yanki, Haber, and Ses. The press played a crucial role between the years 1963 and 1974. It made many Turkish Cypriot voices heard worldwide. 

Many prominent newspapers came into existence, such as Star Kibris, Kibris Postasi, Havadis, Kibris, Kakikat, Diyalog, Haberal Kibris, and many more. Many monthly and weekly magazines were also launched. A Bayrak Radio was begun by the Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation to enhance the news broadcasting horizon.

On 21 December 1973, Sait Terzioglu established the Turkish News Agency (TAK). The agency was started in favor of Turkish Cypriots as it declared their rights worldwide at its culmination. It became a great source of news in Cyprus. The agency is in the habit of publishing about 80 news articles and updates in one day. The company has a national and international audience spectrum.

The press helps in bringing the perfect reflection of a variety of political views, lives of people of Cyprus, and the national perspectives.

To seek more information about the newspapers and news websites of Cyprus, refer to the list mentioned below. The list is divided into 4 sections such as:

A. Cyprus Greek language newspaper and news websites

B. Cyprus English language newspaper and news websites

C. Cyprus business newspapers and news websites

D. Cyprus sports newspapers and news websites

A. Cyprus Greek language newspaper and news websites:

Greek is one of the two official languages of Cyprus. Hence, Cyprus has a large number of readers reading in the Greek language. Some of the top Greek languages of Cyprus are Simerini, Kathimerini, Cyprus Mail, Alithia, Politis, Phileleftheros, and Politis.


cyprus newspaper 12 Kathimerini website

Found in 1919, Kathimerini published its first issue on 15 September 1919. Kathimerini is published in Greek and English language. The 90% share of the newspaper is owned by the Kathimerini Publishing S.A. the headquarters of Kathimerini newspaper are located in the Neo Faliro. The online version of the paper is available in Greece and Cyprus.

The newspaper follows a top-notch quality broadsheet format. It follows a traditional structure in the form of a griffin logo and glossy images.

George Vlachos found the Kathimerini newspaper. The newspaper was inherited to his daughter, Helen Vlachos, and her husband, Commander Constantine Loundras. However, Helen Vlachos sold the company in October 1995 before her death. The new owner was a shipping magnate and a real estate developer, Aristeidis Alafouzos, who died in 2017. The company is inherited to his son, Themistoklis Alafouzos.

The newspaper has a firm opinion in favor of liberal conservatism, economic liberalism, Pro- Europeanism, radical centrism, and Meritocracy. The critical view of Eleftherios Venizelos and the opposition of the Papandreou family during the 20th century are a few examples.

Kathimerini Online

Kathimerini ePaper

Kathimerini Android App

Kathimerini iOS App

Cyprus Mail 

cyprus newspaper 1 cyprus mail

Established in 1945, Cyprus Mail is one of the oldest Cypriot newspapers published in Cyprus. It is published in English-language only. Owned by Cyprus Mail Co Ltd, Cyprus Mail has a small team of dedicated professionals with headquarters located in Nicosia. The lawyer, Andreas Neocleous, purchased Cyprus Mail Co Ltd in 2019. 

Cyprus Mail has created a remarkable place for itself due to its top-notch editorial content and superior journalism. The newspaper claims to have zero political affiliation and stands out as an independent organization. However, according to observers, Cyprus Mail is a political conservative in nature. The newspaper is published regularly from the last 74 years. The paper follows a Berliner format, which is based on the principals of Western-style Media.

Since it is available in the English Language, the paper has gained immense popularity among every community of Cyprus- Turkish, Greek as well as foreign readers. The newspaper covers news in multiple verticals such as national, international, business, sports, lifestyle, and health.

Cyprus Mail Online

Cyprus Mail Android App

Cyprus Mail iOS App

Kibris Gazetesi

cyprus newspaper 4 kibris gazetesi

Established on 11 July 1989, Kibris Gazetesi is a Turkish language newspaper. The meaning of Kibris is Cyprus. It is a regular newspaper published in the Turkish Republic region of Northern Cyprus. According to statistics, Kibris Gazetesi is one of the most circulated Turkish language newspaper in Cyprus. 

A-N Graphics (KIBRIS) Limited owns the Kibris Gazetesi. However, the concessional owner of the newspaper is Asil Nadir. The Editor in Chief and Managing Editor of the publication in 2019 is Ali Baturay and Emin Akkor, respectively. Resat Akar, the former editor of Kibris Gazetesi, has created his newspaper named Diyalog. 

The website of Kibris Gazetesi is enriched with insightful information. You can find news about many sections – Turkey, Cyprus, International, Forensic, Traffic, Economy, Education, Science & Technology, Art & Culture, Nature, Environment, and Health.

Kibris Gazetesi Online

Kibris Gazetesi Android App

Kibris Gazetesi iOS App


cyprus newspaper 5 Phileleftheros

Established in 1955, Phileleftheros is one of the oldest newspapers published in the Greek language. Phileleftheros is one of the most popular newspapers in Cyprus. As per 2002 stats, the paper circulates about 26,000 copies per day. Phileleftheros has a broadsheet format. The headquarters of Phileleftheros newspaper is found in the Nicosia region of Cyprus. 

The Phileleftheros Publishing Group owns the Phileleftheros newspaper. Being one of the most extensive publishing and journalistic organization in Cyprus, Phileleftheros Publishing Group is a liberal newspaper with zero involvement and influence of political parties. This Group aims to fulfill all the needs of the readership. It is very clearly stated in its motto ‘Serving best news to the people of Cyprus.’

Phileleftheros Publishing Group expanded its horizon from newspapers to magazines and a radio station. The publishing house publishes many magazines, such as the Cyprus editions of Cosmopolitan and Top Gear. There is a radio station also launched called radio Sfera. The magazines are posted on the weekend only. T.V. magazines and Downtown magazines are distributed on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Phileleftheros Online

Phileleftheros Android App

Phileleftheros iOS App


cyprus newspaper 6 Politis

Politis is the second most popular newspaper in Cyprus Island. Published in the Greek language, Politis circulates about 7000 copies per day, which is equal to 8 percent of a total paper distributed in the region. 

The first newspaper of Politis was published on 12 February 1999. It is an independent organization. It gained its popularity due to its liberal approach towards political opinions. Politis is a people’s newspaper as it deals with the interest and sensitivities of the people of Cyprus. Politis is always keen to offer comprehensive and truthful information based on the principles of freedom of speech and pluralism.

Politis is a daily newspaper owned by Arktinos Ltd. Currently (2019), Dionysis Dionysiou- Soteris Paroutis- George Kaskanis is operating as the editor in chief of Polits newspaper. Politis follows a Berliner format. The Politis headquarters is located in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus.

Politis Online

Politis ePaper

Politis Android App

Politis iOS App

Kibris Postasi Gazetesi 

cyprus newspaper 7 Kibris Postasi Gazetesi

Established on 21 November 2001, Kibris Postasi Gazetesi is a popular online news portal. Owned by Citypress Publishing Limited, Kibris Postasi Gazetesi is a daily newspaper. Appointed in 2001, Rasih Resat is operating as the editor in chief of Kibris Postasi Gazetesi even today (2019). 

Kibris Postasi Gazetesi is known for its vast online readership in Northern Cyprus. The newspaper has a tabloid format.

Kibris Postasi Gazetesi Online

Kibris Postasi Gazetesi Android App

Kibris Postasi Gazetesi iOS App

Yeni Duzen 

cyprus newspaper 8 Yeniduzen

Established in 1975, Yeni Duzen is a daily newspaper that plays a significant role in the history of Cyprus. Yeni Duzen ltd owns Yeni Duzen newspaper. In 2008, the United Media Group collaborated with the paper. Yeni Duzen has a sister television channel named Kanal Sim, also a radio station called Sim Radio. The headquarters of Yeni Duzen is located in the Nicosia region of Cyprus Island. The Sim radio station, T.V. channel and Publication house all three are situated in the same place. 

Yeni Duzen published its first newspaper on 12 December 1975. Until 1976, the paper was published in a broadsheet format. However, on 28 December 1978, the newspaper switched to the tabloid format. The newspaper became daily on 12 December 1983.

As per the 2014 statistics, Yeni Duzen circulated 4700 copies in Northern Cyprus. Zihni Durmu? was the first editor in chief of the newspaper appointed in 1975. Currently (2020), Cenk Mutluyakali is the editor in chief. The paper is a little partial to the views of the Republic Turkish Party (CTP). However, the editor claims the paper has an independent opinion, and CTP has zero interference with the working of Yeni Duzen. The newspaper is known to document several cases of political scandals and corruption. 

In 1985, Rauf Denktas sued the paper for defaming him. The article titled ‘Babalar’ written by Ozker Ozgur, a CTP leader, was the reason behind the case. In December 1987, the court asked the Yeni Duzen newspaper to pay 200 million Turkish liras to be paid to Rauf Denktas as a compensation for the same. There was a protest and uprising, which led to the nullification of the compensation amount by the higher court. 

Yeni Duzen Online

Yeni Duzen Android App

Yeni Duzen iOS App


cyprus newspaper 9 artsakank

Artsakank is an Armenian newspaper. It is translated and made available in Cyprus in Greek and English language. The paper is distributed monthly. The headquarters of Artsakank is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

The newspaper is specially designed for the Armenians of Cyprus Island. There are separate sections for Armenia Diaspora, Cyrpus, Armenia and Artsakh and international news. An interview and sports section is also available to bring out niche-specific news. 

Artsakank Online

Offsite Cy

cyprus newspaper 10 offsite.com .cy

Established in September 2010, Offsite Cy is a vital news site of Cyprus. The website is associated with the CNN of Greece.

This news portal laid particular emphasis on objective and valid information. It is an immediate platform offering national and international news. 

Offsite Cy Online

Halkin Sesi 

cyprus newspaper 11 Halk?n Sesi

Halkin Sesi or Voice of the People is a Turkish newspaper published in Northern Cyrpus. Found on 14 March 1942, Halkin Sesi is a daily newspaper owned by the HSG Generation Digital Journalism Ltd. The founder of Halkin Sesi is the former vice president of the Cyprus Republic, Fazil Kucuk. In 2019, the editor in chief of the newspaper was Selen Suheyla Kucuk.

 At first, it was just a 2-page newspaper and was distributed every day except on Mondays. Initially, the paper cost 20 cents only. At present, Halkin Sesi is published in the tabloid format and consists of about 40 pages. The cost of Halkin Sesi nowadays is 1.5 Turkish liras. 

The Voice of the People printing facilities takes care of the printing of Halkin Sesi newspaper. The Yay-Sat and Combined Printing Distribution take care of the distribution of the paper.

Halkin Sesi Online

Halkin Sesi Android App

Halkin Sesi iOS App

  North Cyprus News 

cyprus newspaper 14 north cyprus news

Launched on 23 September 2011, North Cyprus News is a seven-year-old news website. The website is operated from the Lapta region of North Cyprus.

North Cyprus News Online

Sigma Live

cyprus newspaper 15 sigmalive

Sigma Live is a 24*7 news portal operating in Cyprus. The portal updates news at regular intervals of time and keeps its readers updated. Andy Hadjicostis, a Cypriot businessman, laid the foundation of Sigma T.V. channel. Sigma Live has the largest team of media personnel working continuously to offer quick and timely updates. The company has a highly professional and sophisticated structure that is perfectly aligned with world-class media agencies. The channel delivers objective and instant news consistently. 

Sigma Live follows the ever-changing online media rules and covers a wide range of categories. The website is divided into multiple sections, such as daily news, women, economics, business world, sports, fun, and lifestyle. The Sigma live channel streams live session over radio, television, and blogs. 

It is a very user-friendly website with more than 7, 00,000 visitors and 8 million page views. From October 2012, the site has made a few changes to improve usability, enhance the number of visitors, pace up the news delivery speed, and improve the overall user’s experience.

Sigma Live Online

North Cyprus Free Press

cyprus newspaper 16 north cyprus free press

North Cyprus Free Press is a liberal platform designed for the residents of North Cyprus. The website publishes news and essential matters concerned with the nation.

People are free to express their opinions about anything and everything. The portal brings out the significance of general public views regarding North Cyprus. Also, it gives liberty to show the unique features of the gorgeous Cyprus island.

North Cyprus Free Press works with more than 100 companies that are paid commission from purchases made using affiliate links.

North Cyprus Free Press Online

Gundem Kibris

cyprus newspaper 17 gudem kibris

Established on 4 January 2010, Gundem Kibris is one of the fastest internet news websites in Cyprus Island. Gundem Kibris has a modern outlook, which is very user-friendly in nature. The site delivers news in multiple niches such as International, Turkey, Cyprus, cinema, health, technology, sports, business advertisements, economy, cars, art, and culture.

Gundem Kibris Online

Gundem Kibris Android App

Gundem Kibris iOS App

Haber Kibris

cyprus newspaper 18 haber kibris

Owned by Digi News Portal Services LTD, Haber Kibris was founded on 28 June 2010. Presently (2019), the Chief Editor of Haber Kibris is Huseyin. The editors of Haber Kibris (2019) are Arzu, Bahadir, and Zaynep. 

The website follows all the rules and regulations laid by the Professional Principles of Journalism. 

The website operates in three major countries, namely Cyprus, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The site delivers breaking news in flash of a few seconds from multiple dynamic, world, and comprehensive news websites. 

Haber Kibris Online

Haber Kibris Android App

Haber Kibris iOS App


cyprus newspaper 19 ant1

Ant1.com.cy is a part of the ANTENNA. ANTENNA is the first private television station ever installed in Cyprus. The company is about 25 years old and is operating in two other regions, i.e., a web portal and a radio station. 

The digital television is a leading source of information among other television providers in Cyprus. The channel broadcast shows in Greek, Cypriot, and foreign languages to keep the audience entertained. Ant1 radio was established in 1998, known for its constant updates.

 Launched in 2012, Ant1.com.cy is Antenna station’s primary web portal. It is an ideal portal for both information and entertainment seekers. The portal has been recently upgraded to offer a more precise form of information in three different categories- News, Web T.V., and Ant1 Radio. 

The news covers large areas to offer a quick news report. The Web T.V. runs the latest ANT1 series in high definition (H.D.), and Ant1 Radio is highly functional internet radio. 

Ant1.com.cy Online


cyprus newspaper 20 24h

Owned by Nikodea Media Group, 24h.com.cy is usually considered to be the site of news revelations. Started in April 2014, 24h.com.cy is a perfect example of valid journalism with a modern and fresh approach.

24h.com.cy Online

Cyprus news

cyprus newspaper 21 cyprusnews.eu

Cyprus news.eu is a news website giving important news and information about Cyprus Island. The site is divided into multiple sections- Cy Talks, Cyprus views, Cy debates, Carierista (career), Sci-news (science and technology), bebemou ( Mother and infant care), lemesosblog ( latest updates), photo of the day, and facts sections. The Cyprus news.eu has a special Today’s column. Today’s part gives information about the significant events that happened on this day in the past.

Cyprus news Online

Paideia news

cyprus newspaper 22 Paideia news

Paideia news is a popular educational news website based out on Cyprus. Paideia news was found on 15 May 2011. The term ‘Paideia’ means rearing and educating a deserving person of a state. The website is divided into different sections; all focused on education- Ministry of Education, Primary schools, Middle schools, Higher schools and colleges, universities, recruitment notices, news, articles, economy, institutions, students, parliament, world, and civilization. Christoforos Papastilianou is the director of Paideia news. He used to be an active member of the Directors of the Cyprus News Agency.

Paideia news Online


cyprus newspaper 23 typos

Typos.com.cy is one of the oldest news websites in Cyprus. The site has many domains ranging from athletics, strange occurring, horoscope, entertainment, health, science & technology, national, international, and lifestyle. 

Typos Online

Omega Live

cyprus newspaper 24 omega live

Launched on 25 October 2018, Omega Live is a news portal owned and operated by Omega T.V. Cyprus. The first name of this news portal was TVONE news. Omega T.V. was initially launched in 1992. This news portal offers quick information about the latest happenings in Cyprus and around the world. The website also gives T.V. guides, video on demand, and live streaming.

Omega Live Online

Omega Live iOS App

Omonoia News 

cyprus newspaper 25 omonoia news

Omonoia News is an independent news portal launched in January 2010. This portal is specially designed for the Omonoia fans located in Cyprus. The website gives information about everything associated with sports. It is a non-official portal and doesn’t express any official statement.

Omonoia News Online

Omonoia News Android App

Pafos press

cyprus newspaper 26 pafos press

Pafos press is an independent newspaper for the people of Paphos, Cyprus. It is an ideal portal for entertainment and information about Pafos, Cyprus and abroad.

Pafos press Online


cyprus newspaper 27 alfa

Owned by Alfa Media Group, Alithia Online is an online news portal of Cyprus. 

Alfa Media Group is a leading consulting firm in Cyprus operating in the media, marketing, and advertising field. 

The website publishes two newspapers in pdf format- ‘The version of the day’ and ‘sports day.’ Separate sections are given which discuss the news in multiple niches- Cyprus, world, sports, Greece, technology, culture, and health.

Alfa Online

Alfa ePaper


cyprus newspaper 28 CYtoday

Owned by the CYmedia group, CYtoday is an e-newspaper service. CYmedia offers top-notch services to cater to the needs of small businesses in Cyprus. 

The newspaper is available in an online format. You can also switch to the newsletter facility where the newspaper is sent via mail to the subscribers. The paper is circulated daily. 

The newspaper gives all the essential news for a glance and in-depth information in many sections- economy, sports, national &international, lifestyle.

CYtoday Online

Detay Kibris Gazetesi 

cyprus newspaper 29 Detay Kibris Gazetesi

Established on 17 March 2014, Detay Kibris Gazetesi is owned by Fine Detail Cyprus Graphic Press Release LTD. The chairperson of the Detay Kibris Gazetesi is Taner Ulutas. 

The company headquarters is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The website is divided into multiple sections- International, Turkey, Cyprus, education, art & culture, health, sports, technology, and economy.

Detay Kibris Gazetesi Online

Detay Kibris Gazetesi Android App

Detay Kibris Gazetesi iOS App

Diyalog Gazetesi

cyprus newspaper 30 diyalog gazetesi

Diyalog Gazetesi is a Turkish newspaper published for the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Cyprus Dialogue Publishing Ltd owns the paper. Resat Akar and Adem Uslu are the two senior editors (in 2019) of Diyalog Gazetesi. 

 The newspaper follows the tabloid format. Diyalog Gazetesi is a 48 colored pages newspaper. The price of Diyalog Gazetesi is 2.5 $. 

The newspaper group has a T.V. channel named ‘Dialogue T.V.’ which is played on Turksat 3A. The headquarters of Cyprus Dialogue Publishing Ltd is in the Nicosia region of Cyprus.

Diyalog Gazetesi Online

Haberal Kibrisli

cyprus newspaper 32 Haberal Kibrisli

Owned by Northern Network Media Centre ltd, Haberal Kibrisli is a top-quality newspaper of Cyprus. Presently (in 2019), the editor in chief of Haberal Kibrisli is Kartal Harman. 

The opinions given in this newspaper have a neutral approach towards it. The news website is divided into multiple sections- the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey, World, South Cyprus, economy, sports, health, technology, education, agenda, art & culture, life, magazine, and education.

Haberal Kibrisli Online

Havadi Gazetesi

cyprus newspaper 33 Havadi Gazetesi

Established on 14 February 2009, Havadi Gazetesi is owned by Poli Investment Ltd. In 2020, Basaran Duzgun is the Editor in Chief and the General Manager of Havadi Gazetesi. Yay-Sat distributes the Havadi Gazetesi newspaper. 

The newspaper is published daily. It is available in the Turkish language. The paper is 48 pages long, out of which 16 pages are colored. The newspaper is published in a tabloid format. The cost of Havadi Gazetesi is 2.5 $. 

Havadi Gazetesi has an unbiased political opinion. The headquarters of Havadi Gazetesi is located in Nicosia, North Cyprus.

Havadi Gazetesi Online

Havadi Gazetesi Android App

Havadi Gazetesi iOS App

  Yenicag Gazetesi

cyprus newspaper 34 Yenicag Gazetesi

Found on 4 March 2002, Yenicag Gazetesi is a daily newspaper published in the Turkish language. The headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey. 

The newspaper has a high political opinion of Turkish nationalism. Yenicag Gazetecilik publishes Yenicag Gazetesi. According to the statistics, about 51,848 newspapers are circulated per day. The paper is divided into many sections- writers, politics, world, economy, sports, latest updates, videos, and books.

Yenicag Gazetesi Online

Yenicag Gazetesi ePaper

Yenicag Gazetesi Android App

Yenicag Gazetesi iOS App

Star Kibris

cyprus newspaper 35 star kibris

Found in the year 2007, Star Kibris is one of the most impartial newspapers published in TRNC. Star Kibris is known for its righteous opinions. 

It is a daily newspaper. Star Kibris is located in the Nicosia region of Cyprus. Ali Ozmen Safa established Star Kibris. 

Star Kibris Online

Star Kibris ePaper

Star Kibris Android App

Star Kibris iOS App


cyprus newspaper 36 gnomi scaled

Gnomi is a political newspaper published every week. The agenda of Gnomi is to keep the readers informed. The paper gives information about all the big things happening in and around Cyprus. 

The newspaper has an online portal as well. The news portal is appropriately structured and categorized to enhance its user experience. The website is divided into multiple sections- economics, trade unions, culture, environment, science & technology, health, politics, sports, and ideologies.

Gnomi Online

Gnomi iOS App


cyprus newspaper 37 simerini

Published its first issue on 3 February 1976, Simerini is a popular newspaper published in the Greek language. It was founded by Costas ?. Hadjicostis in the year 1976. The paper is independent- owned by the Dias Publishing House Ltd.

Skevi Stavrou is operating as the Editor of Simerini in 2019. The newspaper follows a tabloid format. It circulates about 9,000 copies daily, which makes it one of the largest newspapers in Cyprus Island. The paper has a free opinion towards everything. 

From 2017, the newspaper is circulated every week. It is distributed every Sunday.

Simerini Online

News in Cyprus 

cyprus newspaper 38 news in cyprus

Launched in 2013, News in Cyprus is a one-stop news destination for all the newsreaders of Cyprus. This news portal offers an intensely collaborates and well-searched latest news of the day in one place.

The portal displays some of the highly reliable local Cyprus news. The website is available in two languages- Greek and English. 

The website searches and surfs about a hundred’s local news articles of Cyprus. The news reflected on the site offers comprehensive coverage on every incident.

News in Cyprus Online

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Cyprus

cyprus newspaper 39 Komsomolskaya Pravda

Founded in 1925, Komsomolskaya Pravda is a Russian newspaper owned by Media Partner, which is owned by the ESN Group. Currently (2019), the founder and Editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda are JSC Publishing House “Komsomolskaya Pravda.”

In 2020, the editor in chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda is Vladimir Nikolaevich Sungorkin. The Chief Editor (2019) of the website is Nosova Olesya Vyacheslavovna. 

In Cyprus, Komsomolskaya Pravda is published by K.P. Publishing ltd.

B. Cyprus English language newspaper and news websites:

English is one of the most common languages spoken all over the world. Hence like every other country, there are a large number of people speaking and reading in the English language. Cyprus is a small island country; therefore, there are very few newspapers and news websites in English. One of the best English language newspapers and news websites in Cyprus is In-Cyprus (Cyprus Weekly).

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Cyprus Online

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Cyprus Android App

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Cyprus iOS App


cyprus newspaper 2 in cyprus

Earlier known as Cyprus Weekly, In-Cyrpus was founded in the year 1979 by Georges der Parthogh, a former journalist of Times of Cyprus. The company began as an independent publication under the Lefteris Adilinis, the Editor in Chief, and Charlie Charalambous, the Managing Editor. However, it later collaborated with the Phileleftheros Newsgroup. The present-day (2019) editor of In-Cyprus.com is Bouli Hadjioannou. 

It was one of the highest-selling newspapers available in the English language in Cyprus. Published every Friday, Cyprus weekly has circulated more than 14,000 copies. The last paper was released in September 2017.

 In September 2017, Cyprus Weekly changed its name to In-Cyrpus. In-Cyrpus is one of the best online news websites for English-speaking people in Cyprus. There is a vast population of English speaking internet users in Cyprus and abroad. These English-speaking information seekers serve as the loyal audience of In-Cyprus. 

In-Cyprus can be compared to an online tourist guide to Cyprus updated every other second. The website offers information and news in a wide variety of sections to keep the locals as wells as tourists updated about every development. 

Some of the vital information centers are mentioned below:

  • News- Keep yourself well-informed about local, international, business, and sports news available on In-Cyprus in collaboration with Phileleftheros newspaper.
  • Things to do at Cyprus- An ideal way to explore the Cyprus island is to explore the attractions, the life of locals, concerts, museums, local delights, and all the latest entertaining events in and around the island. 
  • Experience Cyprus- This section is a storehouse of marvelous places to go and do, such as Agro-Tourism, Outdoor adventure, visit beaches, and archaeological sites. 
  • Plan your trip- This section is designed for travelers- book your ticket, hotel, accommodation, and transportation. 

The information given by In-Cyprus comes very handy to both localities as well as travelers.

In-Cyprus Online

In-Cyprus Android App

In-Cyprus iOS App

C. Cyprus Business newspaper and news websites:

Business in Cyprus is based on three essential factors, namely personal trust, respect, and hospitality. These three parameters together combine to form a strong business foundation in Cyprus. The language of communication plays a crucial role in business in national and international terms. Hence, along with Greek, English is the primary language of business in Cyprus. 

Financial Mirror

cyprus newspaper 3 financial mirror

Established in 1993, Financial Mirror is a weekly newspaper published in the English language. Financial Mirror is one of the leading newspapers in the business genre of Cyprus. Financial Mirror gives a brief insight into the Cyprus economy via regular news and analysis reports. The headquarters of the Financial Mirror newspaper is located in the Nicosia region of Cyprus. 

Financial Mirror has a supplement newspaper which is published in the Greek language, namely Chrima & Agora, X???? & A????. Financial Mirror has created a panel of 11 economists. The team of the economists constantly monitor and analyze the economy of Cyprus to curate well-researched economics reports. The newspaper offers a deeply interpreted and neatly compiled independent Quarterly Consensus Report. 

Financial Mirror publishes an e-paper in the Greek language daily called Xpress-OIKONOMIKH in PDF format as well as an e-newsletter to website subscribers. There is a Cyprus Gourmet magazine available quarterly and a Russian language monthly magazine. The magazine is called ‘Eto Kipr,’ which means ‘This is Cyprus.’ The magazine gives information on the property, business, and lifestyle niches.

Financial Mirror Online

Ekonomi Kibris 

cyprus newspaper 31 ekonomi kibris

Ekonomi Kibris keeps the reader briefly updated with the economy of Cyprus. It is one of the most prominent business and investment news website in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Currently (2019), Atil Ayaz is operating as the editor in chief of Ekonomi Kibris. Some of the other editors (in 2019) are ?erife Guler, Meltem Kay, and Asya Tancer. 

Ayaz Media Group is the owner of the Ekonomi Kibris newspaper. The media group complies with all the rules and regulations lay by the government. The office is found in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company also publishes a magazine in the name of ‘Prestige.’

Ekonomi Kibris Online

Ekonomi Kibris Android App

D. Cyprus Sports newspaper and news websites:

Cyprus is a small island with a tiny population, even though it has a modest national and international sporting achievement. One of the most favorite games in Cyprus is Football. There are a whole lot of spectators and participation in football sports. There are many sports newspapers and news websites in Cyprus, such as Cyprus sports news, Action in Sports, and 24 sports.

Cyprus Sports News

cyprus newspaper 40 sports cy.net

Established on 1 August 2014, Cyprus Sports News is a news portal specially designed to give information about sports in Cyprus and around the world. C.Y. Life Interactive Media Consultancy has affiliated Cyprus Sports News. 

Being a popular media agency in Cyprus, The C.Y. Life Interactive Media Consultancy offers three types of services – internet hosting, telephony, and a graphic designing company. It was founded in 1996. 

All the latest happening in the field of sports can be read out on this web portal.

Cyprus Sports News Online

Cyprus Sports News ePaper


cyprus newspaper 13 24news

Found on 11 November 2007, 24Sports is one of the most popular sports websites in Cyprus. 24Sports has one of the largest team of sport content writers in Cyprus, continually working to keep the reader updated with every development in the sports.

The website is regularly updated. The site gained immense popularity within three months of operation by sports lovers. It is highly professional with a perfect structure. The website majorly gives information in three sections- Cyprus, Hellas, and International/organization.

24Sports Online

Action in sports

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Established in November 2014, Action in sports is a popular sports website of Cyprus. The site laid particular emphasis on sports photography.  Action in sports believes in capturing images of historical moments of every player’s life. It is a digitally dynamic organization excelling in sports photography.  The headquarters of Action is Sports website is located in the Limassol region of Cyprus. This media portal has an excellent team of photographers and authors offering top quality sports content. The news section of the website is divided into multiple parts, such as sports, international, volleyball, basketball, aquatic & nautical sports, track & field, shooting, and handball news.

Action in sports Online

Summing up:

This article contains a list of the top 40 newspapers and news websites in Cyprus curated specially for you. This is a highly reliable list of some of the best and most reputable newspapers, magazines, and news websites operated in Cyprus Island. The newspapers are published in three languages, namely Greek, Turkish, and English. Most of the newspaper agencies are located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The location of news agency headquarters eases the circulation of newspapers all over the island. 

The Cyprus Media can be divided into many categories- Internet News Media, Newspaper News Media, Press agency News media, and local newspapers and news media of Cyprus. 

The Cyprus Newspaper and News Media have three primary focus sections- business, sports, and general interest. Ekonomi Kibris and Financial Mirror are two major newspapers in the business domain. 24 Sports, MAXH sports, and Pame Gipedo are the major players in the Sports domain. In the general interest category, Gundem Kibris, Haberdar, Halkin Sesi, Yeni Duzen, Cyprus Daily, Cyprus Weekly, Politis are some of the popular newspapers. 

Please help us with your answers for the below questions in the comment section.

  • What are the top five newspapers in Cyprus?
  • What are the most read newspapers and news websites in Cyprus?
  • What do you think role played by Cyprus media in the lives of Greek people?
  • According to you, have we forgotten to add any deserving newspaper or news website to the list mentioned above?
  • Cyprus has a rich history. So do you politics of the past have affected the political inclinations of different newspapers of Cyprus?
  • Is there any particular newspaper in Cyprus which gained immense popularity for a different reason, not for its content primarily? 
  • Which is your personal favourite Greek language news website or newspaper from the list mentioned above?
  • Is there any particular news portal that caught your eye from the above list of Cyprus newspapers and news websites?
  • Which paper from the list above of Cyprus do you read, and why?
  • Do you wish to share any information related to the print media of Cyprus?

Important Note:

MediaBuzz offers an in-depth and well-researched list of top newspapers and news websites of various countries. The website is majorly designed to facilitate the journalist during hefty research. To enhance the authenticity of the given information, we invite sponsorships from all around the globe. You can drop us an mail at contact@mediabuzz.org.

If you want to update or add more newspapers or websites to the list, you can mention the name of the newspaper and website in the comment section. 

The comment section invites you to give your valuable feedback. What are your views about Cyprus Media?  How the newspapers affect the life of people of Cyprus? What do you think about the list given above?

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