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List of Top 49 Urdu Newspapers & Urdu Online Newspapers

Introduction to Urdu Media

Pakistan has been a major contributor when it comes to art and literature. The country has enjoys a rich culture and similarly, its media landscape is no short of diversity. Media in Pakistan is one of the most dynamic in South Asia. It includes news channels, radio, cinema and several hundreds of newspapers among which around 300 are privately owned. The newspapers are published in 11 languages including English, Urdu and Sindhi. However, Pakistani citizen prefer Urdu newspapers most above others. Talking about popularity of print media in Pakistan, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics states that in 2009 alone, the country sold 6.1 million copies of newspapers every day. Though television has replaced newspapers to be a major source of news, the latter remain a crucial part of media industry in Pakistan.

During the initial years after the conception of Pakistan, only four major Muslim-owned newspapers flourished in the country; Pakistan Times, Zamindar, Nawa-i-Waqt and Civil Military Gazette. After partition, several publishers moved to Pakistan including Dawn, that remains the oldest and the biggest player of media in the country. The Morning News, Jang and Anjam also followed suit and shifted their printing press in Karachi in 1947. By the onset of 2000, 1,500 newspapers and journals flourished in Pakistan.

During the beginning of 21st century, print media industry suffered a decline following the rest of the world. Despite the fall, the total circulation numbers increased. From 1994 to 1997, Pakistan saw a sharp incline in the number of publications from 1994 to 1997. It went up from 3,243 to 4,455. This number got reduced to 945 by 2003, mostly in the Punjab province of the country.

Most of the newspapers in Pakistan are privately owned however, the coveted Associated Press of Pakistan is under government control. Many newspapers in Pakistan are owned by journalists who have a political or national agenda. These players faced staunch criticism for mixing commercial interests with journalism and giving way to sensationalism. Another challenge that Pakisantani media face is lack of professional training by media professionals.  The media curriculums in schools are also not sufficient to provide suitable skills to thrive in media industry. Thus, many Pakistani journalists are accused of biased, unethical and unprofessional journalism.

Post 2002, Pakistani media flourished with several independent television channels coming into existence. Most of these private channels saw uprise under the Musharraf Regime.

Currenrtly, Dawn, Express, Express Tribune, Daily Pakistan and The News enjoy the status of being the most popular newspapers in Pakistan. Read ahead to get elaborate details about Pakistani newspapers and websites in English, Urdu, Singhi, Punjabi language published in regions like Balochistan, Islamabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Azad Kashmir, etc.

1. Daily Jang

Daily Jang is the most popular Urdu newspaper based in Karachi, Pakistan. Apart from being popular, it is also the oldest newspaper in Pakistan. The daily has been published since 1939 continuously. Daily Jang is headed by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman as its Chief Executive & Editor-in-Chief. Some of the most popular contributors includes Mahmood Shaam, Nazir Naji and Shafi Aqeel.

Daily Jang is published in the broadsheet format. It is known for its conservative political inclination. Jang Group of Newspaper, that owns the daily, also publishes several other newspapers including The News International, Daily News and Daily Awam.

The publication of Daily Jang takes place from Lahore, Quetta, Sheikhpura, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Dera Ghazi Khan and Birmingham, UK.

Daily Jung Online

Daily Jung ePaper

Daily Jung Android App

2. Daily Express

Daily Express is another widely circulated newspaper in Pakistan. Headquartered in Islamabad, the newspaper is published in Urdu language. The operation of the newspaper is overseen by Lakson Group of company. Launched in 1998, the newspaper is published in Broadsheet format under Century Publications. Currently, Daily Express is headed by Mr. Aijazul Haque.

Daily Express is published in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faislabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkar. It covers news articles and opinion pieces on topics including politics, sports, entertainment and current affairs.

The Daily Express also has an e-paper on its websites to offer mobile accessibility to its dedicated reader base. This version is very popular among Pakistanis living outside Pakistan, where the newspaper is not circulated in print.

The parent company of Daily Express also has a channel named Express Television that broadcasts from Pakistan. The newspaper team can be contacted via email on info@express.pk.

Daily Express Online

Daily Express ePaper

3. Dawn Urdu

Dawn is one of the most renowned and widely circulated newspapers in Pakistan. Though, the main newspaper of the media group is published in English, the Urdu newspaper is also quite popular.

Dawn was founded by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi on 26 October 1941, before the inception of Pakistan. It was launched as the mouthpiece of Muslim League. The very first edition of Dawn was published at Latifi Press in 1942.

It has offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with several representatives abroad. As of 2010, Dawn has circulated over 109,000 newspapers. Currently, the media group is headed by Hameed Haroon as the Chief Executive Officer.

Dawn Urdu is known for its liberal, centrist and progressive point of views. It is published in broadsheet format with Zaffar Abbas as its Editor. It is a listed member of All Pakistan Newspapers Society.

Dawn Urdu Online

Dawn Urdu ePaper

Dawn Urdu Android App

Dawn Urdu iOS App

4. Daily Dunya

Daily Dunya is an Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan. Launched on 3 September 2012 by National Communication Services, the newspaper is published everyday from Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Quetta and Sargodha simultaneously. It is owned by Mian Amer Mahmood, who also owns Dunya News and Lahore News, which are prominent news channels in Pakistan.

Daily Dunya is printed in Broadsheet format. It is known to have a centre-right inclination while covering news. The online website of the newspaper covers news on topics related to economy, sport, lifestyle, fashion, health, science, international news and local current affairs.

Daily Dunya Online

Daily Dunya ePaper

Daily Dunya Android App

Daily Dunya iOS App

5. The Daily Pakistan

The Daily Pakistan is a daily newspaper in Pakistan which is published in both Urdu and English. It is headed by Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami as its chief editor. Currently, the newspaper is published from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar.

Launched in December 1990, The Daily Pakistan faced tough times during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s regime and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami was put in jail. Before becoming the chief editor of the newspaper, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly Zindagi, which was published in Lahore.  He also served as President, Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors in 2002.

One of the writers of The Daily Pakistan Hamid Mir interview Osama Bid Laden in 1997, the infamous Al-Qaeda terrorist who was responsible for the World Trade Tower attack in the US. Popular journalists including Asghar Abdullah, Tariq Mehmood Ahsan, and Saleem Shahab also write columns for the weekly magazine Zindagi. Nauman Tasleem Khan is the Web Editor for the website of Daily Pakistan.

In 2015, The Daily Pakistan also introduced as English version of the newspaper called Daily Pakistan Global. It is majorly read by Pakistanis residing outside Pakistan.

Daily Pakistan Online

Daily Pakistan ePaper

Daily Pakistan Android App

Daily Pakistan iOS App

6. Nawa-i-Waqt

Nawa-i-Waqt is an Urdu language newspaper of Pakistan, that is most popular in the country. The name translates to ‘The Voice of Time’ in English. The daily is owned by Majid Nizami Trust and was launched on March 23, 1940 by Hameed Nizami, the elder brother of Majid.

Upon its inception, Nawa-i-Waqt was launched as a fortnightly periodical supported by All India Muslim League. It had a pro-American and Anti-Communist stance. Headed by Afaq Hussain Johar and Shabbar Hasan, the fortnightly paper was turned into a weekly and ultimately into a daily in 1944.

Up till 2014, Majid Nizami operated as the chief editor and publisher of Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper before his demise.

After his demise, the Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications went to Majid Nizami Trust. Nawa-i-Waqt is the most influential and the most read newspaper in Pakistan. It is believed to be the guardian of Pakistan’s ideology with its centre-right inclinations and nationalist appeal. As of now, Nawa-i-Waqt is one of the four top influential Urdu language newspapers in Pakistan.

In 2016, the daughter of Majid Nizami, Rameeza was elected as the Managing Director of Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications unanimously by the trustees of Majid Nizami Trust. She was also chosen as the Senior Vice President of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS). The biological son of founder Hameed Nizami, Arif Nizami served as the long-time editor of the English language daily newspaper The Nation. However, he later resigned due to ideological differences with his uncle Majid Nizami.

Nawa-i-Waqt group also handles the publishing of several other newspapers including The Nation, Nida-i-Millat, Family Magazine and a monthly children’s magazine, Phool. The newspaper played an important role in supporting the Pakistan movement during the formation of a separate Islamist country during India-Pakistan partition.

Nawa-i-Waqt Group also run a 24-hour news and entertainment channel named Waqt News. Apart from being broadcasted on live television, it can also be found on the internet.

Nawa-i-Waqt Online

Nawa-i-Waqt ePaper

Nawa-i-Waqt Android App

Nawa-i-Waqt iOS App

7. Ummat

Ummat is an Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan, which is published from Karachi and Sindh simultaneously. The newspaper Daily Ummat is handled by Mr Rafique Afghan, who has been managing the daily for the last 17 years.

Daily Ummat is one of the largest newspapers in Pakistan. It is renowned for its investigative journalism, in-depth reporting and analysis of important socio-political situations in the country. The mix of opinion pieces, exposes along with lighter content has earned the newspaper a mammothical readership.

Currently, the newspaper is being published from Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Apart from the newspaper, it also has an online website that has a large number of visitors daily. The website is read by Pakistanis residing in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and other countries of Asia.

The price of Daily Ummat is only 15 rupees and it is printed in a broadsheet format with 8 pages of information. The newspaper consists of sections including current affairs, jobs, business, entertainment, weather, cartoons, photo gallery, multimedia sections among others. Apart from the main newspaper, it also has magazines namely Daily Ummat Magazine and Ummat Sunday.

Ummat Online

Ummat ePaper

Ummat Android App

8. Mashriq

Mashriq or Roznama Mashriq is a popular Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan that has its headquarters in Peshawar. It is also one of the most read dailies of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The publishing of this Urdu daily takes place from Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Quetta simultaneously.

Mashriq was founded 46 years ago by Agha Syed Tajmir Shah, who was one of the most renowned businessmen of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He became the first Chief Editor of the daily. The newspaper became a massive hit among the Urdu-reading audience of Pakistan owing to its transparent policy. He introduced many new trends in journalism and all this culminated to Mashriq becoming one of the widely circulated newspapers in Pakistan.

It is certified by ABC newspaper. It can be purchased from the market at a cost of 12 Pakistani Rupees. Also, the website has an e-paper updated everyday for people residing outside Pakistan. It also maintains a website for regular updates about current affairs, news, national & international news, entertainment, sports, health and business.

The newspaper has been praised by the Pakistani nationals for its nationalist stand. It is appreciated for its reporting of international issues like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine of Muslim ummah. Mashriq has also voiced strong opinion against sectarianism violence and supported qualitative journalism in Pakistan.

Mashriq is published in the broadsheet format and owing to its low economical price, it can be purchased by readers of any social status. It publishes a supplementary magazine Sunday Magazine weekly. The newspaper also includes a dedicated job search section called Daily Mashriq Jobs which helps the youth of Pakistan get information about job vacancies and opportunity in their cities.

Daily Mashriq is published under different names in different cities:

Daily Mashriq Ajk

Daily Mashriq Peshawar

Daily Mashriq Quetta

Daily Mashriq Muzaffarabad

Daily Mashriq Lahore

Daily Mashriq Islamabad

Mashriq Online

Mashriq ePaper

Mashriq Android App

9. Khabrain

Khabrain is the third most popular Urdu language newspaper of Pakistan. It is also one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the country. Published by the Khabrain Group of Newspapers, it was founded by Zia Shahid on September 26, 1992. The Urdu daily is published simultaneously from Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, Hyderabad, Muzaffarabad and Sukkur.

According to Wikipedia, Khabrain have a 30% circulation share in the total newspaper circulation in Pakistan. It has managed to make a name for itself in Pakistan for its authentic and responsible news reporting. It also maintains an online website, where people can check the latest news within a minute.

It is also a member of All Pakistan Newspaper Society Organization. The newspaper is published in a Tabloid format, that has a compact page size as compared to the broadsheet format. The 16 pages are assigned each category like breaking news, business, entertainment, sports, classified ads, etc. The price of Khabrain newspaper is just 13 Pakistani Rupees which is another reason why it is so popular in Pakistan.

The Khabrain Columns is the most read section of the newspaper. It is written by famous personalities and columnists of Pakistan. The names include Zia Shahid, Israr Rana, Humayon Dar and Abdul Wadood.

Khabrain Online

Khabrain ePaper

Khabrain Android App

10. Ausaf

Daily Ausaf is an Urdu daily newspaper that is published from Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Franfurt and London. It is headed by Mehtab Khan as its chief editor with Mohsin Bilal Khan as its editor. It is one of the fastest growing newspapers in Pakistan.

Founded in 1997, Daily Ausaf is one of the widely read newspapers in the regions of Kashmir, Gilgit, Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Potohar and Southern Punjab.

Ausaf Group, which owns the daily, is the first ever media group from Pakistan that managed to launch two overseas editions. In the United Kingdom, Daily Ausaf is the leading newspapers among Pakistani residents for providing the people of Kashmiri origin with news of their native areas. In other European countries like Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Greece, Daily Ausaf has established a name for itself.

Among all the columnists, Ghulamullah Kiyani is one of the widely read one. His column titled Urran is very popular among the Kashmiri community in AJK, IHK, UK, etc.

Ausaf Online

Ausaf ePaper

Ausaf Android App

11. Nai Baat

Nai Baat is based out of Lahore, Pakistan with its headquarters located in Gulberg. The newspaper is published simultaneously from Dubai, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and Sargodha.

Founded by Ch. Abdul Rehman in 2011, Nai Baat is the sister concern of organization of Superior Group of Colleges. According to Wikipedia, it is independent of any political ideologies.

Nai Baat Online

Nai Baat ePaper

12. Jasarat

Jasarat is an Urdu language daily newspaper in Pakistan. It has its headquarters situated in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is published by Syed Zakir Ali while Athar Hashmi heads the newspaper as its Editor-in-Chief. Founded in 1970, Jasarat is known for its political inclination towards Jamat-e-Islami.

Apart from the main newspaper, Jasarat also publishes a weekly supplement called Weekly Friday Special. It also has an online website. It is also the first online newspaper of Urdu language in Pakistan.

Jasarat Online

Jasarat ePaper

Jasarat Android App

Jasarat iOS App

13. Daily Aaj

Daily Aaj is the Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan. It operates in the Hazara division and Peshawar of the country. It is published from Abbottabad and Peshawar simultaneously. Daily Aaj was founded in 1989 and covers daily news, politcal news, sports news, entertainment news and public opinion.

Daily Aaj can also be read online in the e-paper format. The newspaper also maintains an online website apart from Facebook page. Apart from the main newspaper, a supplementary magazine is published every week on Sunday.

Daily Aaj Online

Daily Aaj ePaper

Daily Aaj Android App

14. Daily K2

Daily K2 is one of widely read newspapers in Pakistan with its publication taking place from Gilgit Baltistan, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi simultaneously. It covers news articles on varied topics including current affairs, local problems, sports, business, etc. The newspaper is published with the following names as per the regions:

Daily K2 Gilgit Baltistan

Daily K2 GB

Daily K2 Abbottabad

Daily K2 Rawalpindi

Daily K2 Islamabad

Daily K2 Karachi

Daily K2 is well known among the readers of Pakistan for its authenticity in reporting. It is published in the broadsheet format with 8 pages and a very affordable price. It also publishes classified ads for job-seeking youth, that makes for one of the most read section of the newspaper.

Daily K2 Online

Daily K2 ePaper

15. Mahasib

Founded in 1997, Mahasib is an Urdu language newspaper published from Abbottabad. It is headed by Zahida Parveen as its Chief Editor. Apart from Abbottabad, Mahasib serves the regions including Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Mirpur and Gilgit. The daily published in broadsheet format, covers all the important news of national, international, local, business, entertainment and sports topics. The e-paper of the newspaper can also be obtained from their website.

Mahasib Online

Mahasib ePaper

16. Basharat

Daily Basharat is the oldest Urdu newspaper of Sindh. The daily is being published for the last 61 years. The publication of Daily Basharat takes place from Karachi, Hyderababd and Gilgit-Pakistan. Published in broadsheet format, the daily is headed by Umair Baig as an Editor and Hamid Hussain as Editor-in-Chief.

Apart from the broadsheet newspaper, Basharat is also available on the internet in e-paper format. For people living in non-serviceable areas of the world, they can read Daily Basharat on their official website. The website contains news articles in both Urdu and English language. The languages can be switched with just a click.

Basharat Online

Basharat ePaper

17. Qaumi Akhbar

Qaumi Akhbar is the second largest Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan. It is certified by ABC and is published from Karachi, Sindh. The daily covers the breaking news, local news stories, international & national affairs, women related stories and a weekly magazine.

Qaumi Akhbar is run by Ilyas Shakir as its Editor. Apart from the Qaumi Akhbar, the group also publishes other supplementaries including Daily Riyasat and a TV channel called Dhoom TV.

Qaumi Akhbar Online

Qaumi Akhbar ePaper

18. Baad-e-Shimal

Baad-e-Shimal is an Urdu language newspaper that is published from Gilgit, Baltistan. It is one of the most read newspapers in Gilgit, Baltistan. Certified by ABC, Baad-e-Shimal is handled by Muhammad Abid Ali Khan as its Chief Editor while Basheer Ahmad Khan is the Managing Editor.

Baad-e-Shimal covers latest news and information related to politics, business, entertainment, history, culture, travel and more. The newspaper can be purchased at a price of 10 Pakistani Rupees. Published in broadsheet format, Baad-e-Shimal includes 8 pages of printed paper.

Baad-e-Shimal Online

Baad-e-Shimal ePaper

Baad-e-Shimal Android App

19. Jehan Pakistan

It is an Urdu language newspaper published from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala. Being an ABC certified newspaper, it is handled by Awais Rauf as its Chief Editor. The 16 pages newspaper covers all the stories related to national, international, city, politics and other topics of Pakistan.

Jehan Pakistan Online

Jehan Pakistan ePaper

20. Millat

Millat is an Urdi language newspaper based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistani. It publishes news stories related to breaking news, current news, top headlines, sports, business, politics, entertainment topics of the country.

Millat Online

Millat ePaper

Urdu News Sites in Pakistan

In this section, find all the popular and widely-read Urdu news websites in Pakistan.

21. Urdu Point

Urdu Point is the Urdu news website in Pakistan. Launched on August 14, 2000, it is the 6th most popular news-based website in Pakistan. The website is also the partner of digital media company Ziff Davis, that is a division of J2 Global to launch Mashable in Pakistan. It is a bilingual news website that is available in both English and Urdu.

Urdi Point is a free website as a part of Internet.org. It is also an official digital partner of Multan Sultans team in PSL 4. Owned by Ali Chaudhary, Urdu Point earns a large chunk of its revenue from advertisements.

Urdu Point Online

Urdu Point Android App

22. BBC Urdu

BBC Urdu is an Urdu language news website of the BBC World Service. The website serves as an information and news portal in Pakistan and also has access to radio broadcasts. The broadcasting takes place from its Broadcasting House in London as well as BBC bureau in Islamabad, Pakistan. Apart from Pakistanis, it has readership among Indians as well.

BBC Urdu Online

BBC Urdu iOS App

Sindhi Newspapers in Pakistan

Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. In this section, you can find the popular Sindhi language newspaper of Sindh, Pakistan with wide readership.

23. Kawish

Daily Kawish is an Sindhi language newspaper in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is published from Hyderabad in Sindhi language. Owned by Kazi brothers, Kawish was launched on 3 August, 1991. The publication of the newspaper is overseen by Ali Kazi as its Editor. Apart from the newspaper, the media group also owns three Sindhi language channels namely KTN, KTN News and Kashish.

Kawish Online

Kawish ePaper

24. Daily Awami Awaz

Daily Awami Awaz is a Sindhi language newspaper and news channel in Pakistan. The publication of the daily takes place from Karachi under the editorship of Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khattak. The daily is published in broadsheet format by Marvi publication.

Daily Awami Awaz Online

Daily Awami Awaz ePaper

Daily Awami Awaz Android App

25. Ibrat

Ibrat is a Sindhi newspaper published from Hyderabad of Sindh province in Pakistan. It covers all the news articles related to national, international topics with exclusive touch to their style of coverage. It is also touted to be one of the widely acclaimed newspapers in Sindh, Pakistan.

Daily Ibrat is circulated in the entire province of Sindh along with Balochistan, Punjab and North-West Frontier province of the country. It also has some overseas readership in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, Middle East, Asian Countries including Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan apart from the USA and Europe.

Ibrat Online

Ibrat ePaper

26. Wichaar

Wichaar is an online news portal of Sindh province in Pakistan. On this website, you can read daily news and articles, interviews, analysis, opinions about national, international, literature, etc. The portal is 14 years old and is one of the moderately followed news websites in Pakistan. It is also available in English, Hindi and Punjabi as well. It covers Pakistan, international, human rights, women, literature, economics, entertainment news on its website.

Balochistan Urdu Newspapers

In this section, you can find the popular and widely-read Urdu newspapers in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Wichaar Online

Wichaar ePaper

27. Daily Baakhabar

Daily Baakhabar is one of the widely read Urdu newspapers in Pakistan. It is published daily from Quetta and one of the largest circulating newspapers of Balochistan. Founded by Imran Ullah Khan, the newspaper describes its mission as, “Facilitating Superior Human Being by providing Reliable news for the right decision making” on its official Facebook page. Daily Baakhabar covers news articles on different topics including national news, international news, economy & finance, banking & commerce, show-biz, entertainment, fashion, women exclusive, metropolitan news, editorial, IT developments, stock exchange, crime investigation, currency rates, sports, etc. The newspaper can be purchased at a price of 10 Pakistani Rupees.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Newspapers in Urdu

Here are some popular and widely-read newspapers of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. They cover all the latest, breaking, national, regional, entertainment, business news pertaining to the region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Baakhabar Online

Baakhabar ePaper

28. Chitral Times

Chitral Times is an Urdu language newspapers from Chitral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. Chitral in literal terms, means field and sometimes is also pronounced Chetrar. Chitral Times covers news articles on topics like national & international affairs, sports, cricket, showboat, entertainment, business, etc. According to CuteStat, Chitral Times is 15 years old and has a global ranking of 215,537.

Chitral Times Online

Chitral Times Android App

29. Nada-i-Khalq

Nada-i-Khalq is an Urdu language newspaper of Pakistan, that is published from Haripur. The operations of the daily is handled by Chief Editor Dr. Chan Mubarik Hazarvi under the media group Khalq Group of Newspaper. The daily newspaper is very popular in Pakistan. It covers all the news of the areas including Abbotabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Battagram, Kohistan and the rest of the country. It is an ABC certified newspaper and the first daily to be published from Haripur.

It covers news articles on topics like national news, international news, business, politics, sports, etc.

Punjab Newspapers in Urdu

The following are some popular Urdu newspapers in the Punjab province of Pakistan. They cover all the important news related to national, international, business, sports, entertainment topics of the country.

Nada-i-Khalq Online

30. Taqat

Daily Taqat is an Urdu newspaper in Pakistan which is published from 11 cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Gujranwala, Sialkot and also from 2 countries UK and UAE. Azam Media Group of Pakistan manages the publication of the Urdu daily. Certified by ABC, it is the member of APNS and CPNE.

Daily Taqat newspaper has 8 pages and costs 8 Pakistani Rupees. The 12 year old newspaper is ranked at 884,644 globally in newspapers.

Taqat Online

Taqat ePaper

31. Aman

Daily Aman is an Urdu language daily of Pakistan which is published from Faisalabad, Punjab. Consisting of 12 pages in broadsheet format, Daily Aman can be purchased at a price of 10 Pakistani Rupees. It is headed by Chief Editor Rifat Sarwish Faisal, who was born in 1956. Faisal completed his Master of Arts from Political Science and History from University of Punjab.

Daily Aman covers various news articles on diverse topics like national & international affairs, sports, lifestyle, business, etc.

Aman Online

32. Lahore Post

Lahore Post newspaper is an Urdu language daily published from Lahore in Pakistan. Founded in year 1996 by Mr Chaudhary Muhammad Siddiqui, the newspaper is also availabel in English language. Lahore Post is published in the broadsheet format and covers all daily news related to national & international matters, crime, business, sports, entertainment, etc. It also has a website that publishes news stories on a regular basis. The Lahore Post is very popular in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Lahore Post Online

33. Ab Tak

Daily Ab Tak is an Urdu language newspaper that is published simultaneously from Lahore and Islamabad. It is popularly known for its coverage of international standards with its readership throughout the world. It delivers news articles on topics like politics, current affairs, entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle, culture, travel among others. The newspaper is headed by Syed Sajjad Bkhari as its Chief Editor.

Ab Tak Online

Ab Tak ePaper

34. Pindi Post

Pindi Post is an Urdu weekly newspaper of Pakistan, published from Rawalpindi. It covers news articles related to regional news, business news, education, national & international affairs, crime, etc. The newspaper is headed by Abdul. Khateeb as Chief Editor.

Pindi Post Online

35. Aflak

Daily Aflak is an Urdu language newspaper of Pakistan, headed by Nooman Aamir Chaudary as its Chief Editor. The daily is published from Lahore, Gujranwala and Landon with 8 pages. The newspaper costs 8 Pakistani Rupees and covers varioustopics like Local News, Showbiz, Sports, Entertainment, and other related news. Daily Aflak also has an official website along with a functioning Facebook page.

Aflak Online

36. Saltanat

Daily Saltanat is an Urdu daily that is published from Lahore and Gujranwala cities of Pakistan. The headquarters of the newspaper are located in Printing House, Karachi headed by Chief Editor Irfan Basheer Butt and Assistant Editor Hakeem Qamar Shahbaz. The Daily Sultanat is an ABC certified newspaper and is a member of APNS. It covers articles, news, press release, opinion pieces on topics like breaking news, international, local, education, sports, entertainment, business and other news.

The newspaper costs 10 Pakistani Rupees and is published in broadsheet format. The news group also owns a national news channel that is based in Karachi.

Saltanat Online

37. Azm

Weekly Azm as the name suggests is the weekly newspaper being published in Pakistan since 1989. Headed by Rehmat Ali Rizvi as its Chief Editor, the newspaper covers different segments like religion, interviews, literature, sports, arts and culture. The three decade old newspaper is widely read in the country and also has an e-paper version of its print. A team of qualified journalists and other experts write columns in this weekly newspaper.

Azm Online

38. Falak News

Falak News is an online Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. It covers all the daily news articles in Urdu language including local & national affair, interviews, opinions and a special featured section for readers. It is the first ever Urdu newspaper to have correspondents in every city of Pakistan. Falak News, publishes articles and opinions offered by the general public. Owing to these reasons, the newspaper is very popular among youth.

Falak News Online

Islamabad Newspapers in Urdu

These are the newspapers published and circulated in the Islamabad city of Pakistan. Islamabad is the capital of the country.

39. Daily Jinnah

Daily Jinnah is an Urdu language daily that publishes diverse stories on topics including National & International News, Entertainment, Sports, Education, Health, Science, Technoogy and Opinions. The newspaper is published from Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Gujranwala and Independent Kashmir.

Daily Jinnah Online

40. Daily Akhbar-e-Khyber

Daily Akhbar-e-Khyber is published from Peshawar Pakistan by the media group Cyber Wing AVT Channels Pvt. Ltd. Some editions are also published from Islamabad and Lahore. Certified by ABC, Akhbar-e-Khyber is a 12-pages newspaper and costs 12 Pakistani rupees for single edition. An e-paper of the newspaper can also be obtained from the website.

Daily Akhbar-e-Khyber Online

Sindh Newspapers of Pakistan

Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. Here are some popular and widely-circulated newspapers of the region.

41. Sobh

Sobh is Sindh’s leading Urdu newspaper that is published from Karachi. It is one of the largest circulated newspapers of Sindh. It publishes news articles related to national, international, business, entertainment, etc. It also has an online portal dailysobh that houses all the latest news and articles apart from the e-paper version of the daily.

Sobh Online

Sobh ePaper

42. Sarwan

Sarwan is a Sindhi newspaper that has its headquarters in Karachi. It is managed by its Editor Naseer Ahmed Awan, who is a popular personality in the industry. Launched in February, 2010, Daily Sarwan publishes news articles pertaining to national, international, business, local, political, entertainment, sports topics.

Sarwan Online

Sarwan ePaper

Azad Kashmir Newspapers in Urdu

Here is the list of all the Urdu language newspapers that are circulated in Azad Kashmir province of Pakistan.

43. Siasat

Daily Siasat is the Urdu newspaper published from Muzaffarabad that is the capital of Azad Kashmir province of Pakistan. Certified by ABC, this broadsheet daily has four pages that covers international, national, sports, politics, entertainment and other news. An e-paper version of the newspaper can also be obtained from the official website of Siasat.

Siasat Online

44. Domel

Domel is the Urdu language newspaper of Azad Kashmir province of Pakistan. It has its headquarters in Muzaffarabad. The daily is founded by Raja Zaffar Hussain. It covers all the important news related to topics including national, international, local, politics, crime, sports, entertainment, etc.

Dommel Online

45. Daily Adalat

Daily Adalat is an Urdu daily published of Azad Kashmir published from Islamabad, Muzzafarbad, Mirpur, London and Lahore. It is a certified newspaper of ABC and a member of APNS. Headed by Sheer Baaz Munir as its Chief, Editor, Daily Adalat can be purchased at the cost of 5 Pakistani Rupees. It also publishes weekly supplementary magazine titled Tahreek-e-Azadi and Weekly Dhamaka. The e-paper of the newspaper can be read easily on the website which also includes the old Adalat newspaper.

Daily Adalat Online

Daily Adalat ePaper

46. Daily Dharti

Daily Dharti is one of the most popular newspapers of Pakistan that is published from Rawalkot, Azad Jammu Kashmir. It can be purchased at a cost of 10 Pakistani Rupees. The e-paper of the newspaper can be read on its official website.

Daily Dharti Online

Daily Dharti ePaper

47. Shamal

Shamal is published from Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad and Sawat cities of Pakistan. It is an Urdu language daily that was founded in 1990 cover most of the northern areas of Pakistan. Certified by ABC, Shamal is published in the traditional broadsheet format. The newspaper covers all the local news apart from the national and international affairs. The most read section of Shamal newspaper is the Daily Shamal Jobs that is mostly consumed by the young jobseekers of the country.

Headed by Niaz Pasha Jadoon as its Editor-in-Chief, Shamal newspaper is published with 8 pages and can be purchased by spending 10 Pakistani Rupees. The e-paper of the daily can be obtained from the official website.

Shamal Online

Pakistani News Agencies and Press Council

Apart from the newspapers and website, there are some news agencies that regulate and publish news articles related to various topics in Pakistan.

48. Associated Press of Pakistan

The Associated Press of Pakistan is Pakistan’s leading news agency that is known to provide authentic, objective and unbiased flow of news to the people. The wire service is responsible for building Pakistan’s narrative and regulating its international image.

The wire service was founded in 1947 during the inception of Pakistan. Previously, it functioned in India as the Associated Press of India. In 1919, the operations were taken over by Reuters news agency that is a well-known news agency of the United Kingdom.

The Associated Press of Pakistan, which was previously privately owned, was handed over to the Government of Pakistan through an ordinance on 15th June 1961. The main objective of the news agency is to provide clear, efficient flow of news to the people of the country. Through another ordinance in 2002, APP was converted into a Corporation.

Associated Press of Pakistan started off as a small organization with dingy offices in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Over the years, it has evolved to become one of the leading news agencies in Pakistan. It provides multi-lingual wires to the newspapers, channels and websites across the country as well as abroad.

The headquarters of APP are based out of Capital Islamabad with offices in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Gilgit. The foreign correspondents of the agencies are operating from Washington, London, New Delhi and Beijing with reporters in New York, Brussels and Jeddah. It has over 108 correspondents at district and Tehsil level. It has a team of around 500 highly qualified editorial personnel all around the world.

APP also manages a video news service launched in 2007, to produce news videos and documentaries on various topics and furnish them to the news channels through FTP, DVc and DVDs. It has its own Digital Satellite News Gathering vehicle, Earth station and editing equipment to cover news, events, etc. It publishes stories in Urdu, Pushto, Arabic, Siraiki and Balochi languages. It has an Android app to let users access latest news on their smartphones and tablets. Apart from this, APP also maintains a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handle that publish regular updates.

Associated Press of Pakistan Online

49. Press Council of Pakistan

The Press Council of Pakistan is an autonomous body of the country that regulates and issues ethical standards of media practice. It is responsible for receiving and handling complaints about the violation of Ethical Code of Practice pertaining to newspaper, news agencies, news channels, editors and other media personnel.

The Press Council of Pakistan also revises, updates, enforces and implements the Ethical Code of Practice for media organizations like newspapers, channels, websites, publishers as per the rules.

Press Council of Pakistan Online


Media in Pakistan enjoys a great extent of freedom of expression despite political pressure and occasional bans. The political pressure is exerted by political stake holders indirectly. Reducing government advertisements on channel is one way the establishment attacks unbiased media channels. The National Press Trust in Pakistan acted as government’s front to control press freedom in the country. In 1990’s, the Press Trust sold its newspapers and magazines. The government has also imposed draconian laws on channels that are not very ‘friendly’ with the establishment and banned them officially. At times, even the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has been used as a tool to silence the media for suspending their licenses. Nevertheless, despite the media gag imposed by government, the security conditions of journalists have improved which has further brought down the deaths of journalists in the country. The Press Freedom in Pakistan continues to decline regardless of silver linings mentioned above.

Talking about the Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranked Pakistan 139 out of 180, which is not an impressive number. However, the renowned website also praised the Asian country for improving the state of media as compared to the preceding years.

At Mediabuzz, we aim to create an unbiased and accurate directory of media organizations across the globe. While the propelling industry knows no bounds, we are working hard to provide an authentic, encyclopedic coverage of all news sources. We are a team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in the world of journalism.

While we try to report the correct facts after checking them multiple times, we might not always be up to the point or may miss some important point. Thus, we are always looking for suggestions to produce a more concise list. 

Please help us with your answers for the below questions in the comment section.

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  • What are your views on the political inclinations of different Pakistani newspapers?
  • Which are the top three politically neutral Pakistani newspapers?
  • Which is the best newly-launched Urdu newspaper in Pakistan?
  • What are the best Pakistani newspapers for business, entertainment and sports news?
  • Is there any particular newspaper that caught your attention?
  • Which Pakistani newspaper do you prefer the most?
  • Are there any supplementary of these newspapers we didn’t mention above?
  • Which newspaper, according to you, is known for its most unbiased news reporting?
  • Do you have any other information related to Pakistani newspapers?

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