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Thailand newspapers and Thailand newspaper list

Introduction to Thailand News Media:

Thailand is officially referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Thailand’ is a famous country located at the center of the South-eastern Asian Indochinese Peninsula, which is composed of 76 provinces. According to the statistics, Thailand is the 21st most populous country in the world, with more than 68 million people residing in the country. In comparison to the total area, Thailand is the world’s 50th largest country.

The official language of Thailand is Thai. English is the second language spoken in Thailand. The country has a very well crafted media sector media according to the rules and regulations laid by Southeast Asian countries. The government and military of Thailand have exercised brief control over the radio and TV stations.  According to the reports generated by Reporters without Borders in the year 2017, Thailand is placed at 136th rank out 180 countries (lower the level, the better it is). The media has faced overt and subtle restrictions and censorship due to military coups in the year 2006 and 2014.  

Thailand has a readership of 50.1 %, which has decreased by seven percent initially from the year 2013-15. The newspapers in Thailand run under slight governmental control. There is about 34 daily newspaper distributed in Thailand. Thailand has a wide range of papers ranging from sensationalist to political and business-driven. Due to a low literacy rate, many newspapers have withdrawn circulation as publication had been a non-profitable business. However, the Royal Thai Government Gazette introduced in 1858, which is also the oldest newspaper of Thailand, is still (in 2020) published by the Secretariat of the Cabinet. Some of the top papers of Thailand are The Thairath, The Nation, Bangkok Post, and Daily News. The business newspapers in Thailand also contain politics and cultural news. Thai Rath is one of the most influential papers in Thailand, with 1 million issues sold daily.

Television is considered to be one of the most popular modes of media in Thailand. According to statistics, about 80 percent of the Thai population is dependent on television for any information.

Radio channels are supposed to be monitored by the Broadcasting Commission, i.e., NBC. The radio network of Thailand includes 334 FM stations, 204 AM stations, and six shortwave broadcasters.

 Most of the national terrestrial television networks and radio networks are controlled and managed by the government, The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, state universities and the Government Public Relations Department (PRD), MCOT Public Company Limited and the military of Thailand. As far as the radio network is concerned, it is a highly competitive market; Bangkok alone has 60 radio stations. Some of the radio stations are leased out to private content curators, while some are operated directly by governmental agencies.

To seek more information about the newspapers and news websites of Thailand, refer to the list mentioned below. The list is divided into six sections, such as:

A. Thai language newspapers and  websites in Thailand

B. English language newspapers and  websites in Thailand

C. Thailand Sports newspapers and  websites

D. Thailand Business newspapers and  websites

E. Thailand TV Channels

F. Thailand Press agencies

A. Thai language newspapers and websites in Thailand

The Thai language is one of the 60 languages spoken in Thailand. It is the part of the Tai group of the Kra-Dai language family. Also, it is the first language of the Central Thai people. Hence, it is the official language of Thailand, spoken by approximately 50 million people worldwide.

Sanook Online

thailand newspapers 1 sanook website

Launched in 1998, Sanook Online is one of the most visited websites in Thailand. Sanook is a Thai- word, which means ‘Fun.’ This web portal is the most extended website in operation in Thailand. Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited operates the Sanook website. Tencent was a part-owner of Sanook Online till the year 2012, but later they took the complete ownership of Sanook Online. Earlier, Sanook Online was owned by a South Africa based company named Naspers. Krittee Manoleehagul was currently (in 2020) operating as the managing director of Sanook Online.

Sanook Online was founded by a Thai internet entrepreneur Poramate Minsri. This web portal was started as a web directory, but later it was developed to create Thailand’s first significant portal, which gained immense popularity in no time. Poramate experimented a lot with Sanook, such as adding a small collection of cute and funny pager messages following social trends.

The website of Sanook is divided into multiple categories, such as news, entertainment, cars, IT, games, sports, health, travel, horoscope, podcasts, and music. Sanook Online is one of the most visited websites in Thailand.

Sanook Online Online

Sanook Online Android App

Sanook Online iOS App

Thai Rath

thailand newspapers 2 thai rath

Thai Rath is a popular national newspaper of Thailand published in the Thai language. The paper caters to the general interests of the people of Thailand. Thai Rath was earlier known as The Weekly Pictorial, and it was founded on 5th January 1950 by Kampol Wacharapol. However, 57 years ago, Thai Rath was introduced on 25th December 1962. Thai Rath is the second oldest newspaper published in the Thai language.

Thai Rath is a daily newspaper distributed all over the country.   The headquarters of the paper is found in the Chatuchak region of Bangkok.

The paper follows a broadsheet format. It is divided into two sections- News and Sports & Entertainment section. The first section primarily covers sensational news majorly about crime and accidents. This section also includes economic, political, and Thai society. The second section covers the sports and entertainment section only.

Thai Rath is one of the highest-selling newspaper in Thailand, with about 1,000,000 copies of the paper were distributed on a regular basis.

thailand newspapers 2 thai rath website

Thai Rath Online

Thai Rath Android App

Thai Rath iOS App

M Thai

thailand newspapers 3 Mthai website

M Thai is the first online magazine established in December 1988 by Jejeen. The web portal has its origin in a Thai magazine published for the people for Thailand. Up until 1988, the online magazine was just a dream. The online portal is for people who speak the Thai language and are settled abroad.

M Thai covers sports, entertainment, horoscope, women, and beauty genres. The portal was updated many times. In the year 2006 and 2008, M Thai gained immense popularity in the entertainment and lifestyle section. In 2016, M Thai updated its server to switch to the mobile-friendly website.

M Thai Online

M Thai Android App

M Thai iOS App

Manager Daily 360 Degree

thailand newspapers 4 Manager daily website

Found on 7th November 1990, Manager Daily 360 Degree is a daily newspaper of Thailand published in the Thai language. Sondhi Limthongkul founded the paper, Manager Daily 360 Degree.  The online version of Manager Daily is known as Manager Online.

Manager Daily 360 Degree is known for its two sister newspapers named Manager Group and Manager Business. The business line of the Manager is more mass-oriented and has a better style in terms of being upcountry focused in comparison to its sister newspaper published by Matichon Group.  About 950,000 copies of Manager Daily 360 Degree are distributed daily.

Manager Daily 360 Degree Online

Manager Daily 360 Degree ePaper

Manager Daily 360 Degree Android App

Manager Daily 360 Degree iOS App


thailand newspapers 5 khaosod

Khaosod is a famous newspaper of Thailand published daily. The paper is published in both Thai and English language. Khaosod was founded on 9th April 1991. Khasod is the third bestselling newspaper in Thailand. The paper covers local affairs, crime and entertainment sections. Currently (in 2020), Khaosod is the managed by Kanchai Boonparn overseas.

Khasod is one of the youngest newspapers of the Matichon Group in comparison to its other two newspapers named Matichon and Prachachat.  The paper has both print and online edition. Matichon Publishing Group is the owner of Khaosod newspaper. About 950,000 copies of Khaosod are circulated regularly.

Khaosod gained immense popularity in the year 1994 for its in-depth coverage of the murder case of Thai gem dealer’s wife and son. The paper received the award for Best News Feature by the Isra Amanantakul Foundation for its great help in cracking this case.

thailand newspapers 5 khaosod website

Khaosod Online

Khaosod Android App

Matichon Daily

thailand newspapers 6 matichon daily

Matichon Daily was found in the year 197by a team of progressive writers. It is during the time of the 6th October 1976 Massacre, when Thailand was emerging from the authoritarian government. It is a daily newspaper published in the Thai language. Matichon Public Company Limited is the owner of Matichon Daily. The headquarters of Matichon Daily is located in the Chatuchak District of Bangkok.

The paper is available in two formats: Print and online. Matichon claims itself to be a top-quality newspaper in Thailand in comparison to other sensational papers available in the market.  Politics is a crucial section of the Matichon Daily.

Matichon Daily has been an active part of state politics and often been a part of controversies. The online branch of the Matichon is called Matichon Online. The online branch is an entirely separate editorial board that publishes independent stories.

thailand newspapers 6 matichon daily website

Matichon Daily Online

Daily News

thailand newspapers 7 daily news

Daily News is the second bestselling newspaper in all over the country.  It was earlier known as Daily Mail Wan Chan when it was published on 24th June 1950. Later on, 28th March 1964, i.e., 56 years ago, the name was changed to Daily News. Saeng Hetrakul founded the paper.

The headquarters of Daily News is located in the Lak Si region of Bangkok, Thailand. About 850,000 copies of Daily News are circulated in Thailand and nationwide. 

The Daily News was shut in the year 1957 when Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat staged a coup. However, the publication of the newspaper was resumed in the year 1964. Daily News is considered to be one of the oldest newspapers in the Thai language. The paper has a rich history of more than 60 years, and it is still published in the country.

thailand newspapers 7 daily news website

Daily News Online

Daily News iOS App

Kom Chad Luek

thailand newspapers 8 kom chad luek

Kom Chad Luek is a popular daily newspaper in Thailand. Found on 16th October 2001, Kom Chad Luek is published in the Thai language. Nation Multimedia Group is the head of Kom Chad Luek newspaper. 

The paper is ceasing its publication on 15th April 2020. The reason behind the shutdown is the inability of the company to cope up. Kom Chad Luek is unable to comply with the newly changed media landscape and economic environment.

thailand newspapers 8 kom chad luek website

Kom Chad Luek Online

Thai Post

thailand newspapers 9 thai post

Published in the Thai language, Thai Post is a daily newspaper in Thailand. Thai Post was found in the year 1996. This newspaper is published in Bangkok. The headquarters of Thai Post is located in the Klong Toei region of Bangkok.  Thai Journal Group Co. is the owner of the Thai Post.

The Thai Post has gained a lot of media attention in the year 2003 due to a lawsuit filed against the Thai Post. There are approximately 100,000 to 150,000 copies of the Thai Post newspaper circulated all over the country. 

thailand newspapers 9 thai post website

Thai Post Online

Thai Post Android App

Thai Post iOS App

The Thaiger

thailand newspapers 10 the thaiger

The Thaiger is a weekly English language newspaper which was earlier known as The Phuket Gazette. It was founded in the year 1993.  In July 2017, the Phuket Gazette changed its ownership and was rebranded with the name ‘The Thaiger.’ Currently (in 2020), John Magee, Oranee Hilderbrand, Natthira Susangrat, and Issace Simonelli are operating as the publisher, managing director, general manager, and managing editor of the paper respectively.

The Thaiger is published in and about Phuket. It is one of the most popular English language newspapers in Thailand. Also, The Thaiger ranks third-largest newspaper in Thailand. The Phuket Gazette Co Ltd owns the newspaper, The Thaiger. The Nation partially owns the paper.

The company has an official website with the name ‘The Gazette Online. The site has the sixth Google rank, which is highest in Phuket.

thailand newspapers 10 thaiger website

The Thaiger Online

The Thaiger Android App


thailand newspapers 11 naewa

Established on 22nd March 1980, Front line/ Naewna are a popular newspaper that started to cover the politics of Thailand especially. The paper was earlier known as Maha Nakhon. Dr. Manthanothothai was the first editor of the Maha Nakhon newspaper. The Vanguard Newspaper Company Limited owns the paper. Mr. Praphan Sukthajai is currently (in 2020) is operating as the online editor of Front line. The headquarters of Front line newspaper are located Bangkok.

The website is divided into multiple columns to cover the broader news landscape. Some of the sections are politics, business, woman, online, columns to fight the act of cheating, and entertainment.

thailand newspapers 11 naewa website

Naewna Online

Naewna Android App

TNews Online

thailand newspapers 12 tnews website

TNews Online is a popular news website owned by The Nation group. TNews is a partner with The Nation, Nation TV, OK nation, 77 Jowo, 123 generous people, Bangkok Business, spring news, nation weekend, in-depth definition, Partiharn, now26, and economic base.

The headquarters of TNews is located in the Mueang district of Nonthaburi region of Thailand. The online portal covers news in a variety of sections, such as politics, social, entertainment, sports, crime, regional, international, economics, and royal news.

TNews Online Online


thailand newspapers 13 ryt9 website

Owned by InfoQuest Limited, RYT9 is a famous website catering to the general interest of the people of Thailand. The portal is divided into multiple sections, such as economy, stock-finance, politics, foreign, every day, technology, entertainment, properties, automotive, sports, and tourism. The website has a separate section for people who speak and read in the English language.

RYT9 Online

Post Today

thailand newspapers 14 post today

Post Today is a part of Bangkok Post Public Company Limited. The company claims to offer highly reliable and trustworthy news. The website of Post Today has been divided into multiple categories such as featured, politics, around the world, Finance, stock, economy, business, lifestyle, social, religion, podcast, AEC, public relations, exclusive, podcast, house, condo, and entertainment.

thailand newspapers 14 post today website

Post Today Online

Siam Rath

Thailand newspapers 15 siam rath

Siam Rath is a Thai language newspaper published in Thailand. It was found on 25th June 1950. Siam Rath is considered to be one of the most influential newspapers during the late 20th century. The paper was very closely associated with the former prime minister of Thailand named Kukrit Pramoj. Pramoj is a co-founder of Siam Rath and has also served as an owner, director, columnist, and editor for the newspaper on various occasions.

Siam Rath claims itself to be a top-quality newspaper in the country and can match up the level of Machichon newspaper, one of the most circulated newspapers. Currently (in 2020), Siam Rath is owned by Chatchawal Kong-udom. The paper was sold post the death of Pramoj.

Thailand newspapers 15 siam rath website

Siam Rath Online


thailand newspapers 16 Thansettakij scaled

Thansettakij is a well-known news portal dedicated to the general interests of Thailand. Thansettakij Multimedia Company is the owner of the Thansettakij online portal. The headquarters of Thansettakij is located at Bang Na District region of Bangkok.

The website of Thansettakij has been aligned into various categories- Columnist, politics, real estate, business, finance, capital market, economy, headline, macroeconomics, tech, world, automotive, WOW, and promotions.

thailand newspapers 16 Thansettakij website

Thansettakij Online

Thansettakij iOS App

Nation Thailand

thailand newspapers 17 The Nation Thailand

Nation Thailand is an online portal. Currently (in 2020), Chalengpot Boonsue is the vice president of Nation Thailand. The ‘Nation’ is a sister concern operated by ‘The Nation Group.’ The portal covers news in multiple sections and has assigned a separate tab to each genre such as Asia News Network, Business, Opinion, Property, Ed & Tech, Sports, Auto, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, around Thailand.

thailand newspapers 17 The Nation Thailand website

Nation Thailand Online

Nation Thailand iOS App

Chiang Mai News

thailand newspapers 18 Chiang Mai News

Chiang Mai News is a well-known news portal covering news for more than 27 years. The portal is famous for its super-quick updates. Chiang Mai Daily Company Limited owns Chiang Mai News. The headquarters of the Chiang Mai News is located in Mueang District of Chiang Mai Province.

The website of Chiang Mai News has been categorized into various sections to give clear information such as features news, Chiang Mai News, Provincial News, eat-travel-break, Social issues, hundred stories Lanna City and other parts. The news category is further divided into IT cars, crime, social, economy, agriculture, home & green, and entertainment.

thailand newspapers 18 Chiang Mai News website

Chiang Mai News Online


thailand newspapers 19 Prachathai website

The Prachathai is an online newspaper published in the Thai language. Prachathai covers news and commentary on and from social movements, NGOs, and matter concerning human rights. The web portal also acts as an alternative source of socio-political news. The paper was launched in June 2004.

Currently (in 2020), Chuwat Rerksirisuk and Chiranuch Premchaiporn are operating as the editor-in-chief and general manager, respectively. A significant portion of the content was published in the Thai language, and a few selected articles are published in English. In 2006, the paper registered a part of a non-profit foundation under the name ‘The Foundation for Community Educational Media.’

Prachathai Online

Prachathai ePaper

Prachathai iOS App

Ban Muang

Thailand newspapers 20 Ban Muang website

Ban Muang was a famous Thai newspaper introduced in the year 1972. Since then, Ban Muang is running an online portal only.  Banharn Silpa-archa, who served as the prime minister of Thailand in 1995, was the owner of Ban Muang. Ban Muang positioned itself as a mass-oriented newspaper in Thailand. Ban Muang Kan Phim Company printed the paper. However, the paper had been completely discontinued in the year 2017.

The online news portal of Ban Muang is operated in Bangkok. The portal has many sections such as sports, horoscope, foreign country news, social news, promotions, activity, region, financial stock, property, economy, insurance, Bangkok public health, public relations, automotive, politics, crime, education, religion, culture, ‘society-women, overseas, entertainment, and automotive.

Ban Muang Online

Inn News

Thailand newspapers 21 Inn News website

Inn News is an online news portal of Thailand. It is operated by Inn News Agency Limited. The website has a user-friendly interface with multiple categories such as politics, economy, crime, society, region, sports, entertainment, special report, doing good, mysterious; apply for service, clip and health.

The headquarters of Inn News are located in the Wang Thong Lang region of Bangkok.

Inn News Online

Nation Weekend

Thailand newspapers 22 Nation Weekend website

Nation Weekend is a part of a The Nation Group. The web portal is divided into multiple categories such as business, politics, finance, foreign, sports, car, economic, investment, lifestyle, crime, hot social, and car. Some of the other categories are Columnist, inside cabinet, nation weekend on TV, punch to punch and editor talk.

Nation Weekend Online

Muslim Thai Post

Thailand newspapers 23 Muslim Thai Post website

Muslim Thai Post is one of the most popular news portals among Muslim audience of Thailand. The website is available in the Thai language. The website is owned by Thai Muslim News Agency and managed by the MNet Solution Company Limited.  The headquarters of Muslim Thai Post is located in Saphan Sung District of Bangkok.

Muslim Thai Post Online

Thumbs up

Thailand newspapers 24 thumbsup website

Thumbs up is a strong community of Lifelong Marketing Students operating an online news portal. The web portal covers articles, news, interviews, and events of the marketing world, such as Spark Conference and Digital Matters. The editorial team has five people on board working in the business and marketing field. This online portal reports from the perspective of people working in the industry. 

Thumbs up Online


Thailand newspapers 25 gimyong website

Gimyong is a popular news portal designed especially for the people of Hat Yai – Songkhla and the nearby area. The website was registered on 18th May 2005. The web portal covers many sections, such as news in and around Thailand, web board, mobile trading, buying, selling properties, and cars.

Gimyong Online


Thailand newspapers 26 siamdara website

Siamdara is an online news portal published in the Thai language. It was founded in the year 2009. The website covers entertainment news, celebrity news, singers, actors, and movements of the entertainment industry.

The website is divided into multiple sections, such as News, Video Clips, Gossip, Gallery, Movie Star History, Music, TV, Love Story, and Variety.

Siamdara Online

B. English language newspapers and websites in Thailand

English is the second most common language spoken in Thailand. The language is not widely spoken, but only a quarter of the population of Thailand speaks in the English language. The Thai people talk, write, and understand English at a basic level only.  English is mainly used from a commercial and business perspective only. In tourist areas, you can find many people speaking English and other European languages. Some of the top English language newspapers and websites in Thailand are mentioned below.

Khaosod English

Thailand newspapers 27 khaosod english website

Khaosod has an additional website for English speaking people. The English language edition was first published on 9th April 2013. The paper has a very liberal standpoint. The English readers are highly impressed with the coverage of Khaosod. It is famous for its criticism of the military government of the year 2014.  The Union of Catholic Asian News has stated the criticism to be ‘a beacon of the independent journalism in Thailand.’

Pravit Rojanaphruk and Teeranai Charuvastra are currently (in 2020) operating as the staff writer and editor of the Khaosod English, respectively. Khaosod English is more popular in comparison to Khaosod, its Thai –language edition of Khaosod. The monthly readership of the Khaosod English edition is 200,000.

In August 2019, the website was criticized for its deal made with the parent company regarding republishing the content. The content was obtained from the Chinese state-run news agency named Xinhua.

Khaosod English Online

Chiang Rai Times

Thailand newspapers 28 Chiang Rai Times website

Chiang Rai Times, also known as CTN News, was founded in the year 2007 in the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand.  This newspaper has an online news portal only that publishes in the English language.

This paper covers regional, local, and international news in business, politics, and social events genres. The information is presented in an enjoyable format, which is updated weekly. Currently (in 2020), Anna Wong, Richard S.Ehrlich, and Chawadee Nualkhair are operating as the editor, writer, and journalist of Chiang Rai Times. 

Chiang Rai Times is a non-profit website. The revenue collected from the portal is used to meet up hosting charges. The advertising is free of cost for local entrepreneurs and businesses. Any profits made by Chiang Rai Times are donated to the Reporters without Borders. 

Chiang Rai Times Online

Bangkok Post

Thailand newspapers 29 bangkok post

Bangkok Post is an English language newspaper published in Thailand. This daily newspaper was founded on 1st August 1946.  Alexander MacDonald, a former officer at the Office of Strategic Services and Prasit Lulitanond, his Thai associate together established Bangkok Post.

Post Publishing PCL is the owner of Bangkok Post. Being one of the second oldest newspapers in Thailand, Bangkok Post circulates about 110,000 copies daily. 80 % of the paper is distributed in Bangkok, and the remaining 20 % newspaper is circulated worldwide.

Bangkok Post is printed in a broadsheet and digital format. The paper has four sheets. The cost of Bangkok Post is one baht. Kowit Sanandang and Soonruth Bunyamanee are currently (in 2020) operating as the publisher and acting editor of Bangkok Post. The headquarters of Bangkok Post is located in the Khlong Toei region of Bangkok.

Thailand newspapers 29 bangkok post website

Bangkok Post Online

Bangkok Post ePaper

Bangkok Post Android App

Bangkok Post iOS App

Asia Times

Thailand newspapers 30 Asia Times website

Asia Times is a famous Hong Kong-based newspaper published in the English language. This online news media portal was launched in the year 1999. The website was introduced to adhere to the publication policy and editorial outlook of the print newspaper, Asia Times. Sondhi Limthongkul, a leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy and a Thai Media Mogul, is the owner of the Asia Times. Asia Times is a part of Asia Times Holding Limited, a new publishing company. Patrick Dunne is currently (in 2020) operating as the Managing director of the Asia Times.

The paper covers economics, politics, business, and culture from the viewpoint of the Asian audience. The website has been descended from a Bangkok based newspaper, which was circulated from the year 1995 to mid- 1997.  The site has been re-launched twice in October 2016 and in February 2019 to offers a better design and outlook. There had been many changes in the domain name and name of the paper, and many more.

The headquarters of the Asia Times is located in Hong Kong, and some of its offices are located in Bangkok and New Delhi, India. The Asia Times is operated in multiple languages such as English, Arabic, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, traditional, and simplified Chinese.

Asia Times Online

Asia Times ePaper

Asia Times iOS App

The Phuket News

Thailand newspapers 31 the phuket news

The Phuket News is an English language newspaper published weekly. The paper covers news, happenings, and events that occur in the Andaman region and Phuket. The newspaper is distributed in Bangkok, Phuket Island, and Krabi airports.

The Phuket News is owned by Class Act Media Co. Ltd, the owner of Live 89.5 Radio. The paper has a separate section for international and Asian news.

The Phuket News Online

C. Thailand Sports newspapers and websites

Thailand is known for a wide array of sports being played in the country. Golf and Football are highly popular sports played in Thailand other than badminton, boxing, snooker, and tennis, soccer, swimming, and bowling. Thailand is also known for its traditional games such as kite-flying, Thai boxing, boat racing, and takro. One of the most popular sports newspapers in Thailand is Siam Sports. For more information, read below.

Siam Sport

Thailand newspapers 32 Siam Sport website

Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited owns Siam Sport. Siam Sport is the number one sports website in Thailand. Mr. Rawi Thongthong founded the Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited. The company runs a sports magazine named ‘Star Soccer Magazine.’ The company also publishes seven sports newspaper out of which the first daily sports newspaper published in Thailand is called ‘Siam Sports Daily Newspaper.’

The website covers news updates about many sports but majorly one game i.e., football. The web portal is divided into many sections, such as Thai football, international football, columnist, video clips, live football, and football analysis. There are many tabs dedicated to various sports like boxing, golf, tennis, motorsports, basketball, to name a few.

Siam Sport Online

Siam Sport Android App

D. Thailand Business newspapers and websites

Business in Thailand is an important aspect that demands constant attention, especially shareholders, owners, and corporate goers. According to the statement issued by the World Bank, Thailand is an ideal emerging economy. World Bank says, ‘Thailand has one of the best success stories with sustained and stronger growth with an impressive reduction in the policy levels.’ Some of the most popular business newspapers and news websites published in Thailand are mentioned below.

Bangkok Business

Thailand newspapers 33 bangkok business website

Established on 6th October 1987, Bangkok Business is the first business newspaper published in the Thai language. The Nation Multimedia Group owns this news portal. The website reports the information, analysis, and information on business trade, finance, investment, and business for all sorts of professional decisions. The portal gives accurate information about content management, new technology, knowledge as well as business management to deal with the changes in the modern world.

The website gives information from business leaders, organizations in public as well as the private sector. According to business media, Bangkok Business provides quick, authentic, and accurate information.

Bangkok Business Online

Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Thailand newspapers 34 stock exchange of Thailand website

The Bangkok stock market was established in July 1962 as a limited partnership. The Stock Market was shut in the year 1972. Even though the market was unsuccessful, the government believed the need for a systematic, well-supported, and orderly form of stock market exchange. This is the time the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) came into existence.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) was established on 30th April 1975. The first office was found on the fourth floor of Siam Shopping center. The SET was given convenient and assistive tools with appropriate trading and security measures.

The website of SET is divided into multiple sections, such as rules & regulations, product/services, trading information, company/ security information, investment knowledge, department, news & latest update, and About SET section.

Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Online


thailand newspapers 35 Prachachat website

Prachachat is an online news portal covering all the latest happening in and around the country. The website reports everything from a business perspective.  Owned by Matichon Public Company Limited, Prachachat is a popular news portal of Thailand.

The website covers news in multiple categories such as property, economics, regional economics, finance, business, marketing, stock exchange, real estate foreign countries, politics, travel, motor, ICT, CSR-HR, and life.

Prachachat Online

Prachachat iOS App

E. TV News Channels

TV News Channel is the most common news portals used by the people of Thailand. There are a large number of TV channels in Thailand that are owned and controlled by the Government of Thailand and the Royal Thai Army, i.e., military.

Nation TV

Thailand newspapers 36 Nation tv website

Launched in 2000, Nation TV is the first 24 hours news channel. The channel is currently (in 2020) broadcasted on digital terrestrial television in Thailand via TV5 MUX5. Nation Broadcasting Corporation, a subsidiary of Nation Multimedia Group, is the owner of the Nation TV channel.

The channel reports in the Thai language. The slogan of Nation TV is ‘In every news scene, we are original.’ The channel is available on satellite, IPTV, Cable TV, and online. The headquarters of NationTV are found in the Interlink Tower Bangna, Bangkok.

Nation TV Online

Channel 3 Thailand

Thailand newspapers 37 Channel 3 Thailand website

Channel 3 Thailand is a popular free to air television channel available in the Thai language. The channel was launched on 26th March in 1970 and discontinued on 25th March 2020. CH3 is the pioneer in the world of the commercial television station in Thailand.

BEC and MCOT own channel 3.  The channel is broadcasted in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The headquarters of Channel 3 is located in the Khlong Toei region of Bangkok.

The channel also broadcast the live coverage of FIFA World cup as well as UEFA European Championships.

Channel 3 Thailand Online

NEW 18

Thailand newspapers 38 new 18 website

News 18 is a popular news channel in Thailand for watching documentaries and news. The channel also has an online portal. The website covers multiple sections of information and media centers, such as general news, politics, economy, crime, regional news, Thai entertainment, and foreign country, and lifestyle, health, around the city/house, live events, society, business, and others.

New 18 Online

F. Thailand Press agencies

The Thai News Agency is the top most Thailand press agencies found in the country.

Thai News Agency

Thailand newspapers 39 thai news agency website

Thai News Agency is a popular news agency founded on 16th June 1977. The core responsibilities of the agency involve production, gathering, analysis, and generating reports for television, electronics, social media, internet, on-air radios, and others. Thai News Agency is a subsidiary of MCOT.

In April 2012, the Thai News Agency introduced a 25 meters long video wall. This new video wall is used by Yingluck Shinawatra to open. The Thai News Agency is in cooperation with many other foreign news agencies such as CCTV, TV5Monde, CNN, NHK, RAI, VTV, ABC, VOA, BBC, and CNN RADIO.

Thai News Agency Online

Summing up:

This article contains a thorough list of 39 newspapers and news websites found in Thailand, uniquely curated for you. The date given above is sourced from some of the highly reliable, authentic and safe magazines, press agencies and news portals running in the country. Hence, we assure you that no false information is stated above.  The newspapers published in Thailand can be categorized according to the niche, languages, and its frequency. The papers can be classified as Business newspapers and Sports newspapers. According to language, the newspapers published in Thailand can be categorized as Thai language dailies, English language dailies, German language dailies, and Chinese language dailies. As far as the frequency is considered, the newspapers of Thailand are classified as monthly, weekly, semi-weekly, and bi-weekly newspapers.

 The top two English newspapers with massive circulation levels are Pattaya Mail, and Phuket Gazette follows a tabloid format. One of the most popular papers published in Thailand is The Thaiger. The Thaiger provides timely updates in both Thai and English language. It also runs video stories and regular podcasts offering news briefs.

Most of the Thailand dailies are published in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and circulated to the different parts of the country except for Chiang Mai and Hua Hin newspaper published somewhere else. Matichon, The Nation, and Thai Post can be considered as slightly progressive newspapers of Thailand as they have been founded by student protestors running some constructive movements.

MediaBuzz offers an in-depth and well-researched coverage of all the media sources. We are a strong team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in world of journalism all around the globe. To formulate a more authentic list, we are open to your suggestions. You can fill our comment sections with the answers to the questions mentioned below. 

  • What are the top five newspapers in Thailand?
  • According to you, have we forgotten to add any deserving newspaper or news website to the list?
  • Why according to you, Thailand government exercise too much control over the media. What are the reasons behind the same?
  • Why do you think the readership in Thailand has been decreased by 7%?
  • What are your views on the political inclinations of different newspapers published in Thailand?
  • Is there any particular newspaper that caught your eye from the above list of Thailand newspapers and news websites?
  • Which newspaper from the list above of Thailand do you read and why?
  • Do you wish to share any information related to the print media of Thailand?

Important Note:

We are always looking for people having background in media/journalism/mass communication to contribute more articles for us. If you are an expert at Thailand media industry especially in English language, we would like you to help us make this article better.

We are also looking for companies/people who wish to sponsor this article and empower us to research and cover more valuable information about media of Thailand.

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