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San Antonio newspapers and San Antonio newspaper list

Introduction to San Antonio News Media.

San Antonio, which is officially known as the City of San Antonio, is located in the U.S. state of Texas. Founded in 1718, San Antonio shares the border with the state capital, Austin, and is situated to its southwest. It is the seventh most populous city in the country.

History of San Antonio Newspapers

The history of newspapers in San Antonio can be traced back to 1848 when The Western Texan started printing. The weekly newspaper remained in publication until 1854. As per the website ‘loc.gov’,  James Gooch was its editor and it was published initially by Walker & Gooch and later by Lewis & Groesbeeck. The four-page newspaper covered national, local and state news along with some advertisements. 

San Antonio Express-News is the main newspaper of San Antonio. It is the largest newspaper in South Texas. Launched in 1865 as a tabloid style weekly newspaper, its name was San Antonio Express. At that time, the city had multiple newspapers in different languages. However, none of them could continue. Gradually, all of them went out of the market, paving way for San Antonio Express to be the only newspaper in the city. San Antonio Express converted from weekly to a daily newspaper in December 1866. It started appearing in the morning in 1878. News Corp, the owner of San Antonio Express-News, was looking to sell the newspaper by 1992. It was ultimately acquired by The Hearst Corporation, the owner of Light. Later, Light had to shut down in 1993 after it failed to get a suitable buyer.

Current Status

Talking about other publications available in the city, San Antonio Current is a free “alternative” weekly newspaper that covers arts, music, local political issues, events along with restaurant listings and reviews. San Antonio’s only African American newspaper since 1995 is San Antonio Observer. There is also a business newspaper known as San Antonio Business Journal.

San Antonio newspapers and websites’ list

We have shared a list of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in San Antonio below. Along with the list of prominent San Antonio newspapers and other publications, we have also tried to discuss the origin, status and relevance of these San Antonio based mediaunits.

My San Antonio News

My San Antonio is a news website based in San Antonio, Texas in the United States. The portal is managed by San Antonio Express-News, which also has a ‘premium’ website- expressnews.com. San Antonio Express-News is reportedly the fourth largest newspaper in the US city of Texas. Established in 1865, it claims to provide “news and information to a community of more than one million”. It is owned by Hearst Corporation.

Digital Media Presence

To cater to the interest of its readers, My San Antonio has segregated the news stories into multiple categories like local, eat & drink, entertainment, sports, shopping, real estate, jobs and cars among others. “Each month, mySanAntonio.com averages nearly 29 million page views and 2.7 million unique visitors,” San Antonio Express-News claims in the About Us section of its LinkedIn page. My San Antonio is also present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

San Antonio newspapers 1 My San Antonio News website

My San Antonio News Online

My San Antonio News Android App

My San Antonio News iOS App

San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio newspapers 2 San Antonio Express News

San Antonio Express-News is a daily newspaper based in San Antonio, Texas in the United States. It is published in the broadsheet format. It is owned by Hearst Corporation and serves San Antonio and South Texas. San Antonio Express-News has bureaus in Austin (along with the Houston Chronicle), McAllen and Washington, D.C.

Origin And History

The first issue of San Antonio Express-News was published in 1865. It was initially titled The San Antonio Express. When The San Antonio Express was launched, a number of newspapers in different languages existed in the city. However, gradually all the newspapers ceased their operations leaving only the Express in business. The tabloid-style newspaper was printed on a weekly basis. San Antonio Express-News became a daily newspaper in December 1866. By early 1870s, it became a full-fledged newspaper. San Antonio Express-News went through difficult times until 1875 when it was acquired by the Express Printing Company. The newspaper got its current title with the merger of San Antonio Evening News and The San Antonio Express in September 1984.

Digital Media Presence

San Antonio Express-News also has a news portal. “San Antonio Express-News’ premium website, ExpressNews.com, is available only to subscribers and provides investigative and enterprise reports, in-depth local news and insider analyses,” read the About Us section on its LinkedIn page.  For the convenience of its readers, the news stories and articles have been segregated into different sections like weather, business, elections, lifestyle, food, sports and opinion among others. It is even present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

San Antonio newspapers 2 San Antonio Express News website

San Antonio Express-News Online

San Antonio Express-News ePaper

San Antonio Express-News Android App

San Antonio Express-News iOS App

San Antonio Current

San Antonio newspapers 3 San Antonio Current

San Antonio Current is a weekly alternative newspaper printed in San Antonio. Distributed free of cost, it basically carries investigative reports, political analysis along with critical review of local music and culture. San Antonio Current was established by Linda Matys O’Connell and her husband Geoff O’Connell in 1986. It is currently under the ownership of Euclid Media Group since December 2013. Cleveland Scene, Cincinnati CityBeat and Creative Loafing Tampa among others are its sister publications.

Digital Media Presence

San Antonio Current has a news portal with sections such as arts, music, movies, food & drink, best of SA and calendar among others. It is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

San Antonio newspapers 3 San Antonio Current website

San Antonio Current Online

The Paisano

The Paisano is an independently published student newspaper of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The college newspaper with 7,000 copies weekly was first published as a tabloid titled ‘The San Antonio Express’ in 1981. The title “Paisano” translates to fellow countryman in the Spanish language.

San Antonio newspapers 4 The Paisano website

The Paisano Online


San Antonio is known for its huge television media market. It is the 36th largest media market in the United States, as per Nielsen Media. Houston and Dallas are other two cities of Texas that serve more than a million viewers of the television news. These two cities rank among the 10 largest media markets of the US.

Prominent Papers

The San Antonio Express-News is the most read newspaper in the city of San Antonio. According to Cision, the daily newspaper had a circulation of 100,000 copies in 2016. The internet media is booming in San Antonio, as much as any other city of the US. To serve the readers online, The San Antonio Express-News operates two websites — Express-News and mySA. The San Antonio Express-News has been the “voice of the community since 1985”.

San Antonio Current is another popular publication of the city. It is known for publishing unbiased reports on current affairs of San Antonio. Besides the local audience, the newspaper also serves the international community. The San Antonio Business Journal is a financial newspaper operating in the city.

College Newspaper

The Paisano is a college newspaper published independently by the students of the University of Texas. It covers various aspects of society and is quite popular in the city. Stone Oak Highlights is a publication for women as it features articles on local women and their families.

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