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Philadelphia newspapers and Philadelphia newspaper list

Introduction to Philadelphia News Media.

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, the U.S. state. Usually called Philly, the city has an estimated population of 1,584,064 as per 2019 data, ranking it as the sixth-most populous U.S. city.  Philadelphia is the cultural and economic center of the greater Delaware Valley. The city founded by William Penn in 1682 is also one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. Philadelphia boasts of the first library, hospital, stock exchange and business school in the United States.

History of Philadelphia Newspapers

American Weekly Mercury was the first newspaper to be published in Philadelphia in 1719. It was launched by Andrew Bradford whose father established the first print shop in Philadelphia back in the 1680s. The Pennsylvania Gazette was the second newspaper to be launched in the city. Established in 1728 by Samuel Keimer, its real name was ‘The Universal Instructor in all Arts and Sciences: and Pennsylvania Gazette’. The name was shortened to The Pennsylvania Gazette after Benjamin Franklin and his partner Hugh Meredith became the owners.

Prominent Papers

Two important daily newspapers of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, are now published as one. The Philadelphia Inquirer, established in 1829, is the third-oldest surviving daily in the United States whereas Philadelphia Daily News was first published in 1925.

Since 2009, Daily News has been published as an edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer. As per 2013 data, the combined daily circulation of both the newspapers was 306,831 and 477,313 on Sunday. This makes it the newspaper with the eighteenth largest circulation in the United States.

Other Publications

There are several smaller publications such as Philadelphia Tribune, which is published for the African-American community for five days a week. Philadelphia magazine, a regional monthly magazine, is also published in the city. There is a weekly newspaper for the LGBTQ community known as Philadelphia Gay News and another one for the Jewish community called The Jewish Exponent. South Philly Review, Metro Philadelphia and Northeast Times are other important newspapers published in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia newspapers and websites’ list

Here below we present you a list of some of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in Philadelphia. With this list of prominent Philadelphia newspapers and other publications, we have tried to explain the origin, operations, status and relevance of these Philadelphia based mediahouses.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia newspapers 1 The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer is a daily newspaper published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Published in the broadsheet format, it serves the Philadelphia metropolitan area of the US. It is reportedly the United States’ third-oldest continuously operating daily newspaper. The Philadelphia Inquirer is the newspaper of record in the Delaware Valley. So far, it has won 20 Pulitzer Prizes.

Origin And History

Owned by the subsidiary of The Philadelphia Foundation, The Lenfest Institute, The Philadelphia Inquirer was founded by John R. Walker and John Norvell. Its first issue appeared on June 1, 1829, as The Pennsylvania Inquirer. In the editorial piece published in the first issue, The Pennsylvania Inquirer stated that it would devote itself to “the maintenance of the rights and liberties of the people, equally against the abuses as the usurpation of power.”

?The Philadelphia Inquirer shot to fame during the American Civil War.  It was a popular newspaper on both the sides for its coverage of the war. However, the circulation witnessed a dip after the war ended only to see a rise by the end of the 19th century.  The Philadelphia Inquirer originally supported Democratic Party but gradually shifted towards the Republican ideologies.

Digital Media Presence

The Philadelphia Inquirer also has a news website. For the convenience of its readers, the portal has segregated the news stories into several sections and sub-sections such as sports, business, opinion, politics, life, food, health, real estate and entertainment among others. It is even available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Philadelphia newspapers 1 The Philadelphia Inquirer website

The Philadelphia Inquirer Online

The Philadelphia Inquirer ePaper

The Philadelphia Inquirer Android App

The Philadelphia Inquirer iOS App

Philadelphia Tribune

Philadelphia newspapers 2 Philadelphia Tribune

The Philadelphia Tribune boasts of being “the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper reflecting the African-American experience”. Founded by Christopher James Perry, Sr., its first issue appeared in 1884. Initially, it published just one page and was known as The Weekly Tribune.

The Philadelphia Tribune also has a news website with sections such as lifestyle, sports, opinion, religion and obituaries among others. It is even available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Philadelphia newspapers 2 Philadelphia Tribune website

Philadelphia Tribune Online

Philadelphia Tribune ePaper

Philadelphia Tribune Android App

Philadelphia Tribune iOS App

Delaware County Daily Times

Philadelphia newspapers 3 Delaware County Daily Times

Delaware County Daily Times is a daily newspaper published in the tabloid format in Pennsylvania of United States. Owned by 21st Century Media, its first issue appeared in 1876 as Chester Daily Times. It got its current name in 1959. It also publishes a Sunday edition, known as Delaware County Sunday Times. The newspaper was published in the broadsheet format until 1981. Delaware County Daily Times also has a website. It is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Philadelphia newspapers 3 Delaware County Daily Times website

Delaware County Daily Times Online

Delaware County Daily Times ePaper

Delaware County Daily Times Android App

Delaware County Daily Times iOS App


Courier-Post is a daily newspaper headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States. Published in the broadsheet format, it serves Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties. Courier-Post is the fifth-largest newspaper in New Jersey. Its first issue appeared in 1875 as Post. Courier-Post was acquired by Gannett in 1959. It also has a news website besides accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Courier-Post even has mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

Philadelphia newspapers 4 Courier Post website

Courier-Post Online

Courier-Post ePaper

Courier-Post Android App

Courier-Post iOS App

Daily Pennsylvanian

Philadelphia newspapers 5 Daily Pennsylvanian

The Daily Pennsylvanian is a student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. Established on December 15, 1885 as The Pennsylvanian, it is published in the broadsheet format. The Daily Pennsylvanian also has a news portal with several sections including sports, opinion and multimedia among others. It is present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Philadelphia newspapers 5 Daily Pennsylvanian website

Daily Pennsylvanian Online

Northeast Times

Philadelphia newspapers 6 Northeast Times

The Northeast Times is a newspaper that publishes on a weekly basis for the coverage of Northeast Philadelphia. On its official Facebook page, The Northeast Times claims to have a circulation over 100,000 copies. News, Sports, Opinion and Community are among the sections of its website. It is available on Facebook and Twitter.

Philadelphia newspapers 6 Northeast Times website

Northeast Times Online

Northeast Times ePaper


AL DÍA is a newspaper based in Philadelphia. It is an alternative publication challenging the stereotypes of the Latino experience in the city. Hernán Guaracao is the man credited for AL DÍA’s establishment in 1994. Started as an 8-page monthly newsletter, AL DÍA launched a website in 2014 with sections like Politics, Culture, Leaders and Media among others.

Philadelphia newspapers 8 Metro website

AL DÍA Online

AL DÍA ePaper


Philadelphia newspapers 8 Metro

Metro is a Philadelphia-based newspaper and website that features stories related to Best of, News, Things to Do and Webinars among other sections. It is popular as Philly News among the city readers.

Philadelphia newspapers 8 Metro website 1

Metro Online

Metro ePaper

Philadelphia Business Journal

The Philadelphia Business Journal is financial newspaper and website based in Philadelphia. It is part of the American City Business Journals network. Latest News, Real Estate, Banking, Technology, Health Care, Food & Lifestyle and Events are among the sections of its website.

Philadelphia newspapers 9 Philadelphia Business Journal website

Philadelphia Business Journal Online

Philadelphia Business Journal ePaper

Philadelphia Business Journal iOS App

The Intelligencer

The Intelligencer is a Doylestown-based newspaper that publishes on a daily basis in Pennsylvania. Owned by Gannett, The Intelligencer mainly covers news from the central and northern Bucks County and eastern Montgomery County.

Philadelphia newspapers 10 The Intelligencer website

The Intelligencer Online

The Intelligencer ePaper

The Intelligencer Android App

The Intelligencer iOS App

Philadelphia Weekly

Philadelphia Weekly (PW) is a Wednesday newspaper of Philadelphia. The first edition was published under the title of The Welcomat in 1971. It was then a sister publication of the South Philadelphia Press. In 1995, Philadelphia Weekly got its current name.

Philadelphia newspapers 11 Philadelphia Weekly website

Philadelphia Weekly Online

The Reporter

The Reporter is a newspaper and website based in Philadelphia. You can follow it on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. News, Sports, Things to do, Business, Opinion, Obituaries and Multimedia are among the sections of its website.

Philadelphia newspapers 12 The Reporter website

The Reporter Online

The Reporter ePaper

Jewish Exponent

Philadelphia newspapers 13 Jewish

The Jewish Exponent is a Philadelphia-based newspaper that is published for the Jewish community on a weekly basis. The Jewish Exponent claims to be the second-oldest surviving Jewish newspaper in the United States.

Philadelphia newspapers 13 Jewish Exponent website

Jewish Exponent Online

Jewish Exponent ePaper

Temple News (TTN)

The Temple News, which is popularly known as TTN in Philadelphia, is a college newspaper published on a weekly basis by Temple University. The Tuesday paper claims to have a circulation of 6,000 copies, distributed free at Temple’s Main Campus.

Philadelphia newspapers 14 Temple News website

Temple News (TTN) Online

Temple News (TTN) ePaper

The Triangle

The Triangle is a college newspaper published by the students of the Drexel University in Philadelphia. It has a website as well with sections like News, Opinion, A&E Sports and Classifieds among others. One can follow The Triangle on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for regular news updates.

Philadelphia newspapers 15 The Triangle website

The Triangle Online

Philadelphia Gay News

Philadelphia newspapers 16 Philadelphia Gay News

Philadelphia Gay News (PGN) is a newspapers that serves the LGBT community of Philadelphia. Mark Segal had started the weekly newspaper in 1976. Member of the National Gay Newspaper Guild, PGN claims to have an average reader base of 25,000 in East Coast.

Philadelphia newspapers 16 Philadelphia Gay News website

Philadelphia Gay News Online

Philadelphia Gay News ePaper

Public Record

The Public Record is a Philadelphia-based tabloid has that been publishing every week in Pennsylvania since 1999. With focus on local and state politics, The Public Record also covers issues related to labor unions, schools and communities of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia newspapers 17 Public Record website

Public Record Online


Philadelphia has a number of newspapers that not only serve the readers from within the city boundaries but also from the US state of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Inquirer is undoubtedly the biggest newspaper of the city. Founded in 1829, it publishes on a daily basis.

Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Metro and The Daily Pennsylvanian are among other daily newspapers currently in publication in Philadelphia.

Non-daily Newspapers

Philadelphia Tribune is the most read Bi-weekly newspaper, followed by Philadelphia magazine that comes on a monthly basis. Main Line Today and Grid Magazine are other monthly magazines available in the city. South Philly Review leads the range of weekly publications in Philadelphia. As many as 17 newspapers publish on a weekly basis in Philadelphia.

To serve the Spanish readers, Philadelphia Tribune has a weekly newspaper titled ‘El Hispano’ since 1976. The Jewish Exponent has been serving the Jewish community of Philadelphia every week since 1887.

Defunct Papers

Philadelphia Bulletin, The Catholic Standard & Times, L’Abeille américaine and Philadelphia City Paper are among the most popular city newspapers that are no longer in publication. Amid the ongoing health disaster, many of the print newspapers in Philadelphia, like other cities in the United States, have switched to online-only businesses.

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