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Nigerian newspapers and Nigerian newspaper list

Introduction to Nigerian News Media

Nigeria has a strong network in media that is exemplary for various other countries in Africa. The state owned radio and television networks are quite active as all of 36 states of the country have at least one radio and TV channel for the dissemination of news.

On the national level, Nigeria has hundreds of radio stations and television networks that work through cable and direct-to-home satellite as well.

Nigerian Media

The radio is the most effective medium in Nigeria and thus, many of the foreign broadcasters operate in the West African country. The BBC is also quite popular in Nigeria but just like the rest of the foreign radio setups the British radio company is also banned from rebroadcasting its content.

The state owned television network has a reach to around tens million viewers in Nigeria. However, the prominent channels owned by the private investors have a loyal viewership in specific cities.

As far as the newspapers are concerned, hundreds of dailies are published on national and local level every day in Nigeria. The Nigerian government also owns a number of newspapers.

Online Media

The news websites are also gaining their prominence in Nigeria as the Nigerian Communications Commission says in one of its reports that as many as 122.7 million people had access to the internet in 2019. The report further adds that the most of these users are young, educated and based in urban areas.

By January 2019, the country had around 24 million active users on social media. It counts to 12 percent of the total population of Nigeria. WhatsApp is the most used app in the African country as 85 percent population has access to it, while 787 percent people have their presence on Facebook.

Media Safety

The media is not much safe in Nigeria as the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in one of its reports that the working journalists here often get life threats and become victims of physical violence. On some occasions, the Nigerian journalists have faced harassments from the police and government officials as well when they try to access some information.

Terrorist organization Boko Haram has also threatened the Nigerian media at times.

Newspapers History

The Nigerian newspapers have never feared to challenge the authority since the time of colonial era. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ernest Ikoli, Obafemi Awolowo and Lateef Jakande are credited for the origin of press in Nigeria. The quartet used the newspapers as a tool to fight for the Nigerian independence.

The government used to own most of the print publications until the 1990s. However, Daily Trust, Nigerian Tribune, The Punch, Vanguard and the Guardian were among privately owned newspapers that fearlessly reported and exposed both public as well as private scandals. The government has attempted to suppress all these newspapers from time to time.

As far as media laws are concerned, there is no single piece of legislation and rules are scattered across the country’s rulebook. Nigerian newspapers rely on advertisements for survival and thus, the owners of big companies try to control the narrative of press.

Nigerian newspapers and websites’ list

Nigeria has a big network of newspapers and websites and here below we have shared a list of them. With this list of prominent Nigerian newspapers and news websites, we have tried to explain the origin, operations, status and relevance of these Nigerian media entities.

Part 1: Nigerian newspapers

In the first part of the article, we will describe everything about the Nigerian newspapers that are widely read in the country and its neighboring nations.


Nigeria 1 Punch

Punch is an English-language broadsheet newspaper of Nigeria. According to its Facebook page, Punch was founded on November 1, 1976. Headquartered in Lagos, it claims to be the “most widely read newspaper in Nigeria” on Facebook. Punch is also available on Twitter. One can follow them on the micro-blogging site for the latest news and updates.


Wale Aboderin was publisher of Punch. He was the chairman of Punch Nigeria Limited until his death. Punch Nigeria Limited was a publishing house founded by Wale’s father. According to information mention on its Facebook page, “PUNCH (Nigeria) Limited was registered on August 8, 1970, under the Companies Act of 1968 to engage in the business of publishing newspapers, magazines and other periodicals of public interest”.

Punch was established by two friends James Aboderin and Sam Amuka. While Aboderin was an accountant, Amuka was an editor at Daily Times of Nigeria. The first editor of Sunday Punch was Sam Amuka. It hit the market on March 18, 1973. A couple of years after the print of Sunday edition, Amuka and Aboderin began printing their daily newspaper. However, the duo parted their ways due to differences in their political opinions. Aboderin continued with support of M. K. O. Abiola, his former foe.


In 1990, editor of Punch was jailed for 54 days. In 1993 and 1994, the publishing house was forced to shut down on the order of the government.


Punch also has an online edition. It caters to the interest of its readers via different sections such as News, Sports, Metro Plus, Politics, Business, Healthwise, Editorial, Columns, Opinion among others.

According to their Facebook page, The PUNCH, Saturday PUNCH, Sunday PUNCH and PUNCH Online are its products. In case of any query or feedback, you can write to Punch at their email address – info@punchng.com.

Nigeria 1 Punch website

Punch Online

Punch ePaper

Punch Android App

Punch iOS App


Nigeria 2 Vanguard

Vanguard is a daily newspaper of Nigeria. Published by Vanguard Media, it is headquartered at 2 Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, Apapa Lagos, P.M.B. 1007 Apapa Lagos. Vanguard Media Limited was established in the year 1984 by Mr. Sam Amuka, who was a veteran journalist and columnist.

Sam Amuka was the first managing director of Punch newspaper. He was also the editor of Sunday Times.


Vanguard was first published on a weekly basis. The first copy of Vanguard was published on June 3, 1984. It became a daily newspaper after a month on July 15, 1984.

The newspaper was suspended for a short period by Col. Raji Rasaki, Military Governor of Lagos State in June 1990.

Prominent Writers

Some of the columnists who contribute in Vanguard are ‘Kola Animasuan, Dele Sobowale, Pini Jason, Tony Momoh, Bisi Lawrence, Ocherome Nnanna, Les Leba, Helen Ovbiagele, Bunmi Sofola, Treena Kwenta, Obi Nwakanma, and many others’. “These names make VANGUARD a compelling read for discerning minds,” the official website of Vanguard states.

Some more products published by Vanguard Media Limited are Sweet Crude, Allure and Financial Vanguard.


Vanguard also has an online edition. The website has sections such as Sports, Politics, Business, E-editions, Entertainment, Allure, Videos and Editorial among others.

According to the About Us section of its website, Vanguard aims to “serve the people through unflinching commitment to free enterprise, the rule of law and good governance”.

The current editor of Vanguard is Eze Anaba. In case of any query or feedback, one can contact the editor directly via the contact number given on the website — 08023145566.


According to its Facebook page, Vanguard has won several awards which includes, ‘Best online News portal in Nigeria 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014’. One can follow Vanguard on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for latest news and updates.

Nigeria 2 Vanguard website

Vanguard Online

Vanguard Android App

Vanguard iOS App


Nigeria 3 Nation

The Nation is an English-language daily newspaper in Nigeria. The Nation‘s headquarter is in Lagos and it has printing plants in Abuja and Port Harcourt besides Lagos. Founded on July 31 in year 2006, it is published by Vintage Press Limited.

While Adeniyi Adesina is the editor of The Nation, Victor Ifijeh is its Managing Director and Editor-in-chief.

Success Story

In a breakthrough achievement, The Nation shot to circulation across 36 states of Nigeria only within two years after it was founded. This popularity was the result of Campuslife, an eight-page pull-out Thursday publication.

Campuslife gained immense popularity among student journalists and writers. This Thursday publication was a medium for them to express themselves and let their voices be heard across Nigeria. Late Ngozi Nwozor-Agbo was the editor of Campuslife.

Target Audience

The target audience of The Nation is “Business and political elite. The affluent, the educated, those in leadership positions in all spheres of life; the upwardly mobile, policy makers.”

“To vigorously champion a return to fundamental principles of federalism, believing that it is the arrangement that can best advance the multifarious interests of citizens in a country of many nations and faiths such as Nigeria,” The Nation states as its mission on the website.

The Nation claims to be the third most circulating newspaper in Abuja, Kano, Enugu, Aba, Maiduguri and Lokoja. The Nation also claims to be the ‘fourth leading newspaper in Lagos’.


The Nation also has an online edition. It caters to the interest of its readers via sections such as Politics, Business, Columnists, Entertainment, Sports, Magazine and Education among others.

One can follow The Nation on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and updates. In case of any query or feedback, readers can shoot a mail at its email address – info@thenationonlineng.net.

Nigeria 3 Nation website

Nation Online

Nation Android App

Nation iOS App


Nigeria 4 Guardian

The Guardian is an English-language newspaper of Nigeria, which is published daily. Headquartered in Lagos, it is published by Guardian Newspapers Limited. The newspaper was founded in 1983 by Alex Ibru, an entrepreneur along with Stanley Macebuh, who was a journalist with Daily Times. The Guardian began its journey as a weekly newspaper, published on Sundays. However soon within a few months, it began publishing daily.

The Guardian was founded with the “purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria”.

According to its official Facebook Page, The Guardian Daily, The Guardian on Saturday, The Guardian on Sunday, Life, AdViser and Timeout are some of its products.

Criticism Of Government

In 1989, The Guardian published an open letter by a human-right activist, Dr. Bekolari Ransome-Kuti. Published on August 26, it was titled “Open Letter to President Babangida”. The letter criticised the government’s increasing suppression of freedom of expression and speech.

Life Threats

On 2 February 1996, the owner of The Guardian, Alex Ibru, escaped an assassination. Ibru’s car was fired and he was rushed to the hospital. This happened during General Sani Abacha’s military regime.

During General Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, two reporters Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor were sentenced to imprisonment.

Policy Change

During its initial stages, The Guardian was one of those national newspapers that did not carry advertised obituaries. However, later the policy changed and gradually “elite advertisement” started making a huge percentage of The Guardian‘s revenue.


The Guardian also has an online edition for its tech-savvy audience. The Guardian caters to the interests of its readers via different section such as National, Metro, World, Politics, Sport, Opinion, Business and Technology among others.

The Guardian is also available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One can follow The Guardian on social media platforms for the latest news and updates.

Nigeria 4 Guardian website

Guardian Online

PM News

Nigeria 5 PM News website

PM News, an English-language daily newspaper, is published in Nigeria. The headquarters of the publication is in Lagos. PM News is published by Independent Communications Network Limited (ICNL). Its sister publications are TheNEWS magazine and a tabloid, Tempo.


PM News was launched in August 1994. Besides news, it also covers fashions, sports and entertainment.

The founding members of PM News are Bayo Onanuga, Idowu Obasa, Dapo Olorunyomi, Babafemi Ojudu, Alhaji Sani Kabir, Kunle Ajibade, Seye Kehinde.


According to its website, promoting “principles of civilized nationalism, democracy, political and economic pluralism, liberty and “equality of the various ethnic groups of the Nigerian Federation” is the mission of PM News.

Guerrilla Journalism

PM News and TheNews followed “guerrilla journalism” and hence, they were constantly targeted by the authorities. This lead to arrests and closures as well. For instances, according to Amnesty International report in August 1996, Editor-in-chief Bayo Onanuga was thought to be taken in custody by the State Security Service. The report stated that he was ill-treated during the custody at its headquarters in Lagos.

Babafemi Ojudu, who was released on 13 August 1996 was soon hospitalised because of the ill-treatment. Both of them were arrested for publishing stories against the government. After months of hiding from the state security forces, Bayo Onanuga fled from Nigeria in 1997. However, next year, he returned to resume work at ICNL. He took the decision after the sudden demise of General Sani Abacha, which began Nigeria’s transition to democracy.


PM News also has an online edition. It caters to the interest of its readers with sections such as Nigeria News, Metro, Headlines, Politics, Opinion, Sports and Entertainment among others.

The editor of PM News is Lanre Babalola. In case of any query, feedback or confusion, one can contact the editor directly on phone. The contact number given on their website is- 08056280308

PM News Online


Nigeria 6 Daily Trust website

Daily Trust, printed and published by Media Trust Limited is a newspaper in Nigeria. Media Trust Limited is an Abuja-based company and Daily Trust is its flagship publication. Daily Trust was founded in the year 1998.

The same company also publishes five other publications, namely, Daily Trust on Saturday, Daily Trust on Sunday, pan-African magazine Kilimanjaro, Aminiya, which is in Hausa language and Tambari, a magazine which covers fashion, style and celebrities.


Media Trust Limited is a communication company for consultancy, printing as well as publishing.  “Using the latest technology and employing self-motivated workers, the company’s objective is to grow steadily into a world class, integrated communication company,” Daily Trust writes on its official Facebook page.

Daily Trust’s mission is “to disseminate credible information for the good of all stakeholders.” According to its Facebook page, its core values are “editorial integrity, ethical conduct, professionalism, constant innvoation, production excellence, market driven, natinal unity and African brotherhood”.


Daily Trust also has a news website. The online edition carries news related to different sections such as Sports, Health, Editorial, Feature, Multimedia, Business and Politics among others. It also has a special section dedicated to Investigation and Exclusive stories. There are also few sub-sections.

Awards And Charity

Daily Trust bagged Wole Soyinka Photo-journalist Award in 2015. One can follow Daily Trust on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Meanwhile, Daily Trust also has a charitable arm, The Daily Trust Foundation. It was founded in 2016 with the aim to provide scholarships to budding journalists along with women enrolled in medical schools. The foundation also financially supports economic empowerment projects as well as humanitarian services in northern part of Nigeria.

According to MacArthur Foundation, Daily Trust Foundation is also training and mentoring 150 young journalists in the northern region and other marginalized parts of Nigeria.

Trust Online


Nigeria 7 ThisDay

THISDAY is a daily newspaper of Nigeria. Founded in 1995, its format is that of broadsheet. Published in English-language, it is headquartered in Lagos. The newspaper was first published on January 22, 1995.


THISDAY is published by THISDAY Newspapers Ltd., and its owner is Nduka Obaigbena.

The founding chairman and editor-in-chief THISDAY Media Group, ARISE News Channel and ARISE magazine, Obaigbena is a Duke of Owa Kingdom. He has been mired in several controversies has previously been slammed for late payment and non-payment of staff and suppliers.

Terrorist Attack

In 2012, terrorist group Boko Haram reportedly carried out a suicide car bombings attack at the offices of THISDAY in Abuja and Kaduna.

THISDAY has printing plants in Lagos and Abuja, the national capital. According to the website, the tagline of THISDAY is ‘African views on global news’. THISDAY has offices and correspondents across 36 states of Nigeria and also others parts the world.


THISDAY also has an online edition. It caters to the interest of its readers via sections such as Business, Politics, Nigeria, Health & Well Being, Education, Life & Style, Sport, Editorial and Back Page among others.

THISDAY is available on Facebook and Twitter. One can follow it on social media platforms for the latest news and updates.

The conferences and events hosted by the newspaper company have been attended by leaders like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush among others.

Target Audience

 “It is Nigeria’s most authoritative news media available on all platforms for the political, business, professional and diplomatic elite and broader middle classes while serving as the meeting point of new ideas, culture and technology for the aspirationals and millennials,” THISDAY states in the About Us section of its website.

In case of any query or feedback, one can write a mail at their email address- hello@thisdaylive.com.

Nigeria 7 ThisDay website

ThisDay Online


Nigeria 8 Sun website

The Sun is an English-language daily newspaper of Nigeria. Its format is broadsheet. It was founded by the Sun Media Group and published by The Sun Publishing Ltd. The Sun began its journey on January 18, 2003, as a weekly newspaper. Within months, it transformed into a daily. The Sun started its operation as a daily newspaper on June 16, 2003.


Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is the chairman of the publishing house, The Sun Publishing Ltd. Orji Uzor Kalu is a politician and businessperson. He is also the chairman of SLOK Holding and New Telegraph newspaper of Nigeria. He is a former governor of Abia State.

The tagline of The Sun is ‘Vision of the Nation’.


The Sun also has a news website. Its online edition has sections such as National, Column, Business, Politics, Entertainment, The Sun TV and Sporting Sun among others.

While Onuoha Ukeh is the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Iheanacho Nwosu is the Editor of the newspaper. Femi Babafemi is the Editor of the Saturday edition and Chidi Nnadi is the Editor for the Sunday publication. Mike Awoyinfa was the first Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Sun.

The Sun has its offices in Lagos and Abuja. In case of any query or feedback, one can shoot a mail at their email address – sunonlineteam@gmail.com or sunonlineeditor@gmail.com.

Social Presence

One can follow The Sun on social media platforms for the latest news and updates. It is available on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“Nigeria’s No1 newspaper, The Sun is the most widely read and trusted instant news source,” it has stated in the About Us section of its Facebook page, The Sun Nigeria.

Sun Online

Independent? ?

Nigeria 9 Independent

Independent is an English-language daily newspaper of Nigeria. Founded in October 2001, its publisher is Independent Newspapers Limited. The publishing house was registered on July 17, 2001. According to the information given on the website, besides the flagship Independent, the same company also owns weekend editions Saturday Independent and Sunday Independent.


The predecessor of Independent is Diet newspaper, which was established by James Ibori in 1997. However, by 1999, most of the staff of Diet left due to non-payment of their salaries. Ibori launched the paper again but it went in vain. Later in 2001, another newspaper that was majorly owned by the same publisher, titled Daily Independent, took the place of Diet.


Independent has its fair share of controversies. Back in October 2009, the Nigerian Union of Journalists forced the newspaper to shut down. This uprising happened after the newspaper management sacked 21 workers without any notice and refused to pay arrears of four months. The strike was called off after owner James Ibori promised to fulfill all the demands.


Independent also has an online edition. The tagline of Independent is ‘The most read newspaper among the political and business elite’. The website has sections such as Nigeria, Politics, Business, Sports among others.

Independent is available on various social media platforms. For the latest news and updates, one can follow TV Independent on YouTube and IndependentNgr, which is the name of its official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.


Mentioning its editorial policy on the website, Independent states, “We shall be independent on all matters, but shall never be neutral on any matter, especially those concerning the well-being of the Nigerian people.”

While Don Okere is the editor of Independent, Steve Omanufeme is the Managing Director and Editor-In-chief of the newspaper. One can contact Omanufeme via email at steve.omanufeme@independentnig.com. The email address of editor Okere is don.okere@independentnig.com.

Nigeria 9 Independent website

Independent Online

Independent ePaper

Nigerian Tribune

Nigeria 10 Nigerian Tribune

Nigerian Tribune, founded in 1949, is an English-language newspaper of Nigeria. Published in Ibadan, Nigerian Tribune is the oldest private newspaper of Nigeria that is operational till date.

The newspaper was established by Obafemi Awolowo. For the unversed, Awolowo was a nationalist and statesman of Nigeria. He played a pivotal role in the independence movement of Nigeria. Nigerian Tribune is published by African Newspapers of Nigeria Ltd.


During the colonial era, Nigerian Tribune acted as a mouthpiece for populist welfare programmes of Awolowo. The newspaper even defended the interests of Yoruba people at a time when ethnic groups were struggling.

Ever since Nigeria’s independence in 1960 till the 1990s, most of the publications were owned by the government. There were only a handful of privately-owned newspapers including Nigerian Tribune, which survived despite attempts of suppression.

Key People

Edward Dickson was elected as Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief in September 2012 by the newspaper’s Board of Directors.


Tribune Online is the official website of Nigerian Tribune, Sunday Tribune, Saturday Tribune and all the publications of the African Newspapers of Nigeria (ANN) PLC. It caters to the interests of its readers via different sections such as News, Business, Columns, Editorial, Entertainment, Politics, Health, Sports, Opinions and Women.

“Tribune Online is well known for the tradition of breaking news and has over the years, built a reputation for being Nigeria’s most informative online news medium, publishing general interests articles, organised in areas which include Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Op-Ed and others, for ease of navigation,” it mentions in About Us section of the website.

Social Presence

The Tribune Online is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One can follow them on social media platforms for latest news and updates.

In case one has any suggestion, feedback or query, Nigerian Tribune can be contacted through their email address- admin@tribuneonlineng.com.

Nigeria 10 Nigerian Tribune website

Nigerian Tribune Online

Nigerian Tribune Android App

Business Day

Nigeria 11 Business Day website

Business Day, is an English-language daily business newspaper of Nigeria. It was founded in the year 2001. Business Day has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. It is the only newspaper of Nigeria which has a bureau in Accra, Ghana. The newspaper has a circulation in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Key People

The publisher of the newspaper is Frank Aigbogun, former editor of Vanguard newspaper.

While Patrick Atuanya is the editor of the daily newspaper, John Osadolor and Bill Okonedo are the deputy editors. The editor is its Sunday title is Zebulon Agomuo. The team of Business Day comprises of creative writers like Iheanyi Nwachukwu, Onyinye Nwachukwu, Jumoke Akiyode, Chuka Uroko, Ifeoma Okeke, Teliat Sule and Chuks Oluigbo among others.


The journalists of Business Day have bagged several national and international awards. Godwin Nnanna, a former assistant editor, has bagged several international awards including gold and silver medals in UN Foundation Prize for humanitarian and development reporting.

While Iheanyi Nwachukwu and current editor Patrick Atuanya have won the Securities and Exchange Commission Capital Market Essay Competition in 2012 and 2013 respectively, Obodo Ejiro and Teliat Sule have bagged the Citi Journalistic Award for excellence in financial journalism.


Business Day also has a website. The online edition caters to the interest of its readers via section such as Travel, Sports, Agriculture, Aviation, Companies, Technology, Markets, Transportation, Climate & Environment, Columnists, Market Intelligence and Banking & Finance among others.

Social Presence

Business Day is available on the micro-blogging site Twitter. One can follow its Twitter page for the latest news and updates. “West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence & market moving news,” reads Business Day’s bio on Twitter.

One can also download the official application of Business Day on the smartphone to get breaking news alerts. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Business Day Online

Business Day ePaper

Business Day Android App

Complete Sports

Nigeria 12 Complete Sports

Complete Sports is a national sports newspaper of Nigeria which is published on a daily basis. It is headquartered in Isolo. Complete Sports was first published in December 1995. It carries stories related to Nigerian sports personalities, however, its primary focus are Nigerian footballers.


Published by Complete Communications Limited, it follows the format of the broadsheet.  Complete Sports was founded by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, who is also the Editor-in-chief. While Complete Sports is the flagship publication of CCL Group, Complete Sports Saturday is its Saturday edition.

Complete Communications Limited boasts of being the oldest and longest-running sports publishing group in the country.


Complete Sports and its Saturday edition have circulation across Nigeria. It is also circulated partly in the neighbouring countries such as Benin Republic and Cameroun.

“Complete Sports newspapers have the largest circulation figures in Nigeria in the sports category and the second largest circulation in the general newspaper category (AMPS research, 2008 and 2009),” it claims on its website.

Key People

While Editors of Complete Sports are Mumuni Alao, Dare Esan and Kazeem Tijani, Oladimejo Loko is the Deputy Editor.

Some of the other publications by CCL include Complete Football, a magazine established in 1985 and International Soccer (i-Soccer) originally founded as International Soccer Review in 1990. Earlier it has published, Sports Souvenir in 1984, which is Nigeria’s first weekly sports newspaper, Climax magazine in 1988, Complete Football International in 1994 and Complete Football Extra in the year 1995.


Complete Sports also has an online edition. The website caters to the interest of its readers with categories such as Star Abroad, World Football and NPFL among others.

In case one has any suggestion, doubt and query or want to give feedback, it can be done by writing an email to them. The email address provided on its website is- info@completesportsnigeria.com

Nigeria 12 Complete Sports website

Complete Sports Online

Complete Sports ePaper

Complete Sports iOS App


Nigeria 13 Leadership

Leadership is a daily national newspaper of Nigeria. Published by Leadership Newspaper Group, its headquarters is in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Leadership is published in two languages — English and Hausa.

Key People

While Abraham Nda-Isaiah is the Managing Editor, Sam Nda-Isaiah is the Editor-in-chief. Other products of the publications are LEADERSHIP Friday, LEADERSHIP Weekend, LEADERSHIP Sunday, LEADERSHIP Hausa, Government, Cognoscenti, CEOConfidential, Essentials and EtCetera.

“Leadership is a daily national newspaper based in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, with a strong commitment for good governance, national interests, equal justice and human rights,” the newspaper says in the About Us section of its Facebook page.


On January 9, 2007, agents of State Security Service stormed the offices of Leadership and arrested Abraham Nda-Isaiah, general manager, editor Bashir Bello Akko and journalist Abdulazeez Sanni. The reason for the arrest was an article written by journalist Danladi Ndayebo.

On May 6, 2008, a squad of armed policemen in plain-cloth from the Niger State Command raided the office of Leadership and arrested deputy editor, Danladi Ndayebo without any warrant. As per the editor Prince Charles Dickson, the cause of the arrest was a feature article that allegedly defamed Senator Isa Mohammed.


In 2009, Leadership was named “Newspaper of the Year” by the Nigerian Union of Journalists.

On January 1, 2011, Leadership Newspapers appointed Azubuike Ishiekwene, former editor of The Punch, as its first managing director. Meanwhile, Abraham Nda-Isaiah became the managing director of the Leadership Holdings.


Leadership also has an online edition. The news website has categories such as Features, Sports, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Opinion and Columns among others.

Leadership is also available on social media platforms. One can follow it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and updates. To send feedback, one can write an email to Leadership at its email address — editor@leadership.ng.

Nigeria 13 Leadership website

Leadership Online

Leadership ePaper


Nigeria 14 Blueprint website

Blueprint is an English-language daily newspaper of Nigeria which is based in Abuja, the most populous city. It was founded on March 2011 and it follows the format of a tabloid. Founded by Mohammed Idris, Salisu Umar, Zainab Suleiman Okino and Ibrahim Sheme, it is owned by Blueprint Newspapers Limited.

Key People

Mohammed Idris is also the publisher and chairman of the newspaper. While Abdulrahman Abdulrauf is the editor of the daily, Ikenna Okonkwo is the online editor of Blueprint. Meanwhile, Clem Oluwole is the managing editor and Chamba Simeh is the general editor of Blueprint.

Blueprint also has offices in Kaduna, Kano and Lagos.


Blueprint also has an online edition. The website has different sections like Business, Opinion, Security, Editorial, Entertainment, Features, Health, Politics and Sports. It also has separate categories for photos and videos.

“Blueprint is committed to the tenets of democracy and the task of restoring hope to our lives as a nation,” it mentions on the website.

Social Presence

Blueprint is available on Facebook and more than two lakh people followed its official page by 2020. In case of any doubt, suggestion, feedback or complaint, one can shoot an email at either blueprintdaily2011@gmail.com or blueprintdaily@yahoo.com.

Blueprint Online

Blueprint ePaper

New Telegraph

Nigeria 15 New Telegraph website

New Telegraph is a daily newspaper in Nigeria. The English-language newspaper follows the broadsheet format. Dr. Uzor Kalu is the publisher, Ayo Aminu is the editor-in-chief and Ayodele Ojo is the editor of New Telegraph. It was founded on October 2013 and on February 2, 2014, its first edition was published.


New Telegraph describes itself as ‘Nigeria’s most authoritative newspaper in politics and business.’ Its head office is at Talabi Street, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja-Lagos.

“Its editors are high-fliers in Nigerian journalism, having been title editors at ThisDay, The Guardian, The Punch, The Nation, National Mirror and Nigerian Compass, among others,” New Telegraph claims on its Facebook page.

New Telegraph states that its mission is to uphold the fundamental ethics of journalism and be fair, accurate and balanced while reporting.


New Telegraph also has an online edition. The website caters to the interest of its readers by categorising the stories into different sections. New Telegraph covers news related to ‘Business, Politics, Arts and Entertainments, Metro and Crime, Law, Education, Health, Travel and Tourism’.

One can follow New Telegraph on Facebook for the latest news and updates. While 181,697 people followed its Facebook page, 178,287 people had liked it by 2020.

New Telegraph Online

Daily Times

Nigeria 16 Daily Times

The Daily Times, established in 1926, is a newspaper in Nigeria. It is published by Folio Communications and its editor is Omokioja Julius Eto.  Its original name was Nigeria Printing and Publishing Company. The Daily Times’ headquarter is in Lagos, the most populous city of Nigeria.

“Efficient and effective news reporting without fear or favour, ” The Daily Times states its mission on its Facebook page.


The Federal Government of Nigeria acquired the company in 1975 with 96.5% stake. Later in 2003, under the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, the government’s shareholding was offered to public. However, it didn’t receive good response.

Again in 2004, the company was listed for privatisation. A nationally televised bidding process took place after which Folio Communications Limited was chosen. On September 3, 2004, Folio Communications assumed the ownership. The handover ceremony was televised.


The Daily Times also has an online edition. On the website, there are categories such as News, Politics, Entertainment, Business, Sports and Tech among others.

Its archives “remains the largest collection and repository of archival assemblage of journalism materials in Africa, south of Sahara,” The Daily Times claim on its website. The digitisation process of the archival material is underway since 2012.

Nigeria 16 Daily Times website

Daily Times Online

Daily Times ePaper

National Daily

Nigeria 17 National Daily website

National Daily is a newspaper in Nigeria. Its main office is in Lagos. National Daily also has an online edition. The website caters to the interest of its readers via sections such as Business, Politics, Editorial, Science, News among others.

New Culture

The tagline of National Daily as per their website is ‘Building A New Culture’. On Facebook, National Daily claims that it is ‘renowned for its fearless, investigative, objective and credible journalism’.

If any suggestion or feedback, one can shoot a mail at publisher@nationaldailyng.com or teamnationaldaily@gmail.com. One can follow National Daily on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates.

National Daily Online

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek

Nigeria 18 Nigeria CommunicationsWeek website

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek is a newspaper in Nigeria, headquartered in Lagos state. Established in 2006 by Ken Nwogbo, it has an extensive circulation in Nigeria, West Africa, South Africa, Europe and the US. The website claims that Nigeria CommunicationsWeek ‘is a must read every Monday’.


It also has an online edition. The website of Nigeria CommunicationsWeek has sections like Telecom, Broadcasting, E-Business and E-Financial among others.

Ken Nwogbo is also the editor of Nigeria CommunicationsWeek. You can directly connect with the editor via his contact numbers given on the website (08051000480, 08034005018). One can even drop a mail either at ken@nigeriacommunicationsweek.com.ng or kenwogbo@journalist.com.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek (Lagos) Online

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Peoples Daily

Nigeria 19 Peoples Daily

Peoples Daily is a newspaper in Nigeria, which is published daily. Headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, its publisher is Peoples Media Ltd. The editor of Peoples Daily is Ahmed Shekarau. Peoples Daily also has offices in Lagos and Kano.


Peoples Daily started its journey in November 2008. It began as a weekly and then in a year, it converted into a daily newspaper. The tagline of Peoples Daily is ‘putting the people first’.

State Security Service agents arrested the editor, Malam Ahmed Shekarau, in December 2009. The arrest was apparently because of a report on ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua.

Nigeria 19 Peoples Daily website

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Part 2: Nigerian news websites and news agencies

The second part of the article includes Nigerian news websites and news agencies, both government and privately-owned, operating in Nigeria.


Nigeria 20 Legit website

Legit is a Nigerian news website that calls itself the “number one online news and entertainment platform” in its about us section. Legit was earlier existed as NAIJ.com. In the today’s world full of conflicts, Legit tries to select and deliver the relevant information, which is interesting, useful and entertaining for its readers from Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Readers’ Guide

The mission of Legit, as described in the About Us section, is to be the readers’ “guide that leads the way through the news”. The digital news platform has an editorial team that works for the constant improvement of the user experience.

The news website analyses the content preferences of the readers and then the developers use the modern technology to create a convenient as well as authentic content platform.


Legit claims to be popular throughout Nigeria and adds on its website that every third person with access to Internet in Nigeria reads content on Legit.ng. Talking about it prominence on social media, Legit writes that every fourth Nigerian on Facebook visits Legit.ng for the national as well as international news.

The news website boasts of creating meaningful content. “Our content is not only interactive and outstanding but also makes an impact and changes the world for the better,” the website says in about us.


Legit aims to put its audience first and create content that is relevant for them. The website uses multiple channels to distribute the information. The impact of the news published on Legit is high as it lights up Nigerians’ life with everyday trending and significant local news.

The website uses the modern technology to deliver a newsfeed to the people according to their preferences. Legit also works constantly to improve the speed of the website with the technology.

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Daily Post

Nigeria 21 Daily Post website

Daily Post is an online newspaper that has been in existence since 2011. The Nigerian news portal reports local as well as national news, besides coverage of politics, business, entertainment and sports. Daily Post also publishes opinions on various affairs of Nigeria.

In the About Us section of the website, Daily Post claims that its content is “developed and written exclusively for Nigerians”.

Key People

James Bamisaye is the chief executive officer as well as publisher of the Daily Post. Ali Adoyi is currently the editor of the newspaper, with Emmanuel Uzodinma as its assistant editor. Wale Odunsi looks after the politics news, while Comrade Ameh and Ifreke Inyang are responsible for entertainment and sports news respectively.


The newspaper and the website content is published and owned by the Daily Post Media Limited. It is a Nigerian company, which has mentioned its Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms of Use on its website to avoid any conflict.

The registered address of the company is 308B, Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.

Awards And Recognition

In 2016, the Daily Post was bestowed with the “Custodian of the Nigerian Dream” award by the Nigeria Rebirth National Project group. The award was in recognition of the Daily Post‘s objectivity, investigative reporting and balanced reporting of the affairs.

Nigeria Rebirth National Project group National Coordinator Isaac Balami visited the Daily Post‘s Abuja office to present the award. Nigerian newspaper Guardian quoted Balami calling the Daily Post “the most read online newspaper”.

Balami added that the Daily Post has proved to be an indigenous company with its faith in the Nigerian vision.

“We are here because of the role DAILY POST has played in the Nigeria Rebirth project. You are the first media house that keyed into this vision,” Balami said.

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Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Nigeria 22 Linda Ikeji Blog website

Linda Ikeji’s Blog, as the name suggested, is a personal blog a renowned Nigerian blogger Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. However, the personal blog of the former model and entrepreneur is no less than an authentic entertainment news website.

In 2006, Ikeji started writing blogs and became an active blogger the next year with regular content on lindaikeji.blogspot.com. She later converted the blogspot domain to www.lindaikejisblog.com.

Other Brands

In one of her blogs on August 22, 2016, Ikeji announced to launch an online TV network called Linda Ikeji TV. The online TV network can be accessed easily through Linda Ikeji’s Blog. She launched a plethora of brands along with the television network.

The Linda Ikeji TV broadcasts many television series, movies, talk shows and reality shows. Some of the content on Linda Ikeji TV is produced by the company while the other buys from various TV networks.

Ikeji also owns an online radio broadcasting station, which is operated from the Linda Ikeji Media Office at Plot 29 Busola Durusimi Etti Dr, Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos, Nigeria. Linda Ikeji TV also broadcasts some of the radio programmes recorded live by the company.

On November 21, 2016, Ikeji launched a music platform ‘LindaIkejiMusic’, which is now dormant.


On October 8, 2014, Linda Ikeji’s Blog had to close down its operations for violating the policies of Google. However, Linda Ikeji’s Blog managed to restore operations after two days.

“We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users. When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately,” Google’s West Africa spokesperson Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade said as quoted by Nigerian news website Premium Times.

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Information Nigeria

Nigeria 23 Information Nigeria website

Information Nigeria is a Nigerian news website that describes itself as “Nigeria’s No. 1 Information portal” on its official Facebook page. The news portal, like any other digital platform in Nigeria, relies heavily on advertisements.

Information Nigeria has a separate page for advertisers titled as “Advertise With Us”. The website claims to be “Nigeria’s largest news portal” on that page with over 5 million followership on social media.

The news portal garners as much as 20 Million page views on an average in a month.


Information Nigeria plays the role of a digital newspaper with all relevant information on local issues as well as political events. The news website also reports news related to celebrities and businessmen.

One can also look for news and information related to housing and shopping. Internet users in Nigeria uses Information Nigeria to know weather forecasts as well.

National News, Politics, Special Reports, BBC PIDGIN, Metro News, Sports, Entertainment and Education are the segments of news that Information Nigeria publishes on its website.

Social Presence

One can follow Information Nigeria on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Almost four million users follow Information Nigeria on Facebook, while the news portal’s Twitter following was over 1.2 lakh by September 2020. The Instagram followership of Information Nigeran in the same year was 3,08,000, while more than 3000 users had subscribed to the official YouTube channel.

Information Nigeria Online

Premium Times

Nigeria 24 Premium Times website

Premium Times is a news website and online newspaper that operated in Abuja since 2011. The media organisation is known for its impressive investigative journalism.


For the recognition of objectivity, Premium Times was among the nominations for the website/blog of the year award at the 2013 Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award ceremony.

In 2017, the reporters of Premium Times collected the Pulitzer Prize along with journalists from all over the globe for their investigation of Panama Papers. The online newspaper played a vital role in exposing corruption and tax fraud by some of the prominent persons of the society.

Later in the same year, Premium Times was bestowed with the Global Shining Light Award by the Global Investigative Journalism Network. The newspaper had reported extensive investigative reports on extrajudicial killings in the South-East part of Nigeria. Premium Times also brought to the fore the planning and coordination of the Pro-Biafra supporters at Onitsha Massacre.


The online digital platform is owned and published by the Premium Times Services Limited. The media company is based in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. The aim of Premium Times as shared on its website is to “help strengthen Nigeria’s democracy”.

Premium Times also wants to develop the socio-economic status along with the protection of human rights. It aims to promote Nigeria’s cultural values and advocates best practices for a good governance and transparency.

“We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social reengineering,” Premium Times says in its About Us section.

Key People

Nasiru Abubakar Abdullahi is the Chairman of the Premium Times Services Limited. Dapo Olorunyomi is the designated Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

In 2020, Musikilu Mojeed was the Editor-in-chief as well as Chief Operating Officer of Premium Times, while Idris Akinbajo acted as Managing Editor.

Premium Times Online

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Nigeria 25 Pulse website

Pulse NG is a website that is popular in Nigeria for its news reports on entertainment, lifestyle and national politics. The news website keeps its focus on news related to music and movies serving the global audience.


Pulse NG is owned by the Ringier Nigeria Limited and operates from the office at 32 Ladoke Akintola Street, G.R.A., Ikeja in Lagos. The website was started on January 28, 2011.

Pulse uses convergent media to convey the news reports to the public with video content on politics, celebrities, sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

Other Brands

The parent company of Pulse NG is Pulse Africa, which has a reach over 100 million users across the continent. The website updates its content on a monthly basis. The organisation has its offices in Anglophone West Africa, with Pulse.ng in Lagos, Nigeria, and Pulse.com.gh in Accra, Ghana.

In the Francophone West African region, Pulse.sn operates in Dakar, Senegal with the coverage of Cote d’Ivoire. Pulselive.co.ke serves the East African region with office in Nairobi, Kenya, though he covers Uganda as well.

In the about us section of the Ringier Nigeria Limited, the company calls Pulse a “truly pan-African media organization”. Video content creator Pulse TV, digital marketing solutions company Pulse Marketing and creative Pulse Studio are among other media brands owned by the same company.

Social Media

One can follow Pulse NG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to the official YouTube channel for the exclusive video content. In 2020, Pulse NG had a followership of over 4.5 billion users on Facebook, while close to 1.5 lakh people follow the news website on Twitter and 2.4 million people follow the platform on Instagram. More than 2.5 lakh users were subscribed to the official YouTube channel of Pulse NG.

Pulse Online

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Nigerian Gists

Nigeria 26 Nigerian Gists website

Nigerian Gists, also known as Gistmania, is a news website that is managed by Naijapals under the ownership of Techdorado LTD. In July 2008, when the website was stared it was titled as Naijapals but it was later renamed as Gistmania in 2012. The website has seen a phenomenal growth rate over the years.

Nigerian Gists made the necessary changes to the website with an aim to make it an independent online platform.


In its About Us section, Nigerian Gists claims itself to be a “self-funded news platform”. It adds that the salaries of the staff members are paid with the help of the revenues from advertisements on the website. The online publication has mobile apps as well along with a version specially designed for mobile browsers.

The advertisements displayed on these platforms also contributes to the revenue of the website. Nigerian Gists is proud of this model of revenue since the beginning of the website and it tries to keep journalistic independence along with that. With the self-generated revenue, the news website keeps itself away from donations from individuals or organisations.


Gistmania writes and reports news related to national politics, entertainment, celebrities, metro and religion. Apart from the Nigerian news, the website tries to cover global topics as well on various occasions. Any complaint or suggestion related to the published content on Gistmania, can be emailed to reporter@Naijapals.com.

In 2020, as many as eight writers, from different time zones, were working for Nigerian Gists for the smooth running of the website.

One can contact Nigerian Gists by writing an email to reporter@Naijapals.com or simply dialing up the Phone Number +44.7589604799. The managers of the website are available on WhatsApp as well. For that, all you need to do is drop a message on +44.7589604799.

Nigerian Gists Online

Nigerian Gists Android App

Channels Television

Nigeria 27 Channels Television website

Channels Television is an independent news channel that has a website as well. The office of the television network is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Channels Incorporated, which was established in 1992, owns the TV channel, its website and a radio station. 

The broadcasting of Channels Television started in 1995, with prime focus on news related to the domestic issues of Nigeria. In the About Us section of the website, Channels Television writes “its mission is to act as a watchdog on governmental policies and activities”.


When the Channels Television started in 1995, only 15 employees used to work under the guidance of entrepreneur and veteran broadcaster John Momoh. Another renowned Nigerian broadcaster Sola Momoh was also a founding member of the team.

Channels Television started its operations in south western Nigerian city Lagos. The company later set up three more stations in Abuja, Edo and Kano.

In June 1993, Channels Television claimed a license for broadcast and a frequency on UHF Channel number 39. The transmission of the network started after two years and July 1, 1995, was marked as the beginning of the first terrestrial broadcast in Nigeria. Initially, John Momoh used to read the news bulletin.


Today, the country’s biggest private broadcaster has bureau offices in almost every state of Nigeria. The channel claimed in 2020 that it has an audience base of over 20 million people.

The channel also has a huge network of stringers working in various parts of the Africa. Channels Television maintains a strong relationship with various international media companies to access information from around the globe.


The Channels Television website covers news related to all sections such as Local, Politics, Business, Health, Sports, Tech, Africa and World. The company has its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram to serve the social media users.

Channels Television Online

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Sahara Reporters

Nigeria 28 Sahara Reporters website

Sahara Reporters is an online platform that unites the international reporters and advocates of the social issues. Apart from the news reports, the website also publishes commentaries and features. In the About Us section of the website, Sahara Reporters claims to be a “unique organization” that was established on the principle of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For the unversed, the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Advocacy Journalism

Sahara Reporters aims to be the voice of the ordinary people and has a commitment to seek the truth for the protection of these people’s rights. The website publishes content without fear and keeps itself away from favors.

The core members of Sahara Reporters are “unapologetic practitioners of advocacy journalism”, claims the website. It also acts as a platform for anyone who has interest in objective reporting and can report accurate and verifiable news. Sahara Reporters also accepts untainted commentaries on society as anyone who wishes to exercise his or her freedom of speech can write in the public interest.

Citizen Journalism

Sahara Reporters calls itself an “outstanding, groundbreaking news website” on its website footnote. It is mainly because of the fact that Sahara Reporters is among the few websites in Nigeria, or even in entire world, that encourages citizens to write and report as journalist.

The website has a section called “Submit A Story”, under which anyone can write on ongoing corruption in the country along with “government malfeasance in Africa”. The citizen journalist can use photos and video as well to support the text of the submitted news story.

Sahara Reporters Online

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News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

Nigeria 29 News Agency of Nigeria website

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) is a state owned news agency in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria owns and manages NAN along with the Nigerian Television Authority. The news agency was formed with an intention to disseminate news related to the country to the domestic press as well as international media. The other role of the NAN is to keep a check on negative stories about Nigeria running on the internet.


The news agency was established as per law on May 10, 1976. However, the news operations started on October 2, 1978, only after the formation of a board of directors in the same year.

NAN broadcasts three bulletins everyday under the title ‘General News Service’.


The News Agency of Nigeria’s website was launched on August 8, 2016, with an aim to cater to a worldwide audience. It is an authentic news source for those who are interested to know everyday affairs of Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria.

The reporters of NAN are spread across different parts of Nigeria. Add to that, the news agency picks up the reports published by the regional and national newspapers that do not have a nationwide reach.

Retirement Age For Journalists

The NAN also advocates for the protection of journalists’ rights in Nigeria. During the farewell ceremony organised for the retiring Deputy Editor-in-Chief in Abuja, NAN Managing Director Bayo Onanuga was quoted calling for an extension of retirement age for journalists in the country.

The current age of retirement in the country is 60 years and Onanuga wants it to be at least 70 years. According to Onanuga, journalists gain experience as they grow older in the job. He requested the unions of journalists to discuss the matter with the relevant authorities. Onanuga added that a journalist can contribute to his or her organizations until the age of 70 years.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Online


Nigeria 30 TheCable website

The Cable is an online newspaper in Nigeria published by Cable Newspaper Ltd. On website, The Cable claims to deliver “knowledge-driven journalism in the pursuit of Nigeria’s progress”. The tagline of The Cable is ‘news and views unlimited’.


Cable Newspaper Ltd was founded on November 29, in the year of 2011 while the website was launched on April 29, 2014. According to the website, the online newspaper was launched to “drive the vision through online journalism.”

The Cable was founded by Simon Kolawole. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Cable Newspaper Limited. The World Economic Forum named him one of the Young Global Leaders in 2012. He even became the youngest editor of a national newspaper in Nigeria at the age of 29.

Sections Of News

The Cable has sections like The Nation, Lifestyle, Business, Sport and Petrobarometer. It has offices in Lagos and Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

As per the information given on the website, The Cable’s editorial values include independence, impartiality, integrity, defence of the public interest and respect for diversity.

Key People

While George Taiwo is the Editor, Fredrick Nwabufo is the Deputy Editor. Rita Okonoboh is the News Editor of The Cable. The team boasts of reporters like Jamilah Nasir, Taiwo Adebulu, Ebunoluwa Olafusi, Bolanle Olabimtan along with Remi Sulola and Dyepkazah Shibayan as senior reporters.

One can write to the editor of The Cable at editor@thecable.ng. If there is any story idea or suggestion, it can be mailed at the email address — newstip@thecable.ng. Similarly, in case of a complaint, one can shoot an email at complaints@thecable.ng.

Social Presence

The Cable is available on social media platforms. For instant updates and alerts, one can follow it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It boasts of 546.5K followers on Twitter and 25.1k followers on Instagram. 522,603 people followed its Facebook page by September 2020.

TheCable Online

Naija News

Nigeria 31 Naija News website

Naija News is a website in Nigeria that is published by Polance Media Limited. Founded on November 17 in 2016, Naija News is based in Ilorin in Western Nigeria. Its office is at FL 34, Hephzibah Plaza, Fate-Tanke Rd, Ilorin.

Undiluted News

“We are an independent news organization focused on serving the Nigerian audience and the world at large with verified and undiluted news reports,” states Naija News on its website and official Facebook page.

The website categorises its stories under various section such as News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and Business.

Describing itself and its editorial policy, Naija News writes, “We are non-partisan at Naija News, we decide independently which subjects we cover. We always aim to transmit the full story without any influence from financial or advertiser’s interests.”


If one has any story suggestion, information, photos, press release or first-hand account, then the same can be mailed at their email address given on their website- newsroom@naijanews.com.

In case of any copyright issue violation, Naija News can be contacted at info@naijanews.com. Similarly, if one has to report a typo or correction, it can be done by shooting a mail at info@naijanews.com. After a message is dropped, one of its representatives will contact the concerned person within 24 hours.

Social Presence

Naija News is available on social media platforms. One can follow it on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the latest news in and around Nigeria and the world. While 164,752 people have liked its Facebook page so far, 177,884 people have followed the page by 2020.

Naija News Online


Nigeria 32 Today website

Today is a news website of Nigeria. Today is owned by PISTA, a digital services company. On the website, it claims to create super-engaging stuff that is loved by the audience.  “We make things for clients that want to reach audiences in engaging & meaningful ways,” PISTA states.

TODAY describes itself as a “leading native digital news site” which has its main focus on Nigeria along with all that is happening across the world.

“We are a mission-based organization dedicated to serving the public interest by providing access to accurate, insightful information about events,” Today mentions in the About Us section of its website.

News Sections

It caters to the interest of its readers by categorising the stories into different sections such as Business, Culture, Sport, Technology, Opinion, Multimedia. There are sub-sections as well. Under the News section, it has categories like Metro, Politics, Africa, Nigeria and World. Similarly, Culture has sub-sections like Films and Music among others.


On its website, Today claims to reach approx two million readers each month in several territories and countries. It further adds that their content is able to reach to young, affluent and highly educated audience.

One can offer feedback, suggestions and story ideas or contribute in any forms such as photos, videos or text. For that, you have to navigate yourself towards the Contact Us section of the website. If one needs to enquire about anything, a mail can be dropped at enquiries@today.ng. For any kind of editorial feedback or contribution, one needs to write an email at editor@today.ng.

Social Presence

Today is available on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Its Twitter page had 191.6K followers by 2020.

The sister publication of Today is XYZ360. It claims to be an “information-focused online media platform on and about everything you need to know about Nigeria, her people, places, everyday events around the world”.

Today Online


Nigeria 33 Proshare website

Proshare Nigeria Limited was established in December 2006. The tagline of Proshare is “Intelligent Investing”. Proshare is a financial news website of Nigeria. In the About Us section of its website, Proshare describes itself as a “niche financial information service hub with a key focus on markets, business, technology, regulation, MSME, personal finance and economic development”.

Proshare mentions its vision to be “the most credible, reliable and timely provider of financial intelligence and data critical for engaging with markets in Africa”. Proshare has its main office in Ikeja, Lagos State.

The Chairman of Proshare Nigeria Limited is Olufemi AWOYEMI.

Other Brands

After being launched in 2006, Proshare Nigeria Limited launched WebTV NG five years later. It is an online television/ video blog service dedicated to business, economic and investment.

In 2015, Proshare Economy was launched, which is an economy and politics portal. The same year, Proshare Nigeria Limited opened its IT service post in Canada and technical operational offices in India.

In 2016, the company launched Proshare 10.0 Digital Website and the very next year, it launched the mobile app for both Android and iOS users.

News Sections

The website of Proshare caters to the interest of its readers by categorising news under different sections such as Business, Markets, Economy, Tech and Finance among others. It also has categories such as Web TV, MSME, Regulator and Expand. According to Proshare, its mission is to prepare and timely disseminate the reliable information.

Mobile Apps

You can download Proshare application on your smartphone to receive news instantly. The application is available for both iOS and Android users. There is also an option on the website that will lead you to the download link.

Proshare is available on social media platforms. One can follow it on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedln for the trending news and latest updates.

Proshare Online

Proshare Android App

Proshare iOS App


Nigeria 34 Tori website

Tori is a news website in Nigeria. Tori is based in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest and most populous city. Tori is operated by Cyclofoss Tech. Ltd, which is a company registered in Nigeria.

In the About Us section of its official Facebook page, the website has written, “Tori.ng is a leading online news platform in Nigeria, with prompt and reliable news that is sure to keep our readers both informed and entertained”.

News Sections

Tori caters to the interest of its readers via different categories. Its website has sections like Politics, World, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Tech, Sports, Metro, Weird and Video.

“Our news cuts across all facets of life, which thereby puts us on the top lists of readers in various age groups especially the youths,” Tori has mentioned in the About Us section of its website.

Social Presence

Tori is available on social media platforms. One can follow the same on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and updates. In case there is any story idea or suggestion, one can write a mail at their email address-info@tori.ng. SMS can also be sent on their contact number which is given on their website — 07038916577.

In case you want to inquire about something, you can directly do it through their website. In the Contact Us section, you will find a form where you will be required to fill details such as name, email, phone, subject and then finally message.

Tori Online

Daily Nigerian

Nigeria 35 ?Daily Nigerian website

Daily Nigerian is a news website that claims to be “among Nigeria’s leaders in online news and information delivery” in the About Us section. The online portal is known for covering fresh and factual news reports with complete reliability. Penlight Media owns and manages Daily Nigerian from its Abuja headquarters.

Multimedia Content

Daily Nigerian not only publishes news stories in text format, but also uses latest multimedia technology to spread across the important information. Features like live video streaming, audio story packages, news archives that have big search volume, news features as well as background information of a news item are available on the website.

The website claims that it updates the content continuously throughout the day. News, Politics, The Nation, Business, Opinion, Sports and Features are the sections of the Daily Nigerian website.

Key People

Jaafar Jaafar is the Publisher as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Nigerian. One can write to him at jafsmohd@gmail.com. Ibrahim Ramalan is the Associate Editor and reachable at ibroramalan@gmail.com, while Ag. Managing Editor Rayyan Alhassan and Copy Editor Maryam Hassan are other important members of the core group.

For further inquiries, one can send a direct email to either editor@dailynigerian.com or dailynigerianonline@gmail.com.

?Daily Nigerian Online

Nigerian Eye

Nigeria 36 Nigerian Eye website

Nigerian Eye is a website that describes itself as “an Independent News update provider” on the About Us page. The website adds that the sole aim of the media organisation is to keep the readers informed as well as aware of the current affairs in Nigeria. Besides the national news, Nigerian Eye also covers news from all across the globe.

Advertising Model

Nigerian Eye generates revenue from advertisements and claims to have over 12.5 million page views on a monthly basis. One can reach a diverse audience within Nigeria and abroad with the help of Nigerian Eye. For further inquiries and/or to advertise a product or brand, one can write to nigerianeye@gmail.com.

Citizen Journalism

The news website also encourages citizen journalism as anyone can send Nigerian Eye a “hot news tip” at nigerianeye@gmail.com. The online portal also accepts and appreciates firsthand account of a news incident, its photos or video footage. A business entity can also send press releases and promotional stories to Nigerian Eye. The readers of the website can share their views and comments on the same email address.

If a reader comes across a technical problem or have any question related to the technology used on the website, he or she can email Nigerian Eye at the same address.

Nigerian Eye Online

Ripples Nigeria

Nigeria 37 Ripples Nigeria website

Ripples Nigeria is a Nigerian news website with a tagline “without borders, without fears”. Team spirit, ownership mentality, passion, professionalism, integrity, innovation and curiosity are among the core values of the website.


On the About Us page of the website, Ripples Nigeria calls itself “a fiercely independent, pro-investigation multi-media online news platform”. The company is based in Nigeria and has its prime focus on the country’s politics, economy and policy.

Ripples Nigeria adds that its team is full of passionate people not only focusing on details, but also finding the ugly side of the stories. The news portal aims to expose truth related to governments, political leaders and businesses, based in Nigeria and abroad.


Ripples Nigeria was started in May 2015 with an aim to report “a string of incisive reports”. The reports by the website has created massive engagements from time to time. Some of these reports have also helped shape or reshape the policies of the government and institutions for the Nigerian citizens.

The mission of Ripples Nigeria, as shared on its website, is “to relentlessly pursue truth in our passion to inform and empower Nigerians”. The vision of the online news portal is to become the most influential news source in the region.

Ripples Nigeria Online


Nigeria 38 YNaija website

YNaija is a news website based in Nigeria. Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams of the RED Africa media group established YNaija in May 2010. Initially, the website used to publish columns along with news from various sources. YNaija now publishes all original content in terms of news related to politics, entertainment, business, environment, lifestyle, technology, culture, health and comedy.


The CPAfrica ranked YNaija as number fifth in the list of top news blogs of Nigeria in July 2012.

Other Mediums

The same company owns a brand called Y!, which is the title of one television show, one radio show and a Nigerian magazine. Y! Magazine publishes 100 to 150 pages on a monthly basis. It was initially a quarterly magazine but turned into monthly after rise in readership.

YNaija Black Ball and #Hashtag Party in July 2011 are among popular events hosted by the media company.


Prominent Nigerian writers like Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Tolu Ogunlesi, Kathleen Ndongmo, Japheth J. Omojuwa, Ayo Sogunro and Akintunde Oyebode write front page columns for various publications owned by the RED Africa media group. Y! Politico, 30 Days, 30 Voices series, SuperBlogger and other newspapers of the company have writers like Abang Mercy, Ifeanyi Dike Jr and Subomi Plumptre.

YNaija Online


Nigeria 39 Okay website

Okay.ng is a website launched by OKN MEDIA PUBLISHING in 2012 as an “independent digital news platform”. In the About Us section of the website, Okay.ng claims that it records “thousands of page views and unique visitors” every month.

The news website collects loads of information from all across the globe on a daily basis and filter out what is just right for its readers. Okay.ng claims to report news in an “undiluted manner”. Even if the information is related to the far end of the world, Okay.ng tries to collect and circulate it the moment it breaks.

Okay.ng aims to deliver news in a best and accurate form with higher relevance and freshness to the subject.


Okay.ng says its readers are of age between 15 to 50 years. Entertainment enthusiasts are mostly among those who come under the loyal reader base of the website. On the website, Okay.ng says its readers are not only based in Africa, but also in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Okay.ng has its major focus on trending topics and events. Issues related to News, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Opinions also find space on the website. The entertainment portal also has a separate section for Bizzare stories from Nigera and abroad.

Okay Online

Eagle Online

Nigeria 40 Eagle Online website

The Eagle Online is an online newspaper published by the Premium Eagle Media Limited from its office at 2-6 Fadipe St, Ifako Agege, Lagos in Nigeria. In May 2017, the website resumed its operations after a break. The new website of The Eagle Online was based on a theme.

The new design after reactivation has been reader friendly and the response time on the website has also improved with time. The website is now accessible on mobile as well as desktops.

Key People

Dotun Oladipo is the Managing Editor of The Eagle Online. “In case you our dear reader encounter any challenge, please do let us know so we may quickly rectify it,” Oladipo was quoted as saying on May 29, 2017, by Environews Nigeria.

Revenue Model

The Eagle Online generates revenue from advertisements and while talking about the model during the website launch, Oladipo said his company aims to satisfy both advertisers as well as readers. “Our goal, ultimately, is to offer better service,” he added.


One can reach out to the team of The Eagle Online using WhatsApp number 08094000057 or email address info@theeagleonline.com.ng for any complaints or inquires.

Eagle Online Online

?Concise News

Nigeria 41 ?Concise News website

Concise News is a Nigerian news website that claims to have a “pragmatic view about news gathering and delivery” in its About Us section. The online publication knows the lapses in news reporting and publishing in Nigeria and thus, it has taken the burden of correcting them on their shoulders.

“We are out to rewrite the rules on how news publishing should be done in the digital age,” Concise News states on the website.


Concise News, as the name suggests, focuses on writing news articles that are simple and easy to read by all citizens. It takes only reliable information from verified Nigerian or African or international sources for news.

The vision of the media company is to become “the preferred news site” of the Nigerians.


Concise News boasts of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the newsroom. The online platform claims to have strong alliances with prominent news agencies operating in Nigeria and abroad. Not only Nigeria and Africa, Concise News also covers news from all around the world.

Biodun Marquis is the Publisher of Concise News, while Lordson Okpetu is the Editor and Onivehu-John Andah is Senior Asst. Editor of the company.

?Concise News Online

Daily Advent Nigeria

Nigeria 42 Daily Advent Nigeria website

Daily Advent Nigeria is a news website that covers all the news related to the country. Politics, BBNaija, Sports, Entertainment, Accident, Soccer, Business, Crime and Religion are among the sections of the website.

One can simply write an email to wpzerorz+dailyadvent.com@gmail.com for inquiries related to the online platform, complaints and suggestion.

Daily Advent Nigeria Online

The Nigerian Voice

Nigeria 43 TheNigerianVoice website

The Nigerian Voice is a news website that claims to be the country’s “leading general news and information destination online” in its About Us section. The website collects information from the various credible sources within Nigeria. The publication then present the perspectives that suite the requirements of the readers.

The Nigerian Voice aims to justify its name by reflecting the “socio/political, entertainment and sports voice” of the people in Nigeria.


The news website started its operations in August 2005 with an objective to cover all the news related to the country for the constantly increasing online audience.

The Nigerian Voice Online

All Nigeria Soccer

Nigeria 44 All Nigeria Soccer website

All Nigeria Soccer a football news website that describes itself as the country’s “most reputable voice on the transfer market” in the About Us section. The football website covers all the news related to the Nigerian players as well as those based overseas.


The website started publishing stories in 2010 and has broken many of the football transfer stories with great accuracy. Prominent European sports media outlets have cited reports by All Nigeria Soccer on various occasions.

All Nigeria Soccer aims to unearth all the news related to Nigerian professional players. It also helps them connect with the Nigeria Football Federation and the national coaching staff.

All Nigeria Soccer Online

Voice of Nigeria

Nigeria 45 Voice of Nigeria website

Voice of Nigeria is Nigeria’s official international radio broadcasting station that has a website as well for the dissemination of the news. The Federal Government of Nigeria is the registered owner of the network.


The broadcasting network was established in 1961 as the official External Service of Nigeria. Initially, the name of the network was Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, which has now been changed to the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria. Then Nigerian Prime Minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa had commissioned the radio service.

One can contact the team of the Voice of Nigeria website at hausaservice@von.gov.ng.

Voice of Nigeria Online

Nigerian Bulletin

Nigeria 46 Nigerian Bulletin website

Nigerian Bulletin is a news website that calls itself a “growing community of Nigerians” that write, curate and share the news content that important for the society. The online platform offers its readers all the news related to politics, health, security, education, entertainment, sports, culture and finance.

The news website boasts of a “small team of curators and writers” that cover all the relevant news topics and discuss them in the articles. Topics like careers, technology, money and travel are additionally covered by these writers.

Nigerian Bulletin has a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for engagement with users.

Nigerian Bulletin Online

Media Nigeria

Nigeria 47 Media Nigeria website

Media Nigeria is a news website of Nigeria. For the convenience of its readers, the website has categorised stories into different sections like Africa, States, Culture and Books among others.

“Brings you what you need to know, in other for you to make informed decisions,” the website has written in the About Us section of its Facebook page. One can follow Media Nigeria on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and trending stories. While 21,418 people liked its page, 21,412 followed it by September 2020.

If there is any suggestion or feedback, drop a mail at info@medianigeria.com.

Media Nigeria Online

Nigerian Monitor

Nigeria 48 Nigerian Monitor website

Nigerian Monitor is the news website of Nigeria. The tagline of Nigerian Monitor is ‘Breaking news that matter daily’. It caters to the interest of its readers via different sections such as News, Politics, Entertainment, Sport and Metro among others.

One can follow Nigerian Monitor on Facebook for the latest news and updates. While 270,676 people liked its Facebook page, 271,013 internet users followed it by September 2020.

In case there is any suggestion or feedback to offer, one can write an email to nigerianmonitor@gmail.com.

Nigerian Monitor Online

Nigerian Monitor Android App

Politics Nigeria

Nigeria 49 Politics Nigeria website

Politics Nigeria is a news website “dedicated to the objective coverage of Nigerian politics and current affairs”. On its website, Politics Nigeria claims to deliver ‘timely, well-written, original and unbiased content’. It categorises stories into different sections such as News, Politics, Fact Check, Business And Banking and Corruption Radar among others.

Key People

While Dumebi Emmanuel is the Executive Editor of Politics Nigeria, Alex Aederemi is the Senior Editor.

Politics Nigeria is available on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One can follow the website on social media platforms for the latest news and updates.

Politics Nigeria Online

Nigeria World

Nigeria 50 Nigeria World website

Nigeria World is a news website in Nigeria. It caters to the interest of its readers by categorising stories into different sections such as Week’s Top Headlines, News From Around The States, Politics & Government, Business & Economic Headlines, Sports Central and Arts, Culture & Entertainment among others.

You can contact Nigeria World directly through its WhatsApp contact number- +234 806 668 1583. In case you have any suggestion or feedback to offer, you can write an email to letters@nigeriaworld.com.

?Nigeria World Online

Stears Business

Nigeria 51 Stears Business website

Stears Business is an English-language website that covers news related to business, economics and politics. Published by Stear, it is based in Lagos, most populous city of Nigeria.

Tokunbo Afikuyomi Jr. is Editor-in-Chief of Stears Business. The website describes itself as ‘Nigeria’s most analytical business publication’.

News Sections

It caters to the interest of its readers via different categories. It has sections such as Economy, Business, Governance, Development, Columns and Features among others.

If there is any suggestion or feedback, one can write a mail at their email address given on their website- stears@stearsng.com. Stears Business is available on Facebook and Twitter.

Stears Business Online


The Nigerian media has a lot of problems to deal with in the current times. Financial crisis in one of the major problems and thus, the newspapers rely heavily on advertisements. The advertisers at times try to influence the narrative and the quality of the reports.

The powerful people that own the big companies place the advertisements and ask these newspapers to either hide corruption or show someone in bad light.


According to the Poindexter & Meraz 2008 report, most of the Nigerian newspapers show bias towards the coverage of the males. It reflect the cultural biases that is deep-rooted in the society. Apart from the fashion page of the newspapers, not many pictures of women are used for serious topics.

The book titled ‘The Global Public Relations Handbook, Revised and Expanded Edition: Theory, Research, and Practice’ claims that Nigeria was publishing over 100 newspapers on national, regional and local levels by 2008.

Independence On Internet

The evolution of the internet has helped independent journalists or newspaper voice public concerns on a broader and cheaper platform. The most of the Nigerian population today prefer to read news online.

With the help of the internet, the information reach quickly to the readers worldwide. Also, a newspaper can now report on various topics without worrying about the increasing cost with the increasing number of pages.

Among the top 50 websites in Nigeria, more than 10 percent are purely news websites. The constant improvement in smartphone technology and the internet connection throughout the country, the public rely more on web for all the information today.

Online Newspapers

The newspapers publishing online are free of all government restrictions and survive well in financial crisis as they do not require any physical infrastructure. Sahara Reporters, Ripples Nigeria and Premium Times are among the recent online newspapers operating in Nigeria.

While the propelling industry knows no bounds, we at MediaBuzz are working hard to provide encyclopedic coverage of all the news sources. We are a team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in the world of journalism.

We are always looking for suggestions to produce a more concise list. 

Please help us with your answers for the below questions in the comment section.

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What is the first newspaper in Nigeria?

Who owns the Nation newspaper Nigeria?

Which Nigerian newspaper is best with no bias?

Who controls the media in Nigeria?

What is the oldest existing English language newspaper in Nigeria?

What are the different newspapers in the Nigeria?

What is the best Nigerian news website?

Did we miss any deserving newspaper or news website?

What are your views on the political inclinations of different Nigerian newspapers?

What are the best Nigerian newspapers for business, entertainment and sports news?

Is there any particular Nigerian newspaper that caught your attention?

Do you have any other information related to Nigerian tabloids?

Important Note:

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