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Milwaukee newspapers and Milwaukee newspaper list

Introduction to Milwaukee News Media.

Milwaukee is a city in the US state of Wisconsin, located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The largest city of Wisconsin was formed in 1846. According to the United States Census Bureau, as many as 590,157 people were residing in Milwaukee in 2019. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network has titled Milwaukee a “Gamma ?” global city because of its GDP of more than $107 billion. Northwestern Mutual, Rockwell Automation, WEC Energy Group and Harley-Davidson are among the Fortune 500 companies based in Milwaukee.

Media in Milwaukee

Newspapers are the primary source of news in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the most prominent daily morning newspaper. It is a merger of two morning and afternoon papers — Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee Journal. Wisconsin Gazette and Shepherd Express are two alternative publications operating in Milwaukee. M Magazine, The Bay View Compass, Milwaukee Magazine, Riverwest Currents, Milwaukee Community Journal and The Milwaukee Courier are among other publications with large distribution in the city.

The online media is also growing in Milwaukee. OnMilwaukee.com is the most popular digital magazine, while the students of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee publish The UWM Post on the internet.

History of the Milwaukee Newspapers

The Milwaukee Sentinel is the first newspaper of Milwaukee. The city’s first mayor Solomon Juneau is credited for the establishment of The Milwaukee Sentinel on June 27, 1837, as a weekly newspaper. Later on December 9, 1844, The Milwaukee Sentinel started publishing daily. The city had no other daily newspaper until 1844.

Electronic Media

Channels like NBC, Fox, ABC, The CW, My Network TV and CBS are available in Milwaukee. Azteca America and Telemundo are two channels that serve the Spanish speaking community of the region. Many radio stations also operate across Milwaukee.

Journal Communications was the biggest media conglomerate of Milwaukee until 2015. Besides publishing Journal Sentinel, the company owned more than dozens of local weekly newspapers.

Milwaukee newspapers and websites’ list

We have shared a list of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in Milwaukee below. Along with the list of prominent Milwaukee newspapers and other publications, we have also tried to discuss the origin, status and relevance of these Milwaukee based mediaunits.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee newspapers 1 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a daily newspaper published in the broadsheet format. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is the largest newspaper in the state.

Origin And History

Owned by Gannett, its origin dates back to 1837. The Milwaukee Sentinel was first published on June 27 as a four-page weekly. It was established in reaction to statements made by the west side partisan newspaper, Milwaukee Advertiser. This was during Bridge Wars when both sides of the city locked horns for power. Solomon Juneau was the founder of the newspaper.

The first issue of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was created through the merger of the afternoon newspaper-The Milwaukee Journal and a morning paper- Milwaukee Sentinel. Its first issue was printed on April 2, 1995. According to Wikipedia, “The legacies of both papers are acknowledged on the editorial pages today, with the names of the Sentinel’s Solomon Juneau and the Journal’s Lucius Nieman and Harry J. Grant listed below their respective newspapers’ flags”.

Digital Media Presence

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also has a news portal. For the convenience of its readers, the website has categorised the news stories into sections such as news, sports and business among others. It is available on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It even offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

Milwaukee newspapers 1 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ePaper

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Android App

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel iOS App

Shepherd Express

Shepherd Express is an alternative weekly newspaper based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is published in tabloid format. The first issue of the newspaper appeared in May 1982 as Crazy Shepherd. A group of students of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee namely Jeff Hansen, Doug Hissom and Joe Porubcan were among the founders of the newspaper. Shepherd Express also has a news website. It is even present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Milwaukee newspapers 2 Shepherd Express website

Shepherd Express Online

The Sheboygan Press

The Sheboygan Press is daily newspaper published in the broadsheet format. Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, it is owned by Gannett. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Green Bay Press-Gazette are among its sister newspapers. The newspaper was established on December 17, 1907 as The Sheboygan Daily Press. To complement the print edition, it also has a website. The Sheboygan Press is available on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Milwaukee newspapers 3 The Sheboygan Press website

The Sheboygan Press Online

The Sheboygan Press ePaper

The Sheboygan Press Android App

The Sheboygan Press iOS App

Marquette Tribune

Milwaukee newspapers 4 Marquette Tribune

The Marquette Tribune is the newspaper of record for the Marquette University in Wisconsin. The student newspaper has won several awards. The Society of Professional Journalists awarded The Marquette Tribune Best Non-Daily Student Newspaper. News, Sports, a & E, Opinions, Projects and Journal are among the sections of its website.

Milwaukee newspapers 4 Marquette Tribune website

Marquette Tribune Online

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Milwaukee newspapers 5 Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle serves the Jewish community of Milwaukee on a monthly basis. German Jews Nathan J. Gould and Irving G. Rhodes had started the newspaper in 1921 and appointed Rob Golub as the editor of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

Milwaukee newspapers 5 Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle website

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Online


Milwaukee has a limited number of media publications. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the only daily newspaper operating in the city. It is a merger of morning paper Milwaukee Sentinel and afternoon newspaper Milwaukee Journal. Shepherd Express and Wisconsin Gazette are only two alternative newspapers in Milwaukee. Both the papers are distributed for free.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was published by Journal Communications, which owned a dozen of local weekly newspapers until 2015. The ownership was later transferred to Journal Media Group, which went on to merge with Gannett in 2017.

Prominent Publications

M Magazine is the most prominent magazine in Milwaukee, which is also served by Milwaukee Magazine, Riverwest Currents, The Bay View Compass, The Milwaukee Courier and Milwaukee Community Journal.

Online Media

The internet media is also on boom in Milwaukee. OnMilwaukee.com is the most popular online magazine of the city. Besides news, OnMilwaukee also covers events that happen around the city.

College Paper

Milwaukee also has a college newspaper, titled The UWM Post. It is published by the students of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Defunct Papers

While the country witnessed a fall in economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, media in Milwaukee was equally affected. Some of the newspapers shut their operations and some switched to an online-only business. Milwaukee Advertiser, Kuryer Polski, Milwaukee Leader and Bugle are among the most prominent Milwaukee newspapers that are no longer in print publication.

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