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Las Vegas newspapers and Las Vegas newspaper list

Introduction to Las Vegas News Media

Las Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada in the US. Activities like gambling, fine dining, shopping, entertainment and nightlife are among the highlights of the city. The Las Vegas Valley is the hub of the state media, besides serving as a centre for financial, cultural and commercial activities.

History of Las Vegas Newspapers

Las Vegas Review-Journal is the most popular morning newspaper in the city. The first edition of the newspaper was published in 1909. In 2000, the newspaper grabbed international attention after it installed the world’s largest printing press for $40 million. The weight of the press was 910 tons, consisting of 16 towers.

Here is a list of the top newspapers in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Newspapers 01 Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal is a daily newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada. The paper was established in 1909 and is one of the largest newspapers that is currently published in the state. Today other than the printed edition, Las Vegas Review-Journal also publishes an online news website & an e-edition. Apart from these, the newspaper also has an active presence on social media platforms.

Las Vegas Newspapers 01 Las Vegas Review Journal website

Las Vegas Review-Journal Online

Las Vegas Review-Journal Android App

Las Vegas Review-Journal iOS App

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Newspapers 02 Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Sun is a daily subscription insert that is circulated along with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The paper is a family-owned publication and it first hit the newsstands in 1950. As of 2021, other than the printed edition of the newspaper, Las Vegas Sun also publishes an online news website.

Las Vegas Newspapers 02 Las Vegas Sun website

Las Vegas Sun Online

Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly is a free alternative weekly newspaper in Las Vegas covering arts, entertainment, culture and news from Las Vegas. The paper was established in 1992 by James P Reza and is currently owned by Greenspun Media. Other than the printed edition of the newspaper, Las Vegas Weekly also publishes an online news website & has an active presence on social media.

Las Vegas Newspapers 03 Las Vegas weekly website

Las Vegas weekly Online


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