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German English newspapers and German English newspaper list

Introduction to German English News Media

Germany has a majority of German speaking citizens and most of them like to read news in their own native language. Even though the Central-Western European country has well preserved its national language, English is also highly demanded among the citizens as well as the foreign visitors.

The European country has been rich in history linked with world media. It is one of the countries on the globe that originated press. Besides serving the native readers news in German, the country doesn’t disappoint its readers that prefer the English language.

If you have been wondering if there is any English newspaper in Germany? Then we are here with an accurate answer. There aren’t many but a few German newspapers that publish news in the English language. Add to that, you can find online editions of some of the German newspapers in English.

Der Spiegel, which is one of the leading German weekly magazines, is an example of this. The magazine features an important English section in every edition of it along with all the stories from Germany translated in English on its website.

The Der Spiegel website has specific sections dedicated to Everything, World, Europe, Germany, Business, Zeitgeist and Global Societies.

Add to this, you can find some of the English newspapers, magazines and journals in any kiosk near railway stations. There won’t be many but the newsagents working on the German railway stations can help buy many English newspaper and magazines.

The Local, which is a popular multi-regional, European digital news portal, publishes German news in the English language. Besides that, prominent English newspapers like The Guardian and the Times can be found in larger kiosks through Berlin, Hamburg and other major cities of Germany.

In German city of Munich, British and American newspapers are easily available on train stations like Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof. Berlin U-Bahn stations kiosks would sell these English newspapers at a slightly high price. Drugstore at Münchner Freiheit, close to McDonalds, also sells prominent British newspapers in Germany.

The European edition of the The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, weekly editions of The Observer and The Munich Times are among the English periodicals that can be found through major cities of Germany.

Among the German newspapers and magazines, Sueddeutsche Zeitung is the popular most for carrying an English language supplement on Mondays. The English content in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung supplement is mostly provided by the New York Times.

German magazine Munich Found publishes its content purely in the English language. It is published monthly and has 10 editions per year.

A monthly free newspaper, New in the City Today, is also published entirely in English. You can pick it up from various distribution points, such as cinemas and Irish pubs, throughout the city of Munich.

As far as online media is concerned, one can get all the news related to Germany in English from ‘germnews.de’. The website, edited by volunteers, also offers email subscriptions of the national German news reports in English.

Popular English newspapers in Germany

After explaining the relevance of English media in Germany, here below is a list of widely read English newspapers, magazines and news websites in Germany. The information like origin, operations, status and popularity of these English newspapers in Germany has been described below.

Stars and Stripes

German English 1 Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes, an American military newspaper, is for the members of United States Armed Forces. It functions from inside Department of Defense, however, editorially it is separate. Stars and Stripes was founded in 1861 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. It has been published continuously in Europe since 1942 and in the Pacific since 1945.

Military Paper

Stars and Stripes has been into the newspaper business since World War II. They now function as a multimedia news organisation. Stars and Stripes publishes a special Weekend Edition for Europe and Pacific on Friday and a separate edition for Mideast from Friday to Sunday. They also offer their viewers several special supplements. Their military coverage of World War II was available for readers on internet from 1999.

Editorial Independence

Stars and Stripes claims that it is editorially independent. No one is allowed to interfere from outside its editorial chain-of-command. It has news bureaus across the world including Europe, the Pacific, and the Middle East. These bureaus facilitate the process of providing first-hand information to the readers.

It provides the facility of home delivery to its subscribers in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. It also has a weekly U.S. edition which is distributed inside the continental United States to above 30 locations.

Special Supplements

Stars and Stripes’ other publications are usually special supplements which cater to the interests of military community. These subjects range education and transition to retirement planning. Stars and Stripes offers a wide range of products including both print and digital in Europe and the Pacific.

Apart from print publications, Stars and Stripes is also into the digital business. It operates twenty-four hours a day via its website. One can get all the updates and latest alerts on its smartphone via its application, available for both iOS and Android users.

German English 1 Stars and Stripes website

Stars and Stripes Online

Stars and Stripes ePaper

Stars and Stripes Android App

Stars and Stripes iOS App


German English 2 local website

The Local is a digital news publisher in English, which operates on a multi-regional basis. It has local editions in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Though each site is similar in look, it operates differently as per region. The company has separate editorial teams that focus on their respective markets. Hence, their coverage is entirely domestic in nature, catering to the interests of its readers. It covers current events, politics, business, sports, culture, analysis and opinion.


The German edition of The Local was founded in 2008, according to its Facebook page. “The Local is the largest English-language news network in Europe, with 6 million readers every month. Our entertaining blend of daily news, business and features has made the site essential reading for foreign professionals in Europe,” the website has written in the About Us section of its Facebook page.

You can also follow its Twitter handle for the latest news and updates.

Sections Of News

City Living, Learning German, National, Studying in Germany, Working in Germany and Around Germany among others are its sections that cater to various interests of the readers.

Its parent company is The Local Europe AB, which has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. The same company also owns English-language discussion forums in Germany and Switzerland.

Key People

The founders of The Local are Managing Director Paul Rapacioli, who is a former director of reed.co.uk, and Managing Editor James Savage, who has earlier worked as a radio journalist and PR consultant.

Its Swedish edition, which is the original one, began as a weekly email newsletter in 2004. The company established its offices in France, Spain and Italy in 2013.

Local Membership

The Local came up with a membership programme in late 2017. It began with its Swedish edition and by next year, it was rolled out to other editions including Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Local Online

Local Android App

Local iOS App

Spiegel (English)

German English 3 Spiegel English website

Der Spiegel is a German-language news website, which is quite popular. It was previously named Spiegel Online before it was renamed in January 2020.  It was founded in 1994 as an online offshoot of German news magazine with the same name.

German News In English

For the English-speaking population, its website has a special section, Spiegel Online International. It was launched in 2004. The section features articles which are translated into English. Daryl Lindsey and Charles Hawley are the editors of Spiegel Online International.

The editorial office was merged with a printed Spiegel in 2019 and next year, the digital news platform was renamed.

Spiegel (English) Online

Spiegel (English) Android App

Spiegel (English) iOS App

Munich Eye

German English 4 Munich Eye website

The Munich Eye, published by The Eye Newspapers, serves English-speaking population of Munich and the Bavarian region. Owner William Smyth is also its editor-in-chief. The Munich Eye is published every Thursday. Its sister newspapers are The Germany Eye, The Russia Eye, The Brazil Eye, Buenos Aires Eye and The Barcelona Eye

Daily News For International Readers

In About Us section, owner and Editor-in-chief William Smyth writes, “The Eye Newspapers aims to provide daily news for the international community living in countries such as Germany, Spain, Argentina, with more and more countries being added as the brand grows”.

The Munich Eye is on Facebook and Twitter.

Munich Eye Online


There are plenty of options to get information from for those living in Germany with no understanding to the German language. There are English radio channels and television networks besides a number of print publications that are easily available throughout the major cities of Germany.

Major publications in English are available both online as well as in print. The newsstands and newsagents also sell a wide range of English international newspapers and magazines throughout the European country. In fact, the prominent English newspapers are available on the very day of publication on the German newsstands.

Online English media is also quite popular in Germany, with The Munich Times providing the local daily news to all its English-speaking readers in Bavaria. The website gives English readers all the practical information they require in Germany. The Munich Times also regularly updates its content on various sections of the news such as business, politics, science, health and sport.

The Local is another website that publishes German news in English, besides Bild, which is a German daily newspaper but publishes national news in English for its online users. German daily, Spiegel, also offers all important German national news in its online section for the English readers.

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