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List of Top 57 French Newspapers & French Online Newspapers

Introduction to French Media

According to the rankings of Reporters without borders (RSF), France is ranked 32nd in the World Press Freedom Index. The political dynamics and media guidelines of French media are way different in comparison to the media dynamics of European countries.

The French Press grew immense power post World War II.  In the post-second world war era, 28 newspapers were inflow in the French market. There were about 7 million newspaper copies in circulation during the time. But there was a drastic decline in the next seven years. The reason for the same was the rise in popularity of broadcast media and the diversion of advertising revenues.  The foundation of the French press was shaken as 2000 free papers became the part of flow. The French regional newspapers were mainly unaffected with the changes in French media as it had a strong base of loyal readers.

According to a passage of the act introduced in 1881, French Press gained a significant amount of freedom, which led to the establishment of France Press for better. In the 1970s, the French press is exceptionally defensive of its independence and is always bent on establishing top-notch standards of journalism. Its primary aim is to promote democracy and educate its readers. Therefore, the paper engages in a high level of debates and diversified opinions. With the gradual increase in urbanization and literacy, Le Monde, Le Figaro, and La Croix grew in popularity, and L’Aurore, le Parisien Libre, and France Soir saw a decline in its readers.

However, as noted in 2020, French people nowadays are not considered to be avid newspaper readers.  As far as the numbers were examined, out in 1000, there are 164 newsreaders among the French population. The reason could be the broad discontent towards the news media of France.  In France, the public attitude in news media is segregated along with the populist anti-elitist views rather than the left-right ideology.

One of the most trusted modes of France media is its Radio. Radio France, Europe 1, Radio France Internationale (RFI), and NRJ are a few famous radio channels.

In the 21st century, the relative fragmentation of the news landscape of France makes it stand apart among other western countries.  Some of the popular newspapers of French press are Le Monde, Liberation, L’Express, Le Point, Le Figaro, and Ouest France. Le Monde is respected national daily with a newspaper record of France. Ouest France is one of the best selling French daily, and it is based in Rennes. The paper has 47 local editions. As per the circulation stats, Ouest France stands on the top. It is followed by Le Progres of Lyon region, La Voix du Nord in Lille and Provencal in the Marseille region, and many more.  In the Paris region of France, l’Humanite was launched by the communists. The publication of Le Parisien, L’Aurore, and Liberation (follows Leftist political stance) were seen as the rivals by Le Monde Figaro.

To seek more information about the newspapers and news websites of France, refer to the list mentioned below. The list is divided into four sections, such as:

A. France French-language newspapers and  websites

B. France Business newspapers and websites

C. France Sports newspapers and websites

D. France Press agencies

A. France French-language newspapers:

French has been the language of administration in France since 1539. It was in the year 1992; French became the official language of France. The language has different dialects spoken in various parts of Europe. There are many languages spoken in France, such as German, Gallo-Romance, and Celtic languages. However, French is the most popular written and spoken language. Therefore, French is the medium of media in France. Some of the French-language newspapers in France are Le Figaro, Le Monde, Le Parisien, Les Echos, L’Equipe, and Liberation.

1. Le Figaro

Established on 15th January 1826, Le Figaro is a daily newspaper published in the French language. The paper is the largest national newspaper circulated in France. Also, Le Figaro is one of the three oldest newspapers of France circulated for 194 years as a weekly and national daily. Dassault Group owned the paper in the year 2004. The headquarters is located in Paris.

Presently (2020), the editor in chief of Le Figaro is Alexis Brezet. The paper follows the Berliner format. As per the statistics of 2019, Le Figaro circulated about 321116 copies per issue.  The newspaper follows a Right-wing, Gaullism, and Liberal Conservatism political approach. It is the traditional line of thought of Le Figaro, which made it a voice of upper and middle-class sections of society. Many controversies have surrounded the paper over the years, but nothing has been able to tarnish its reputation.

The online version of La Figaro has been in the top 10 most cited sources in the French language in 2017.  Currently, the website of Le Figaro is one of the top 50 most visited sites in France. The website is divided into multiple sections such as national, international, sports, culture, politics, economy, voyage, style, health, madame, science, tech and web, the art of living, wine, golf, French language, garden, automobiles, real estate, buying guides and history. There are separate sections for program TV, data, and live channels.

Le Figaro Online

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2. Le Monde

Le Monde is yet another popular daily newspaper of France published in the French language. The first copy of the paper was circulated on 19th December 1944, i.e., 76 years ago. Le Monde is a widely read afternoon newspaper with a historical beginning. Hubert Beauve-Mery established it after the Liberation of Paris.

Charles de Gaulle, the Chairman of the Provisional Government of France, made a humble request to launch the paper.

Presently, the newspaper is owned by Groupe Le Monde. The headquarters of Le Monde is found in the 13th arrondissements of Paris in France. There new headquarter is also located in the same location with the capacity for more than 1200 people.  Jerome Fenoglio is the 13th Editor in chief of the newspaper. He started in the year 2014 and still (2020) working as the director. Louis Dreyfus publishes the Le Monde newspaper. There are about 165 writers on board with the paper. As far as the political approach is concerned, the publication follows the social liberalism and democracy form of political strategy. It is published in the Berliner format.

The company has many bi-products, such as blogs and journals. The blog section of the website is discontinued on 5th June 2019. The paper circulated 302,624 copies in the year 2018. Le Monde got its web domain on 19th December 1995. The website of Le Monde is included in the list of the top 50 most visited sites in France.  It is easy to find Le Monde in non-French speaking countries.

Le Monde Online

Le Monde ePaper

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3. L’Humanite

Published on 18th April 1904, L’Humanite is one of the oldest newspapers in France founded 116 years ago. The newspaper is published daily. It follows the Berliner format. The paper was founded by the leader of the French Section of the worker’s international (SFIO), Jean Jaures. He was also the editor of the newspaper for ten years until he was killed on 31st July 1914. 

 Currently (2020), the paper is owned by L’Humanite. Patrick Le Hyaric is operating as the editor in chief of L’Humanite in the year 2020. The newspaper follows the Left-wing political alignment. The headquarters are found in Paris. L’Humanite organizes an annual fundraising festival called the Fete de L’Humanite. 

The motto of L’Humanite is to give its readers the exact and accurate information about the events happening in and around the world. The purpose is to help readers formulate their own opinions, judgments, and understanding. The paper has another website designed especially for its English audience. Some of the best news pieces are translated and published on this website. This website runs a blog section as well.

L’Humanite Online

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4. La Croix

La Croix is one of the oldest French-language newspapers published in France. Found in 1880, La Croix has 140 years of history. Bayard Presse owns the paper. The paper has a peculiar bent towards the Roman Catholic Church.  As far as the political stance is concerned, La Croix considers no Right-wing or Left-wing opinion. The paper has very high views of the church and takes its conclusions rather seriously.

It is often mistaken to be a religious paper; however, La Croix serves issues of general interests such as the national, international, economy, science, culture, parenting, religion, and spirituality. At first, La Croix was published as a monthly magazine which was not able to fetch the needed attention. Hence on 16th June 1883, Emmanuel d’Alzon (the founder of the Assumptionists) began the daily newspaper sold at one penny each.

La Croix adopted the tabloid format in the year 1968. The paper tends to give a clear picture of a modern daily society of France with religion in mind. As per the stats, La Croix is one of three newspapers in French to make huge profits due to the constant growth of its demand. The 87% sales of La Croix are through the subscriber, making it an astonishing number of loyal readerships.

La Croix Online

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5. Liberation

Liberation is a daily newspaper of France published in the French language. The paper is established in the year 1973 by Jean-Paul Sartre and Serge July.  This 47-year-old newspaper started with the talks of the protest movements held in France during May 1968. The political alignment of Liberation began positioned on the extreme-left on the political spectrum. But due to the gradual change in time, the political has shifted to center-left.  The paper is owned by Altice, Bruno Ledoux, and Patrick Drahi.  Currently (2020), the editor of the newspaper is Liberation SARL.

It is the first newspaper to build its website. The paper follows a compact format. The publishing house claims to follow the ideology of ‘liberal libertarian.’ The paper uses the defense of the freedoms and minorities to operate the variety of tendencies found within the French Left.  In the beginning, Liberation was famous for its non-conventional methods of journalism.  As per the statistics of 2018, Liberation circulated more than 67,000 copies of the paper. The headquarters of Liberation is found in Paris.

Liberation Online

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6. Le Parisien

Le Parisien is a regional French newspaper found in the year 1944. The paper covers general national and local news enhancing its readership with no or less rigid political stance.

The paper is distributed in Ille de France and the Oise region of France. The national edition of Le Parisien is Today in France. The national version has ten sub editions, out of which Le Parisien is the leading regional newspaper edition. The paper follows a tabloid format. The cost of Le Parisien is 1.60 Euros. As per the stats of 2019, Le Parisien circulated more than 184, 478 copies.

Le Parisien Libéré subsidiary of Les Échos-Le Parisien Group (LVMH) owns the Le Parisien newspaper. The paper is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, commonly known as LVMH. Editions Philippe Amaury earlier owned the newspaper, LVMH acquired it in 2015.  This 76 years old paper was launched as an organ of the French underground during World War II.

Le Parisien Libéré SAS is currently (in 2020) is operating as the editor of the paper. Pierre Louette and Stéphane Albouy are the publication director and managing editor of Le Parisien, respectively.

The paper covers international, national, and local news of Paris and its neighboring towns & cities. The headquarters of the newspaper is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The paper follows a tabloid format.  Le Parisien is very neutral in its political opinions.

Le Parisien Online

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Le Parisien iOS App

7. L’Express

L’Express is a popular news magazine published in the French language. The magazine was established 67 years ago, which is in the year 1953. L’Express is founded by Jean- Jacques Servan-Schreiber and Francoise Giroud. Schreiber is the Radical Party President. Giroud was the first minister of women’s affairs of France (in 1974) and the minister of culture (in 1976).

It is distributed weekly. The magazine publishes two more supplements for lifestyle and jobs, namely L’Express Styles and Reussir, respectively.  Patrick Drahi Company, named Altice, took over L’Express in the year 2014. Drahi is the Franco-Israeli billionaire and media-entrepreneur of France.  Many controversies have surrounded the magazine during its initial years involving prominent writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre.

L’Express Online

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8. Le Nouvel Observateur

Le Nouvel Observateur is a vital news magazine of France circulating in large numbers. The magazine changed its name from Le Nouvel Observateur to L’Obs in the year 2014. L’Obs was founded 56 years ago in 1964. Initially, the magazine was established in 1950 with the name L’Observateur politique, économique et littéraire. Later the name was changed in 1953 to L’Observateur aujourd’ hui and again in 1954 to France Observateur.  In 1964, the magazine was redesigned and re-launched by Jean-Daniel and Claude Perdriel.

The Groupe Nouvel Observateur Publishers publish it. The magazine has gained its popularity for its best coverage of the general information of France. The headquarters of L’Obs is found in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Dominique Nora is the operating editor in chief of L’Obs. The magazine launched its website in the year 1999.

The magazine features comprehensive coverage of political, commercial, and cultural aspects of three critical regions, namely Africa and Europe and the Middle East. The unique feature of the magazine is the in-depth coverage of the crucial issues raised every 24 hours. The literary and political matters are one of the most-read sections of L’Obs.  The magazine sold its 359,285 copies in the year 2016.

Le Nouvel Observateur Online

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Le Nouvel Observateur iOS App

9. Le Canard enchaine

Le Canard enchaine is a famous satirical newspaper in France. It was founded in the year 1915 by Maurice Marechal, Jeanne Marechal, and H.P. Gassier. The paper is distributed weekly. Michel Gaillard owns the magazine. Currently (in 2020), S.A. Les Éditions Maréchal is operating as the editor of Le Canard enchaine. This 105-year-old newspaper is a privately owned firm usually owned by its employees. They accept no advertisements or grants as a fund. The headquarters of Le Canard enchaine are located in Paris.

Le Canard enchaine is a well-thought-of name as it means ‘the inside whisper.’ The name is apt because the paper is widely known for its investigative journalism and the information leaked from the governmental and political world of France. The newspaper also incorporates jokes and humorous cartoon arts to strike a perfect balance.  The notable feature of Le Canard enchaine is its prime focus on scandals of the French Government. The paper maintains a neutral approach to politics.

Le Canard enchaine follows a strict 8- paper layout. Pages 1, 3, 4, and 8 are dedicated to news and editorials. Page 2 emphasizes the political and business section.  The pages from 5 to 7 talks about social issues, general humor, satire, literary, theatre, opera, film criticisms, and profiles. According to the 2010 stats, the circulation of Le Canard enchaine was recorded to be 492000 copies weekly.

Le Canard enchaine Online

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Le Canard enchaine iOS App

10. France Soir

Founded in 1944, France Soir is French daily available in online format only. The physical copy of the paper was known as the Défense de la France. It was widely popular during the 1950s and 1960s and became one of the largest circulation newspapers in the underground press, selling more than 450,000 issues per day.  However, due to the rapid change in the owners, the sales declined.

The company re-launched in 2006 as a populist tabloid, but in 2012 the company went bankrupt. In 2016, the company finally came to its feet and launched its online version in the year 2006.

The headquarters of France Soir is located in Paris. The paper follows a tabloid format. France Soir has a central political outlook.  The website of France Soir is divided into a few categories such as politics of France and Monde, society, science, tech, environment, eco trends, culture, lifestyle, en coop’ and immo ads.

France Soir Online

11. 20 Minutes

The 20 minutes is a daily newspaper of France designed especially for the commuters. This first copy of 20 Minutes was released on 15th March 2002.  Schibsted and Ouest France Group publish the French language edition of 20 minutes. The paper is also published in Spain and Switzerland. Schibsted and Zeta are responsible for distributing the Spanish language edition. Tamedia publishes the French and German language edition.

 According to data given by the Ipsos and CESP in the Greater Paris region, there are about 805,000 copies of 20 Minutes are sold.  TF1 and Bollore are the owners of the 20 minutes paper. This is a short paper that can be easily read in 20 minutes altogether.  Every edition of the paper includes both national and regional sections.

The 20 minutes website has many sections such as News, Locales, Sports, Economy, Entertainment, Planet, Did You See?, Latest Happenings In And Around France.

20 Minutes Online

20 Minutes ePaper

20 Minutes iOS App

12. Charlie Hebdo

Established in 1970, Charlie Hebdo is a famous satirical magazine published in the French language. The publication of the magazine was ceased in 1981.  But in the year 1992, the magazine re-launched itself. Riss and Eric Portheault are the co-owners of the Charlie Hebdo. Riss has a 70% stake in the company. Presently (in 2020), Gerard Biard is operating as the editor in chief of Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo features cartoons, polemics, reports, and jokes. The magazine follows a stridently non-conformist tone. This publication claims to be secular, far-left-wing, atheist, and anti-racist. It publishes content about the religion, culture, politics, and the French National Front Party. The magazine follows the Berliner format. Charlie Hebdo headquarters are found in Paris.

Charlie Hebdo has survived two terrorist attacks of 2011 and 2015. The magazine was a prime target. As per the media reports, the reason behind the attack was the controversial cartoons published about Muhammad. 

Charlie Hebdo’s website has many categories, such as Politics, International, Culture, Economy, Society, Ecology, and Religions.

Charlie Hebdo Online

Charlie Hebdo Android App

Charlie Hebdo iOS App

13. L’Opinion

Established on 15th May 2013, L’Opinion is a daily newspaper of France published in the French language.  The paper has multiple owners having different percentage stake in L’Opinion.

Nicholas Beytout is the founder of L’Opinion; therefore, he has the highest stake of 24, 4 %. Beytout was the former editor of famous papers, Le Figaro and Les Echos. The Bernard Arnault, Family Bettencourt, and Dow Jones and Company have 22, 8 %, 17, 1 %, and 7, 6% stakes respectively. In 2020, Luc de Brochez is the editor in chief of the online version of L’Opinion.

Bey Medias Presse and Internet publish the paper. The paper is inspired by an Italian newspaper called II Foglio and an American politics paper called Politico. The paper follows the Berliner format. L’Opinion is a liberal, pro-European and Pro-business publication of France. As far the political opinions are concerned, L’Opinion has a very liberal political stance.

The L’Opinion website has a well-divided news section such as Politics, Opinions, Economy, Videos, Blogs, Records, The Wall Street, and Conferences.

L’Opinion Online

L’Opinion Android App

L’Opinion iOS App

14. Courrier International

Founded on 8th November 1990, Courrier International is a popular newspaper of France published in three different languages, namely French, Japanese and Portuguese language. The paper is published weekly. The unique feature of Courrier International is translations. It offers a translated version of relevant news articles and excerpts from more than 900 international newspapers. Groupe Le Monde owns Courrier International. The La Vie-Le Monde media group publishes it. Presently (in 2020), Philippe Thureau-Dangin is the editor in chief of the paper. The headquarters of Courrier International is situated in Paris.

The concept of Courrier International was conceived in 1987 by five individuals of Paris, namely Jean-Michel Boissier, Maurice Ronai, Hervé Lavergne, Juan Calderon, and Jacques Rosselin. Pierre Berge and Guy de Wounters financed the first paper. The paper follows the Berliner format. 

Courrier International website’s is divided into multiple sections such as France, World, Economy, Buzz, Culture, Slideshows, Videos, Drawings, Infographics, One Of The Day, Surveys, Voyages, Sciences, History, Horoscope, Displays and Courrier Expat.

Courrier International Online

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Courrier International iOS App

15. Charente Libre

Charente Libre is a popular departmental newspaper published in the Charente department. The department is a member of the Syndicate of the regional daily press. This paper is available in the French language regularly. South West Group is the owner of Charente Libre.  It was found in the year 1944 during the liberation period. The paper is published in the Angouleme region of France. Jean-Pierre Barjou is the publishing director of Charente Libre.

Charente Libre was created as an organ for social action and republican defense. The paper is positioned on the left side on the scale of political alignment. The paper is found in the neighboring departments, particularly at the Paris- Montparnasse station. The cost of the Charente Libre is 1.10 Euros. The paper follows a tabloid format which was introduced by Dominique Roynette, operating as the editor in chief (also in 2020).  According to the data provided by the Alliance for Press and Media, about 29, 622 copies of the Charente Libre were sold in the year 2018.

Charente Libre Online

Charente Libre Android App

Charente Libre iOS App

16. L’Alsace

Found on 22 November 1994, L’Alsace is a popular news website giving area-specific news updates. The site covers news of Alsace, Lower Rhine, and Haut Rhine region of Europe. The website belongs to the EBRA Group-Media Investment Company.

The website is divided into multiple sections, such as France- World, Politics, Sports, Economy, Culture-Loisirs, Environment, Lifestyle, Automobile, Mountain, Health, Immovable, To Go Out, and Shopping. The advertisement section runs ads on real estate and automotive. The announcement section has a few categories, such as the judicial and legal announcements, municipal elections, shops, and obituaries. The website runs a podcast as well. The headquarters of L’Alsace is located in the Mulhouse, Cedex.

L’Alsace Online

L’Alsace ePaper

L’Alsace Android App

L’Alsace iOS App

17. Le Bien Public

Established on 31st August 1868, Le Bien Public is a regional newspaper of France published daily in the French language. The Est Bourgogne Media, a subsidiary of EBRA Group-Media Investment Company, owns Le Bien Public. The paper is published in the Dijon region of France. Since 2014, Pierre Fanneau is operating as the managing director and publication director of Li Bien Public.

Le Bien Public falls into the category of the regional press. The roots of the paper can be found in the Burgundian life, according to which Le Bien Public used to be a free paper that includes everything and anything. The newspaper also publishes weekly supplements covering topics like the economy, leisure, TV magazine, sports, and Femina version. As per the stats, about 37, 745 copies of Le Bien Public have been distributed in France in the year 2018.

The website of Le Dauphine libere reports particular towns and cities namely Dijon City, Beaune, Tille Vingeanne, Dijon metropolitan area, Haute Cote-d’Or and Saone plain.

Le Bien Public Online

Le Bien Public Android App

Le Bien Public iOS App

18. Le Dauphine libere

Le Dauphine libere is a type of regional press bought by the EBRA Group-Media Investment Company. Derived its name from a former province of Dauphine, Le Dauphine libere is a French daily newspaper published in the French language. The paper was founded in 1945. The headquarters of Le Dauphine libere are found in the Grenoble region of France. The printing services are in the Veurey-Vorize region located in the agglomeration of Grenoble.

 Le Dauphine libere was founded by the seven members of the France internal resistance movement. The main focus section of Le Dauphine libere is the local news and events. It follows a broadsheet format. To compete with its competitors, Le Dauphine libere launched a weekly, Grenews in 2008. It also helped in diversifying the public.

Le Dauphine libere’s website covers the town and cities of Grenoble region such as the Ain, High Mountains, Isere, Savoi, Droome, Ardeche, Alpes de Haute Provence, and Vaucluse. There are two separate sections for boutigue and obituary.

Le Dauphine libere Online

Le Dauphine libere ePaper

Le Dauphine libere Android App

Le Dauphine libere iOS App

19. Corse-Matin

Found in 1944, Corse-Matin is a regional french newspaper distributed in Ajaccio, Corsica, and Paca region. It is the only daily paper on the island. The headquarters of the Corse-Matin newspaper is located in the Ajaccio region of France.

Thomas Brunelli is the acting publication director, as well as the managing director of Corse Matin (in the year 2020). The paper follows the Berliner format. As per the stats of 2019, about 28, 733 copies of the Corse-Matin were distributed. The SA Corse Presse majorly distributes the paper; the company belongs to the La Provence Group. Corse-Matin has received a vast amount of state subsidies from the year 2003 to 2010.

The website of Corse-Matin has multiple categories, namely Sports, News, Politics, France-World, Economy, Culture, Leisure, University, miscellaneous Justice, and Last Minutes. The website covers news updates of a few selected towns, namely Ajaccio, Corte, Bastia, Plaine Orientale, Calvi, Porto Vecchio, and Sartene.

Corse-Matin Online

Corse-Matin ePaper

Corse-Matin Android App

Corse-Matin iOS App

20. La Depeche du Midi

La Depeche du Midi is a leading regional paper published in the Toulouse region found in south-west France. This newspaper daily was first published on 2nd October 1870 with the name La Depeche de Toulouse. The paper has 17 editions purposefully designed for different regions of the Midi-Pyrenees area.

Some of the main editions of La Depeche du Midi are for- Tarn, Aude, Gers, Aveyron, Hautes-Pyrenees, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Ariege, Tarn-et-Garonne and Haute- Garonne areas. The paper was established to discuss the elements of left-leaning politics. The famous socialist politician, Jean Jaures, spread his ideas by publishing his articles in La Depeche du Midi.

The website of La Depeche du Midi is divided into various categories such as sports, Failt divers, France-Monde, Ma Ville, TV people, Economy, Immo, Services, Announcement, and Sorties.

La Depeche du Midi Online

La Depeche du Midi ePaper

La Depeche du Midi Android App

La Depeche du Midi iOS App

21. L’Est Republicain

Based in Nancy region of France, L’Est Republicain is a regional newspaper published in the French language. It was founded in 1889 by a French Republican named Leon Goulette. The L’Est Republicain was established on the grounds of anti-Boulangisme. However, the paper was shut down in 1941 during World War II. During the war, France was under the occupation of Germany. The paper was restarted in the year 1946.

Societe du Journal l’Est Republicain SA owns the paper. The company has earlier owned many newspapers such as Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace and La Liberte de l’Est. Est Bourgogne Rhône Alpes is the publisher of L’Est Republicain.  The headquarters of the L’Est Republicain is located in Nancy. The paper is primarily distributed in the Lorraine and France-Comte region.  As per the data recorded in 2009, L’Est Republicain sold 180,000 copies.

The website of L’Est Republicain has a few special sections devoted to Lorraine sports, Sports national, sport France-Comtois. There are a few other sections for Local News, Politics, Economy, Unusual, Culture-Leisure, To Go Out, Environment, Automobiles, Mountains, and Gastronomy & Wines.

L’Est Republicain Online

L’Est Republicain Android App

L’Est Republicain iOS App

22. Midi Libre

Found on 27th August 1944, Midi Libre is a daily newspaper of France published in the French language. The paper covers news of general interest. The headquarters of Midi Libre is found in the Saint Jean de Vedas close to the Montpellier region of France.  The owner of the Midi Libre is Noel- Jean Bergeroux.  Armand Labin founded it. Societe du Journal Midi Libre S.A publishes Midi Libre. Alian Plombat is currently (in 2020) operating as the Editor in chief of Midi Libre. He was appointed in the year 2002.

 The paper has published an organ of the regional committee of the national liberation movement. The first paper was mainly related to the arrival of Charles de Gaulle in Paris. Midi Libre is known to organize a cycling stage race since 1949. It is called the Grand Prix du Midi Libre. As per the 2019 statistics, about 90, 187 issues of Midi Libre were printed.

The website of Midi Libre is divided into various sections- Sports, News, Hobbies, Advertisement, Health, Obituaries, Culture & Leisure, Entertainment, Legal Announcements, and Podcasts.

Midi Libre Online

Midi Libre Android App

Midi Libre iOS App

23. La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest

La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest is a regional newspaper of France. It was founded on 1st September 1944 by two journalists, Pierre Archambault and Jean Meunier.  La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest is commonly known as Nouvelle Republique or NR. The Nouvelle République du Center-Ouest group (NRCO) publishes the paper. The two major shareholders of NRCO are the Center-France group (holding 17% stake) and Saint-Cricq family (containing a 16% stake in the company). The New Republic Printing is the official editors of the Nouvelle Republic. Olivier Saint-Cricq and Christophe Herigault are the Publication Director and the Managing Editor, respectively. Currently (in 2020), Chantal Petillat is operating as an Editor-In-Chief of La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest.

The paper is initially based in Tours, Indre-et- Loire. It is distributed daily in the Center-Loire Valley and New Aquitaine regions of France.  The paper follows a tabloid format. The price of each issue is 1.10 pounds.  In 2018, about 166, 132 copies of La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest was printed.

The website of La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest has separate sections for Economy, Sports, Hobbies, Notebook, Announcements, Local News, France, and World.

La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest Online

La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest Android App

La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest iOS App

24. Le Progres

Established in the year 1859, Le Progres is a regional newspaper of France. It is published daily in the French language. This 161-year-old paper has its headquarters in the Lyon region of Rhone, France. The paper reports the local occurrence of the Rhone-Alpes area.

Lest Republicain owns Le Progres, the paper follows the broadsheet format. The Printing work of the paper is done in Chassieu region close to Lyon. The paper is distributed regularly. In 1998, about 262,200 copies were distributed.

The website of Le Progres covers the news of Ain, Rhone, Jura, Haute-Loire and Loire region of France.

Le Progres Online

Le Progres Android App

Le Progres iOS App

25. La Provence

La Provence is a French newspaper published in the Marseille region of France. It was founded in the year 1997.  Groupe Bernard Tapie owns La Provence. Hachette Filipacchi Medias is the publisher of the paper. Hedi Dahmani is presently (in 2020) operating as the editor of La Provence.

La Provence is a result of the mergers of two daily newspapers. The newspapers like Le Provençal, which is owned by Gaston Defferre, the former Interior Minister, and the newspaper Le Méridional owned by Jean Alfred Fraissinet, ship-owner and congressman combined to form La Provence.  They formed two groups called the Groupe Hersant Média and the Groupe Bernard Tapie. However, Groupe Bernard Tapie took full control of La Provence in July 2013.

La Provence’s website talks about a large variety of things such as Regional News, Outings, Leisure, Get Together, News, Direct News, Municipals Elections 2020, Videos, and many more.

La Provence Online

La Provence Android App

La Provence iOS App

26. Le Republicain Lorrain

Established on June 19th, 1919, Le Republicain Lorrain is a regional newspaper of France available in the French language. This is a daily newspaper distributed in the Lorrain region of France in seven different local editions. The major broadcast area of Le Republicain Lorrain is the Moselle and Pays Haut.  The headquarters of Le Republicain Lorrain is located in Woippy, found in the suburbs of Metz.

BFCM, Federal Credit Union Bank owns the Le Republicain Lorrain newspaper.  Christophe Mahieu is the publication director of the paper. Sebastien Georges is currently (in 2020) operating as the Managing Editor and Editor in Chief of Le Republicain Lorrain.  The newspaper follows a tabloid format since March 27th, 2018. The cost of Le Republicain Lorrain is 1.10 pounds. However, the price increases to 1.40 pounds on Wednesday and Friday.

Le Republicain Lorrain launched its website on June 12th, 1996. Since Le Republicain Lorrain is a press, it receives massive state subsidies. To modernize its press, Le Republicain Lorrain received 2.74 million Euros from the year 2003 to 2010. The website covers France-World, Sports National, politics, environment, economy, health, boutiques, judicial and legal announcements, real estate, heritage, Infos services, public markets, obituaries, lifestyle, automotive ads, and tourism.

Le Republicain Lorrain Online

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27. Sud Ouest

Found in 1944, Sud Ouest is a daily regional newspaper of France available in the French language. The motto of Sud Ouest is, ‘Facts are sacred, and comments are free.’  The paper, along with editorial force, gives Agence France- Presse services. South West Sunday is a part of Sud Ouest launched in 1949.  It is distributed along with Sud Ouest on Sunday.

 The paper is published in the Bordeaux region of France. South West Group owns Sud Ouest newspaper.  The editor in chief of the paper is Patrick Venries. Jacques Lemoine is the founder of Sud Ouest.

The headquarters of Sud Ouest is located in the Queryies dock region located in the La Bastide district. Sud Ouest is the second most sold French regional daily, with 299,000 copies circulated.  The paper has 21 editions that are distributed in seven different departments of South-West France.

Sud Ouest’s website is divided into multiple sections such as France, Sports, News & Services, Politics, Hobbies, Municipal Results, Economy, Agenda, Health, and Environment.

Sud Ouest Online

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28. La Voix du Nord

La Voix du Nord is a regional paper of France distributed in northern France. It was founded 78 years ago, i.e., on 1st April 1941. The La Voix group is the owner of the paper. The La Voix Group is a subsidiary of a Belgian press group, Groupe Rossel.  The managing director of the newspaper is Pierre Mauchamp. Currently (in 2020), Patrick Jankielewicz is serving as the editor in chief of La Voix du Nord. It is believed that the origin of La Voix du Nord lies in the birth of the French resistance movement.

La Voix du Nord is published seven days a week. The paper follows a tabloid format. The cost of Monday to Thursday and Sunday issue is 1.25 Euros. However, the cost of Friday and Saturday issues is 1.45 Euros. Gabriel d’Harcourt is the publication director of La Voix du Nord. The publishing city of the paper is Lille. In 2018-2019, about 1, 585, 647 copies of La Voix du Nord were distributed.

The website of La Voix du Nord has various sections such as 2020 municipal elections, news, France, sports, economy, auto-moto, job hunters, your voice, blogs, games, immovable, most read, and outings & leisure.

La Voix du Nord Online

La Voix du Nord Android App

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29. Le Point

Le Point is a weekly news magazine published in the French language. The magazine was found 48 years ago, i.e., in the year 1972.  A group of journalists founded the magazine. Olivier Chevrillon (the CEO & Editorial curator), Claude Imbert, Robert Franc, Jacques Duquesne, Georges Suffert, Pierre Billard, Henri Trinchet, (the team of journalists), Michel Bracciali (the administrator), and Philippe Ramond ( Marketing and Advertising Manager) together formed the founding group of Le Point. In 1997, the Pinault family took over the Le Point magazine.

The magazine is published in Paris city. The family is the sole owner of the Sebdo-Le Point Group, using its holding company, Artemis. Sébastien Le Fol is the managing editor of Le Point.   Etienne Gernelle started as the publication director in the year 2014.

The magazine follows a format similar to America’s famous magazine, Time. The price of every issue of Le Point is 5 Euros.  The paper usually follows a center-right political opinion. It boldly posts all the political views, such as weekly analysis, interviews, and many more. 

The website of Le Point is divided into multiple categories, such as politics, economics, debates, sciences, sports, tech & net, lifestyle, and municipal elections.

Le Point Online

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30. Le Monde diplomatique

Owned by Groupe Le Monde, Le Monde diplomatique is a monthly newspaper published in France. The subtitle of the paper is ‘organ of diplomatic circles and big international institutions.’ The newspaper was founded 66 years ago, i.e., in the year 1954. Maurice Lemoine publishes this monthly paper.

The paper follows a Berliner format and comprises of 8 pages. The first editor in chief of Le Monde diplomatique was Francois Honti who developed the newspaper as a scholarly reference journal. This gave birth to the non-aligned movement carved out of the Third war issues and Bandung conference held in 1955.

In 2020, Serge Halimi is presently operating as the editor of the paper. The headquarters of Le Monde diplomatique is found in Paris. As far as the political stance is concerned, Le Monde diplomatique follows Alter-Globalization, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Economic Liberalism, Third Worldism, and Socialism. The paper is translated into more than 25 languages.

The website of Le Monde diplomatique has many sections, such as Month Number, Maps, Audio, Way Of Seeing, Off Series, Archives, Audio, Blog, and About Us section. You can find a shopping, donation, and subscription column as well.

Le Monde diplomatique Online

Le Monde diplomatique iOS App

31. L’Expansion

L’Expansion is a monthly economic magazine in France published in the French language. The founder of this magazine was Jean Louis Servan Schreiber and Jean Boissonnat. The first copy of the magazine was published in 1967. However, due to the constant decline in sales, the magazine was discontinued, and its last issue surfaced in February 2017.  The cost of the L’Expansion issue was 5.90 Euros.

Christine Kerdellant was the managing director of L’Expansion. L’Expansion was published in Paris, France. This French magazine was owned by multiple owners from Vivendi to Mag & NewsCo in the year 2015.

L’Expansion Online

32. Le Telegramme

Le Telegramme is a regional newspaper of France which is published daily in the Brittany region. It was found on 18th September 1944. The paper is published in the French language and Breton language only on Thursdays. Initially, Le Telegramme was known as the Télégramme de Brest et de l’Ouest. The Telegramme Group owns Le Telegramme. Currently (in 2020), Samuel Petit is operating as the editor in chief of Le Telegramme. Hubert Condurier and Edouard Coundurier are serving as the Managing editor and Publication director, respectively.

The headquarters of Le Telegramme is found in Morlaix. The paper is distributed in Cotes-d’Armor, Finistere, Morbihan, and a few municipalities of Saint-Malo. As per the stats of 2018-2019, about 186,444 copies of Le Telegramme were sold daily. The cost of weekday’s issue of Le Telegramme is 1.10 Euros and the weekend issue is 1.30 Euros. The company employs 550 people, out of which 220 are hard-core journalists.

The website of Le Telegramme has multiple categories- News, Brittany, Sports, Hobbies, Economy, and Services.

Le Telegramme Online

Le Telegramme Android App

Le Telegramme iOS App

33. L’Est Éclair

L’Est Éclair is a regional daily published in France and Belgium. Established in the year 1945, L’Est Éclair is published in the French language. Rossel Group is the owner of L’Est Éclair. The headquarters of L’Est Éclair is located in the Troyes region. Nicholas Forestier is currently (in 2020) is operating as the editor in Chief of L’Est Éclair.

L’Est Éclair follows the tabloid format. The cost of the Saturday issue of L’Est Éclair is 1.50 Euros, and the other days the paper costs 1 Euro. The publication director of L’Est Éclair is Daniel Picault. There are about 24,000 copies of the L’Est Éclair printed every day.

L’Est Éclair’s website has many categories such as France World, sports, justice, economy, hobbies, education, environment, politics, society, health, and municipal.

L’Est Éclair Online

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L’Est Éclair iOS App

34. L’Independent (Pyrenees-Orientales)

 L’Independant is a regional French newspaper found in 1846. The paper was found in the Perpignan city of France. L’Independant is distributed in the Pyrenees-Orientales and a few departments of Aude. According to the stats, about 40,505 copies of L’Independant are sold in 2019. L’independent has three local editions with the name edition of Perpignan, Narbonne, and Carcassonne.

The website of L’independent is divided into multiple categories, such as sports, economy, hobbies, local news, immo, obituaries, services, and advertisements.

L’Independent Online

L’Independent iOS App

35. La Republique des Pyrenees

La Republique des Pyrenees is a department newspaper of France mainly distributed in Soule and Bearn region. It is published in the French language. The paper has its agencies in Oloron-Sainte Marie and Orthez. South West Group is the owner of La Republique des Pyrenees.

La Republique des the Pyrenees is famous for its ability to get out of the information and its investigative culture. The headquarters of La Republique des Pyrenees is located in the Pau region of Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Nicolas Rebiere is acting as the present (in 2020) deputy editor in chief of La Republique des Pyrenees. In 2020, Jean Pierre Barjou is the Publication Director and Managing director of the paper. As per the stats, about 27,237 copies of the newspaper were printed in 2018.

The website of La Republique des Pyrenees is divided into multiple categories such as topicality, sports, Pyrenees eco, ideas for going out, miscellaneous facts, legal, immovable, notebook, and archives.

La Republique des Pyrenees Online

La Republique des Pyrenees Android App

La Republique des Pyrenees iOS App

36. Le Courrier de I’Ouest

Le Courrier de I’Ouest Newspaper is a regional newspaper published in the French language.  The headquarters of Le Courrier de I’Ouest is found in the Angers region in France. The paper is distributed in a few departments of Deux-Sevres and Maine-et-Loire. SIPA Group-Ouest-France took over Le Courrier de I’Ouest Newspaper in 2008 and became the sole owner. It is found on 21st August 1944.

Le Courrier de I’Ouest Newspaper follows the Berliner format. The cost of one issue of Le Courrier de I’Ouest Newspaper is 1 Euro. In 2019, about 79, 948 copies of Le Courrier de I’Ouest were published. Currently (in 2020), Western Mail Publications Society is the editor. Bruno Geoffroy is presently (in 2020) is acting as the editor in chief. Initially, Le Courrier de I’Ouest was originated on 1st January 1875.

The website of Le Courrier de I’Ouest is divided into many sections, such as Topicality, Departments, Communes, Regions, Premium, Sports, Hobbies, Videos, and Advertisements.

Le Courrier de I’Ouest Online

Le Courrier de I’Ouest Android App

Le Courrier de I’Ouest iOS App

37. Boursorama

Boursorama is famous for its two-in-one website serving as an informational center and online banking portal. This website was created in the year 1998. Earlier, the site was operating under the name Fimatex. Fimatex was established in the year, 1995. It is a public limited company. The headquarters of Boursorama is located in Boulogne-Billancourt region of France. Benoit Grisoni and Philippe Aymerich are currently (in 2020) operating as the General Director and President, respectively. Societe Generale is the 100 percent shareholder in the company.

Boursorama is a leading French website in the online stock market information, which targets both individuals as well as professional investors. The site also specializes in general and political news with an economic outlook. 

The website of Boursorama has various categories such as News & Eco, Heritage, Videos, Lifestyle, And Bourse And Boursorama Bank.

Boursorama Online

Boursorama Android App

Boursorama iOS App

38. L’Internaute

L’Internaute is a French website that covers news, sports, television, cinema, cars, personal finance, high tech, lifestyle, the universe, and travel. The head office of L’Internaute is located in Paris, France. In the year 2020, Alain Steinmann and Marc Feuillee are operating as the editor in chief and publication director.

The website also offers interactive services such as travel guides, weather, greeting cards, dictionary, photo gallery, restaurant guides. It also acts as the social networking website, Copainsdavant.  CCM Benchmark Group or Group Le Figaro owns the L’Internaute website.

 CCM Benchmark Group is one of the top 5 internet groups in France. The website of L’Internaute is divided into many categories, such as confinement, actualites, finance, sports, culture, auto, voyage, high-tech, restaurant, lifestyle, bricolage, and many more.

L’Internaute is one of the third most visited French websites with 10 million unique visitors every month. The Alexa rank of L’Internaute is 54th.

L’Internaute Online

B. France Business newspapers and websites:

France has one of the biggest economies in the world. The country proudly boasts its rich history and independence. The highly developed country and its top-notch modern outlook make France one of the most fantastic places in Europe. France is the leading European country with a well-established business. The French media is over-loaded with the achievements of France in the business sector. Some of the best business newspapers and news websites in France are La Tribune and Les Echos. 

39. La Tribune

La Tribune is one of the most popular economic and financial papers. This economic forum is published in the French language. The newspaper is distributed weekly. Bruno Bertez found the paper in January 1985. Hima Group, Laurent Alexandre, and JCG Media together are the owner of La Tribune. La Tribune Nouvelle publishes the La Tribune paper. It follows the Berliner format.

The website of La Tribune has many categories such as economy, business & finance, tech, your finances, ideas, metropolises, bourse, tech, careers, subscribe, and videos.

La Tribune Online

La Tribune Android App

La Tribune iOS App

40. Les Echos

Les Echos is an economic and financial newspaper of France published in the French language. This French newspaper is published from Monday to Friday. The paper is not published on weekends. Les Echos was founded by Robert and Emile Servan Schreiber brothers in the year 1908, i.e., about 112 years ago. Les Echos Le Parisien Group, a subsidiary of LVMH, is the owner of Les Echos newspaper. Nicolas Barre is currently (in 2020) operating as the Managing Editor of Les Echos.

The paper claims to follow the liberal orientation. The CEO Pierre Louette defends Emmanuel Macron’s ideas of market economy and the European world.

The website of Les Echos has many sections such as Politics, World, Tech Media, Companies, Ideas, Economy, In the News, Elections, Bourse, Finance-Markets, Regions, Heritage, World, Newsletters, The Newspaper, Podcasts, Infographics, Videos, and Theme.

Les Echos Online

Les Echos Android App

Les Echos iOS App

C. France Sports newspapers and websites:

Being a country of rich history, Sports is an integral part of the French lifestyle. France has a large number of football, basketball and rugby fans. People are primarily fond of cycling. Some of the best newspapers and news websites in France are L’Equipe, Eurosports, and sports.orange.fr.

41. L’Equipe

L’Equipe is a popular sports newspaper in France published in the French language. The paper was founded in the year 1946. Éditions Philippe Amaury owns L’Equipe. The paper is devoted to the sports genre. Some of the notable features of L’Equipe are rugby, association football, motorboat, and cycling. The paper follows a tabloid format.

L’Auto is the predecessor of L’Equipe known for its general sports coverage and car racing news. François Morinière and Fabrice Jouhaud are the current (in 2020) operating as the editor and editor in chief of L’Equipe, respectively. The headquarters of L’Equipe is located in Boulogne-Billancourt region of France.

The website of L’Equipe has many categories such as football, tennis, cycling, basketball, rugby, cycling, auto-motorbike, golf, handball, ski-ice, media, sport, quick access, podcasts, and videos.

L’Equipe Online

L’Equipe Android App

L’Equipe iOS App

42. Sports.orange.fr

Sports Orange is one of the most popular sports websites in France. The web portal is available in both French and English language. The site is divided into multiple categories, such as the latest news, live news, soccer, rugby, tennis, cycling, winter sports, automobiles, baseball, volleyball, handball, and athletics.

sports.orange.fr Online

sports.orange.fr Android App

43. Eurosport

Found on 5th February 1989, Eurosport is a Pan-European sports television network.  It is a subsidiary owned by Discovery, Inc.  The headquarters of Eurosport is located in the Issy-les-Moulineaux region of France. The network covers motorsports, tennis, basketball, and football. Eurosport is all set to telecast the Olympics Games, which are going to be held in 2022 in the UK and France.

Eurosport network covers European and international sporting events in 20 different languages, which is telecasted in 54 countries.

The website of Eurosport is divided into multiple sections such as Tennis, football, basketball, rugby, Auto-Moto, Grand Recits, Sports d’hiver, Tou les sports, and videos.

Eurosport Online

Eurosport Android App

Eurosport iOS App

44. Midi Olympique (RugbyRama.fr)

Found in 1929, Midi Olympique is a French newspaper distributed twice a week. The subtitle of the paper is ‘the rugby journal’ as it specializes in rugby. The paper covers news about everything associated with rugby, such as the game professionals, top 14, news teams, finals, and many more. Midi Olympique is a sports press owned by La Depeche Group.

Midi Olympique is one of the oldest weekly newspapers circulated in France.  The publication director of the Midi Olympique is Jean-Michel Baylet. Toulouse is the publishing city of the Midi Olympique. Emmanuel Massicard is currently (in 2020) operating as the managing editor of the Midi Olympique.

The website of the Midi Olympique is separated into multiple sections, namely Results, Horizons, In the News, XV of France, Oscar Midol, The Great Melee, Fantasy Game, and Newsletter.

Midi Olympique (RugbyRama.fr) Online

Midi Olympique (RugbyRama.fr) Android App

Midi Olympique (RugbyRama.fr) iOS App

D. France Press agencies:

France has around seven press agencies. Based out of Paris, one of the most prominent and significant press agencies in France is Agence France-Presse (AFP).

45. Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Founded in the year 1944, Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a global press agency. It has its origin in France. The job of the agency is the collection, verification, dissemination of information in a neutral and reliable format. This well-researched information is used by big companies and media portals like radio, television, print media, and websites for broadcasting.

Charles Louis Havas found Agence France-Presse (AFP). According to 2018, there are about 2400 employees onboard, out of which 1700 are a journalist. The headquarters of Agence France-Presse (AFP) is located on 11, 13 Place de la Bourse, Paris.

There are about 201 offices of Agence France-Presse (AFP) in around 151 countries. This agency is pro at covering world news in all fields and formats, including computer graphics, text, video, and photography. The website is divided into the forum, factual bog, and product and services section. 

The website of Agence France-Presse can be translated into six languages- Arabic, France, German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It can be divided into various categories, to name a few are The Info Section, Products & Services, AFP Forum, and Factual Blog.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) Online


46. Voix du Jura

Voix du Jura is a local newspaper published every week. The paper was established on 6th December 1891.  It is published in the French language. This is a regional information weekly covers the life of people throughout the Jura department. The paper reports development in different sections, namely economic activities, and territorial changes. The paper is published for the Publihebdos group. The Publihebdos group is a subsidiary of the weekly newspapers of Sipa Ouest France.

Voix du Jura follows a tabloid format. The paper is published in Lons-le-Saunier, i.e., Jura department. Currently (in 2020), Francis Gaunand is operating as the publication director of Voix du Jura. The newspaper distributed about 8164 copies in the year 2018.

Voix du Jura Online

47. Telerama

Telerama is a famous French weekly magazine. The magazine covers TV and the cultural aspects of France. The magazine was found in the year 1947 i.e., 73 years ago. A Christian journalist named Georges Montaron is the founder of Telerama magazine. La Vie-Le Monde is the owner of Telerama. Earlier, the magazine was published by Hachette Filipacchi. Currently (in 2020), the publisher of Telerama is Publications de la Vie Catholique. 

The magazine is published every Wednesday. Telerama has a Christianity oriented political opinion. As per the stats of 2014, Telerama distributed 578,680 issues in the year 2014. The magazine prints book reviews, theatre, film, music, stories, and content surrounding cultural interest.

Telerama Online

Telerama Android App

Telerama iOS App

48. Slate

Slate is a French online magazine owned by The Slate Group. The Magazine covers current affairs, arts, sports news, cultural aspects, and politics of the United States of America. It was found 24 years ago i.e. in the year 1996. Slate magazine is created by Michael Kinsley, a former editor of New Republic. The MSN section of Microsoft initially owned the Magazine.  Jared Hohlt is currently operating as the editor of Slate Magazine.

The Slate Group owns the Slate magazine. It is an online publishing entity based in New York City.

Slate Online

Slate Android App

Slate iOS App

49. Egalite and Reconciliation

Egalite and Reconciliation is a political association established in June 2007. The association runs an online news portal. This political association claims to be a cross factional and ‘left nationalist’ form of association. The headquarters of Egalite and Reconciliation is located in Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France.

Alain Soral found Egalite and Reconciliation. Alain Soral is a former member of the central committee of the National Front (2007) as well as the militant of the French Communist Party. The other two crucial members of Egalite and Reconciliation are Jildaz Mahé O’Chinal and Philippe Péninque. They both had been the former activists of Groupe Union Defense (GUD).

As far as the national Reconciliation, the motto of this organization is ‘Left for the workers and Right for morals.’

Egalite and Reconciliation Online

50. Planet

The Planet is a French news website. The Planet Media Group is the owner of this news portal.  The online editor of the Planet website is Planet Media SA. The Planet Media Group has three more sites, namely Medisite, E-health, and Fondation-Medisite.

Planet website reports news about matters of national and international importance. The site also covers lifestyle, people, sports, entertainment, silver, science, environment, society, weather forecast, and French culture.

Planet Online

51. Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace (Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin)

Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace is a regional newspaper of France. It is available in the French language.  Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace is commonly known as DNA. It was found on 1st December 1877.  Heinrich Ludwig Kayser, a printer and publisher of German origin, is a founder of DNA. The earlier name of DNA is Straßburger Neueste Nachrichten.

Est Bourgogne Rhône Alpes is the owner of Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace. The paper is also a part of Credit Mutuel since January 2012. Laurent Couronne and Dominique Jung is currently (in 2020) is operating as the publication director and editor in chief of the Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace newspaper.

Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace is published in the Strasbourg region of France. The paper is distributed regularly in the Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin regions of Alsace. It is one of the oldest titles in the regional daily press in France. Latest News from Alsace is the editor of DNA. The cost of every issue of Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace is 1, 10 pounds. Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace is one of the most read regional newspapers of the Alsace region, with more than 550,000 readers reading the paper daily.

Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace Online

Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace Android App

Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace iOS App

52. L’Union de Reims

L’Union de Reims is a popular regional newspaper of France owned by Belgium and France. The paper is published in the French language and distributed regularly. L’Union was found during the Second World War by a few resistance fighters, namely Henri Kinet, Michel Sicre, along with the members of the Liberation-Nord group, Edmond Forboteaux, and Robert Duterque. 

Rossel Group is the owner of L’Union de Reims. Currently (in 2020), Daniel Picault and Didier Louis are operating as the publication director and editor in chief of L’Union, respectively.

The paper follows a tabloid format. The cost of the Saturday issue is € 1.80, and the price of the issue sold the rest of the week (Monday to Friday & Sunday) is € 1.25. In 2019, about 74 626 copies of L’Union were sold. L’Union employs more than 350 people.

L’Union de Reims Online

L’Union de Reims ePaper

L’Union de Reims Android App

L’Union de Reims iOS App

TV news channels

53. La Chaine Infos ( LCI France)

La Chaine Infos, commonly known as LCI, is a French news channel. This is a free to air news channel of France. It was launched 25 years ago on 24th June 1994.

The channel follows the 1080i HDTV picture format. The slogan of La Chaine Infos is ‘Vous êtes au cœur de l’info’ which, when translated to English, means ‘you are at the heart of the news.’ TF1 Group is the owner of La Chaine Infos.

La Chaine Infos Online

La Chaine Infos Android App

La Chaine Infos iOS App

54. France Télévisions

France Télévisions, commonly referred to as France.tv is a public national television broadcaster of France reporting in the French language. This channel was introduced was 7 September 1992 as an independent channel named France Télévision, but it reintroduced on 1 August 2000 with a new name. A letter‘s’ was added to France Télévision making France Télévisions SA.

The Government of France owns France Télévisions. The channel is in collaboration with other television channels. The list of five channels includes France 2 (Earlier known as Antenne 2), France 3 (formerly referred as Regions 3), France 4 (earlier referred to as Festival), France 5 (a legally independent channel which was named La Cinquieme), and France O (previously known as RFO Sat).

France Télévisions receives its funds from commercial advertising and television license fees. This channel is an active supporter of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV ( HbbTV) initiative. About 11,400 employees are working in France Télévisions channels. The headquarters of France Télévisions is located in the esplanade Henri de France region of Paris.

France Télévisions Online

France Télévisions Android App

France Télévisions iOS App

55. CNews

The CNews is another free to air French news channel operating in France. Canal + is the owner of CNews.It was found 20 years ago on 4th November 1999. Previously the channel was known as i>Television (from 1999 to 2002) and i>Tele (from 2002-2017). The slogan of CNews is La chaîne info qui explique l’info. The channel covers national and international news 24 hours a day.

The CNews follows the 1080i HDTV picture format. The channel is also available in the United States via DirecTV satellite provider from 19th March 2018. It is one of the second most-watched news channels in France.

CNews Online

CNews Android App

CNews iOS App

Radio news sites

56. France Infos

France Infos is a famous news service brand. Established 32 years ago, France Infos was founded on 1st June 1987. It is first Europe’s first radio network, which broadcast news 24 hours every day. The channel operates at many regions in France via radio channel available at 105.5 MHz.

This news service is in association with France Televisions. The website of Radio France’s France Info website and France Télévisions’ France TV Info online service are merged to offer a new outlook of the website. This newly built website is now operating as an official website for Radio France, France Televisions, along with France Info television and radio channels.

France Infos Online

France Infos Android App

France Infos iOS App

57. Radio France Internationale

Radio France Internationale (RFI) is a public radio service of France with Paris as a primary area of broadcasting. RFI was founded in 1945. The radio channel runs 24 hours and seven days of the week. This radio channel runs in 12 different languages.

The Government of France owns radio France Internationale (RFI) through France Medias Monde.  This frequency is available in France, Canada, and worldwide.

Radio France Internationale Online

Radio France Internationale Android App

Radio France Internationale iOS App

Summing up:

This article contains a list of the top 48 newspapers and news websites in France curated especially for you. There is a separate list for TV news channels and radio news sites as well.  The information mentioned above includes best and highly reputable newspapers, magazines, presses, and news websites run in France. Hence, it is an authentic and reliable source of information. There are more than a hundred newspapers and news websites operated in France. Most of the papers are published in the French language. However, there are a few newspapers published in the English language.  France has a popular culture of regional newspapers focusing on almost every tiniest towns and city of France. 

The print media of France is primarily divided into three focus sections, namely sports, business, and general interest.  Some of the best players in the sports domain are L’Equipe, sports.orange.fr, and Eurosports. The two top-notch major players in the business are Les Echos and La Tribune.  The newspapers catering to the general interest of people of France are Le Monde, La Croix, L’Express, Liberation, L’Humanite,  L’opinion, and Courrier International. Agence France-Presse (AFP) is one of the most important news agencies in France. Some of the top news websites of France in the year 2020 are France 24, The Local (France), Expatica, Mediapart, and Le Monde diplomatique.

MediaBuzz offers an in-depth and well-researched coverage of all the media sources. We are a strong team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in world of journalism all around the globe. To formulate a more authentic list, we are open to your suggestions. You can fill our comment sections with the answers to the questions mentioned below. 

  • What are the most read newspapers and news websites in France?
  • Do you know the French language has a conflicting history which is reflected in the print media i.e., French-language newspaper and news website in France? What do you think?
  • According to you, have we forgotten to add any deserving newspaper or news website to the list?
  • France has a great history. So what do you think about how the politics of the past has affected the political inclinations of different newspapers of France?
  • How do you categories France newspapers into business, sports, entertainment, and sports categories?
  • Is there any particular newspaper in France that is popular for a different reason, not for its content primarily?
  • Which is your personal favorite French-language news website or newspaper from the list mentioned above?
  • Do you wish to share any information related to the print media of France?

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