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French English newspapers and French English newspaper list

Introduction to English French News Media

The English language has been spread worldwide due to globalization. English is mostly spoken by people all around the world. There are about 375 million people all around the world speaking in the English language. In France, the English language is spoken by 39 percent of people. According to the English Proficiency Index (the survey conducted among the countries with English as a non-national language), France is put at the 35th place. The English language was administered for about 30 years in France; however, things took a turn in 1943. 

In earlier days, there was a very prominent myth that French people do not speak the English language. Also, it was believed that it was rude to talk in English. However, people have a tendency to forget that English is the standard language of tourism in Europe. 

Mostly, people are unknown about these very peculiar conditions laid by the French Curriculum for its students. According to the French school curriculum, students are required to study a foreign language. The study of a foreign language is a compulsion; hence students choose to study English as a secondary language. There has been a constant debate in France Parliament on the proposal of permitting courses to be taught in the English language. For some people, accepting the English language as a mode of teaching will be ditching the national language of France, the French language. However, for some people, it is like surrendering to the inevitable presence of the English language. 

To seek more information about the English language newspapers and news websites of France, refer to the list of top 4 France English language newspapers and websites mentioned below. 

The Local

france newspapers 1 the local website

The Local is an English newspaper published in France. The paper is available in an online format only. The Local is a multi-regional digital news platform. It was launched in the year 2004. 

The website covers local news of the specific country; in this case, it is France. The site features news about the latest happenings, business, politics, sports, culture, and brief opinions and analysis. 

The headquarters of the parent company The Local Europe AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany. France got its first The Local office in the year 2013. In the year 2018, The Local launched the membership program in many countries, including France.

The website of ‘The Local’ France is divided into many categories such as Jobs in France, About Membership, Apartment Rentals, Property Sales, Notice Board, and Advertisements. 

The Local Online

The Local Android App

The Local iOS App


france newspapers 2

Expatica is an online news portal available in English. It is a type of social networking website. This website is designed especially for the international communities and expatriates. 

Expatica Communications owns the Expatica web portal. Bram Lebo founded it in the year 2000. The main motto of the Expatica is to help the non-natives settle quickly in Europe. It is a free portal with 120, 000 members making an influential international community.

The website of the Expatica is divided into multiple categories such as News, About France, Living, Out & About, and Moving to France, Housing, Healthcare, Education, Working, and Finance.

france newspapers 2 Expatica website

Expatica Online

The Connexion

france newspapers 3 The

The Connexion is an eighteen-year-old French newspaper published in the English language. The paper was founded in September of the year 2002. It was designed for the expatriate community of France. The headquarters of The Connexion is found in the Monaco region of France.  

The Connexion Group is the owner of this monthly newspaper. It is one of the best papers for the English speaking community of France as it offers advice for French as well as the expatriate lifestyle, which includes food, drinks, art & culture, and language. The paper reports events held in France. It also covers topics like healthcare, law, tax, and property. About 50,000 copies of The Connexion are circulated every month.

france newspapers 3 The Connexion website

The Connexion Online

The Connexion ePaper

The Connexion iOS App

New York Times France

france newspapers 4 New York Times

The International Edition of New York Times is an English language newspaper published in more than 160 territories and countries worldwide. The paper is also published in France under the title ‘Paris Herald.’ It was first published in Paris in the year 1887. The New York Times International Edition is a daily newspaper. It follows the broadsheet format. This paper supports no political alignment. About 242,073 copies of the International New York Times are sold.

The owner of this European edition of the New York Herald is James Gordon Bennett Jr. This company is based in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris. A.G. Sulzberger is the publisher of the International New York Times.

france newspapers 4 New York Times website

New York Times France Online

New York Times France Android App

New York Times France iOS App

Summing up:

This article contains a list of the top 4 newspapers and news websites in France published in the English language curated uniquely for you. The information mentioned above includes best and reputable newspapers and news websites run in France. Hence, it is a highly authentic and reliable source of information. There are more than a hundred newspapers and news websites operated in France. Most of the papers are published in the French language. However, there are a few newspapers published in the English language. 

The English language is spoken worldwide, and people speaking are widely spread all over the world. So there is a dire need to print newspapers in the English language. There are two other popular newspapers published in the English language- Mediapart and Le Monde diplomatique. Le Monde diplomatique was published in 1954 i.e., 66 years ago. Mediapart is one of the most popular independent news websites in France. 

MediaBuzz offers an in-depth and well-researched coverage of all the media sources. We are a strong team of professional writers with a knack for the trends in world of journalism all around the globe. To formulate a more authentic list, we are open to your suggestions. You can fill our comment sections with the answers to the questions mentioned below. 

1. Why don’t you name your personal favorite English language newspaper published in France?

2. According to you, have we missed out on any French newspaper or news website in the English language newspaper which might be interesting to read?

3. Politics of a country decides it’s past and future. As you may have noticed, every paper and news portals have a different political stance. How do you think their political stands affect society?

4. Is there any particular English language newspaper published in France that caught your eye?

5. Which paper from the list above of France English newspapers do you read?

6. Do you wish to share any information related to the paper in the English language in France?

7. There have been many myths surrounding hatred of French people towards the English language. What are your views on the same?

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