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Fort Wayne newspapers and Fort Wayne newspaper list

Introduction to Fort Wayne News Media.

Fort Wayne is a city spread across 18 miles in Indiana, sharing its borders with Ohio and Michigan. In the 2019 Census, the population of Fort Wayne was estimated at 270,402. It is the second-most populous city in the state after its capital Indianapolis.

Media in Fort Wayne

Television is the primary source of information for the residents of Fort Wayne. WANE-TV (CBS), WISE-TV (CW), WPTA-TV (ABC/NBC), WFFT-TV (Fox) and WFWA-TV (PBS) are among the major broadcasting networks available in the city. WINM and W07CL are the two broadcasters that broadcast content related to religion.

Fort Wayne has two National Public Radio stations — WBNI and WBOI, while the Allen County Public Library operates WELT Community Radio Station to serve the city listeners.

Fort Wayne Newspapers

The city has a wide network of print publications as well. Fort Wayne’s most popular newspaper The News-Sentinel has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Journal Gazette is the other newspaper that is widely read in Fort Wayne. With separate editorial offices, both of the newspapers share a joint operating agreement on printing, circulation and advertising. Fort Wayne Newspapers, Inc. owns both the city newspapers.

In August 2017, The News-Sentinel announced the suspension of the print edition and launch of a digital edition to serve a bigger audience. However, the last online edition of the paper came on April 23,2020.

First Newspaper in Fort Wayne

The News-Sentinel is the first newspaper of Fort Wayne as it rolled out the first edition as a weekly paper under the title of The Sentinel in 1833. Fort Wayne native William Rockhill Nelson owned The Sentinel for a year and half in 1878-79 but after that he joined The Kansas City Star. The Sentinel merged with The Fort Wayne Daily News to establish The News-Sentinel in 1918.

Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne Newspapers 01 Journal Gazette

Journal Gazette is a daily newspaper in Indiana catering to the residents of Fort Wayne & Northwest Indiana. Established in 1863, the paper has since been covering local & national news. Apart from the daily printed edition, Journal Gazette also publishes an online news website with dedicated sections for local, sports, blogs, opinion, latest news, and more.

Fort Wayne Newspapers 01 Journal Gazette website

Journal Gazette Online

Journal Gazette Android App

Journal Gazette iOS App


Fortwayne is an online news website in Indiana catering to the residents of Fort Wayne community. The website has dedicated sections on the website for local news, opinion, jobs, classifieds, restaurants, and more. Apart from a strong presence on the web, Fortwayne also has an active presence on Facebook & Twitter.

Fort Wayne Newspapers 02 Fortwayne website

FortWayne Online

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Fort Wayne Newspapers 03 Grater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Grater Fort Wayne Business Weekly is a weekly business newspaper in Indiana catering to the community of entrepreneurs in Fort Wayne and its surroundings. Apart from the printed edition of the paper, they also publish an online news website & an e-edition. While readers can access the contents on the website for free, access to e-edition is restricted to paid subscribers.

Fort Wayne Newspapers 03 Grater Fort Wayne Business Weekly website

Grater Fort Wayne Business Weekly Online


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