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Dallas newspapers and Dallas newspaper list

Introduction to Dallas News Media

Dallas is a city in Texas, a state in the U.S. The city is located in north Texas. The ninth most populous city in the country is home to one of the largest LGBT communities in the United States. Dallas was ranked as the fifth most diverse city in the U.S. by Wallet Hub in 2018. It is also the fifth largest media market in the country. 

History of Dallas Newspapers

Dallas Herald was the first local newspaper in the city. It was established in 1849 by James Wellington Latimer and William Wallace. Both Latimer and Wallace had bought the Texas Times that was published in Paris, Texas. Then, they shifted it to Dallas and founded the Dallas Herald. The newspaper has been renamed several times. Initially, few issues appeared under the name Cedar Snag, however, the nameplate mentioned Dallas Herald by the end of 1849.

In 1873, the newspaper’s then-owner John W. Swindells changed its name to Dallas Weekly Herald. Another publication, Dallas Daily Herald, was started by the same owners in 1874.  In 1879, Dallas Herald was merged with its main rival in the market — Dallas Daily Commercial. By the end of 1885, Dallas Morning News that started publishing the same year acquired both Weekly Herald and Daily Herald.

Prominent Papers

Dallas Morning News, established by A.H. Belo on October 1, 1885, is the major daily newspaper of the city. The Dallas Time Herald, which began publication in 1888, was its main rival until it got acquired by Belo in 1991. There are some other daily newspapers such as one published in the Spanish language named Al Dia. A number of ethnic newspapers are available in languages such as Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese among others. One can also find weekly publications like Dallas Weekly and the Elite News in Dallas.

Dallas newspapers and websites’ list

We have shared a list of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in Dallas below. Along with the list of prominent Dallas newspapers and other publications, we have also tried to discuss the origin, status and relevance of these Dallas based mediaunits.

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas newspapers 1 The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News is the biggest daily newspaper of Dallas. It claims to have an average of 271,900 daily subscribers. Alfred Horatio Belo had established The Dallas Morning News on October 1, 1885. Initially, it used to appear as a supplement to The Galveston Daily News. The headquarters of the newspaper are located in downtown Dallas.


According to BurrellesLuce, The Dallas Morning News is among the top 20 paid circulated newspapers in the United States. As declared on its website, The Dallas Morning News serves to over 24,000 digital subscribers. The average daily circulation of the newspaper is 214,423 copies, while its Sunday edition manages an average circulation of 288,059 copies.


Starting with the 1990s, The Dallas Morning News has won nine Pulitzer Prizes so far, with the last one being in 2010. The newspaper was awarded in both categories — reporting and photography. For its reporting of the education and regional news, The Dallas Morning News was bestowed with the George Polk Awards. It has also won an Overseas Press Club award for photography.


In January 2019, The Dallas Morning News went through drastic changes, which resulted in staff layoffs from departments like editorial, arts/culture and business. The newspaper’s daily Business section was also reduced to only one separate section per week. According to D Magazine, as many as 43 employees were fired during that period.

Dallas newspapers 1 The Dallas Morning News website

The Dallas Morning News Online

The Dallas Morning News ePaper

The Dallas Morning News Android App

The Dallas Morning News iOS App

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Dallas newspapers 2 Fort Worth Star Telegram

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram publishes on a daily basis for the coverage of Fort Worth and Tarrant County in North Texas. The McClatchy Company owns the newspaper and its website that features its e-paper as well. For the convenience of its readers, the website of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram segregates stories in categories like Coronavirus, News, Sports, Obituaries and Jobs / Recruiting among others.


Amon G. Carter was the founder of The Fort Worth Star. After accepting a job in advertising at a company in Fort Worth in May 1905, Carter launched a newspaper of his own on February 1, 1906.


The Fort Worth Star was struggling with funds when Carter took a bold decision and bought the operations of his main competitor, The Fort Worth Telegram. He paid $100,000 in November 1908 to buy The Fort Worth Telegram and merged it with his own paper to form The Fort Worth Star-Telegram on January 1, 1909.


The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had the largest circulation area in Dallas at least until World War II. Not only Fort Worth, the newspaper used to cover West Texas, western Oklahoma and New Mexico. In 1922, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram made space for WBAP and launched the first television station in Texas, WBAP-TV, in 1948.

Dallas newspapers 2 Fort Worth Star Telegram website

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Online

Fort Worth Star-Telegram ePaper

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Android App

Fort Worth Star-Telegram iOS App

Dallas Observer

The Dallas Observer is a newspaper and website, which is available for free in Dallas. It primarily covers local news and all news related to restaurants, music and arts in Dallas. The Dallas Observer is popular among its readers for its long form narrative journalism.

Print Edition

The print edition of The Dallas Observer is published every week on Thursday. Voice Media Group has been operating the newspaper and its website since January 2013. The Dallas Observer is affiliated with the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.


The many awards of The Dallas Observer include the 2017 AAN Awards for longtime columnist Jim Schutze, the 1995 H.L. Mencken Writing Award for columnist Laura Miller and 2007 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists for two Observer reporters, Jesse Hyde and Megan Feldman.

Dallas newspapers 3 Dallas Observer website

Dallas Observer Online

Fort Worth Weekly

Dallas newspapers 4 Fort Worth Weekly

Fort Worth Weekly is published on a weekly basis for the coverage of Tarrant County and Denton County. The alternative newspaper claims to have an approximate circulation of 75,000 copies. The Wednesday paper publishes news, editorials, personality profiles and reviews of books, food, theatrical productions, music and films.

Dallas newspapers 4 Fort Worth Weekly website

Fort Worth Weekly Online

Dallas Voice

Dallas Voice is a weekly newspaper that serves the LGBT community of Dallas. In 1984, Dallas Voice was established by the Voice Publishing Company, Inc. The Friday paper claims to have a circulation of 13,000 copies in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Parker and Denton counties.

Dallas newspapers 5 Dallas Voice website

Dallas Voice Online

Dallas Voice ePaper

Focus Daily News

The Focus Daily News is a DeSoto-based newspaper of Texas. It covers all news related to Dallas County on a daily basis. Focus Newspapers of DFW owns the newspaper and its website. The Focus Daily News is not published on Monday and Saturday.

Dallas newspapers 6 Focus Daily News website

Focus Daily News Online

The Daily Campus

The Daily Campus is a college newspaper published by the students of the Southern Methodist University. It is published on a weekly basis and updated online daily. According to its official Facebook page, The Daily Campus has been operating since 1915.

Dallas newspapers 7 SMU Daily Campus website

SMU Daily Campus Online


The Mercury is a college newspaper published by the students of The University of Texas at Dallas. The 1980-established newspaper is also available as a website with sections like Covid-19, Orientation, News, Life & Arts, Comics, Sports, Opinion, Newspaper and Advertising among others.

Dallas newspapers 8 Mercury website

Mercury Online

Mercury ePaper

Al Día

Al Día is a Dallas-based Spanish language newspaper that is published on a weekly basis. The Wednesday paper also has a website, which is updated on a daily basis. A. H. Belo owns the Al Día along with the city’s biggest publication, The Dallas Morning News.

Dallas newspapers 9 Al Día website

Al Día Online

Al Día ePaper

El Hispano News

El Hispano News is another Spanish language newspaper of Dallas. In 1986, El Hispano News was launched as a twelve-page tabloid newspaper. In 1987, it turned into a broadsheet newspaper and started circulating 15,000 copies. In 1993, El Hispano News captured its market of readers with a Hispanic Total Market Coverage program.

Dallas newspapers 10 El Hispano News website

El Hispano News Online

El Hispano News Android App

El Hispano News iOS App

Commercial Recorder

Commercial Recorder is a Fort Worth-based newspaper of Texas. The daily newspaper, along with its website, is regarded well for the coverage of legal proceedings and court affair. John Bondurant is the Editor-in-Chief of Commercial Recorder (2021).

Dallas newspapers 11 Commercial Recorder website

Fort Worth Commercial Recorder Online

The Daily Commercial Record

The Daily Commercial Record is another Dallas-based newspaper for the coverage of all news related to court and commercial information. On its website, The Daily Commercial Record promises to provide “up-to-date court records, public notices, legal transactions, and business leads and business news each weekday”.

Dallas newspapers 12 Dallas Commercial Record website

Dallas Commercial Record Online

Dallas Commercial Record ePaper

Dallas Express

The Dallas Express was a regional newspaper in Dallas. In 2021, it was launched as a website. American entrepreneur Monty Bennett is the man credited for the revival of The Dallas Express. From 1892 to 1970, The Dallas Express published on a weekly basis to serve the African-American community of Dallas.

Dallas newspapers 13 Dallas Express website

Dallas Express Online


Dallas is served by many local newspapers and magazines. The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex ranks fifth in the largest media markets in the United States, according to Arbitron.com.

Prominent Papers

The Dallas Morning News is the most read daily newspaper in Dallas. In 1885, A. H. Belo had started the newspaper. In 1888, the city saw the emergence of The Dallas Times Herald, a major competitor of the Morning News. However, Belo purchased The Dallas Times Herald on December 8, 1991 and shut its operation the next day.

Ethnic Papers

To serve the Span language reader in Dallas, the city has Al Día. It was also formed by Belo. Besides Spanish language, the city of Dallas also has ethnic newspapers in languages like Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

Non-daily Publications

The Dallas Weekly and the Elite News are among the most prominent weekly news publications in Dallas. The city’s popular alternative weekly newspapers include The Dallas Observer and North Texas Journal.

The Dallas Morning News also used to publish a weekly titled ‘Neighborsgo’ for the coverage of community news every Friday. It has a website as well that provided a space to the readers for posting stories and contributing to the content.


D Magazine is the most popular magazine in Dallas. It comes on a month basis for the coverage of news related to business, life and entertainment in Dallas-Fort Worth. WHERE Magazine and Travelhost are among the travel magazines available at hotel desks for local visitors. Plano has its own community newspapers. THE Magazine is highly regarded for the coverage of the contemporary arts in Dallas.

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