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Cleveland newspapers and Cleveland newspaper list

Introduction to Cleveland News Media.

Cleveland is a city in Ohio, a state of the U.S. The city is located around 100 kilometers west of the state border of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the southern shore of Lake Erie. Founded in 1976 near the mouth of Cuyahoga River, the city was named after General Moses Cleaveland. The city has developed into a major manufacturing center because of its strategic location near the river and the lakeshore besides multiple railroad lines and canals. Cleveland is well connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

History of Cleveland Newspapers

According to an article published by the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Andrew Logan’s Cleveland Gazette & Commercial Resister was the first newspaper to be established in the city. Launched on July 31, 1919, the newspaper remained in publication for less than two years.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Herald, a weekly newspaper was established in 1819 by Eber Howe. However, at that time publishing was a difficult business. While Logan had to bring his own hand press, Howe had to make his own ink. Until 1823, the papers used were imported from Pittsburgh. The third newspaper in Cleveland was Independent News-letter, established by David McLean in 1828. In 1836, an agreement was signed by four newspapers in the city to control competition by bringing standard subscription and advertising rates.

Major Newspapers

The most important daily newspaper of Cleveland is The Plain Dealer. It also has a news website. Some other popular newspapers such as Cleveland Press and Cleveland News are now defunct. While Cleveland Press, which was an afternoon newspaper, published its last issue on June 17, 1982, Cleveland News suspended its operations in 1960.

Cleveland also has some ethnic publications to cater to the interests of different communities. The Call and Post is a weekly newspaper for African-Americans and Cleveland Jewish News is a Jewish weekly newspaper. Similarly, Szabadság is a Hungarian language newspaper for the Hungarian community.

Cleveland newspapers and websites’ list

Here below we present you a list of some of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in Cleveland. With this list of prominent Cleveland newspapers and other publications, we have tried to explain the origin, operations, status and relevance of these Cleveland based mediahouses.

Cleveland News

Cleveland newspapers 1 Cleveland News

Cleveland News is a defunct daily newspaper based in Cleveland in Ohio. “cleveland.com is the premier news and information website in the state of Ohio attracting an average of 9.9 million unique users every month,” Cleveland News states in the About Us section of its website.

Origin And History

The first issue of the newspaper was published in 1905. However, its roots trace back to 1868 when The Cleveland Leader named its evening edition Evening News. In 1885, a rival newspaper, Cleveland Herald ceased publication after which Leader renamed it News & Herald. It was merged with the rival newspaper The Cleveland Press in 1960.

In 1905, Charles Augustus Otis, Jr., an investment banker and commodities broker, acquired Cleveland World, News & Herald and the Evening Plain Dealer to make it an afternoon daily newspaper, World-News. It got its current name on September 13, 1905. After two years, it was acquired by Daniel R. Hanna Sr.

Digital Media Presence

Currently, Cleveland News operates as a news website. For the convenience of its readers, it has categorised the news stories into several sections such as news, politics & elections, local news, opinion, business, entertainment, autos, real estate and many more. It is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cleveland News also offers mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Cleveland newspapers 1 Cleveland News website

Cleveland News Online

Cleveland News ePaper

Cleveland News Android App

Cleveland News iOS App

Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Scene, headquartered in Cleveland in Ohio, is an alternative weekly newspaper. Its first issue was established in 1970. In 1998, Cleveland Scene was acquired by New Times Media. Times-Shamrock Communication purchased it in 2008. In December 2013, it was sold to Euclid Media Group. Detroit Metro Times, Orlando Weekly and the San Antonio Current are the sister publications of Cleveland Scene. It also publishes an annual list of “Best Of” such as Best Restaurants, Best Clubs, Best Theater, etc. for the readers in Cleveland and adjoining areas.

Digital Media Presence

Cleveland Scene also has a news portal. To cater to the interest of its readers, it has categorised the news stories into several sections such as music, movies, eat, arts, calendar and many more. It is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cleveland newspapers 2 Cleveland Scene website

Cleveland Scene Online

Ohio Farmer

Ohio Farmer is a defunct agricultural newspaper founded by Thomas Brown in Cleveland. Established in 1852, it currently operates as a news website. Ohio Farmer has sections such as crops, livestock, markets & quotes, farm business and many more. It is also present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cleveland newspapers 3 The Ohio Farmer website

The Ohio Farmer Online

Cleveland Jewish News

Cleveland newspapers 4 Cleveland Jewish News

Cleveland Jewish News is an independent weekly Jewish newspaper based in Beachwood in the state of Ohio. Serving Northeast Ohio, it was formed through the merger of two newspapers- The Jewish Review & Observer and the Jewish Independent. While The Jewish Review & Observer traces its history to 1889, the latter was established in 1906. The first issue of Cleveland Jewish News was published on October 30, 1964. It also has a website and is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Cleveland newspapers 4 Cleveland Jewish News website

Cleveland Jewish News Online

Cleveland Jewish News ePaper


News-Herald is a daily newspaper published in the broadsheet format. Circulated in northeastern parts of Greater Cleveland, it serves Lake, Geauga and a portion of eastern Cuyahoga counties. Its first issue was published on April 18, 1879 as Willoughby Independent. In 1920, it became Willoughby Republican and in 1935, the daily was again renamed Lake County News-Herald. It is currently owned by Digital First Media. News-Herald also has a portal.

Cincinnati newspapers 5 The American Israelite website 1

The News-Herald Online

The News-Herald ePaper

The News-Herald Android App

The News-Herald iOS App

Cleveland Daily Banner

Cleveland newspapers 6 Cleveland Daily Banner

Cleveland Daily Banner is a newspaper based in Cleveland. Established on May 1, 1854, it was founded by Robert McNelley. Cleveland Daily Banner is one of the oldest newspapers of Ohio and the longest running in Bradley County. At the time of origin, it was known as Cleveland Banner and was a democratic newspaper. Cleveland Daily Banner also has a news portal.

Cleveland newspapers 6 Cleveland Daily Banner website

Cleveland Daily Banner Online

Cleveland Daily Banner ePaper

Call and Post

Call and Post is a weekly newspaper headquartered in Cleveland city in Ohio. The African-American newspaper was founded by Garrett A. Morgan in 1928. It was formed through the merger of two newspapers- Cleveland Call and the Cleveland Post, established in 1916 and 1920 respectively. Owned by Don King, it has a news website as well. Call and Post is also present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cleveland newspapers 7 Call and Post website

Call and Post Online


Cleveland doesn’t have a huge network of newspapers but it’s quite prominent in the US state of Ohio. The Plain Dealer is its most read online and offline publication. The website of the primer most city newspaper is Cleveland.com. Cleveland Magazine is a popular culture magazine that publishes on a monthly basis for a regional audience.

For the coverage of financial news, Crain’s Cleveland Business publishes on a weekly basis in Cleveland. Popular alternative weekly newspaper Cleveland Scene is distributed for free. In 2008, Cleveland Scene bought operations of its competitor Cleveland Free Times.

National Media

Alternative Press is a Cleveland-based rock magazine that has a nationwide circulation. The first issue was published in 1985 and its headquarters are still in Cleveland. Belt Magazine is a digital only magazine that was launched in 2013. From 1925 to 1927, Time magazine published its editions from Cleveland.

Community Papers

To serve the African American community, Cleveland has a weekly newspaper titled The Call and Post. Cleveland Jewish News publishes on a weekly basis for the Jewish community. The city also has a Russian language magazine titled Cleveland Russian Magazine, while Mandarin Erie Chinese Journal serves the Chinese population in Cleveland.

Vocero Latino News publishes in the Spanish language, Ohio Irish American News serves the Irish community and Szabadság is a popular Hungarian language newspaper in Cleveland.

Defunct Papers

The Cleveland Press is the most prominent newspaper of Cleveland, which is no longer in publication. The last issue of the afternoon paper was published on June 17, 1982. In 1960, The Cleveland News ceased its publication.

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