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Cincinnati newspapers and Cincinnati newspaper list

Introduction to Cincinnati News Media.

Cincinnati is a city in Ohio. Established in 1788, Cincinnati is situated at the north of the confluence of the Ohio and Licking rivers. As per the 2018 census, the total population of the city was 2,190,209, thus making it the largest metropolitan area of Ohio and 29th largest in the country. It has many remarkable architectural projects, due to which it is referred as the “Paris of America”. The city has nicknames like The Nati, Cincy, The Blue Chip City, the City of Seven Hills, The Queen City and The Queen of the West.

History of Cincinnati Newspapers

Centinel of the North-Western Territory, the first newspaper in Ohio State, was published in Cincinnati. Established by William Maxwell on November 9, 1793, the price of the newspaper was $2.50 for a one year subscription or 7 cents a copy. The weekly newspaper was delivered on Saturday. Edmund Freeman bought it in June 1796 and merged it with Freeman’s Journal. It shifted to Chillicothe in 1800 and was later renamed to The Chillicothe Gazette. It is the oldest newspaper of Ohio.

Prominent Papers

The Cincinnati Enquirer, founded in 1841, is an important newspaper of the city. Apart from this, there are other weekly and monthly print publications including magazines like CityBeat and La Jornada Latina.

The Cincinnati Enquirer is published on a daily basis in the morning. Gannett Company is the publisher of the only remaining daily newspaper in the city. The Kentucky Enquirer is its Northern Kentucky edition. Hamilton Journal News by Cox Media Group is the competitor of The Cincinnati Enquirer in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. Earlier, The Cincinnati Post, the flagship newspaper of the E. W. Scripps Company, was its main rival by the end of 2007. The Post has been the most widely read newspaper in Cincinnati for most of the time in its history. The newspaper was in a joint operating agreement with The Cincinnati Enquirer for 30 years.

Cincinnati newspapers and websites’ list

Here below we present you a list of some of the most prominent newspapers and websites operating in Cincinnati. With this list of prominent Cincinnati newspapers and other publications, we have tried to explain the origin, operations, status and relevance of these Cincinnati based mediahouses.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati newspapers 1 The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Enquirer is a daily newspaper published in compact format. The daily was established on April 10, 1841. Owned by Gannett, its first issue had only four pages. The Cincinnati Enquirer is based in Cincinnati city of Ohio State in the U.S. It is the only remaining daily newspaper in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. In the northern suburbs, it faces competition from Journal-News, another daily. It also publishes The Kentucky Enquirer, a daily local edition for Northern Kentucky.

Origin And History

Phoenix, whose origin dates back to 1828, is considered the predecessor of The Cincinnati Enquirer. It was renamed Daily Cincinnati Enquirer after the newspaper was purchased by John and Charles Brough. In 1843, it merged with Daily Morning Message to become Daily Enquirer and Message. In 1845, the paper dropped “Message” from its masthead, thus becoming The Cincinnati Daily Enquirer. It got its current name in May 1849. The Cincinnati Enquirer won Pultizer Prize in 2018 for its project titled “Seven Days of Heroin”.

Political Stance

The Cincinnati Enquirer is a Republican-leaning newspaper. The editorial board of the conservative paper supported every Republican presidential candidate from 1920 to 2012. In fact, it opposed the re-election of Abraham Lincoln in 1864. In 2016, it endorsed Hillary Clinton for U.S. president. Woodrow Wilson was the last Democrat president endorsed by the newspaper in 1916.

Digital Media Presence

The Cincinnati Enquirer also has a news website. Its first website enquirer.com was launched on November 1, 1996. Cincinnati.com was launched on November 1, 1998. The portal is present on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It also offers mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Cincinnati newspapers 1 The Cincinnati Enquirer website

The Cincinnati Enquirer Online

The Cincinnati Enquirer ePaper

The Cincinnati Enquirer Android App

The Cincinnati Enquirer iOS App

Cincinnati CityBeat

Cincinnati newspapers 2 CityBeat

Cincinnati CityBeat is an alternative weekly newspaper published in the tabloid format. It serves Cincinnati city in Ohio State. Launched in November 1994, Cincinnati CityBeat was co-founded by John Fox and was backed by Thomas Schiff, a local entrepreneur. In 2012, it got acquired by SouthComm Communications. Cincinnati CityBeat also has a news website with sections such as music, voices, arts & culture, food & drinks, to do and many more. It is present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cincinnati CityBeat is owned by Euclid Media Group since 2018.

Cincinnati newspapers 2 CityBeat website

Cincinnati CityBeat Online

Cincinnati CityBeat ePaper

The Catholic Telegraph

The Catholic Telegraph is a magazine published by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati on monthly basis. The Catholic Telegraph is the United State’s second oldest Catholic newspaper. Its target audience is its 500,000 congregant. The first issue of The Catholic Telegraph was published on October 22, 1831 by Bishop Edward Fenwick, O.P., the Archdiocese’s first bishop. It was a weekly newspaper until September 2011. From June 2020, it began publication in the magazine format.

Cincinnati newspapers 3 The Catholic Telegraph website

The Catholic Telegraph Online

The Catholic Telegraph ePaper

The Cincinnati Herald

The Cincinnati Herald is a weekly African-American newspaper established in August, 1955. Published every Wednesdays, it is owned by Sesh Communications since 1996. It was founded by Gerald Porter. The Cincinnati Herald claims to be “the longest running African American newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio”. The Dayton Defender, The Northern Kentucky Herald, and SeshPrime Magazine are its sister publications.             

Cincinnati newspapers 4 The Cincinnati Herald website

The Cincinnati Herald Online

The Cincinnati Herald ePaper

The American Israelite

Cincinnati newspapers 5 The American Israelite

The American Israelite is a weekly Jewish newspaper. Established on July 15, 1854, it was initially known as The Israelite. It got its current name in 1874. The newspaper was founded by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, who later came to be known as the father of Reform Judaism in the United States. The American Israelite is the second longest-running Jewish newspaper in the world. It also has a website.

Cincinnati newspapers 5 The American Israelite website

The American Israelite Online

The American Israelite ePaper

Xavier Newswire

The Xavier Newswire is an independent student newspaper of Xavier University published on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. It was established in 1915 by Xavier’s law school and was initially known as The Xavierian News. It publishes 8-12 pages covering news and events of the campus. The Xavier Newswire also has a website with sections such as sports, arts & entertainment, opinions & editorials among others.

Cincinnati newspapers 6 Xavier Newswire website

Xavier Newswire Online

CiN Weekly

CiN Weekly is a defunct weekly cultural newspaper based in Cincinnati. It is owned by a daily newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer. Launched in October 2003, it was distributed free of cost. CiN Weekly ceased publication on July 2009. It is currently available as a website.

Cincinnati newspapers 7 CiN Weekly website

CiN Weekly Online


Cincinnati has only one newspaper — The Cincinnati Enquirer, which publishes on a daily basis. However, there are some weekly and monthly publications that serves the city readers. As many as 12 television and numerous radio networks also operate in Cincinnati.

The city’s biggest media conglomerate — The E. W. Scripps Company was established as a newspaper chain but it went on to become a national TV network and radio broadcaster.

Prominent Papers

The Cincinnati Enquirer is undoubtedly the biggest newspaper in Cincinnati. Gannett Company owns the city’s only morning daily. The company also has The Kentucky Enquirer to serve the readers of Northern Kentucky.

In Butler and Warren counties, Cincinnati’s northern suburbs, Journal-News of Cox Media Group pose a little competition on a daily basis. The Cincinnati Post was the main competitor of The Cincinnati Enquirer until its suspension in 2008. It was owned by E. W. Scripps Company.

Defunct Papers

Apart from The Cincinnati Post, the city also saw suspension of print publications like The Cincinnati Times-Star, Tägliches Cincinnatier Volksblatt, Cincinnati Volksfreund, Der Wahrheitsfreund, Cincinnatier Freie Presse and The Philanthropist.

Cincinnati CityBeatis the city’s most read alternative newspaper. It is published on a weekly basis by SouthComm. Monthly magazine The Catholic Telegraph is the biggest community publication in Cincinnati. It is published by Cincinnati’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese.

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