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Baltimore newspapers and Baltimore newspaper list

Introduction to Baltimore News Media.

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland with the nickname city of neighborhoods.

Media in Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun is the city’s most prominent newspaper. It was started by a native of Baltimore, who sold the operations to the Times Mirror Company in 1986. The newspaper was later sold to the Tribune Company in 2000. Until 1986, The Baltimore Sun faced a tough competition from The Baltimore News-American, which ceased its publication after that.

African American newspaper Baltimore Afro-American is another influential newspaper that came into existence in 1892. The Baltimore Examiner, parent company of which owns newspapers like Francisco Examiner and The Washington Examiner, entered the media market of Baltimore in 2006. The newspaper was totally dependent on the advertisements and was provided for free. On February 15, 2009, The Baltimore Examiner suspended its publication due to a deep recession.

Other Prominent Media Outlets

CBS and the Sinclair Broadcast Group operate a station each in Baltimore, which has channels like ABC, NBC, My Network TV, CW and PBS easily available. According to the Nielsen Media Research, Baltimore ranked 26th in the list of the largest television markets in the US in 2008. As per the Arbitron’s Fall 2010 rankings, Baltimore ranked 22nd in the largest radio markets’ list.

Baltimore Afro-American

Baltimore Newspapers 01 Afro American

Baltimore Afro-American is a weekly newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland catering to the African-American communities in the state. The paper was established in 1892 and it is the longest-running African-American family-owned newspaper in the United States.

 Afro-American was first launched as the Home Protector by Reverend William Alexander in 1889 and it was later renamed to Baltimore Afro-American in 1892. Other than the weekly printed edition, they also publish an online news website.

Baltimore Newspapers 01 Afro American website

Baltimore Afro-American Online

Daily Record

Baltimore Newspapers 02 Daily Record

Daily Record is a business & legal newspaper that is published five days a week in Baltimore. The paper was established in 1888 as a court and commercial paper and it was later converted to a business & legal publication. The paper covers all facets of news and updates on reports on commerce, finance, law, business, construction and real estate, with a focus on Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore Newspapers 02 Daily Record website

Daily Record Online

Daily Record ePaper

Baltimore Jewish Times

As the name suggests, Baltimore Jewish Times is a weekly newspaper catering to the Jewish community of Baltimore. The paper was established in 1919 by David Alter and it was quick to gain popularity. Today the paper also publishes an online news website that is frequently updated unlike the weekly printed edition.

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Baltimore Newspapers 03 Baltimore Jewish Times website

Baltimore Jewish Times Online

Baltimore Jewish Times ePaper

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