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Albanian newspapers and Albanian newspaper list

Introduction to Albanian News Media

For long the European culture has thrilled the world with its spectacular tales of evolution and the contribution towards shaping the contemporary civilization. If you have a knack for diving into their history then let Albania be one of the starting points. A country that stands witness to numerous upheavals, has its share of revamping the region what we know as Southern Europe today. Albanian media traces its roots back to the 19th century when striking nationalist sentiment was the greatest tool in the pursuit of freedom from the Ottoman Empire. Following the freedom after the WW1, the country woke up to a new wave wherein many local publications came up.

However, the first few decades after the world war brought with them restrictions on the press. The first media law that was passed in 1931 imposed certain restrictions on the freedom of press. This continued until the end of WW2, after which a new era of liberalization had influenced the world, Albania no different.  

Fast forward today, the Albanian constitution is one of the few legislations in the world that prohibits censorship. Given the country’s staunch inclination towards preserving the Albani9an heritage, most publications work in the native language followed by English and then Italian.  

To embrace digital transformation in Albania, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) has been pushing for reforms so that more startups are empowered. Besides monitoring and setting regulations for the publishers, AMA is the ultimate authorization body to provide telecom licenses. It has replaced National Council of Radio & Television.

As a community that values awareness and social welfare, Albanians consume media content through TV, newspapers, and magazines. Henceforth, a lineup of publishers have been launched in the past few years. All of these publications are either state operated or owned by the revenue driven enterprises which rely upon membership, publicizing, advertising, and different deals which help in income generation. Primarily, news services in Albania can be broadly categorized into

A. Albanian Newspapers

B.Albanian News Websites

A. Albanian Newspapers

Albania is one of those first countries that had created newspapers to spread a word about social welfare. As the bandwagon continues, the following Albanian newspapers hold great importance.

Gazeta Express

Albanian Newspapers 1 Gazeta

The Albanian population is fairly spread in multiple countries across South Eastern Europe and Gazeta Express has successfully brought them all on the same portal. As the most popular Albanian news website, Gazeta Express does far-reached reporting of important events and incidents from the region. Therefore, the website covers Sports, Health & Nutrition, Glamour, Crime and Global Politics.

The website’s T7 Live streams live bulletin of the news which can also be accessed from the publication’s app on mobile. The section titled ‘Roze’ features news from glamour, entertainment and the media industry. Add to it, the publication has earned accolades in recent years for its investigative journalism and a lineup of distinctive editorials.

Gazeta Express is one of the first full-fledged Albanian online news service, headquartered in Pristina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosova. Besides, Kosova, the publication does major reporting from Albania, Macedonia and other European parts with Albanian population. The publication also releases occasional tabloid newspaper for selective editorial themes.

The Gazeta Express was founded in 2005 when a lineup of 10 prominent journalists realized the dearth of a digital publication for the Albanian speaking population. Henceforth, in the leadership of Berat Buzhala, Petrit Selimi, Astrit Gashi and Dukagjin Dorani, the parent company named Media Works was formed. The first publication reported important news feature from politics, crime and sports. While Dukagjin Gorani was appointed as the editor-in-chief, Petrit Selimi took charge as the first CEO of the media group.

As of today, Media Works in Kosova is one of the fastest growing media publication houses in the South Eastern Europe. With finance backing from Kosova’s largest telecommunications company IPKO, Gazeta Express looks forward to enhance its reach in other geographies.

Albanian Newspapers 1 Gazeta Express Website

Gazeta Express Online

Gazeta Express ePaper

Gazeta Express Android App

Gazeta Panorama

Albanian Newspapers 2 Gazeta Panorama

Gazeta Panorama is the highest selling Albanian newspaper with an equally popular online news website. Next to the Gazeta Express, it is the most popular online news service in the Albanian territory. Published in the standard broadsheet format, the daily newspaper earns an esteemed repute among readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Alongside the news portal, the publication is looked upon for putting Albanian journalism in the frontline. Like its closest competitor Gazeta Express, this one too covers all major Albanian speaking regions including Kosova. Committed to detailed reporting of news categorized into National, Global, Sports, and Politics, Business & Trade, Academics, Healthcare and others. Add to it, weekly editorials, Op-Eds and features those of which cover Arts, Cinema, Theatre and Lifestyle.

Gazeta Panorama is owned by business tycoon Irfan Hysenbelliu who runs a lineup of companies including a media service line called the Panorama group. In 2002, Irfan Hysenbelliu with the backing of more investors formed the Panorama Group to monitor the business of a newspaper and allied publications including a full scale online news service. Since then, the daily Albanian newspaper has expanded business into all major Albanian territories while the country of Albania being the epicenter.

The Panorama group is headquartered in Tira and manages all business relations from the country capital.

As far as the website is concerned, it came into being in 2004 when digital journalism was gaining momentum. Thus, making it one of the earliest Albanian news service lines to go digital. The website does a comprehensive reporting of news in real time and is widely followed by readers all over the world.

Gazeta Panorama follows a neutral political alignment and promises to provide a platform to raise the voice of the common Albanian irrespective of the territory. Keeping sync with the mobility trends, the publication has launched apps for all leading platforms.

Albanian Newspapers 2 Gazeta Panorama Website

Gazeta Panorama Online

Gazeta Panorama ePaper

Gazeta Panorama Android App

Gazeta Panorama iOS App

Gazeta Shqiptare

Albanian Newspapers 3 Gazeta Shqiptare

Gazeta Shqiptare is the oldest Albanian newspaper that is still operational in the country. Founded in 1927, the newspaper, after 12 years of operations was ceased following the fascist Italian invasion in 1939.  However, after resuming operations in 1993, it steadily revamped its lost glory and ultimately became one of the highest selling Albanian newspapers in early 2000s. The publication is owned by the Hysenbelliu Group and further collaborated with other publications to expand its reach.

The newspaper that is printed in the rare Berliner format stays committed to a neutral political alignment and does transparent reporting of a lineup of topics. Furthermore, the publication’s news website provides extensive content on state economics and finance, politics, technology, show biz, sports, culture, dossier and other important news features from the world.

Although the pioneering newspaper was always successful, the major breakthrough happened in 2002 when Italian journalist turned businessman Carlo Bollino bought shares in the publication. To further pursue his interest in other Albanian publications, he formed the media company Free & Fair Media Group. The FFM Group thus brought together different publications under the same brand name. This was quickly followed by introducing Albania’s first 24 hour news channel service. Carlo, also bought stakes bought stakes in another popular news portal called The Balkan Web, taking Gazeta Shqiptare’s popularity to a whole new level.

Ultimately, the inclusion of News 24 has helped all allied publications gain more readers. While the Gazeta Shqiptare newspaper continues to expand its business, the online news service has found a new association with the Balkan Web.

The Balkan Web, with the backing of the Gazeta Shqiptare has emerged as one of the top 5 most visited Albanian news websites in the world. Going forward, the publication business that is now owned by the Focus Group, aims to expand in other European territories.

Albanian Newspapers 3 Gazeta Shqiptare Website

Gazeta Shqiptare Online

Gazeta Shqiptare ePaper

Gazeta Shqiptare Android App

Gazeta Shqiptare iOS App

Gazeta Tema

Albanian Newspapers 13 Gazeta Tema

Gazeta Tema is a daily Albanian newspaper operating in the country of Albania. Founded in 2000, Gazeta Tema has been a proactive voice against the government in power and thus had to face the wrath of the authorities for openly reporting the corruption. Quickly after it was founded, the newspaper rose to fame as thousands of copies began to sell every day.

After a great run with the print publication business, Gazeta Tema’s website came into being in 2007. And like any mainstream news journal, the web portal has been providing real time coverage of news for those to prefer consuming updated news in the digital space. Therefore, all essential topics including state affairs, economic trends, global incidents, Albanian culture, sports and crime are covered under exclusive headlines.

Given its reasonably good experience in the Albanian journalism, the publication benefits from a team of correspondents in every part of the region. While the newspaper confined to the country of Albania, the website has successfully reached to Albanian readers in Kosova, Macedonia and other parts of Europe.

However, the journey so far hasn’t been any easy for the paper. For questioning the government upfront, the editors and the journalists had to face several difficulties. In 2008, the car of the editor was set on fire while several other correspondents were attacked. In 2009, the government officially banned the publication and warned all advertisers to pull back their associations with the publication. The premises were also surrounded by the forces for few days.

Available in Albania and English, the website encourages discussions through all major social media platforms. Ultimately, that has helped the publication to build a stronger connect with the readers.

Albanian Newspapers 13 Gazeta Tema Website

Gazeta Tema Online

Gazeta Tema ePaper

Gazeta Tema Android App

Gazeta Tema iOS App

Koha Jone

Albanian Newspapers 15 Koha Jone Website

If there’s any publication that has embarked a repute in all the verticals (print, web, TV) of journalism, then it has to be Koha Jone. Started as a daily Albanian newspaper, Koha Jone had a super successful stint in the print medium for many years. It was started by journalists Nikolle Lesi and Aleksandër Frangaj in 1991 while the town of Lezhe was chosen as its headquarters.  Both the founders, adorned the roles of the Director and the Editor-in-Chief.

Koha Jone is often counted among the most popular Albanian newspapers of all times. Markedly 1992, the paper was selling more than 34,000 copies everyday which was a great numbers for an Albanian publication in those times. The glorious run continued until in 1997 when the publication’s printing press was burnt down and completely damaged. That eventually degraded the brand’s presence and shut its operations for many years. By 2002, as the newspaper restarted operations, the circulation suffered due to competition. Therefore, the publishers decided to venture into the digital medium for a better reach.

In 2008, the official news website was introduced that endlessly published articles, news features and opinions from guest authors. In fact, many of those write-ups are still available for download. Interestingly, the website is a huge archive of content and is updated every day without missing a beat on current affairs.

Clearly demarcating the content into 3 sections, the website as well as the newspaper cover Politics, Business, Technology, Healthcare, Economics, Crime and Education under the News section. While the Opinion includes Editorials, Op-Eds and guest columns. There’s also an exclusive section for Entertainment, Arts and other Lifestyle topics. With a mission to reclaim its lost glory, Koha Jone has ventured into the Live TV format that can be accessed through its website. Koha Jone has always been transparent about its Liberal political ideology; making it one of the few Right Wing media groups. 

Koha Jone Online

Koha Jone ePaper

Koha Jone Android App

Koha Jone iOS App

Gazeta Shqip

Albanian Newspapers 18 Gazeta Shqip

Gazeta Shqip was a daily Albanian newspaper started in 2006. Owned by the Top Media Group, Gazeta Shqip was praise for its neat and stylish design, something that no Albanian newspaper had attempted before. After a successful stint for over a decade, the print business was shut in 2016. While no clear reason was reported, the owners cited interest in the digital medium. And hence, the online Gazeta Shqip newspaper came into being. Replacing its print predecessor, the Gazeta Shqip epaper carries the same broadsheet format and design in the digital space as well. To further enhance the publication’s reach, the Top Media Group has been backing a news website portal by the same name.

As of today, the news website is a detailed online journal that provides comprehensive reporting of national and international incidents. After the publication claimed more than 20 million unique hits to their website in 2019, they revamped their design and produced a better and faster online news portal.

Alongside Top Channel, Top Gold Radio, Top Albania Radio, VGA Studio and My Music Studio, Gazeta Shqip completes the media conglomerate of Top Media Group. The news website is primarily published in English & Albanian and meets international standards of journalism.

Albanian Newspapers 18 Gazeta Shqip Website

Gazeta Shqip Online

Gazeta Shqip ePaper

Gazeta Shqip Android App

Gazeta Shqip iOS App

Gazeta Dita

Albanian Newspapers 19 Gazeta Dita

As an online daily Albanian news publication, Gazeta Dita has been a popular name among online news services and journals in the region. Started in 2012 by the publishers Publikime Shqiptare, Gazeta Dita is a highly opinionated journal and is often looked upon by experts in the field of policy making, finance analysis and political analysis. The website, like any other standard news service covers all the major topics under exclusive headlines such as Politics, Opinions, Editorials, Economy, Sports, Entertainment, Culture and Lifestyle.

Available in both Albanian and English, Gazeta Dita has an impressive following on social media platforms where it has successfully connected with the younger readers. Gazeta Dita was started as an online epaper service wherein daily newspapers were uploaded. While the first issue was released on 1st November 2012, the website has now grown into a full scale online editorial. The website also produces video content and plans to venture into Live TV services soon. Gazeta Dita is headquartered in Tirana but caters to news coverage and reporting of all Albanian speaking regions in the South Eastern part of Europe.

Albanian Newspapers 19 Gazeta Dita Website

Gazeta Dita Online

Gazeta Dita ePaper

Gazeta Mapo

Albanian Newspapers 28 Gazeta Mapo

Gazeta Mapo is an online Albanian newspaper and website service. Initially planned as a daily print newspaper, Gazeta Mapo was eventually launched as a website with daily epapers. After sometime, a full grown news blog was launched that has been producing content on a wide range of topics.

While lifestyle sections such as fashion, showbiz and fitness are fairly popular, Gazeta Mapo is more popular for its poignant reporting of critical affairs especially those related to politics and state administration.  It also has a dedicated section for ed-ops wherein guest authors contribute their articles.

Albanian Newspapers 28 Gazeta Mapo Website

Gazeta Mapo Online

Gazeta Mapo ePaper

Gazeta Mapo Android App

Gazeta Mapo iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 33 Standard

Started by a team of experienced journalists, Standard is an effort to push for democratic journalism. Besides poignant reporting about the state affairs, Standard is fairly popular among readers who look forward for informal content such as entertainment and fashion. It also a live TV service by the name of Web TV.

Albanian Newspapers 33 Standard Website

Standard Online

Standard ePaper

Epoka E Re

Albanian Newspapers 34 Epoka e Re

Epoka E Re is a daily Albanian newspaper founded and printed in the Republic of Kosova. It was started by popular activist and journalist Muhamet Mavraj in the year 1999. Ever since then, the daily newspaper has been known for its brave and uncompromised reporting. It is headquartered in Pristina. 

Albanian Newspapers 34 Epoka e Re Website

Epoka e Re Online

Epoka e Re ePaper

Gazeta Telegraf

Albanian Newspapers 38 Gazeta Telegraf Website

Gazeta Telegraf is an Albanian daily newspaper operating from Tirana. It was founded in 2005 and has cemented its stature among the longest running journals in Albania. Telegraf does reporting of all critical topics including state politics, opinions, economy, social and culture.

Gazeta Telegraf Online

Gazeta Telegraf ePaper

Sport Ekspres

Albanian Newspapers 43 Sport Ekspres

Addressing the need of a dedicated Albanian sports journal, Sport Ekspres was founded in 1995. Before being launched as a regular newspaper twice a week, it was published as a Sport supplement of immensely popular newspaper of those times – Koha Jone. Started by sports journalist Fatmir Meneri, it began daily publishing in 2001.

Albanian Newspapers 43 Sport Ekspres Website

Sport Ekspres Online

Sport Ekspres ePaper

B. Albanian News Websites

Albanian media discovered the digital medium by late 90s and early 2000s. Ultimately, more publications began adorning their exclusive websites for better reach. Following are the top Albanian news websites.

JOQ Albania

Albanian Newspapers 4 JOQ Albania Website

JOQ Albania is a popular online news service and lifestyle magazine that publishes content for the digital savvy readers. The website that covers everything from politics to healthcare is one of the most widely visited Albanian online portals in the world. And like most reputed digital news services, JOQ Albania goes beyond the country and captures news features from other territories.

The online magazine has a long dashboard of sections ranging from healthcare, lifestyle tips, major news headlines, travel & tourism, sports and special editorial columns. Although the magazine’s inclination towards lifestyle is not hidden, the publication hasn’t missed other important areas such as global politics and finance.

JOQ Albania was founded on 5th February 2010 with a vision to navigate to all those places with Albanian speaking population. Ever since then, the lifestyle magazine has been working towards promoting Albanian culture, history and topics of utmost concern to the related population.

Over the past few years, the magazine has graduated to a full scale online news services. Therefore, the topics of critical importance such as crime, politics and trade analysis have earned greater repute for the magazine.

As mentioned, JOQ Albania is a popular magazine among young readers and there’s a specific reason for it. The online news service has been proactively working on a lineup of blog series that provide informal content on a variety of topics. In fact, the magazine has a particular cosmopolitan vibe that does leave the reader intrigued to browse more.

Although the publication is operated from the country capital city of Tirana, it has an exclusive section for Kosova that does extensive coverage of all important happening from the foreign land. Needless to specify, this one is proactive on all social media accounts including a popular YouTube channel. There’s also a Snapchat page that caters to the millennial consumption. It is one of the few Albanian publications that have gone mobile with their iOS app.

JOQ Albania Online

JOQ Albania Android App

JOQ Albania iOS App

Gazeta Blic

Albanian Newspapers 5 Gazeta Blic Website

Beautiful and pointed, Gazeta Blic is one of the best looking websites in the Albanian journalism space. With a peculiar website design, this one has emerged as one of the fastest growing websites in the business. Gazeta Blic was founded by a group of media professionals, opinion leaders, publicist leaders and businessmen with an endeavor to push for a transparent platform that acknowledges dissent. The portal, that has widely grown its influence in Kosova, Albania and other Albanian speaking territories claims to have fortified the glitches of the foreign media lobbying.

Gazeta Blic was founded by renowned journalist Astrit Gashi in February 2014, months after he left the position of an editor-in-chief of another important Albanian daily newspaper The Zeri. Astrit, who also worked at Kosovo’s largest telecommunication’s company IPKO has successfully expanded the website’s influence in a very short span. Not to miss, the website has a huge following on other digital platforms including a regularly updated news services channel on YouTube.

Often known as the common man’s voice, Gazeta Blic does comprehensive reporting of sports, entertainment, social issues, state politics, finance & trade and other important concerns of the Albanian population. However, the publication doesn’t miss out crucial touch points from the international front.

Headquartered in Kosova, Gazeta Blic provides highly opinionated articles as per the interest of the local policy makers. Therefore, it holds greater significance among its readers than just being an online news service. 

Staying intact to the brand’s mission statement, the publication entirely depends upon advertisements and marketing services for its revenue. It doesn’t belong to any particular political outfit thereby putting it among the most reputed Albanian journalisms. Going forward, the publication aims to bring more writers on board who have hold an opinion about any important subject concerned with the community.  

Gazeta Blic Online

TV Klan

Albanian Newspapers 6 TV Klan Website

Based in Tirana, TV Klan was founded on 25th October 1997. Ever since then, it has continued to be the most popular satellite channel in Albania. It is the first channel in the entire South Eastern Europe that operates 24×7 without any charging additional fee to the subscribers. Hence, TV Klan has been giving its competitors a hard run for their money. Besides presenting news features, the TV channel is famous for its political shows and a series of entertainment shows that have broken all time viewership records. To further push for quality content, the channel has been proactively co-producing a lineup of shows to keep up the 24 hour services format.

In March 2012, TV Klan revamped the channel into a full scale HD service and became the first TV publication to own a satellite mobile broadcasting studio in Albania.  As the leading national Albanian TV channel in South Eastern Europe, TV Klan has extended its services to other territories of the region.

On top of the hugely popular TV service, TV Klan has also launched an online news services that publishes blogs and articles. Like any other full scale news website, TV Klan too produces content for readers of all interests. This also makes the TV Klan as one of the most extensive news and lifestyle magazines in Albania. Topics such as politics, showbiz, entertainment, sports, crime, international affairs, finance, technology, trends, healthcare, leading programs etc. are categorized into exclusive headlines. Needless to say, the website produces video content through a digital live TV format.

In 2002, the ISO rated TV Klan has the highest rated Albanian channel with a viewership share of 21%. In 2006, the channel’s analog signal infrastructure captured 60% of the territory.

TV Klan Online

TV Klan Android App

TV Klan iOS App

NOA Lajma

Albanian Newspapers 7 NOA Lajme Website

The National News Agency of Albania (NOA) is an independent media entity that aims to report fair news features from Albania. Headquartered in the country’s capital city of Tirana, NOA has been the epicenter of all the activity in Albanian journalism. Besides staying away from any political inclination, the news agency allows independent journalists, small digital agencies and websites to feature their reports.

The idea, like any other independent journal is to provide a democratic platform for voicing the issues of the population. Therefore, all Albanian newspapers, radio stations, news websites and TV satellites often refer to the National News Agency of Albania while reporting. Not just that speaks for the agency’s reachability in every corner of the demography but also makes it a trusted news source among peers and consumers.

NOA has received multiple accolades from esteemed analytics agencies and publications. The Albanian Media Institute has recognized NOA as the online news website with the most daily visitors than any other website in Albania while the esteemed Fokus Media Group bestowed the agency with a similar acknowledgment in their annual research.

However, the stature of the online publication won real attestation when leaders of digital media acknowledged the publication. Google Analytics confirmed that the website, on an average receives 18 million unique clicks from users all over the world. Also, Alexa.com confirmed that the website reported the longest daily stay on the top list; something that no other Albanian news agency has not achieved. And if Facebook Ireland is to be believed, NOA reports more than 700 thousand active followers.

Launched in 2008, NOA has huge reader’s following in Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, USA, Italy, and the republic of Kosova. The website does detailed reporting of a wide variety of subjects including politics, lifestyle, state policies, sports, social welfare, Horoscope, leadership, Albanian culture and entertainment.

NOA Lajme Online


Albanian Newspapers 8 Albeu Website

Albeu is an online Albanian news website that caters to the readers in the digital ecosystem. Without missing a beat on the important topics, the web portal has a long list of titles that readers can binge into. This includes sports, showbiz, international affairs, games, healthcare, lifestyle and technology as the prime headlines. The website has a keen interest in sporting events of Europe and other Football playing nations such as Brazil. There’s a Live TV section that features all major Albanian channels in the digital space. Besides the direct streaming access, users can also browse through a swathe of content topics and guides.

However, the takeaway feature from the website is the categorization of content as per the different geographies that the publication targets – Albania, Republic of Kosova and Macedonia. Eventually, this makes Albeu as one of the few online publications that has covered all major areas with Albanian speaking population.

Founded in 2003, the publication has restrained from quick expansion so that quality reporting could be focused upon. Managed by the Albeu Media Group, the publication is headquartered in Tirana with allied operational centres both in Macedonia and the Republic of Kosova.

As far the journalism inclination is concerned, this one can be positioned somewhere between critical affairs (politics, trade, crime etc.) and informal (lifestyle, entertainment etc.). As a growing media house, Albeu has been publishing video content for those who consume news through mobile.

Albeu Online

Albeu iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 9 Lapsi Website

Joining the league of independent journalism in South Eastern Europe, Lapsi is a popular Albanian news website and lifestyle magazine. It is one of the first magazines that embraced mobility and introduced app version soon after the website gained some momentum.

Lapsi was founded by two eminent journalists – Armand Shkullaku and Andi Bushati soon after they sensed the trend of independent journalism gaining acceptance. Lapsi benefits from the vast experience in journalism of its founders and thus emerged as a fast growing Albanian publication in the region.

It won’t be wrong to state that Lapsi was conceived out of an effort to challenge the corruption in the journalism practices. Armand Skhkullaku who had worked as the director of TV Klan had protested against the Rama government for pressuring the channel. He immediately left the channel and worked full throttle towards shaping a news website into a full scale online news services. Acknowledging his contribution to the Albanian journalism, he was appointed as the president of the association of journalists of Albania.

While Armand managed programs on the TV Klan channel, his partner and 50% stakeholder of Lapsi, Andi Bushati managed the TV Klan magazine section. With an experience dating back to the 90s, Andi has been instrumental in protecting the interests of the Lapsi magazine from the enforced influence of the politicians. While his criticism of the socialist government needs no introduction, Andi Bushati has also been a popular TV host.

Lapsi follows the standards of a reputed news website and produces quality content on a variety of topics such as sports, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, social welfare and others. Lapsi is also popular for publishing editorial special columns of guest authors from different backgrounds.

Lapsi Online

Lapsi Android App

Lapsi iOS App

Top Channel

Albanian Newspapers 10 Top Channel Website

Next on the list is Top Channel, an online video news service in the Albanian language. Unlike other news websites, Top Channel produces most of its content in the video format. Although it does cover all major subjects, the publication’s inclination towards sports is evident from an exclusive web portal that streams live updates about all major sporting events in the region. In fact Football and Formula 1 are two of the prime sports that the channel extensively covers. Besides these, the website publishes news articles and videos on technology, showbiz, automobiles, economy, social welfare, politics and others.

However, the Pop News section deserves a separate mention that publishes videos on home care, healthcare, fashion, diet & nutrition, cooking recipes and fashion. Hence, the Albanian website has a growing popularity among youngsters and women.

Top Channel’s Albanian content in videos has scaled the publication’s popularity to new heights. It was started as a news blog in 2001 by the Top Media Group that makes it one of the first websites in the business. Ever since then, the blog kept experimenting with different formats and eventually is counted among the best Albanian news services in the world. The parent company also owns a popular daily newspaper known as the Gazeta Shqip. Started in 2006, it has emerged as one of the most influential daily Albanian newspapers in the region.

Headquartered in Tirana, Top Channel has also launched a Live TV service that streams updated content just like another mainstream news channel. Ultimately, in order to expand its horizon, Top Channel can also be accessed on all leading mobile app platforms.

Top Channel Online

Top Channel Android App

Top Channel iOS App

360 Grade

Albanian Newspapers 11 360 Grade Website

The crusade to challenge the political radicalism in Albania doesn’t restrict to the top 10 news services only. 360 Grade, which is a relatively newer agency has its goal clear – to fight upfront against the prejudice practices that don’t allow the journalism to work fairly. Headquartered in the capital city of Tirana, 360 Grade may look like any other news website but stands out differently through its poignant reporting of issues pertaining to the Albanian population.

360 Grade, as the name suggests, aims to keep a sharp observation on all the latest news especially those of which are directly associated with the policy makers. The website has a separate section titled as Policy that features important news updates, review articles and discussion dashboards. In addition to it, other sections that produce subject specific content are economics, technology, social welfare, healthcare, sports and editorials. The highlight of the website is the ‘Web-Spy’ section that produces content about the trendiest topics on the internet which could be related to any subject from politics, lifestyle etc.

360 Grade stays committed to its practice of independent journalism while works on the ad model to generate revenue. The publicatio0n is also known for proactively sharing video content on its social media channels.

360 Grade Online


Albanian Newspapers 12 Shqiptarja Website

Shqiptarja is a daily newspaper and online news website service in the Albanian language. It was founded in 2011 by the Free & Fair Media Group (FFM Group), the same entity that backed a series of independent publications in Albania including Gazeta Shqiptare, The Balkan Web and the 24 News Channel. Shqiptarja derives inspiration from its allied publications and follows a neutral stance on the political alignment. Riding high on the waves of independent journalism in Albania, Shqiptarja is detailed, poignant and quick to report facts from every part of the Albanian region.

The parent company has since then been backing the website to expand its reach and aim beyond Albania. In fact, the FFM Group has been instrumental in the expansion of all those media entities it had backed. Started in 2011 by Alba Malltezi, Italian company Superba LLC AND Eva Doci, the FFM Group bought 80% stake in the Shqiptarja, making it the company’s first investment in Albania. Alba Malltezi is the wife of Italian businessman Carlo Bollino who has always shown keen interest in Albanian media. Media Content LLC is an Albanian media company bought by the FFM Group that aims to back more publications.

Shqiptarja’s website has a greater reach than its newspaper business. The portal that frequently publishes content covers all major topics. With a comprehensive approach towards reporting, Shqiptarja is now a full grown news website and lifestyle magazine. As regards to the political reporting, the website has been acknowledged for reviewing policy reforms, social welfare issues, trend analysis, trade & finance and important updates from other parts of the world.

In an attempt to take independent journalism to more readers, Shqiptarja has begun to focus on other Albanian territories. The website has an exclusive section for Kosova.

Shqiptarja Online

Ora News

Albanian Newspapers 14 Ora News Website

Ora News is a private TV channel and one of the first in Albania to function in the 24 hours format. Majorly a news channel, Ora News produces TV shows that are either daily bulletins or talk shows about current affairs. Moreover, the channel has been producing different types of content such as infotainment programs, documentaries, business programs, investigative reporting shows and other casual talk shows about Albanian life and culture.

Founded on 31st January 2007, Ora News is headquartered in Tirana in the famous cinema district studios. This is the same region wherein the leading Albanian media groups and entities have their headquarter offices. Months after its first broadcasting in January 2007, the visual appearance along with the program design formats were changed. Ever since then, the channel has grown into an important news channel next to TV Klan and News 24. Available on the satellite services, the Albanian news channel is fully available in Albania, the Republic of Kosova, Canada, US and North Macedonia.

Keeping up with the expansion, the news had opened studios in Fier, Elbasan, Durres, Korca, Vlora, Shkodra, Brussels and other parts of North Macedonia by 2010. As of today, the channel operates from 42 locations of South Eastern Europe.

Alongside the TV news channel, Ora News also has a news website and a radio station service. While the news website covers all major topics of concern in the digital medium, the online video service has also grown into a full time live TV network. This can also be accessed on the mobile apps.

On the path to emerge as the leading Albanian news channel, Ora News has given tough competition to Klan TV and News 24. In September 2017, Italy’s research institute IPR Marketing identified Ora News as the 3rd most popular service in the Albanian category.

Ora News Online

Ora News Android App

Ora News iOS App

I Kub

Albanian Newspapers 16 I Kub Website

I Kub is an online lifestyle magazine and news services in the Albanian language. Unlike most Albanian news websites, I Kub majorly produces content for those interested in Showbiz, Fashion, DIY Tips, Homecare, and Horoscope etc. Which means, it doesn’t cover critical topics such as politics or finance unless the news impact everyone. For an example, despite being an informal journal, I Kub provided updates about the COVID-19 in the Albanian region.

I Kub is a project helmed by I Kub Info, a software development company based out of Tirana. Founded in 2007, I Kub Info has been providing full scale software development and support services to customers all over the Europe. With specialization web technologies and products for the digital spectrum, the company thought of executing their expertise towards an online news services portal. I Kub, the online magazine came into existence that has the backing of over 100 journalist and technology professionals.

Growing steadily, I Kub is a renowned name in the league of arts & lifestyle magazines. Henceforth, readers with creative interests have made the portal as well as their social pages a sure shot success.

I Kub Online

I Kub Android App


Albanian Newspapers 17 Fax Website

Fax is an online news aggregator website and one of the biggest sources of news content in the Albanian language. Started around 2010, the website was aimed at capturing and putting together all the news sources on the internet that were reporting either Albania or the Albanian people. Add to it other news pieces of global importance that an Albanian must know are also listed. The website has successfully aggregated all leading news sources in the world for example Reuters, Telegraph, Expression and many others.

As confirmed by the publication, it doesn’t produce its own content and that the published news articles are duly credited to their original publications. Fax.Al has also begin to publish popularity rankings of different news portals as analyzed by credible sources.

Henceforth, more than just a news website, Fax.Al is an attempt to understand the reporting of Albania and Albanians in the world media. For those interested, it is a great platform to consume information than just browse across different websites. Given the increasing influence of Albanians in South Eastern Europe, the website has clearly categorized the news articles as per regions such as Albania, Kosova, Macedonia and Balkan.

Fax Online

Java News

Albanian Newspapers 20 Java News Website

Java News is perhaps one of the newest additions to the world of Albanian journalism. Through its online news portal, the publication thrives to cover all possible topics so that more readers can be served with quality content. Therefore, the website has a long list of headlines that cover all major happening in the Albanian region as well as on the global front. With a team of professional journalists backing the publication, Java News provides quality reporting of facts and has successfully brought celebrated columnists on board. While the lifestyle, entrainment and arts section have a great readership, other significant topics such as finance, trade analysis, international politics and crime are also covered comprehensively.

The online editorial is headquartered in Tirana.

Java News Online

Albanian Telegraphic Agency

Albanian Newspapers 21 Albanian Telegraphic Agency Website

The Albanian Telegraphic Agency (AKA) is the oldest and the most important media entity in the country. With a history over 100 years, the Albanian Telegraphic Agency stands witness to the media evolving in the Albanian state. It was founded in 1912 with a mission to act as an official news entity of the government of Albania. Headquartered in Tirana, the ATA is also a member of the Black Sea Association of the National News Agencies. The agency has an official news portal and other special editorials that are frequently published in Albanian, French and English. It majorly monitors licensed publications in Albania.

Albanian Telegraphic Agency Online

City News Albania

Albanian Newspapers 22 City News Albania Website

City News Albania is a lifestyle mag and news website that does reporting in an informal way. It covers all important headlines concerned with the Albanian people in the region. The idea of such a style of reporting is to bring more people gain interest in journalism. Founded in 2015, the website gets most of its traffic form the urban readers. Besides, sports, showbiz and fashion are other important topics in focus.

In 2015, media company Ejon Media launched the CNA portal with a mission to take journalism to more readers. The publication is impressively popular on all social media platforms.

City News Albania Online

City News Albania iOS App

Gazeta Sot

Albanian Newspapers 23 Gazeta Sot

Gazeta Sot is a daily Albanian newspaper and an online news portal based out of Tirana. Founded in 2002, the newspaper has a certain cosmopolitan appeal that shows its inclination towards lifestyle topics more than others. However, other important news related to politics, political satire, economics and crime are also covered.

In October 2015, popular journalist and businessman Arjan Prodani launched the first edition of the Gazeta Sot in a Berliner format and ever since then, the publication has been steadily growing with other forms of content and topics.

Albanian Newspapers 23 Gazeta Sot Website

Gazeta Sot Online


Albanian Newspapers 24 Opinion Website

Primarily, Opinion is a popular political show on the Albanian TV. Started in 1997, it is one of the longest running shows that has successfully educated the Albanians about the hidden issues that deserve an open debate. In August 1997, popular journalist Blendi Fevziu started the show the put forward important facts, comments, reviews and interviews of those in charge of Albania’s political and social wellbeing.

Given the explosive popularity of the show, the makers didn’t waste a moment to dedicate an exclusive news & media website for the show. Therefore, Opinion is the first Albanian talk show to have ventured into media reporting.

Opinion Online

Opinion iOS App

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar

Albanian Newspapers 25 Radio Televizioni Shqiptar Website

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar is the public broadcaster of Albania and was founded in 1938. Started as a public radio service by the government, the broadcast service ventured into TV services in 1960. Ever since then, RTSH stays credible for producing entertainment and educational content for the Albanian population.

As an international radio service, RTSH broadcasts in 7 different languages in the region. The TV satellite service had gone international in 1993 to reach more Albanian speaking people in Kosova, Macedonia and Northern Greece. RTSH has also ventured into the OTT platforms through iOS and Android mobile apps.

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar Online

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar Android App

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 26 Shqiptari Website

Shqiptari is an online news and media service that produces content as per Albanians living in different geographies of the world. The website has an exclusive section for all those countries where Albanian population resides. The idea is to bring together the news, issues, events or anything that concerns the Albanians anywhere in the world. The blog is published in Albanian, English and Italian languages so that more readers can be addressed. As a full-fledged internet news service, Shqiptari covers a range of topics including politics, lifestyle, sports, economics and more.

Shqiptari Online

Tirana Post

Albanian Newspapers 27 Tirana Post Website

Tirana Post is an online news service. As the name suggests, it is based out of Tirana and primarily focusses on the happenings in the country capital. Since Tirana is the epicenter of all the administrative, financial and political happenings, the website caters to thousands of readers effectively. Like any standardized media portal, Tirana post reports on politics, showbiz, sports, economy, editorials, opinions, Tirana tourism and many more.

Tirana Post Online

News Bomb

Albanian Newspapers 29 News Bomb Website

In the pursuit of providing instant news to the readers, News Bomb does proactive reporting of state affairs especially politics, policy making, state defense and economics. It is based out of the country capital Tirana and also publishes epapers of most major Albanian newspapers. Besides, News Bomb publishes about sports, showbiz, arts and culture. The publication has been running a series of videos on major social media platforms.

News Bomb Online

News Bomb iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 30 Shekulli

Shekulli is a daily Albanian newspaper and printed from Tirana. Founded in September 1997, it became the highest selling Albanian daily newspaper in the first few years until other publications posed as major competitive threat. The paper comprehensively reports about major happenings both in Albania and the world. Founded by renowned journalist Koço Kokëdhima, Shekulli is printed in the Berliner format. Not to miss, the publication’s news website service is a hit among digital consumers.

Albanian Newspapers 30 Shekulli Website

Shekulli Online

Vizion Plus TV

Albanian Newspapers 31 Vizion Plus TV Website

Vizion Plus TV is an online news service that primarily focusses on politics, state administration, policy reviews and global affairs. Add to it, Vizion Plus TV produces informal content for various lifestyle topics such as homecare, fashion, arts and horoscope. However, the publication’s highlight is their live TV service known as the Guida TV.
Guida TV is one of the most popular Albanian Live TV service on the internet.

Vizion Plus TV Online

Vizion Plus TV Android App

Vizion Plus TV iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 32 Lexo Website

Started by a group of young journalists, Lexo.al is an Albanian news website and lifestyle magazine. Besides arts, culture, fashion and showbiz, the website reports essential news from politics and global affairs.

Lexo Online

Lexo Android App

Lexo iOS App


Albanian Newspapers 35 Bota Website

More than just a news publication, Bota.al is committed towards creating an archive of news, essays, research articles, interviews, reviews etc. about the important events that have happened in the past. Add to it, the portal has also published volumes of historical content about Albanian culture. It is a nonprofit project initiated and managed by the Institute for the Implementation of Information.

Bota Online

Lajmi Fundit

Albanian Newspapers 36 Lajmi Fundit Website

A group of senior and young journalisms had collaborated to form the Lajmi Fundit news network. Started in Jun 2009, the publication website has been reporting essential news information and facts from Albania, Kosova and other important regions with Albanian population.

Lajmi Fundit Online

Lajmi Fundit Android App


Albanian Newspapers 37 Politiko Website

If you crave for updated political news, then let Politiko web news service be your go to portal. Poignant, neutral and authentic, Politiko is a trusted political analysis and review news website based in Tirana. The website covers blogs, news features, ed-ops, videos and discussion forums to put forward more personalized opinions on board.

Politiko Online

Politiko Android App

Politiko iOS App

Albanian Daily News

Albanian newspapers 39 Albanian Daily News Website

This one holds a special status in the local journalism. Albanian Daily News is one of the rarest daily newspapers that is published in English only. Founded in 1997, the newspaper and now an online news service, ADN does comprehensive coverage of politics, economy and world affairs. It also features op-ed columns from guest authors.

Albanian Daily News Online

Rilindja Demokratike

Albanian Newspapers 40 Rilindja Demokratike

Founded in 1991, Rilindja Demokratike is perhaps the only Albanian newspaper that has publicly admitted to its Right Wing political inclination. In fact, it is the official newspaper of the Democratic Party of Albania. Backed by an eventful history, Rilindja Demokratike was the first Albanian newspaper after the fall of communism in Albania happened.

Albanian Newspapers 40 Rilindja Demokratike Website

Rilindja Demokratike Online


Albanian Newspapers 41 Konica Website

Konica has one of the largest number of sections on the news website which makes it a high volume content production media company. From topics ranging from politics, economy, sports, crime, culture, cinema, and lifestyle to world affairs, internet trends, music, videos, Europe and more, Konica aims to cement its position in the Albanian digital space.

Konica Online

Durres Lajm

Albanian Newspapers 42 Durres Lajm Website

As one of the rare Albanian news services based out of Tirana, Durres Lajm was first published in 2000. Ever since then, the online publication has maintained its stance toward detailed reporting of facts through avidly researched content and prompt responsiveness.

Durres Lajm Online


Albanian Newspapers 44 Shqiperia Website

Beyond reporting current affairs and global happenings, Shqiperia has its mission clear – to produce more content about Albania and Albanians. Therefore, the online magazine services has been proactively publishing news about the country’s history, culture, showbiz and other lifestyle topics. Although, it does cover highly important news from all over the world.

Shqiperia Online


Although Albania holds greater historical significance but it seems to have lost its popularity to other European countries. Despite being equally beautiful and a potentially strong contender among the best tourist places in the world, Albania doesn’t literally appear in the list. And that’s exactly what the modern journalism wants to change. And that is why all Albanian publications have a section of culture in print as well digital forms. As a result, the country has seen a surge in its popularity on the global front.

There’s another crucial concern that the Albanian media must address; transforming the country’s reputation of a mafia nation. This is one of the greatest pains that the Albanians face and the media has been trying to do a complete makeover through arts & crafts content. Given the backing from the recent governments and response generated so far, Albania seems to have a promising future ahead.

While more start-up publications plan to testify their fate, we will continue to keep a sharp observation on the evolving trends in the Albanian journalism. As a team of professional writers, we follow a research driven approach to curate informational and interesting content. In the pursuit of the same, we may have missed important facts and look forward to the contribution from our readers. So, if you want to contribute to make this article more cohesive, please reach out to us.

Please help us with your answers for the below questions in the comment section.

  • What are the top five Albanian newspapers?
  • What are the top five Albanian news websites?
  • What are the best Albanian newspapers from Kosova?
  • What are your views about the role of Albanian government?
  • What are the top right wing Albanian newspapers?
  • What are the top left wing Albanian newspapers?
  • Which is the best Albanian newspaper for sports?
  • What according to you are the best Albanian newspapers for business and politics?
  • Is there any particular newspaper that caught your attention?
  • Which Albanian newspaper do you read from the above list?
  • Did we miss any important Albanian newspaper or website?

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